ranking EVERY SCANDAL from tiktok..
the good and the DARK side of Lil Nas X
non-binary y/n l/n
non-binary y/n l/n преди 4 секунди
I swear to God the white unseasoned people are doing way too much it's getting embarrassing 👨🏼‍🦲
Martina N
Martina N преди 6 минути
Am I the only one who doesn't understand why people are mad because someone has a specific hairstyle. Like what...?
mystery girl
mystery girl преди 6 минути
Bad baby is toxic..
Tara Anime
Tara Anime преди 7 минути
joshua dosnt need to be fully gay broooo and i luv billie the way she is
Fiona Mikael
Fiona Mikael преди 10 минути
i honestly dont know how ppl can like bryce. he has to be the most problematic tiktoker ever for the dumbest reasons. i cant even stand looking at him hes so musty💀
T преди 19 минути
Bruh just let Americans enjoy British music tf? So British people aren’t allowed to listen to Americans music either? No. So stfu
Mxxdy_ Playz
Mxxdy_ Playz преди 22 минути
I dont know what to say about BRYCE
Lizzz🦋 преди 22 минути
Why does That Vegan Teacher look like one of my old maids?
Isabella Brown
Isabella Brown преди 22 минути
Ummm can someone please explain what is so bad about having dreads? I totally do not understand and I don’t wanna be offensive so someone please educate me
Hqrvir преди 24 минути
dayum....some people need to chill..
Kay преди 25 минути
I don't get it why Charlie is mad!? Because she blew up and making A LOT of $ or she don't want any competition and keep them bags to herself!? Like girl if you want to.. Quit everything already
Emma Vdp
Emma Vdp преди 26 минути
Justin is so musty wtf
Isabella Brown
Isabella Brown преди 29 минути
Billie looks GORGEOUS in anything
Anna преди 37 минути
yall switch up a bit too fast.
Baddies and Buddies
Baddies and Buddies преди 38 минути
If a black women did his hair and has no problem with it them who r u to judge
Keyana Cleveland
Keyana Cleveland преди 40 минути
The dreads are not opened by black people I love them (black peopl) but I have seen so many white people with dreads and they don't get attacked -
Ledia Gjoni
Ledia Gjoni преди 44 минути
Billiesrealgf преди 48 минути
No matter how much billie is gonna change through years with her clothes, ill stay a true fan of her, ill ndver hate her, if shes comfy with the things she does, let her fucking do it, ppl shouldnt be wanting to change other ppl to what THEY like, if u like billie just for who she is, than u're a true fan, but if YOU want billie to cover her body than u are NOT a real fan, cuz than u dont want her to show who she is (THOSE ARE MY THOUGHTS OKAY) if shes confident to show HERSELF, than let her show herself and just accept it, if u dont accept it, u must go.
eliza the weirdo
eliza the weirdo преди 50 минути
Ok the larray thing is so stupid-
owlday xx
owlday xx преди 54 минути
fuck with those drama's.
Official Watermelons
Official Watermelons преди 54 минути
I feel bad for the baby gurl and how Zoe is gonna treat her
Nirmala Kumar
Nirmala Kumar преди 55 минути
Like imagine someone finally being confident in their own skin and steps out of their comfort zone and then receives so much hate 🙂
velvetcloud преди час
don’t say we like the old billie because tbh we don’t know but billie is really like. what we see on camera could be different from what she actually is and besides, let her do whatever she wants what the fuck like what she does doesn’t affect you?
Miss Mal
Miss Mal преди час
4:28 Olivia explained it its just a coincidence the song is about female adoration not about Sabrina. and its like a stalker type vid u get?
purple gang
purple gang преди час
anna bella poarch just came out with a song
Almasah Alrashoud
Almasah Alrashoud преди час
All these British comments I CAN’T 😭💀💀-
Emetis Safvat
Emetis Safvat преди час
Princess X Luciana
Princess X Luciana преди час
Can y’all stop hating on Justin? Is just hair...
• Nylah •
• Nylah • преди час
Justin's new hair is giving very much crusty..
Isaiah Vass
Isaiah Vass преди час
I think every women is entitled to dress how they WANT whenever they want peiodt!!
shirin Tamara
shirin Tamara преди час
Lets cancel the haters for once :)
soph sama
soph sama преди час
Hxney bear
Hxney bear преди час
Billie finally gets comfortable In her own skin and now they body shame her??? There are some fans that are toxic and I dont like it.
makailah renee
makailah renee преди час
people can go from loving a person to hating their nicest comments because of something so small. billie haters are making a mountain out of a mole hill. they need to stop and put their self in her shoes. if i met billie IRL i would give her a huge hug and tell her that she shouldn't worry about what other people say. SHE NEEDS TO STAY TRUE TO HERSELF!!!!!!! WE'VE LOST TO MANY PEOPLE WE CANT LOSE BILLIE TOO!!!!!!!
Maddie Zengler
Maddie Zengler преди час
A good thing that im Zengler not Ziegler 😵
wayo of Treasure
wayo of Treasure преди час
0:11 hi Jessi
Vibha Hebbar
Vibha Hebbar преди час
2:05 wth like she's still a teen a she'll grow up and she'll change you may miss the old billie but you need to love her and support her as she move on with life
Gucci D Gucci
Gucci D Gucci преди 2 часа
Agressivly sips tea*
nerdworm 7
nerdworm 7 преди 2 часа
"I didn't say it was selfish I said it was a selfish thing to do" "I don't play danganronpa I just play a murder game with a bear"
uhhJayella преди 2 часа
if there not going to support her choice then there obvi not real fans, she dosent deserve this as she did nothing wrong
TKB Liftime
TKB Liftime преди 2 часа
The fact that not one comment here addresses jbs hair proves how much that situation is just dumb. Its dumb okay? I see the same people CRYING over someone getting themselves some hairstyle while simultaneously supporting lgbtq+ who shamelessly just took Christian sign of peace and put it on the flag. If your culture isnt my hairstyle, then my culture isnt your sexuality.
