Ava MarIe297
Ava MarIe297 преди 4 часа
Wtf is wrong with people these days
Joanna Covarrubias
Joanna Covarrubias преди 4 часа
Not try to be a hater but peach is ugly
shrek bae
shrek bae преди 4 часа
who is not in straight tik tok but u like to see what they doin these days
Lola-Merkel Muhimbare élève
Lola-Merkel Muhimbare élève преди 4 часа
Omg I love your show
Jikookfam преди 4 часа
Its the getting a dixie damelio ad for me🥴
Wiki Butera
Wiki Butera преди 4 часа
Honestly the Sway Boys wouldve gotten hate/been cancelled either way.
Kang Dae Rae
Kang Dae Rae преди 4 часа
It’s the Anna Oop TikTok for me😂😂😂
Shay Mia
Shay Mia преди 4 часа
Her music is so good tho!
Aesthetic7l преди 4 часа
When i was started watching this video it came with a ad about Dixie new song:)
Mikka Najlaa
Mikka Najlaa преди 4 часа
In my religion if u do a kind thing to a homeless person or just a person in general u dont tell i to people or record it or it wont count
Queen Murk
Queen Murk преди 4 часа
I'm not even kidding, as soon as anna showed dixie's song teaser, 2 seconds later i got an ad OF THAT SONG'S MUSIC VIDEO WTH 💀💀
Nur Aleeya
Nur Aleeya преди 4 часа
When i was watching this, an ad came up and it was dixies song-
sophia t
sophia t преди 4 часа
i thought the title said that addison cheated on bryce with a girl and i was sitting here like 👁👄👁 girl i wish she was bi
Rosalina Mia Vazquez
Rosalina Mia Vazquez преди 4 часа
Is Larray the only non-problematic Tiktoker? I Stan and unproblematic queen 👑 lmao
ReactionKings преди 4 часа
I deleted tiktok because it got toxic
christina Harrison
christina Harrison преди 4 часа
it says addison rae cheated??
jae just doing jae
jae just doing jae преди 4 часа
WE ALL KNOW DANI AND MIKEY ARE GONNA GET BACK TOGETHER dont be surprised when Anna makes a video of them getting back together
Stxph _vsp
Stxph _vsp преди 4 часа
Lol does he think being a stoner is a personality like please no one cares
Yashvi Tiwari
Yashvi Tiwari преди 4 часа
The title is wrong 😂🤣
Aly Jimenez
Aly Jimenez преди 4 часа
Okay i just have the ad being Dixie’s new song
Rosalina Mia Vazquez
Rosalina Mia Vazquez преди 4 часа
I’m gonna go watch TikTOXIC lmao
Kallie Morsner
Kallie Morsner преди 4 часа
But she is still happy with her new song posted 23 hours ago
Holli Patton
Holli Patton преди 4 часа
Be urself not her, like chill out u need to not be someone else it is getting annoying
Maggie Boban
Maggie Boban преди 4 часа
DIxie has a great voice, her lyrics just aren't the best
erin преди 4 часа
ur voice is getting annoying lol
Leilany Reynoso
Leilany Reynoso преди 4 часа
It’s not her taking criticism it’s y’all criticism y’all acted like saying she sucks is criticism it’s now it helping her get better not want to quit get it right
the harry potter cast is the hottest
the harry potter cast is the hottest преди 4 часа
Laya Renee
Laya Renee преди 4 часа
Look even the biggest singers get criticism on songs they put, Dixie is going to have to get used to it. Everyone's not going the like the songs you make
Chelsea mac
Chelsea mac преди 4 часа
im canceling anna
Naomi Zuniga
Naomi Zuniga преди 4 часа
Y’all are making fun of her because she is making APPROPRIATE music....but if she makes inappropriate music y’all hate on her..??
Minnie Whittingham
Minnie Whittingham преди 4 часа
Anna Oop is SUCH cap she's so dramatic and clickbait.
Josephine Warrior
Josephine Warrior преди 4 часа
ex-one direction member felt like a personal attack 😔
Karla Koštić
Karla Koštić преди 4 часа
"Dixie got too emotional" What if someone told you they hate something you like to do and start bringing you down like what if you made a song and posted it and got very exited about it and then so many of ur friends and fans tell you its a fucking mess and its not even music you would get sad too stfu and stop hating on her
Sasha Editzz
Sasha Editzz преди 4 часа
My boys have grown up so much 👉🏽👈🏽🥺
Reihana Herbst
Reihana Herbst преди 4 часа
Where was the video of the sway boys giving blankets
saige smith
saige smith преди 4 часа
maybe josh is the reason she’s bi ✨
Maddie Selfie
Maddie Selfie преди 4 часа
Sway boys might want to record it so other people can do it to.
Maddie Selfie
Maddie Selfie преди 4 часа
So sway boys cant help the homeless. The fact that people have the audacity to say their seekinh for attention is beyond me even if they were their still helping arent they?
