Fans CALLS OUT Charli D'amelio OVER THIS?!, Bryce RESPONDS TO HATING Trolls, Tony Lopez APOLOGIZES

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anna oop

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Fans CALLS OUT Charli D'amelio OVER THIS?!, Bryce RESPONDS TO HATING Trolls, Tony Lopez APOLOGIZES
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Imso paleface
Imso paleface преди 23 часа
Mot problematic country ever. Even if your country is one of the best educating system in 2020...Still not well educated by their actions and plus I think they need to go to school and get a tutor at the same time...PrObLeMaTiC... PERIOD
Annie noor kudura
Annie noor kudura преди 3 дни
YARED ABDISSA преди 4 дни
Tik Tok fans are so TOXIC
Amelie Fife
Amelie Fife преди 5 дни
And wishing death on bryce... I mean he's problematic but y'all are just getting sad
boucetta amir
boucetta amir преди 5 дни
that house is charlis
Malia Williams
Malia Williams преди 6 дни
yess girl slay
Honestly, these people can do whatever they want. It’s not our businesses, we all just need to breath and calm down. Not saying these things are wrong but we shouldn’t be so mean cause we *do* make an impact on other people’s lives
Hayley Manuel
Hayley Manuel преди 6 дни
you guys really unstanned her because she was hanging out with friends. its her friends so she can hang out with them if she wants. and if she gets in trouble, or in drama then thats her problem and we can go ahead and dip bYe- 🤠✌️
Aesthetic Queen
Aesthetic Queen преди 7 дни
I haven’t went no tik tok for so long here for the tea 👴🍵
ρꫀꪖᥴꫝꪗ_tꫀꫀ293 преди 8 дни
spoil your children raise your grandchildren raise your children spoil your grandchildren to all these rich @$$ tiktokers who can't get a grip ahem `Tony Lopez`
Sara Jerzak
Sara Jerzak преди 9 дни
notice how tiktokers like the word truly
Wamberal Cafe
Wamberal Cafe преди 9 дни
It not crhalie folt that she vape mabey it her friends
Haley Grace
Haley Grace преди 10 дни
*Why did she say hanging out with the sway boys if its only Chase, Noah, and Curtis*
Island ASMR
Island ASMR преди 11 дни
I’m watching this in October and I just turned 12 and I Dident have a party so... Bryce. Y’all problematic
Lucas Bote
Lucas Bote преди 11 дни
i wanted to post my opinion on this video because i never got to on tiktok because there’s a text limit. but, my opinion is that the actions tony lopez took are unforgivable, nothing in his right mind should have allowed him to do that. but this is out of our hands, you can give all the hate you want but eventually it’s gonna make the situation worse. in my opinion his apologies weren’t good enough, but that doesn’t mean they never will be. so just sit back and wait for the proper apology to come. thanks for taking time to read this. Tony lopez doesn’t deserve to have a platform like this while doing the stupid shit he did. bye.
Alyariaa_ преди 12 дни
if yall hatin on tony then why did u make him popular? thats yall problem.
Marirouz Mourad
Marirouz Mourad преди 13 дни
Wdym she got exposed? Exopsed, sis shes not a doll for the internet...LET HER LIVE HER OWN LIFE , SHE HAS PERENTS THEY PROBOBALY KNOW ABT IT LEAVE THEM ALONE GOSH.
katelyn dougherty
katelyn dougherty преди 13 дни
I don’t understand why people can’t mind their own business
Queen Aesthetic.
Queen Aesthetic. преди 14 дни
Tony Lopez is so annoying 🙄
Kenade M. Schiele
Kenade M. Schiele преди 15 дни
Tony: Age is just a number. Me: *Jail is just a room, but alright* *NOT MY IDEA >_
ElisaRios Productions
ElisaRios Productions преди 15 дни
Y'all Do Know that cigarette can ruin your lungs 🚬 and vaping can to so just don't do it charlie you are better than that you don't need to be doing that shit i swear to god i liked you and now you doing that oh hell no i know dam well that ain't no aniexty pen 🖊😂😂
Kendra Mata
Kendra Mata преди 15 дни
the ammount of times tony said learning and growing is uncountable
makaya spivey
makaya spivey преди 15 дни
are you all like if they did exsest no-one would cae like what happend in 2018 they did not
It'sJaliyah_period преди 15 дни
Lidya Tesfay
Lidya Tesfay преди 15 дни
Anna: get ready ya’ll today’s tea is gonna be very juicy Me: it’s always juicy
Ali Baker
Ali Baker преди 16 дни
I UNSTAN CHARIL WHYYOU MAY ASK BC SHE WHEN SHE GRTS CANCELLD YALL FEEL SO Badbut when someone like addison rea does its wrong no n
Amellia Roark
Amellia Roark преди 17 дни
Please please PLEASE DONT call Noah toxic and homophobic! He’s really not! Please throw hate in the comments that’s just my opinion tho 😔 Noah is BI but thays just a roomer! He’s friends with lari and twamz! I’m super sorry but bye I’m still subbed! Still love your vids but Noah isn’t homophobic
JJ Sim 110
JJ Sim 110 преди 12 дни
Leonard Mbwanda
Leonard Mbwanda преди 18 дни
Ashlyn Fichter
Ashlyn Fichter преди 19 дни
Tony:rude 6ix9ine:ruder Hotel:trivago
Sabīne Bērziņa
Sabīne Bērziņa преди 21 ден
all tiktokers are now regreding it like WTF
rey s
rey s преди 22 дни
charlis becoming problematic.. chile lemme just unstan
JJ Sim 110
JJ Sim 110 преди 12 дни
Chile can't live without a good laugh🤭🤭🤭
Emi преди 23 дни
I got a dixie D'amilio ad on dis vid😂
Karen Aguilar
Karen Aguilar преди 23 дни
The dog LMAOOO
Aaliyah Adelphia
Aaliyah Adelphia преди 24 дни
Sooo did anyone else see the add of Dixies whole be happy remix music video? Or is it just me
jamjam _oop
jamjam _oop преди 24 дни
Dang this is burning tea sis XD a LOT of tea going on
Melodie’s Melody
Melodie’s Melody преди 24 дни
bruh if tony was sorry or if he wanted people to believe it he couldve looked at the camera like what HAHAH
Janelli Salazar
Janelli Salazar преди 25 дни
She is a 16 year old girl, it's normal, not acceptable but its normal
sarah baginski
sarah baginski преди 25 дни
Wait a minute Charlie was there ._. But Dixie were too ._. And yall only hating on Charlie? This community is just weird ._.
