Skai Jackson GETS CANCELLED Because Of THIS..?!

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anna oop

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Skai Jackson GETS CANCELLED Because Of THIS..?!
#annaoop #skaijackson

Anaiah Paige
Anaiah Paige преди 22 часа
Ok so you can not do skai like this you are a bad person you should do yourself I will not like it it was the worst skai is the best the people deserve 😡🤬
SKAI was my motivation but now she's the worst
Why Skai Jackson so FAKE ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/
Christina Petit
Christina Petit преди ден
She did nothing wrong
Christina Petit
Christina Petit преди ден
This was my first video on this on this page and I am already mad
Crystal Sanders
Crystal Sanders преди 2 дни
I am glad she exposed those people who are racist pull them sheets off their heads. They are the most dangerous and devious people.
Janice White
Janice White преди 2 дни
The talented show alot of people was trying to be funny to get clout
TiKTOK Reaction
TiKTOK Reaction преди 3 дни
Honey Crown
Honey Crown преди 3 дни
You sound like you just hate her because she exposed racist people, like what are you, a racist yourself??? Prayers sis, you need prayers, lol trash tea anyway, the chile isn't problematic your biasadness is.
Pinkie Renae
Pinkie Renae преди 4 дни
I think nobody should judge her at all. God is the only one that has that right
Shanique Mundle
Shanique Mundle преди 4 дни
I love skai she was on dwts
Abeer Waseem
Abeer Waseem преди 4 дни
All you kids here are literally children. Like people are LOSING THERE JOBS AND THERE LIFE DEPENDS ON THEM saying the N word is really bad but THIS IS TAKING THIS WAYYY TO FArrrr why doesn’t skai talk to them in a mature manner.
Abeer Waseem
Abeer Waseem преди 4 дни
GUYS what skai did was absolutely right but she EXPOSED PEOPES ADDRESSES AND A LITERAL 4 YO SAID “why don’t white lives matter?” AND SKAI WENT ON “exposing” meaning she GAVE AWAY THE ADDRESS. exposing people is fine but leaking there address and the places where they work? I meannn skai could have just done this maturely rather than getting people kicked out from there jobs
Sadia Abdi
Sadia Abdi преди 4 дни
Girl bye wtf is this??🤣🤣
Nelly Gaming Station
Nelly Gaming Station преди 3 дни
Exactly whats this comment? Girl bye 😂😂😂✋
Mairah M
Mairah M преди 4 дни
I’m sad
Mairah M
Mairah M преди 4 дни
Badbaby need to stop she love fighting woah Vicky beat her up and skai
Mairah M
Mairah M преди 4 дни
I like her she a Jackson
Li'l Sis
Li'l Sis преди 5 дни
wow just wow skai did nothing wrong jezz
ashley thompson
ashley thompson преди 5 дни
No i dont
Franklin Fam
Franklin Fam преди 5 дни
Bruh she is literally so innocent like she shouldn’t even get hate for exposing racist people who need to get cancelled like what the HELL
Tazahria Basnight
Tazahria Basnight преди 5 дни
You know what you wouldn’t expose the racist people that just wrong if Addison Rae or Charlie famélico whatever her name is would have did this you all would have said YES QUEEN!! But ski does it and you all have a problem with it and Ana OoP your the only one that’s gonna be getting allll the hate around here! This don’t make no sense
Nyla Sampson
Nyla Sampson преди 5 дни
There’s nun wrong with anything she did
smart bagel`
smart bagel` преди 5 дни
also how would she know shes disabled like stfu yall skai did nothing
smart bagel`
smart bagel` преди 5 дни
Ok but honestly if you cant sing then dont sing cause you will get laughed at and i know skai is supposed to be a influence and shiz but you all would've laughed to.
Johnny Parker
Johnny Parker преди 6 дни
Jut up dum girl stop talking about her
Aesthetic Simmer
Aesthetic Simmer преди 6 дни
Bad Bhabie got famous for going to Dr.Phil..