Edgar Huerta
Edgar Huerta преди 4 часа
I hate trisha
Alyssa Vargo
Alyssa Vargo преди 4 часа
So grateful that I don’t have TickTock this just looks like an entire stress breakdown😅😅 and I mean at least I have her so I can get all the tea ☕️🫖without having to deal with the stress😂😂😂😂
Edgar Huerta
Edgar Huerta преди 4 часа
Hi Anna oop
Maddie Selfie
Maddie Selfie преди 4 часа
But i thought they were together
shook преди 4 часа
is it only me or does Anna's avatar look like some movie star planet character lmao
Katie Hollifield
Katie Hollifield преди 4 часа
I love Anna she always got the hottest tea
Katie Hollifield
Katie Hollifield преди 4 часа
Hi lo
Hi lo преди 4 часа
“Kidz Bop Songs” BYE- 💀
J U Z O преди 4 часа
“ONE DAY🤭 one day😯, I WAS👀 𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚕𝚕𝚢🤤 𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕪 😩𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚕𝚕𝚢 😫𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚕𝚕𝚢🤯SAD😑”
lottie parry
lottie parry преди 4 часа
dixies songs are bollocks. this is making British people look bad to be honest
lottie parry
lottie parry преди 4 часа
dixies songs are bollocks. this is making British people look bad to be honest
Grace Fudger
Grace Fudger преди 4 часа
hes litreally joking about how now he has to watch out from everyone else lol its a joke stiop twisting everything clickbait
zjenyara преди 5 часа
i mean....dixie literally only uses racism to her benefit, so yes leave tiktok lmao💀
Leah Ramirez
Leah Ramirez преди 5 часа
i luv u girl but josh isnt upset that she is bi hes just saying that its going to be harder to get her back. so dont try and make josh look bad ok ;)
Luis Sanz
Luis Sanz преди 5 часа
Anna really being our 2020 gossip girl
Larey преди 5 часа
Guys I was literally watching Anna talking about Dixie's song when an ad came on and guess what, it was Dixie's song. Wow BGcd.
Iamemmamurray преди 5 часа
Criticism and hate are two different things. Criticism is giving tips on how to improve where as hate is bashing someone over and over. Haters are using “criticism” as an excuse. I always say if u have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all
Talin in R E D
Talin in R E D преди 5 часа
i think they were recording it because they have a young fanbase so they wanted to influence them by recording that good thing they made :)
Saiba Afra
Saiba Afra преди 5 часа
What happened to Dixie's face in the thumbnail...
Cecilia преди 5 часа
cute outfit, anna😂
maybe the sway boys were recording to SPREAD positivity and show others what it's like to be a GOOD role model. sheesh.
ali Afzaal
ali Afzaal преди 5 часа
Yall- I was about to watch this video and literally DIXIES SONGS AD CAME ON and I listened to the whole thing 😌
shabana ghazi
shabana ghazi преди 5 часа
I got an ad of dixie's song when Anna was talking abt her song I-
T-schen DeGannes
T-schen DeGannes преди 5 часа
I die for anna's elf coustume ,bringing the christmas sprit while getting piping hot tea love to seee it😂😂❣❤
egolay23 преди 5 часа
Love the tea
Grace Fudger
Grace Fudger преди 5 часа
i love anna but you twist the story
genesisdiamondgirl cheese
genesisdiamondgirl cheese преди 5 часа
I just fell sad for dixe 😭😭like she can do what she wants to do she loves music🎶 and writes song like some people like painting🎨 and singing what would you feel if you were famous and people gived hate to you for doing what you like
Olivia преди 5 часа
I had no clue that eating and hugging someone makes them “dating” damn I guess I’m dating a lot of people-
tiktok addict
tiktok addict преди 5 часа
One neigh one neigh I was really really really really sad
Sofia Wafa
Sofia Wafa преди 5 часа
*everyone throwing shade at Dixie* *I hate her too* *ad of Dixie's new song pops up* WHAT HAVE I DONE TO DESERVE THIS?!
It’s me Ashley
It’s me Ashley преди 5 часа
It’s the ✨ r u n i n g r e l a s h s i o n ✨ for me 😌
Janine преди 5 часа
no one: not even my turtle: an ad pops up of dixie's song: what the actual- LMFAO IT'S TRUE NO JOKE.
Avamia Bussiere
Avamia Bussiere преди 5 часа
Dixie is her own person
Becca Catherall
Becca Catherall преди 5 часа
Why aren’t you talking about the wonker issue?????
Spooky_princess yt
Spooky_princess yt преди 5 часа
Stop hateing on Dixie
Jennifer Cardenas
Jennifer Cardenas преди 5 часа
Josh wasn’t upset or jealous he seems really supportive you just make it seem that way with your wording
Hafsah Dar
Hafsah Dar преди 5 часа
Zoe’s mum follows me-
Sayla David
Sayla David преди 5 часа
why do people want them to be together and then talk crap about how they are together like ughhhhhhh leave them alone.
Kira Lovz
Kira Lovz преди 5 часа
Mille gets a bag just by turning the phone on
Gloria Fabrega
Gloria Fabrega преди 5 часа
Anyone else got a Dixsie add ab her bew song?
Kaitlyn and Sarah
Kaitlyn and Sarah преди 5 часа
UGHH! can people jut leave tiktokers alone?! especially dixie. we all know that singing was her passion or something like that . these people need to get a life god dang!
lara dias
lara dias преди 5 часа