Zel. trs
Zel. trs преди 2 часа
Celebrities and tiktokers are something that doesn’t go together..
TELIA HARRIS преди 2 часа
We probably wouldn't appoglized if he didn't get exposed.
Jane Grande
Jane Grande преди 2 часа
So even though I don't like Billie's music but it's disgusting that grown men body shame a 19 y/o girl like let her wear whatever she wants like her own fans are coming towards her Pathetic!
?l u n a
?l u n a преди 2 часа
I love it how its 2021, were going through a pandemic, global warming and the ''conflict'' between Palestine and Israel where theyre invalidating Palestinian peoples rights and people are mad over some dreads. LMFAO aight tiktokers.
Liza преди 2 часа
Starts to feel like they *want* to get cancelled. If I was famous I would do wverything to avoid scandals.
Anouck x
Anouck x преди 2 часа
As a Billie stan. Billie is finally happy. She is confident about her body. I loved her old style, I am in love with her new style. I am happy for her she’s happy and I love her
TKB Liftime
TKB Liftime преди 2 часа
Oh my god! U listened for the suggestions for real! Thanks!
Anouk Keijzer
Anouk Keijzer преди 2 часа
The people who are attacking Billie arent fans. fans would hipe her up!!!
quinty bos
quinty bos преди 2 часа
Can anyone tell me why Americans can't use British songs!!!!!! I'm confused
CHAD MASTER 4 LIV преди 2 часа
It’s funny how their racist and one of them is an ASIAN WHOE
Brownie Shortcake
Brownie Shortcake преди 2 часа
Laura Tang
Laura Tang преди 2 часа
3:53 oh yeah, josh is actually Oliva's bf ditched her because he now went with sabrina in drivers linsese oliva wrote "your prob with that blond girl" witch is sabrina yes drivers linsese is a real story for oliva
Madison Fuentes
Madison Fuentes преди 2 часа
Billie doesn’t deserve this she is beautiful inside and out and it’s a new era! Billie can change her style or hair color whenever she wants to!! ❤️ real fans will support her with whatever she does ❤️❤️
Idun Serine Lund Gilje
Idun Serine Lund Gilje преди 3 часа
Poor billie Im a real fan! I loveeee her no matter What! And it was JUST a Photoshot Tf! But like thos pics Are SOOOOO BUTIFULLLL
PupperRbx преди 3 часа
there this racist person called travisrb he’s been commenting on your videos and saying racist things.. 😭
vika vfx
vika vfx преди 3 часа
the way you posted this on her birthday-
erjon _55
erjon _55 преди 3 часа
Honestly, Lele is the only unproblematic influencer
No Name
No Name преди 3 часа
Its like majority of Billies "fans" want Billie to be sad and depressed forever. Its like she has to stay in her sad, heartbroken 'character'. SHE IS NOT A MF CHARACTER. SHES HUMAN. JUST STOP.
LaraCroft преди 3 часа
Adriana Danisevičiūtė
Adriana Danisevičiūtė преди 3 часа
They aint fans! Cuz i still love her i even cried cuz of how pretty she looked i literally wanted to scream in the bus i was in when i saw the posts!!!
erjon _55
erjon _55 преди 3 часа
I like how demi is being sarcastic and bruh these tik tokers are so thirsty for attention and always breaking up and getting back together Dani and Mikey are just like Kio and his other girlfriend forgot her name
Emily Vasquez
Emily Vasquez преди 3 часа
Oliva just made a song called good 4you
erjon _55
erjon _55 преди 3 часа
thank god anna is telling us all of the drama but bruh these tik tokers are giving me a second hand embarrassment
Gloomy Baby
Gloomy Baby преди 3 часа
Ruth Bitaka
Ruth Bitaka преди 4 часа
Why is using a British song such a huge deal? Pls 😭🖐🏾 it's just a song guys
Tatii.editsz преди 4 часа
Danielle...No hate💕‼‼ But you are so problematic 🤦‍♀️🤮and its really not attractive...
Tatii.editsz преди 4 часа
Let's be real yall, you haters never give up.. Why when someone who is a NOBODY does the wap dance, No one cares But when someone famous do it yall acting like their parents 🙄 like GET A LIFE!!💕‼ and Stop worrying about people who don't even have the guts to worry about you..who doesn't even know you🙄🔫
Chloe Chitana
Chloe Chitana преди 4 часа
her song wasnt that good- sorry bout it
Tatii.editsz преди 4 часа
You guys are not mothers and you neverrrr know the backstory,so mind your business 😉 💕
Tatii.editsz преди 4 часа
Zoe Laverne, its your life girl ,but don't ruin it 💕‼
Lyrix Love
Lyrix Love преди 4 часа
Sit down.. you ain’t that special. Everyone wants Harry
Tatii.editsz преди 4 часа
R.I.P Dee 🤍 I AM SooOOooo done with yall hating ,people are sad and depressed 😔 because of you guys aren't you guilty ,I hope you stop before its too late‼
Lyrix Love
Lyrix Love преди 4 часа
Everyone loves Harry
Lyrix Love
Lyrix Love преди 4 часа
They were the kids
Alondra Huizar
Alondra Huizar преди 4 часа
Yall know she isnt going to quit
Antonia Obolewska
Antonia Obolewska преди 4 часа
why tf there is drama ab them i mean it is not ur business