Charli D'amelio GETS HATE For NOT Addressing Her SCANDALS? Dixie Made FUN OF,Bryce & Hype House BEEF

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anna oop

преди 10 дни

Charli D'amelio GETS HATE For NOT Addressing Her SCANDALS? Dixie Made FUN OF,Bryce & Hype House BEEF
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Vxrious преди 17 минути
Hey.. Y’all ever heard of someone named tony Lopez? Ppl were talking abt them today and I was like “whattttt?” “Whooooo?” 😃🤚
Jaycee Meza
Jaycee Meza преди час
Rhianna преди 2 часа
You can't eat and wear a mask lol and I understand not wearing a mask for a picture. Like do y'all have evidence she wasn't wearing a mask the whole time she was at the restaurant?
Jazmyn Herrera
Jazmyn Herrera преди 2 часа
People try and hate on everyone for literally ANYTHING , like can you please stop!
Arianator 4Ever
Arianator 4Ever преди 4 часа
i loved this videos even more when i saw ariana grande😍❤️
ANISSA LASRY преди 5 часа
0:54 my ❤️ stopped
Isolation Gaming
Isolation Gaming преди 5 часа
Are are we gonna talk about her scadals or..
Isa ann
Isa ann преди 6 часа
Omg there are people EVERYWHERE, in the store, outside, etc, not social distancing and you don’t call everyone else out do you?? What’s next? Gonna call her out for living in the same house as other humans??!!!
Ida Elina
Ida Elina преди 7 часа
i just know anna is leo
Gacha is cringe STOP PLEEASE
Gacha is cringe STOP PLEEASE преди 10 часа
You don’t need to wear a mask in some places like at my area in a restaurant nobody has to wear a mask
Sammy Hart
Sammy Hart преди 15 часа
I just wanna slap every single person that calls others out for their mistakes when they have done it too in done point in their life. Including me
catdeclue преди 19 часа
ofc they didnt wear a mask at a RESTURAUNT.
Fruit Sqaud
Fruit Sqaud преди 22 часа
Tbh I always hated Charlie she got famous for stealing someone’s dance
Maria Huber
Maria Huber преди ден
why does she need to wear a mask with people who she around everyday all day every hour, she’s with them all the time? if she makes a choice she makes a choice, if it’s bad, it’s bad. that’s on her not you guys. it’s not your issue
Maria Huber
Maria Huber преди ден
why does she have to address everything, when all it does is cause drama. and then you and other you tubers complain about it? like what?!
Lola Fouras
Lola Fouras преди ден
Omfg. This isn't Damelio privilege. This is a 16 year old girl having to carry all this wheight in her shoulders, like other influencers!!! LEAVE THEM ALONE
Mëîšhïë преди ден
ana , your videos makes me angry now ... simply because your in everybody's business , and again charlie is her own person , yall do not control her lol
Aaliyah Johnson
Aaliyah Johnson преди ден
OK I don’t like Charlie or any of the other tictoker but what do you expect them to do eat food with a mask on how can you do that y’all are just trying to cancel people for no reason 👉🏽😗👈🏽 🤔
Cringey Wildcat
Cringey Wildcat преди 2 дни
This is legit proof that if your rich and famous you think you can do anything you want. 💀
Sabri yawali
Sabri yawali преди 2 дни
dinora pacheco
dinora pacheco преди 2 дни
Honestly luv ur vids and all but like it’s her life stop interfering in it if she address it good if she doesn’t her life there’s NOTHING YOU GUYS CAN DO jeeeez 😤😤😤😤🙄🙄🙄🥱😵😪no hate but that’s the truth u can’t change her she doesn’t even no we exist
Everything Dixie
Everything Dixie преди 2 дни
Stop cancelling tiktokers for not social distancing and wearing masks it's dumb anyway
typicalyy_kami преди 2 дни
you cant eat with a mask on 💀💀💀 so yall can stop hating on sis now💀
Gurpreet Shinji 7
Gurpreet Shinji 7 преди 2 дни
lemondrop преди 2 дни
lmao i’m sorry but you have an opinion on every video like i- you’re like “i feel bad for addison” then say “addison raecist” etc.. lol..
