A Noob Chick
A Noob Chick преди 5 часа
Can you make a vid about Zoe lavernes live stream yesterday in tiktok
Anita Papier
Anita Papier преди 5 часа
If being a cheater toe pic lover and being stupid is top talent.GRIFFEN IS SOOO GONNA LIVE IN THAT HOUSE
K Channn
K Channn преди 5 часа
Addison makes a mistake and y’all hate her😖
Valentina T.
Valentina T. преди 5 часа
Can u put scream tw pls I have anxiety and screams get my anxiety tics going
K Channn
K Channn преди 5 часа
Ppl mean to Addison🤕😔
Tori Hampton
Tori Hampton преди 5 часа
bro larrays music video was on point
Rita Vainikeviciene
Rita Vainikeviciene преди 5 часа
Ugh stop spreading fake news
Viktorija Baricevic
Viktorija Baricevic преди 5 часа
I love that your editing gets better and better
Kami Q
Kami Q преди 5 часа
"Top talent house" really🙄
Daneah raoul
Daneah raoul преди 5 часа
I like how people are saying that the comment was racist when it isn't, lol. Coming from a black person. It's hilarious. I myself would say something like that. I didn't find it offensive so like.......... He was basically hated for no reason, lol.
Bella Braden
Bella Braden преди 5 часа
I literally love this channel sm
itzme 23
itzme 23 преди 5 часа
"Griffin exposed after this tiktok" bruh which one 😭
Mxsterx_ii преди 5 часа
This is why I hate straight tik tok
Tina Gregoria
Tina Gregoria преди 5 часа
Why do you use memes of black ppl throughout every single one of ur shows?
Kayla Roten
Kayla Roten преди 5 часа
Jaden was there also with Griffin omg poor guy cant do nothing
Itzme преди 5 часа
Jesus saves 🙏🏽❤️
mya jade.
mya jade. преди 5 часа
Kena Pennock
Kena Pennock преди 5 часа
Finally they are back aaaaaaaaah soooooo happy
Mariajose Herrera
Mariajose Herrera преди 5 часа
If your a “self made millionaire” get your daughter a brush and toothpaste
Playing Games with Chloe
Playing Games with Chloe преди 5 часа
Anna oop- a popular house Me- bitch I’ve only just heard About this house
Jellybean Jess
Jellybean Jess преди 5 часа
Anna’s editing gets better EVERY video
Finessecaro преди 5 часа
Anna where is the facereval you said you would do it when you hit 1 mil
Mariajose Herrera
Mariajose Herrera преди 5 часа
“I’m a self millionaire “ and I am Ariana Grande sister uh there so annoying all they do is lie she and her mother
Francisco Paniagua
Francisco Paniagua преди 5 часа
Iam mexican and I am not offended🇲🇽
Amanda Carranco
Amanda Carranco преди 5 часа
Did you here larrays new song
vicky pulido
vicky pulido преди 5 часа
Y are they back together ... If she gets heartbroken thats on her i dont give a shit anymore about drama
recentlyzlp преди 5 часа
let me correct you *least favorite tea page *
Michelle Orelien
Michelle Orelien преди 5 часа
Face reveal at 2milli pls.
Nashu Menna
Nashu Menna преди 5 часа
I just have to say that i love Bella. Thx. 🐝
Melanie Torres
Melanie Torres преди 5 часа
I think they going to be the same thing like Noah and dixie 🙂
Kenny Velasquez
Kenny Velasquez преди 5 часа
guess what i just found anna oop bryce hall looking at addison um back part 0-0
Ro Tropical
Ro Tropical преди 5 часа
I love how she's just sipping the tea lol
ubi преди 5 часа
Omg the new background is everything
Simply_ Isabella
Simply_ Isabella преди 5 часа
Yall are so dramatic:/
Julie Shehaj
Julie Shehaj преди 5 часа
{{Anime Lover}}
{{Anime Lover}} преди 5 часа
Why Nikita >_<
ILikeFlowers преди 5 часа
I used to be so shocked when I watched her vids, but now it’s like it’s normal..