Ariana Matthews
Ariana Matthews преди 6 дни
So mad I just gave her this a view 🤦🏾‍♀️
Jewlery Time
Jewlery Time преди 6 дни
I know Skai Jackson is a good person i believe her and all the rumors are false they should just let her live her life
tey blondie
tey blondie преди 6 дни
There is nothing wrong with skaii.. I honestly see nothing wrong here... 🙄🙄Stop hating on her! 🙄
Ducki преди 6 дни
Sad how poeple change 😔 She probably just wanted attention 𝐵𝑢𝑡 𝑤ℎ𝑦
Ny'Aria Hairston
Ny'Aria Hairston преди 7 дни
All she’s saying is bull crap like girl ski didn’t do nothing wrong it’s the boys fault for being raciest and he old enough to know what not to do and he got what he deserved and hopefully learned a valuable lesson
Xx_Anxious xX
Xx_Anxious xX преди 7 дни
I never would have thought skai would be on a expose video. My life is a lie
Random Account
Random Account преди 7 дни
Sweetie, you have to be one of the best tea channels here in BGcd ever!
Brandy Fridye
Brandy Fridye преди 7 дни
This is not the same little girl😰
robin renee
robin renee преди 7 дни
She was cancelled for exposing racist? This video dumb af
奥布里aubreyy преди 8 дни
“The live froze” girl you were still laughing while the video kept going, you would of S T O P P E D
Mariah Talley
Mariah Talley преди 5 дни
No but she definitely could have been paused on a funny face. It happen is all the time when i’m on ft with someone
livbedumb Stupid
livbedumb Stupid преди 8 дни
In no way shape or form was Skai wrong in any of this. This was a misunderstanding and she shouldn't have all this hat, non-colored people shouldn't be disrespecting the history of slaved color, shouldn't be saying the "N" word because the way they are putting it is racism and that doesn't look good. Skai had the right to call out the non-colored people for saying the "N" word constantly.
Gabriella Duverge
Gabriella Duverge преди 8 дни
when she was littil she was fine but now nooooooo
hope kathryn
hope kathryn преди 9 дни
i mean, let’s be real, you’d laugh at the girl singing too
Ndalo Magudulela
Ndalo Magudulela преди 9 дни
She is rude
Barbara Williams
Barbara Williams преди 9 дни
I don't think no one deserves the hate no one nada cuz I dont want any neither and all the fans that left ain't a true one
IzzieTizzy преди 9 дни
I don’t have anything against Skai but she needs to respect her fans. They are the ones who got her where she is now.
Momma Shrek
Momma Shrek преди 9 дни
OMG skai has the same blue outfit thah i have with the j zipper 😃
Sukai senghore
Sukai senghore преди 10 дни
How is she the bed guy for exposing a racist! They deserve everything they got!! Good job SKAI!!!🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Kevin c
Kevin c преди 10 дни
Anna Opp sounds like that one valley girl at school in everybody business 24/7🙄
Average person
Average person преди 10 дни
disclaimer of the video - basically supporting a racists and a woman/homeless person beater. bhadbhabie is dramatic we all know this... Yeah the disabled person got under my skin but it froze on mine as well and lastly supporting a clout chaser who said his parents lost they jobs when they didn't...
Gloria HB
Gloria HB преди 10 дни
Leave her alone you freak She didn't even do a thing...
Liea Janae
Liea Janae преди 10 дни
Okay y’all gon defend Skai bc of the image she put out for herself with Disney but she do be putting her fans down when her and her mother are on live.
Cookie Vianné
Cookie Vianné преди 10 дни
i 100% agree that people who are racist SHOULD be exposed. but the person who exposed them (skai) matters too. i feel like for a celebrity to call out a random 13 year old in the world wasn’t really smart because that is controversial. if she had reached out to his parents and had them handle it, i think it would have been way less problematic for her. but it was such a random thing to do, especially since there’s plenty of racist 13 year old kids. (this doesn’t mean its okay) but i’m saying the context was wrong but the intentions were good. i don’t think she did anything wrong here, but it wasn’t necessarily the smartest move to make being in her position of fame. anyone who is racist should be exposed regardless of their age, but for a celebrity to do it is a little over the top. and people can redeem themselves too.