i don't beef for free
i don't beef for free преди 2 дни
Its like everyday someone is getting cancel
Mackenzie Morehouse
Mackenzie Morehouse преди 2 дни
The last time I checked Charlie damelio is an adult So stop being haters people And leave the poor girl alone
unclebobxoxo преди 3 дни
unclebobxoxo преди 3 дни
so nobody gone talk about the butt in the comment in the Instagram live on
Kimberly Martinez
Kimberly Martinez преди 3 дни
Why dose Charlie have a photo of her little and has the midoll finger
Sunset Vibes Rblx
Sunset Vibes Rblx преди 3 дни
I’m standing up for char rq (no hate towards Anna) bro she’s basically family with the hype house members and stuff so ya
Autumn Taylor
Autumn Taylor преди 3 дни
To be honest the only thing that her and her fandom have to say is “she’s only 16 y’all chill” like yeah she is and she almost has 100 million followers she needs to stop using her age as an excuse
Fruit Sqaud
Fruit Sqaud преди 22 часа
CathyAcosta Cathy
CathyAcosta Cathy преди 3 дни
Ok Your not a drama Queen You lobe them and then You dont like them PICK ONE
lilian amelie
lilian amelie преди 3 дни
what app you use when you edition your videos? btw i loveee your videos, luv you :)))
OH CHET преди 3 дни
If everyone hates tik tok and thinks its toxic then why do yall get mad when it might get banned😗
Alexis Baez
Alexis Baez преди 3 дни
God people need to stop 🛑 it can hurt peoples mental health stopppppp
peach fuz
peach fuz преди 3 дни
lol i’ve been watching all her vids..i can see the evolution of her getting sick and sick of this tik tok drama.tbh, *everyone* is getting sick of this. Its sooo expected and the drama repeats lol.
Lemond Head
Lemond Head преди 3 дни
Smh if she wants to go then let her go, if she gets corona that’s on her, so let them go.
allison omari
allison omari преди 3 дни
come on.. SERIOUSLY!... there is literally drama EVERY DAY
Allison Beller
Allison Beller преди 3 дни
i feel like dixie is the only unproblematic one in that family
Darlene does art
Darlene does art преди 3 дни
why does hate exist?????
Mattie Floyd
Mattie Floyd преди 3 дни
These tiktokers can’t never do anything without anyone hating on them🤣🤣🤣😫😫😫
ッGGッ преди 3 дни
Stop being entitled to be in their lives
Superfriendshipgi преди 3 дни
bruhhh i was cleaning my room while watching and my neighbors are very loud. and when i heard that scream it scared the life out of me
Gachax Steph
Gachax Steph преди 3 дни
I mean it’s a restraunt and they were eating so why the mask when ur eating ig idk
Yumtea преди 3 дни
Come on guys we need to yell at more teenagers for breathing hurry up! 😑
Leo DiCaprios Bae
Leo DiCaprios Bae преди 3 дни
Elu como sabes todo eso Elu Elu
Elu como sabes todo eso Elu Elu преди 3 дни
Gianna Malki
Gianna Malki преди 4 дни
there is gonna be a day where people are gonna yell at trump for not banning tiktok
It’s Flxral
It’s Flxral преди 4 дни
Do y’all not understand that when you are at a restaurant YOU DONT NEED A MASK?
Nina Schu
Nina Schu преди 4 дни
it said peaches a$$
brookylyna преди 4 дни
There shouldn't be any scandals about any of this drama it's none of your guys business so mind your damn business
Azia Knowles
Azia Knowles преди 4 дни
You did this video again but different editing
Astrid Melgar
Astrid Melgar преди 4 дни
Oh my them saying that "they should keep there relationship private" when yall wanted to know if there dating like wtf is 2020
Candice Keung
Candice Keung преди 4 дни
who else misses nikita's name on her vids?
Diana Orduna
Diana Orduna преди 4 дни
Dang just leave the dang girl alone and has to fix it not you guys
Its.Yara. преди 4 дни
The ppl be bringing beef with everybody these days
asui преди 4 дни
Bruh literally stop with the Daniels privledge, Dixie did it to herself she should’ve known she’s liked be sexualized. And y’all attacked Addison Rae for doing a trend wrong. And you guys are just defending Dixie like bruh.
Dula Peepa
Dula Peepa преди 4 дни
"bruh" 🤢
Ana Fransen
Ana Fransen преди 4 дни
are yall lost? that trend was litterally created to be in a sexual way, do you not get it? honestly what do you not understand
Martha Tejeda
Martha Tejeda преди 4 дни
The next Gossip Girl 😂😂😂😌
Lena Burton Winfrey
Lena Burton Winfrey преди 4 дни
I love Anna because she genuinely hopes the drama stops but that’s like her whole BGcd channel. No drama= No vids = no veiws or likes= no 💵
Jill Tarasi
Jill Tarasi преди 4 дни
When I gain trust for a tiktoker- They get cancelled-
Victoria Sanchez
Victoria Sanchez преди 5 дни
I can't tell if she likes Charlie or not.
ari moreno
ari moreno преди 5 дни
Of course it’s important for your mental health , but why do you they always put her as an innocent girl. SHES FARRRR FROM BEING INNOCENT. She’s basically acting like other TikTokers but you guys put her on lower standers. I am tired of ppl not taking responsibility but just putting mental health and making people feel bad .
Tati Lee
Tati Lee преди 5 дни
Who misses when tiktok was just dancing and no drama 😒🤚🏻
Danielle T.