Mireya Avila
Mireya Avila преди 5 часа
I love mattia polibio
Tony Juarez
Tony Juarez преди 5 часа
Your bad at making content
Dunja Milinković
Dunja Milinković преди 5 часа
who cares ab the dog lol
Tomeka Turner
Tomeka Turner преди 5 часа
Ceedra Fawaz
Ceedra Fawaz преди 5 часа
NO HATE OR anything but what is it was actually love and but what if that was the truth
Alysse Mendez
Alysse Mendez преди 5 часа
What is wrong with that lady that broke in the house and how do they know where it is
Anna Dunn
Anna Dunn преди 5 часа
Bruh I’m glad I don’t have tiktok
Olivia Han
Olivia Han преди 6 часа
the people in talent house or whatever are nobodies
Lexie ____
Lexie ____ преди 6 часа
Lemme not lie these are just some kids who made a house.... and griffin is 21... That's suspicious ... That's weird
susyazulkrema78 преди 6 часа
It’s sad seeing people bullying people for doing the dance wrong ,plus she probably did it on PURPOSE like dang y’all
Amrita Gupta
Amrita Gupta преди 6 часа
Like so many people coming up with tiktok houses tryna be popular but they can never match the level of @hypehouse
shaked bushari
shaked bushari преди 6 часа
Noooo i want the old intro back😞😞😞
susyazulkrema78 преди 6 часа
I’m Hispanic and I did not find nothing offensive of willy wonka doing that , people really are canceling people now, that ridiculous
Marisol Álvarez
Marisol Álvarez преди 6 часа
hello darkness my old friend
Astro Nut
Astro Nut преди 6 часа
Musically: chilling with no hate Tiktok: So hey y’all I just wanna tell u that um yeah BYE I want drama!!!
iDxunno! преди 6 часа
iDxunno! преди 6 часа
Blueberry Tiktoks
Blueberry Tiktoks преди 6 часа
1:25 omg that was the shower room scene from Carrie by Stephen king it’s my favourite book ever I really recommend but the movies are awful don’t watch them
Mya Waring
Mya Waring преди 6 часа
She is really changing her whole editing style or maybe she got a new editor
aunye telise
aunye telise преди 6 часа
the Damelios don’t support Trump
Lily Sulieman
Lily Sulieman преди 6 часа
Addison:breathes intensely Everyone :sHes mOcKinG peOplE wiTh aSmaA.
Raven преди 6 часа
He said that when he was 12? And y’all are canceling him? LOL. Oh my god. Allow people to grow for Christ’s sake.
Zoe chan
Zoe chan преди 6 часа
I hate your youtube sometimes because celebritys want there own privacey like what if you were a celebrity and being taken down by someone who cant show there face and makes fun of them
Lily N.
Lily N. преди 6 часа
If I was a celebrity and there’s all of this TikTok drama I WOULD NOT get TikTok no matter how many people asked...
Lily Sulieman
Lily Sulieman преди 6 часа
brOoO josh didn’t deny that she used him fir clout and all she did was like a post that said that she deserves the world he didn’t deny it ect. And they come attaching her saying last time I remember this world has billions of people and your only one of those BROOOOOOOO YOUR HATING OK HER FIR LIKING AN POST THAT WAS DEFFENNNDDDINNNGGG HER SELFFFFF UGH
Justin's Cinema
Justin's Cinema преди 6 часа
Justin's Cinema
Justin's Cinema преди 6 часа
Justin's Cinema
Justin's Cinema преди 6 часа
Justin's Cinema
Justin's Cinema преди 6 часа
LindaenOse Manirakiza
LindaenOse Manirakiza преди 6 часа
No❤️ top talent house we aint giving clout no more to people wo only make ✨drama✨
evgenija stojanovska
evgenija stojanovska преди 6 часа
random edits_srk
random edits_srk преди 6 часа
Anna ik you don't post a lot about loren but she posted on her story a video i think you should put it in one of your videos bcs it's a queen move
Fnu Amina
Fnu Amina преди 6 часа
Blaire Solomon
Blaire Solomon преди 6 часа
Addison: smiles Everyone: oml why is she smiling like she is copying everyone like girl stop
Blaire Solomon
Blaire Solomon преди 6 часа
Addison: smiles Everyone: oml why is she smiling like she is copying everyone like girl stop
Delphi преди 6 часа
bruh ive been here since 200k and yet it's still the same people getting exposed or cancelled... and yes im currently talking about nikita :))
First Last
First Last преди 6 часа
chase is just going to keep breaking charli's heart- if he can do it once he can damn well do it again- i hope she understands soon i feel bad for her-
-alyssa- преди 6 часа
“I’m not wearing anything right now..” *is wearing a different ring*
Sohnel Bains
Sohnel Bains преди 6 часа
bahira alilo
bahira alilo преди 6 часа
i think billie unfollowed everyone is beacuse her messege was help me but she didnt want anyone to know
bts lover
bts lover преди 6 часа
Hey anna oop Your probably not ganna see this but can you alsk talk about Jason Derulo USING BTS for clout? Thx!
Dawn Puzio
Dawn Puzio преди 6 часа
Gurl ur too dramatic