Charli & Dixie END Griffin Johnson FOR GOOD?!, Bryce WANTS Addison BACK?!, Mattia CANCELLED

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anna oop

преди 25 дни

Charli & Dixie END Griffin Johnson FOR GOOD?!, Bryce WANTS Addison BACK?!, Mattia CANCELLED
#annaoop #dixiedamelio #charlidamelio

• S I I M P L Y S U N N Y•
• S I I M P L Y S U N N Y• преди ден
Yall really do be on straight tiktok 😳
My little homie
My little homie преди ден
Abeerah Dar
Abeerah Dar преди 2 дни
**Grifin didnt even make a mistake, HE MADE MANY!!!**
HAILEY HATZ преди 2 дни
Jesus...Griffin says it was a “mistake” when he was caught cheating when we all know that cheating isn’t a “accident.” Like we all know, cheating is a choice, not a accident that you just stumble upon and do.
i don't beef for free
i don't beef for free преди 3 дни
I need to download twitter to seee thisssss
• Wolfie •
• Wolfie • преди 3 дни
I am really shocked and ... how he is so no sorry for everything he did and how he is being racists to Chinese people I my self alone and I am so ..... and he is such a S**** I wanna punch him but I can’t because it is not just him who are racist to us Asian there are many!
Isa ann
Isa ann преди 3 дни
It takes 2 to make a relationship. It’s takes 2 to ruin one.
Rileyrose преди 3 дни
who ever is reading this have a nice day and remember that you are beautiful and unique! byee have a amazing day
lemondrop преди 3 дни
mattia’s search history: sorry apology ideas for tiktok when you’re cancelled
Kakie Emma
Kakie Emma преди 3 дни
I miss madision please Come back
Jamielee Simon
Jamielee Simon преди 4 дни
This is what has come to
Jamielee Simon
Jamielee Simon преди 4 дни
Racism is not good and I think Bryce may get back together with addison
xAngel Queen
xAngel Queen преди 4 дни
Not to be mocking her I love her but “ not to be over dramatic but there is an entire war “
Pink gamer roblox
Pink gamer roblox преди 5 дни
jayda huntley
jayda huntley преди 6 дни
Racism towards Asians is so normalized it’s honestly sad and disgusting
Giana Sims
Giana Sims преди 6 дни
this bish is rich
lawsonhall преди 6 дни
Bruh none of the people in this video would last more than 5 minutes in an Xbox party
Usaitwa101 преди 6 дни
At this point it's literally almost embarrassing for me to tell people I'm part of the Tiktok community- It's so problematic I almost don't like existing in it.
bloomingskittles преди 7 дни
woah dixie less go
bloomingskittles преди 7 дни
11 minutes of anna oop.. hallelujah!!
Brisa Grande
Brisa Grande преди 7 дни
i think Bryce and addi are meant to be it’s just the internet/social media that ruined it
Keithani The midget
Keithani The midget преди 8 дни
I rlly don’t find speaking like other races racist- I’m sorry it just doesn’t make sense to me unless the ppl that were doing the voices actually disliked and hate on the race. But that’s just me I guess
Keithani The midget
Keithani The midget преди 8 дни
Griffin confusing me... he made a whole song about him not cheating but then went to say he did
jayda huntley
jayda huntley преди 6 дни
flawlessKid TV
flawlessKid TV преди 8 дни
omg girl i love tea your tea be so hot
•boba army•
•boba army• преди 8 дни
I hate the new tik tok. Does anyone remember when maverick and cash baker had taken up everyones fyp. Smh. I miss those funny moments but now our fyp are taken up with drama. (yes i know cash and mav didnt quit)
Inari Credle
Inari Credle преди 8 дни
11:07 there sorry doesnt mean anything. They keep saying sorry but they keep acting like they dont know anything. Stupid apologies. God said to always forgive but he just WONT stop acting like this. Forget his sorry, thats what I think.🙄
Keely Edington
Keely Edington преди 8 дни
Ok I also understand bc goerge Floyd got shot that black lives matter and idc if you hate me saying this but all lives matter asians,black,white,ETC. ALL LIVES MATTER (not tryna be rude but that means black lives too...k) so idc change my mind about ALL LIVES MATTER ok cause that means asians,whits, and oh did I also mention BLACK LIVES,ETC ALL LIVES ARE BEAUTIFUL AND NO MATTER HOW MUCH CRAP THEY HAVE DONE OR MESSED UP THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING SO YEA
Keely Edington
Keely Edington преди 8 дни
Not got shot but murdered
Keely Edington
Keely Edington преди 8 дни
Oh rlly people make mistakes huh well last I checked it was a Choice to cheat NOT a mistake....griffin your stupid...and you can’t sit here and be sad and say she cheated because she is one of the most sweetest girls out there and like Bryce y’all made stupid CHOICES NOT MISTAKES so blame that on yourself boo
̃Lazy. Com ̃
̃Lazy. Com ̃ преди 9 дни
Griffin talkin abt how it was a mistake... Like sis there ain't no mistake when you cheat. Like yk ur taken-
chicken soup
chicken soup преди 10 дни
the only person who can spill tea correctly.