Haley Cano
Haley Cano преди 10 дни
She doesn't deserve it
iamnilsa преди 10 дни
I’m literally waiting to see what she did to be cancelled and none of this was worth it. It wasn’t even worth me watching this video 😑
QueRTSD gaming
QueRTSD gaming преди 10 дни
if she really wanted to expose racist people she could have just dropped their Instagram @ and thats all not fucking doxx minors people literally got death threats because of it and she accused people without proof and the people who were affected by that got horrible amounts of death threats which is illegal btw and doxxing kids from 9-17 is just bad shes an adult she should know better instead of revealing peoples address and fucking full name
James Provost
James Provost преди 10 дни
Lmao I’m glad that boy and his parents got what they had coming 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
KBC Korea Lily Cookie
KBC Korea Lily Cookie преди 10 дни
... I didn't think she was like this
Latoya Godfrey
Latoya Godfrey преди 11 дни
Cause she’s doing what she’s supposed to do then she’s problematic? Foh!!! I like Skai!!
J T преди 11 дни
Yeah, that was rude, when they laughed at her fans singing and what they did to the down syndrome girl. That was not nice.
Karima Nicolette
Karima Nicolette преди 11 дни
Lady Slumber
Lady Slumber преди 11 дни
Hell I'll be laughing too they was foolish for that 😩😭
salma esmouti
salma esmouti преди 11 дни
People be crying because of racist comments but when someone speaks up y'all still be crying, I still think she's not that problematic
Shaniya Ledbetter
Shaniya Ledbetter преди 11 дни
I think no one deserve hate not even the bad people I think you deserve hate For Bringing up the bad stuff about skai Jackson like seriously what is that really necessary???
Astro Nut
Astro Nut преди 11 дни
So if someone robs someone r*ape them and has done shady thing in their life then your gonna say “thy don’t deserve hate” wow skai doesn’t deserve hate but bad people do 😒
Done withit
Done withit преди 11 дни
imma say it and I hate saying this, racists can say whatever they want, it is a free country. I hate racist remarks and I think you are a piece of shit if you say anything that degrades another race, but as much as I hate to admit it that is their opinion and they have a right to say it as long as they are not threatening anyone or causing harm. And second of all that was a 13-year-old kid, do you have nothing better to do than expose a dumb kid, he probably doesn't know the significance behind that word and what it truly means to the black community. She had no right to leak private info to the public. That is immature, she is 18 and should know better. If she was going to come for anyone then she needs to address the education system and why they don't teach students the meaning behind the word. A lot of problems would be solved with unbiased education.
Francine Perry
Francine Perry преди 12 дни
So you don't like her.............and you're clearly racist....bye now
Laura Dzimano
Laura Dzimano преди 12 дни
Why say it's not a hate video if ur going to hate
Kimcarnes Deshommes
Kimcarnes Deshommes преди 12 дни
Why is people hating on JoJo Siwa she’s just having fun
Remember Me?
Remember Me? преди 12 дни
“Skai didn’t do anything wrong” Did y’all forget she doxed a child once?? Worst part is that the person sending the “proof” faked the racism and this child got hate from skai’s fans for doing nothing! She didn’t even properly apologize, she said oh I never told anyone to send hate, yet she did give out the info. Why support someone who does that?
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson преди 12 дни
EhhHhH, She deserves some of it, but this is mild compared to half the shit that goes down with bigger celebs like- damn. chill.
