Dixie GETS CHEATED ON & SPEAKS OUT About Griffin.. (Ft. Charli D'amelio, Bryce Hall, Nikita Dragun)

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Dixie GETS CHEATED ON & SPEAKS OUT About Griffin.. (Ft. Charli D'amelio, Bryce Hall, Nikita Dragun)
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Lil Soso
Lil Soso преди 6 часа
i like griffonhe is the only tiktoker i support and i hate charlie and dixie and addison rae so YAY!!!
Erika Carreno
Erika Carreno преди ден
Dixie really said " im the man in the relationship "
pretty boy freckels
pretty boy freckels преди 6 дни
Imagine watching this while Noah and dixie are together....✌😗✌
Raphaella Laura Xebastianne Calvez Solano
Raphaella Laura Xebastianne Calvez Solano преди 6 дни
If noone knows why she unfollewed Griffin for no reason........ Maybe It goes deeper.......
santarina преди 8 дни
n yall bashed mackenzie for defending a guy who cheated on her
Jonah Bacon
Jonah Bacon преди 10 дни
Rest in peace Dixie not trying to be mean
stawberry army
stawberry army преди 10 дни
Soccer Man
Soccer Man преди 12 дни
virdzinija cinglere
virdzinija cinglere преди 12 дни
An now look who is dixie dating it looks like he isnt sad about it
virdzinija cinglere
virdzinija cinglere преди 12 дни
I knew from the start that they will not be together for long time
virdzinija cinglere
virdzinija cinglere преди 12 дни
Its all dixies fault
Alice преди 13 дни
"Griffin cheated on Dixie!!" Ad: "do you think your boyfriend's cheating on you?" My mind:🤯😱
Violet Okay
Violet Okay преди 13 дни
2 months now and dixie is in relationship with noah 💁‍♂️🤦‍♀️
Salty Sunflower
Salty Sunflower преди 15 дни
They be cancelling anyone now,I don’t have TikTok and I bet even I’ll get cancelled
Sofia Irene Zuniga
Sofia Irene Zuniga преди 19 дни
he dsereverd it
Tyuko Shizma
Tyuko Shizma преди 19 дни
Your Voice is like Kylie's
violet Robinson
violet Robinson преди 21 ден
Girl:Hopefully Soon Boy: Babe Will u ever break up with me Girl: Of course not I would never Boy: Will u kiss me Girl:In every way possible Boy: Did u cheat on me Girl: Never Boy: Can u sleep with me Girl: Yup Boy:You slept with my brother? Now read it backwards
Silly Little Thot
Silly Little Thot преди 22 дни
This is what happens when you only date guys based on their looks. They always gonna have other options and they're always gonna use those other options. Girls need to stop dating guys based only on looks.
Shekaina Pendo
Shekaina Pendo преди 22 дни
No one deserves to be hated even if they made a mistake
TøxicPanda преди 22 дни
Edits Alightssmoti
Edits Alightssmoti преди 24 дни
Talia Aziz
Talia Aziz преди 24 дни
i’m an aultie so i watch this acc so i know what my friends are talking about when they’re talking abt straight tiktok drama
Miguel _04k
Miguel _04k преди 24 дни
“Think before u type”, griffin says Me: think before u cheat 🧐
Ember Wonky Wrong
Ember Wonky Wrong преди 25 дни
Pov: you're watching this after dixie dixie pulled the biggest this u
Ashish Hamza
Ashish Hamza преди 25 дни
Wait I got a question.. How did Dixie get to know that Griffin cheated on her??
Dominique Velasco
Dominique Velasco преди 25 дни
So who's here after Dixie post her new tiktok video about Griffin ? HAHAHAHAHA
Just Moonlight!
Just Moonlight! преди 26 дни
I think he deserves all the hate what he did was just over the top and SOOOO messed up
Just Moonlight!
Just Moonlight! преди 26 дни
Chase has turned around
Just Moonlight!