Shaela Merissaint
Shaela Merissaint преди 25 дни
I didn't know he died his hair...
cocobean преди 25 дни
I just saying
cocobean преди 25 дни
i hope they give the same enagey they gave zoe to charlie case if they dont.... well 😑😑😑😑
Greek Wolfie
Greek Wolfie преди 26 дни
I think Bryce deserves some hate but like death is just wrong :/
Evilina Karmryan
Evilina Karmryan преди 26 дни
You could totally have a 2020 tiktok drama book lmao 😂 people would love it
Rayen Sakr
Rayen Sakr преди 26 дни
Nooooooooo charlie don't ... ,wtf ,fans isn't charlie ,she can mack wat she want soooo not your opinion sooo
Softball girl🥎
Softball girl🥎 преди 27 дни
I mean like there’s nothing wrong with the sway boys.
jester Ribo
jester Ribo преди 27 дни
The audacity to say " wtf is wrong w some people? " What TF is wrong with you, they're a lot of people starving and dying because of this pandemic then you're here throwing a huge as* party? WTF is wrong with you bruh?! Well you're just gonna say " I'm just a kid and I do mistakes too "
Nanalee Vang
Nanalee Vang преди 28 дни
Charlie getting hate it’s obviously not OK. people need to understand that Charlie is a grown woman she is 16 she can get more hurt than other people having pain with her nose surgery. Thanks for the support for charil fans out there I appreciate you for all this love you gave to Charlie. people think she ugly she is not ugly people think she is too skinny she is not skinny not be a hater.
Eve playz
Eve playz преди 28 дни
It's the boldness for me bye ellie Sorry I mean charlie
Katy Moreno
Katy Moreno преди 29 дни
When I heard “Charlie caught vaping”my whole face went 😳
Mary Arguelles
Mary Arguelles преди 29 дни
I feel like with Charlie hang out with her friends I feel like there's a standard I feel like that's between Charlie and the sway boys not anyone else and I just want to say this is that people need to stop being so hateful and actually start being more friendly instead of making comments about other people when they probably do it too:)
Luv Horan
Luv Horan преди 29 дни
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Ryleah Lazarus
Ryleah Lazarus преди 29 дни
this dram never stop
Ryleah Lazarus
Ryleah Lazarus преди 29 дни
oh my word
SHAHD ahmed
SHAHD ahmed преди месец
bruh- its charlis life she can do whatever she want like istg people should stop telling famous tiktokers what to do and whats the problem with vaping ik ppl who r 12 and they vape like u guys have to stfu let them do what they want to do
Dayjanalee colon
Dayjanalee colon преди месец
“ she decided to hang out with the toxic people like Noah Beck” Noah Beck is not toxic at ALLLL he’s so sweet and is not problematic at all!
Gacha Adri
Gacha Adri преди месец
Still kinda mad about this, let her be friends with who she wants, just because someone hangs out with someone thats homophobic, does that mean she is? Didn't think so. She's being a teen, if she wants to vape, let her vape, that's her body, dang.