XxGacha JaguarxX
XxGacha JaguarxX преди 12 дни
To be honest I don’t understand. I don’t think she deserve to be cancelled at all!! Yet there’s Addison over here telling someone to say the n word and her fans are defending her. I think Anna oop defends Addison to much. It’s obviously her opinion and I respect it but sometimes it’s better when drama channels for example spill do not leave obvious opinions
Jadah Mariee
Jadah Mariee преди 12 дни
Look I’m 13 years old and I kno not to go on the Internet and joke someone else skin color. Yes I understand that skai and her mother should not have been laGGin at that girl but I would probably slip and laugh too it’s called life. I would have been lagging at the kids that didn’t know how to sing bc the knew they couldn’t sing. If his parents did get fired bc he was making jokes about black ppl then they should bc they need to stop working and talk to him about doing that period 🙅🏾‍♀️
Ava Jacjson
Ava Jacjson преди 12 дни
Bruh stop taking edits that’s edited
Jadah Mariee
Jadah Mariee преди 12 дни
Milcah Luma
Milcah Luma преди 12 дни
Fake 😒😒
Sheri Sheikh
Sheri Sheikh преди 12 дни
I'm not wondering why a white people is making such a stupid video and named Anna lol
Federal Boob Inspector
Federal Boob Inspector преди 13 дни
Me a 12 yo boy:genuinely finds this entertaining Also me:maybe i am a girl
Federal Boob Inspector
Federal Boob Inspector преди 12 дни
@OSE lmao i thought i was a weirdo
OSE преди 12 дни
😂😂😂😂 it’s cool bro as a male I can confirm we like a lil drama and da ladies be beautiful it’s win win 💯💯
19kdreamzz преди 13 дни
It actually did froze , and someone cut it . Someone was recording and it froze . So she’s not cancelled . I support her all the way
ot varcoe
ot varcoe преди 13 дни
white ppl always always overlook the racist part....but right
keyxy dennys Leger Moreta
keyxy dennys Leger Moreta преди 13 дни
Saundra Williams
Saundra Williams преди 13 дни
Popular racist quote: very problemaaaaaatic
Chubby Gemini
Chubby Gemini преди 13 дни
Racism is racism and your voice is annoying
Teresa C
Teresa C преди 13 дни
I of Skai, she will never be cancelled in my book.
Hannah Marie
Hannah Marie преди 13 дни
and tbh Skai didn't do anything to Bhad Bhabie or whatever the heck her name is- was the one who started it. You can clearly see Skai wasn't doing anything!
Timothée Chalamet
Timothée Chalamet преди 13 дни
*Acts shookeed*
Destiny Burton
Destiny Burton преди 14 дни
Skai Never Is Problematic 😒
Rylee R.M.B
Rylee R.M.B преди 14 дни
Girl I'm done
Brianelle Hutchinson
Brianelle Hutchinson преди 14 дни
London Walters
London Walters преди 14 дни
When skai Jackson was little she never expose people but when she got older she started to expose people
madison crowther
madison crowther преди 14 дни
omg like i have a friend with dancing drum and it is not a joke and he neally died bc of it so idk why she making fun off ppl for haveing a disorder i am lowkey descusted and that is coming from a young child and she does desurve all the hate she is getting like my friend neally died like i cant belive her
dusk преди 14 дни
skai got doxxed, karma at its peak
Stelal Beasley
Stelal Beasley преди 14 дни
I have her book
sam kasam
sam kasam преди 14 дни
so you wantedd her to shut up about racism . black lives matter
Taybah Ismail
Taybah Ismail преди 14 дни
Honestly I don't see nothing wrong in what she did. It's good she exposed racists cause it's wrong according to law.
Danasia White
Danasia White преди 15 дни
ya she not my favorite nomo like frl .
i need bleach
i need bleach преди 15 дни
Didn't skia already had a restraining oder
Super Potato
Super Potato преди 15 дни
Omg, you all must be so dumbbbbb Anna oop isn't racist. The only reason she would post so many white people is because she probably thinks that they are problematic. Doesn't it make sense? The only reason black people aren't on any videos is because they ain't the ones getting in drama. Instead of trying to cancel this channel without even thinking about it, you guys should think about what you all gonna say and how it would make sense
Aanisa Princess Moon Sun UwU
Aanisa Princess Moon Sun UwU преди 15 дни
I love Skye and I don't think she will be that mean
Candy Quinnzell
Candy Quinnzell преди 15 дни
Am I the only one who paused the videos to read the comments between ski mother and Bhadbhabie?
Cell Blah
Cell Blah преди 15 дни
All this channel is is racism support lowk thia is not tea nor something funny and where talking about getting cancelled well....SHE SHOULD GET CANCELLED also I subscribed TO UNSUBSCRIBE plus A DISLIKE
Marcus_Martinez_#1_Fan преди 15 дни
anna oop be like "hOWeVeR..."
Shay преди 15 дни
They did that to there self so that's there fault she did what was right
hope nganga
hope nganga преди 15 дни
she diserves it yall
Notta Purson
Notta Purson преди 15 дни
She shouldn't have to explain herself? LMFAO -_- Gen z is too much
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