Just Moonlight! преди 26 дни
Griffin made a song that was super mean it was a diss track On Noah and dixie
Bryenna Eileen
Bryenna Eileen преди 26 дни
That's to griff
Bryenna Eileen
Bryenna Eileen преди 26 дни
Bryenna Eileen
Bryenna Eileen преди 26 дни
Bryenna Eileen
Bryenna Eileen преди 26 дни
Bryenna Eileen
Bryenna Eileen преди 26 дни
Bryenna Eileen
Bryenna Eileen преди 26 дни
Bryenna Eileen
Bryenna Eileen преди 26 дни
Bryenna Eileen
Bryenna Eileen преди 26 дни
Bryenna Eileen
Bryenna Eileen преди 26 дни
Bryenna Eileen
Bryenna Eileen преди 26 дни
Carissa Ulmer
Carissa Ulmer преди 26 дни
Who else is here after Dixie posted the Tiktok showing the prof of what Griffin did
cadence rose
cadence rose преди 26 дни
why are drama channels so cringy it’s not that hard to not be
baconated преди 27 дни
Who tf is constantly checking if they are follwing each other
Evie Walters
Evie Walters преди 27 дни
Omg poor Dixie
Jazzzier преди 27 дни
thedopeguy66 Guo
thedopeguy66 Guo преди 27 дни
instead of asking for booties he only said "send toes"
Bleh :3
Bleh :3 преди 27 дни
Griffey should get hate He broke Dixie heart She kissed Noah for her video Be happy Dixie is much calm then Griffen Griffen is eh Sorry not sorry Griffen if your reading this Griffen I hate you :)^^ I' M O U T Hope you have a nice day Griffen and you really screwed up. Get a life You should've never asked Dixie to be your girlfriend You knew you were ganna screw up You need metal Help.
Glorianna C
Glorianna C преди 28 дни
i hate you 😺 but i had to click on this video
Marjan Khan
Marjan Khan преди 29 дни
I don’t hate on him noobs
Blue Berry
Blue Berry преди 29 дни
Can u tell us about chase
Lea Naomi Namuche Moya
Lea Naomi Namuche Moya преди месец
Me being glad that tik tok Can be banned ....
LexiBuilds преди месец
Am I the only one that just realized this........sis shes really hooking us up with all the tea
Just call me Bianca
Just call me Bianca преди месец
Does no one notice it's ALWAYS with someone in the hype house? From tiktok? Just me?
Coconut _nessa
Coconut _nessa преди месец
2020 is bad
YourDailyEmo преди месец
Why can’t people just have a happy time on TikTok...
Nina Schreck
Nina Schreck преди месец
So chase actually said the truth but only because everyone hated on him? Only because of that?
PinkPanda 123
PinkPanda 123 преди месец
Tbh I don’t think he deserves the hate. Thousands of people get cheated on every day and everyone overreacts when 1 “famous” person cheated on another. Yes it is auful to cheat but just because there famous you don’t have to protect her by hurting someone else’s mental health.
Gamer Vic
Gamer Vic преди месец
Isn't it epic how she has some gossip to post everyday?
Roblox Stan
Roblox Stan преди месец
I don't understand why someone will cheat on Dixie, She so nice and did nothing to him. And he uses pathetic excuses to defend what he did.
Cadyn Wilkinson
Cadyn Wilkinson преди месец
It’s always drama drama drama with these mommas
Katie Turney
Katie Turney преди месец
But I liked em together 😭
Raid is for Grande_roaches
Raid is for Grande_roaches преди месец
Just cause Chase was telling the truth doesn't mean he's off the hook, WE AIN'T FORGET ABOUT HIS SITUATION
•Fall_ _Petshops•
•Fall_ _Petshops• преди месец
Janelle De Jesus
Janelle De Jesus преди месец
Alessia Vedovatti
Alessia Vedovatti преди месец
Gonna spill the tea right now so gurl
siphokazi tofile
siphokazi tofile преди месец
What is up with these Tiktokers cheating though?
A Janet
A Janet преди месец
LAZY GUDETAMA преди месец
Dude I hate Charlie and Dixie damilio like no one cares your just kids u probably can’t even drive so like Charlie she isn’t the baddest anything Dixie and Charlie should just quit their “careers”
Ashley Martinez
Ashley Martinez преди месец
Griffin is talking about mental health and how is he getting affected..why didn’t he thought about that when he hates in chase ?huh?