Strxberry Time
Strxberry Time преди 10 дни
people are gonna hate me for this no lie 😞 With George Floid, what happened to him is serious and never acceptable, but thet werent completly wrong. I've read many articles and hear many people say different things but I have came to this conclusion; George Floid was a criminal, but what happend to him he did not deserve. George had commited a couple roberies, some rumored to be arrmed, and at the time of with death he was described to be "High on Methane." In other word, he was on drugs, very illegal ones for that fact. The police officer had killed him with, unintentional, but still man slaughter. This is never okay, and never will be. I believe that the police officer was put in jail, and George Floid- if he was alive- would have been in jail for his crimes against the law.
Jenna Mcguyer
Jenna Mcguyer преди 10 дни
This is how many TikTokers are getting canceled 👇
PaPi cHuLo
PaPi cHuLo преди 11 дни
... then dont repeat retarded peoples words like bye and dont be friends like people who do that just plain BLANK PERIOD
Julianna Ramirez
Julianna Ramirez преди 11 дни
He post I made a mistake after he refused to admit he cheated
Bryson Rapp
Bryson Rapp преди 11 дни
Well any way I’d rather have George Floyd get arrested than get killed for absolutely NO reason
iris lane
iris lane преди 11 дни
Griffin really said “everyone makes mistakes” 😀😘
Rashly Plays Games
Rashly Plays Games преди 11 дни
5:29 who is that girl reacting to....that...
KATE ARTUZ преди 11 дни
tbh bryce just waant clout frm addi so stfu.
Jaylah Canal
Jaylah Canal преди 11 дни
My friend is Asian and she don’t understand me but I still love her she just moved here so yah
Sidney Graziano
Sidney Graziano преди 11 дни
Isn’t Mattia Asian
valendie louis
valendie louis преди 12 дни
They always apologize when they get famous
frances o'connor
frances o'connor преди 12 дни
Yeah everyone makes mistakes... but you can't cheat on someone with a tiktok platform and expect everything to be okay...
Ariana Life 2020
Ariana Life 2020 преди 12 дни
Ayo mattia got drunk at social bash so I know he didn’t mean to . I’m not saying it’s okay to do that but you do stupid things when your drunk.
a e s t h e g r a n d e
a e s t h e g r a n d e преди 12 дни
ok but anthony's shirt and cap and THE hair..... are like from the criminal case murderer yall i can't I-
Jenan Wagner
Jenan Wagner преди 12 дни
Dixie has a new man, MOOOVVVEEEE OONNN!!!!!!!! Ignore himmmm
London Tea
London Tea преди 12 дни
Me watching Mattia like: Um😐 Maybe he’s changed😄 Yeah his explanation makes sense I guess🙃 Another scandal😐
Scarlett Niu
Scarlett Niu преди 12 дни
asian is a race that gets offended too 🤭😪
Dipstick Ventus
Dipstick Ventus преди 12 дни
Are we supposed to be surprised
Allysvlog_life Yt
Allysvlog_life Yt преди 12 дни
I always thought griffin was to weird for Dixie like when he reacted to the vid he was acting like there was a “bro” relationship instead of like a “good job babe” like that’s he was just weird
Y I g hcichcjxuc Kccjbcjcjxhxjx
Y I g hcichcjxuc Kccjbcjcjxhxjx преди 12 дни
Nobody me teaaaaaaas
XxNova_mehxX преди 13 дни
im asian myself and yeah i make fun of my own culture as a joke with my sister so we aint rasist but him making fun of asian people?! it hurts man...
someone you know
someone you know преди 13 дни
why does everyone get involved in this stuff and post about it? why can’t everyone just mind their own business and keep their problems off the internet?
Lovely Layla
Lovely Layla преди 13 дни
At this point they’re obviously apologizing cause they got caught
Geeyee Crew
Geeyee Crew преди 13 дни
This is how many people hate griffon johnson 👇🏼
funny meme's
funny meme's преди 13 дни
Mattia's hear looks like a fucking ball
lil money funny
lil money funny преди 13 дни
They are just normal people who got 1 million view so what😒🤨😏
ꪖꪀᧁꫀꪶ𝓲ᥴꪖ преди 13 дни
george floyd wasnt long ago so matties just a big idiot
lee minho
lee minho преди 13 дни
4:31 fancy anna
Isabella Davies
Isabella Davies преди 13 дни
I cAnT kEEp Up
Queen Petite
Queen Petite преди 13 дни
Bruh that whole " peOPle mAKe mIstAkes" energy is so toxic. Especially if someone says that after cheating -_-
edgar galindo
edgar galindo преди 14 дни
F Blake
cheyenna warbington
cheyenna warbington преди 14 дни
griffin playing the victim lasted longer than his loyalty to dixie
Favour Kareem
Favour Kareem преди 15 дни
No I literally had no idea what griffin was talking abt when he was saying “hand someone a fish, they eat for a day let them into your house to learn to fish, they play with your emotions” fr tho what is he saying?? Or maybe I’m just dumb🤷🏽‍♀️
chandra poudel
chandra poudel преди 15 дни
Nobody: Not a single soul: Me: HuNnNiIi
Tylia Bushway
Tylia Bushway преди 15 дни
this is how many times that everyone gets exposed on tiktok every day
Wolfie_Gacha преди 15 дни
when i tell u i was actually WAITING for her to find that griffen video.