Nichola Davies
Nichola Davies преди месец
d’amelios: get dragged for hanging out a sway boys dixie: is now shipped like crazy with a sway boy
ItzEmma преди месец
People can choose who they want to hang out with
potato loop
potato loop преди месец
SHE GOT BACK WITH CHASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!??!?!?!??!???!??!???!??!?!??!??!??!??!??!?!?!??!
whatsadunkin преди месец
is 2020 the year where everybody gets cancelled without actually knowing the true story??? like tf
Daviana Land
Daviana Land преди месец
Who else liked tony until I found out his true colors
Daviana Land
Daviana Land преди месец
Other people can vape but Charlie can’t she a person too
robert beasley
robert beasley преди месец
Aren't bad I meant
Jocelyn Flores
Jocelyn Flores преди месец
Samantha Gonzalez
Samantha Gonzalez преди месец
this is the one time i don’t agree with you sbt noah he is a sweetheart just bc he gets hate it’s just not like tf
Life of Kk and nya
Life of Kk and nya преди месец
Ok so um I’m sure some teens vape too so you can’t hate Charlie for that
sweetycharli9 преди месец
sweetycharli9 преди месец
. . . . . . .... ... .. . . . . . . ..... . . . . . .... . . . . . . . . . .
sweetycharli9 преди месец
..........,..................... .... Anna Oop sO Normal people so So
kirtesh velan
kirtesh velan преди месец
I can't take any more tony
unknown person
unknown person преди месец
I wish it was like the musically days Many Dramass
Mashie Maitland
Mashie Maitland преди месец
Everyone is overdoing it uhh 🙄🙄🙄
Nicole Ojeda
Nicole Ojeda преди месец
I honestly think straight TikTok is over reacting with small things.
Imane Abidq
Imane Abidq преди месец
Madalyn Mansel
Madalyn Mansel преди месец
I don’t have tic tok anymore because I wanted to have a drama free teenage life so now I relay on you to keep me up on the tea
Ashley Segura
Ashley Segura преди месец
I think chari vaping is her chose there are 10 to 12 years old who buy it ligaly get it from adults at least she was 15😑😑🌟
Romina Daza Martínez
Romina Daza Martínez преди месец
To think she is younger than jojo siwa bro ......
Phoebe Barnes
Phoebe Barnes преди месец
my friend sent me this channel and i think i'm on my 2nd vid. omg i love this channel. tea is always hot and good. thank you for this drama. i need more spice in my life.
mary catherine
mary catherine преди месец
Um.....its the NOTES app for me🙄🤦🏾‍♀️ COULDN'T be anymore unbothered
Step_Inky преди месец
Ok like I ain’t a fan of TikTokers but the hate they get for the stupidest things makes me feel like their “fans“ owns their lives *cough* *cough* Charlie and vaping
KoalaPusheen 1
KoalaPusheen 1 преди месец
What kind of school did you go to if all of you keep saying" I wAsN't EdUcAtEd EnOuGh."
Lily Boyle
Lily Boyle преди месец
Omg teens vape some of these haters probs vape or have friends w/ people that vape like omg everyone expects her to be a perfect angel but NO ONE is a perfect angel but EVERYONE is perfect in there own way
Get me to 1k subs
Get me to 1k subs преди месец
me gettin my popcorn ready. me getting my coca cola ready be like :👁👄👁
Leroy Appleby
Leroy Appleby преди месец
Wait I'm so confused is it not chairle's life not there so she can to what ever she wants cuz it's her life😑😑😑😧😧😧
ThE PaNdA SqUaD преди месец
Poor Chairlie
aphorelle преди месец
Cinthya Rentería
Cinthya Rentería преди месец
Always dumkins defending Caca damelio
Justyce Jones
Justyce Jones преди месец
I THOUGHT I LIKED CHARLIE INSTEAD OF ADDISON NOW IMMA BE HATER OG BOTH OF THEM poor charlie u made a big mistake gotta unfollow
Mm Giselle
Mm Giselle преди месец
Every apology ever: I’m learning and I’m growing.
Jack Rizzo
Jack Rizzo преди месец
if charlie vaped she aint the queen no more that crown goes to addison
Rachel Does Stuff
Rachel Does Stuff преди месец
The fact that almost every comment on Tony's live was "WE LOVE YOU" is OUTRAGEOUS like why tho-
Leah Quinn
Leah Quinn преди месец
Il charlidamelio so much but shes 16 and smoking she i think she needs hate i sowwy
Brooke Sanchez
Brooke Sanchez преди месец
Brooke Sanchez
Brooke Sanchez преди месец
Delilah Mcintosh
Delilah Mcintosh преди месец
Flamingo hey bud
Kenloy Smith
Kenloy Smith преди месец
No one should really wish death on Bryce because it can come true
ii_ Vixa
ii_ Vixa преди месец
Is it just me or do tik tokers always have drama
JEAN WEDAM преди месец
I think Charlie should experience what other tik tokers experience when Charlie does something bad no one says a thing about her but when Addison or other tik tokers do everyone will start to cancel him or her and be bullied if you say a thing about her everyone will start to cancel you i swear one day @pellapoarch will beat Charlie d amelio, s record just mark it on the wall believe me , I don't like or dislike Charlie, but just because she's so called the tik tok queen doesn't mean that when she does something bad you should be quiet Charlie beat someone, s record and passed her so anyone can do the same to her, so let be honest
Olivia Barrios
Olivia Barrios преди месец
anna: so what did you think about to- me: AAAAAAAAMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGG
Cruz Rojas
Cruz Rojas преди месец
It's her life and not other people's life so yall shouldn't worry about her life
Bakugou's Bitch
Bakugou's Bitch преди месец
So mom won't let her do wap but will let her vape
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