Trarus Norton
Trarus Norton преди месец
He deserves the hate. Whether you're a dude or a girl cheating. Once you cheat you deserve the hate.
Tiana Smith
Tiana Smith преди месец
despite what you did... nobody DESERVES hate... at the end of the day we are all human and we make mistakes.
ellie sharron
ellie sharron преди месец
ok guys but fr tho the hate train going to griffin was his fault if he had been a loyal boyfriend he wouldnt have gotten hated on PERIODT!!
Amandy Amandy
Amandy Amandy преди месец
Mistakes aren’t a mistake if you know what you did was bad 🧡
Ashe. Com
Ashe. Com преди месец
“Who wants popcorn” runs to the bathroom *throws up*
Marshmallow I'm alone
Marshmallow I'm alone преди месец
Marshmallow I'm alone
Marshmallow I'm alone преди месец
Just knock on the door at his house tell let me tell you something then kick him and punch him if he says little girl kick him
Marshmallow I'm alone
Marshmallow I'm alone преди месец
Not that
Maylee Shen
Maylee Shen преди месец
Ok I am done with all the boys
Jessica Farmer
Jessica Farmer преди месец
I’m too old for this wtf is happening here
Valeria Garcia
Valeria Garcia преди месец
Ugh I swaer this TikTok comuntity is becoming toxic..
Dreaming Motorbiker
Dreaming Motorbiker преди месец
Lata Tapuosi
Lata Tapuosi преди месец
Did some one kill Griffen?
Taylor Machnikowski
Taylor Machnikowski преди месец
Just because chase was telling the truth dosnt mean exposing his friends was mature and okay...
Don’t tell jokes just lieee Happy?
Don’t tell jokes just lieee Happy? преди месец
Bryce hall is totally hating on his “fans” like chillieee
Boba girlz
Boba girlz преди месец
Not True 💁🏽‍♀️
bad bleep
bad bleep преди месец
I don’t understand why men cheat like what do you gain from it ..? Like wtf goes on In your head do you just like .. not consider the girl’s feelings or think that girls don’t have feelings I get it girls cheat too but still like what goes on in you peoples minds y’all just like “oh yes lemme break their heart” like no it’s not acceptable AT ALL
Chxrlize преди месец
The fact that cheating is so common around the world just makes me mind blown
annamaria kougiou
annamaria kougiou преди месец
Can tik tok room one 1 week at least one, hax not drama? What's happening to the tik tok room?
annamaria kougiou
annamaria kougiou преди месец
I knew Chase wasn't lie. I just won't believe him. But Chase know: See now??
Ariel Lott
Ariel Lott преди месец
No offense, but Griffin was not worth it I’m sorry But he’s so ugly like she should get with Noah I feel like he likes her a lot
Phoebe_And_Bailey_Nickel_ преди месец
The tea is that James char,es killed me
tiktokerist ph
tiktokerist ph преди месец
He cheated or not he deserves to be respected. No hate, please! Hello, people, we are not perfect and we also can make wrong decision so it is guuuysss, please.
Fruity Gods
Fruity Gods преди месец
I accidentally clicked this and the amount of kids in the comments
ANA MARTINEZ преди месец
*sips tea*
Maria Robledo
Maria Robledo преди месец
MerleNotFound преди месец
These comments r filled with ❄️s
roblox_girl melanne
roblox_girl melanne преди месец
roblox_girl melanne
roblox_girl melanne преди месец
Amberry Cupcakes
Amberry Cupcakes преди месец
Dixie did nothing Anna oop lieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Laylah Roberts
Laylah Roberts преди месец
Griffin talkin about his mental health but did you forget when you cheat on someone you break there’s to! Sometimes and then doesn’t even write a apology or address anything ?!? Grow up if Dixie can be mature you can
NOTVANYA преди месец
griffin clickbaited for the sorry to dixie that he did not even say that..
Squishy Hope
Squishy Hope преди месец
Y’all I just came here to see how she edit her thumbnails lmaoo 😹😭😭✨
Sophia Carneiro
Sophia Carneiro преди месец
no one: not a single soul: not even dixie: griffin: iTs afFeCtiNg mY mEnTAL hEaLtH So You BeTtER sToP
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