dani преди 15 дни
idk bout you, but griffin’s just lowkey cringe >>>
Potato Draws
Potato Draws преди 15 дни
Hanna baker x ondres lopez 😗
j conner
j conner преди 15 дни
so first he says he didnt then he says i admit i did like bruh tf
Ompor Ompor
Ompor Ompor преди 15 дни
I actually regret shipping Dixie and Griffin ?!!!!!!!
wutcharliz edits
wutcharliz edits преди 15 дни
I don’t think social media ended braddison I think Bryce did
livelovelaugh преди 15 дни
BRUH mattia did that video awhile oml people just want drama that’s all they want.
•actuallyclaire• преди 15 дни
We REALLY need “What’s Your Opinion?” MERCH
bliss joy
bliss joy преди 15 дни
Is it just me or does every one forget no simp september lmao
hillary almeida
hillary almeida преди 15 дни
i never liked mattia he's ugly too no offence
laila almonte
laila almonte преди 16 дни
Mattias apology was good but that doesn't mean what he did was ok
Amina Awadalla
Amina Awadalla преди 16 дни
Addison shippers be like 💐🎉
Shock tea
Shock tea преди 16 дни
I can't....really y do they have to mock Asian??? Like heck.... It's wayyyyy to normal.. AND THEN SAYING SORRY?
gaming with yasmin
gaming with yasmin преди 16 дни
gaming with yasmin
gaming with yasmin преди 16 дни
Dixie:be happy Griffin: Convinient
Nana Martinez
Nana Martinez преди 16 дни
OMG TIK TOK IS CANCELED *This may sound rude or not nice*BUT IDC IF TIK TOK GETS BAN .Besides we have ✨anna✨😌✌💫
i wuv all puppies, thank u
i wuv all puppies, thank u преди 16 дни
Why is 2020 tiktok depressing. Like, in 2019 it was a fun positive app now it it's a toxic pool with lots of problematic fish in it.
Dissayarin Hiranruengrong
Dissayarin Hiranruengrong преди 16 дни
i'm happy dixie moved on with noah 💗
Amelia Barrett
Amelia Barrett преди 16 дни
griffin it wasn’t just a ‘mistake’ you hurt dixie then lied about it you made it continued you hurt dixie she has the right to do this
ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴇʟʟᴀ シ
ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴇʟʟᴀ シ преди 16 дни
i heard if you say that creators names 3 times you get pinned? anna oop anna oop anna oop
Ilayda Gök
Ilayda Gök преди 16 дни
9:57 i loveeee how u said ’alejandro’ 😍😌
Andrea Vintage
Andrea Vintage преди 16 дни
Cancel that Mattie dude you would never say that post the truth if it's fake then
Andrea Vintage
Andrea Vintage преди 16 дни
Dixie and Charlie act innocent I don't buy into it
Super King BS
Super King BS преди 16 дни
im asian....
Ayanna Dunston
Ayanna Dunston преди 17 дни
i swear that mattia makes it harder and harder to be forgiven.... even if it was in the past. it's like once he apologizes, another old video pops up
LESLY HERNANDEZ преди 17 дни
If u are not one of the races that theses straight tiktokers have offended then u have no right to say i forgive them cuase u arent the ones gettting made fun of becuase of your race☺
Serena Fossi
Serena Fossi преди 17 дни did a voice reveal....I think you know what happens next.
paige преди 17 дни
xPuppyLover33 oof
xPuppyLover33 oof преди 17 дни
How do you know this tea? 👀
Analyy Deleon
Analyy Deleon преди 17 дни
Analyy Deleon
Analyy Deleon преди 17 дни
You’re the best drama girl ever
Ruby Duby
Ruby Duby преди 17 дни
The fact that me a 13 year old arab Muslim girl who also experienced racism is more “educated” than them shocks me
胡帛允 преди 17 дни
I just don't get it though, like why? Why cheat? Just break up. Why offend? It's unnecessary. Y'all are BABIES. Stop saying stuff like I'm grown up if you can't handle the wrath of common sense. Don't say stuff that will come and haunt you later. Don't discriminate, there are two ways of getting clout: the nice way; being kind, respectful and helpful, or the devil way; being a Bitch. Sorry, I know I went off I just can't believe society now-a-days. 😔
Itz_Skylight Gacha
Itz_Skylight Gacha преди 17 дни
Eh?! he can't even dancee
Tamikia Thompson
Tamikia Thompson преди 17 дни
lol she said dixi sister
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