Danielle T. преди 5 дни
Bryce: literally talks about people STEALING The internet: Bryce is problematic
Rahiya Garvin
Rahiya Garvin преди 5 дни
Honestly, i dont miss straight tik tok, but i have nothing better so i like hearing whats happening over on the other realm
nicole juarez
nicole juarez преди 5 дни
oml these tiktoker are like “sTaY hOmE” but they are always PARTYING. Like sis- And ALOTTTT of yall are STILL hating on something ppl did YEARS ago, but yall aren’t cancelling these new tiktokers? are you stupid?
Barina Ishaq
Barina Ishaq преди 5 дни
0:56 are you serious I had guest over and have a younger sister I literally just started yelling💀
Manal Baig
Manal Baig преди 5 дни
Y'all already forgot smh
Eden Tate
Eden Tate преди 5 дни
y’all act like you don’t go to your friends house but when influencers go to their friends you have a riot.
Camila Monge
Camila Monge преди 5 дни
these ppl saying "they should've kept there relationship private" are the same ppl wanting them to say if they r dating or not since we all ship them so much smh
Nertila преди 5 дни
Josue Millan
Josue Millan преди 5 дни
Let people live their lives like 🙄
Taijae Davisrhone
Taijae Davisrhone преди 5 дни
They rented the whole place out
juanita ofosu
juanita ofosu преди 5 дни
I don’t think that Charli’s decision to change yours period!
Jaela Mccrae
Jaela Mccrae преди 5 дни
A tik tok trend is a tik tok trend...
Jadyn Xavier
Jadyn Xavier преди 5 дни
she doesn't have a mask bc she is eating
renew again
renew again преди 5 дни
why is there a video everyday my lord
lilian Isabelle
lilian Isabelle преди 5 дни
ok so, when do we bring hate on a 16yr old for not always being perfect?
Lola Mars
Lola Mars преди 5 дни
Could we please take a moment to appreciate and admire Anna’s editing girl got made skills posting almost everyday
Liza T
Liza T преди 5 дни
How can she wear mask in resturant? Im eating there
Brooke Guacheno
Brooke Guacheno преди 5 дни
Charlie doesn’t derserve the hate just because she doesn’t wanna have to prove herself to you guys
Isis Queen
Isis Queen преди 5 дни
Look i like dixie well kinda because i feel like dixie did that on purpose with the milk she could of done anything AKA WATEERRR because thats what the people drink in this tik tok trend she is like the only person i saw doing it with milk not even juice MILKK. also in her tik tok in 2020 like 7 months ago or something she was eating a banana like again u could have eaten anythinggg but you CHOSE A BANNA like come on just dance or do make up gosh girl are making this app sooooOOOoo dirty u have insta, snapchat, facebook, twitter but u chose tik tok for that uuuhhh 😓
Dream x Aseel
Dream x Aseel преди 5 дни
Tbh no one needs to address ANYTHING if its in the past LEAVE IT THERE!!!!
Hailey.C преди 5 дни
why are people getting so mad at Charlie like there acting like she can't go outside at all and that she has to stay inside at all times like wth, and also when you go to restaurants you are suppose to take your mask off so that you can eat duhh.
Curlyhead_ neomi
Curlyhead_ neomi преди 5 дни
i miss 2019 tik tok for sure
Blue Man
Blue Man преди 5 дни
1000th dislike. I'll remove it I did it for fun.
Marina Moonan
Marina Moonan преди 5 дни
sad fact but true fact we support others off our strengths when we cant support ourselves
_xxXNightHybriDXxx _
_xxXNightHybriDXxx _ преди 5 дни
Kpop Dance Mirror
Kpop Dance Mirror преди 5 дни
WTFFFF?Bryce is really a storymaker HAHAHAHAHA,he's just jealous bcoz they got blocked out,gooddd bryceee myob
Camila Luna
Camila Luna преди 5 дни
I THink Addison SHOULD move to the hyp house
Sarah Hayat
Sarah Hayat преди 5 дни
The reality is........People always want these Tiktok “STARS” to address their scandals but when they do people do nothing but send even more hate😣
Vanessa Ramos
Vanessa Ramos преди 5 дни
yall need to stop hating like ya she is making bad decisions but it not your place to tell her what to do that her parents job. and also she is really young and all the hate is probably too much for her to handle and it could push her to do terrible things.
Ilikeslowedsounds Yeah
Ilikeslowedsounds Yeah преди 5 дни
It’s always the same people like just please I want the time when they were nothing in this community back
Ilikeslowedsounds Yeah
Ilikeslowedsounds Yeah преди 5 дни
It’s always “my mental health” as an excuse, like girl stop,address the things that you did wrong then speak up about your mental health don’t use it as an excuse cause it won’t work for me😃😝😘👩‍🦳😡😼
root преди 4 дни
Maggiellama0905 преди 5 дни
You guys act like everyone dosent hhang our with there friends
Frxnch Toast
Frxnch Toast преди 5 дни
Excuse me..... umm I’m confused you don’t have to wear a mask at a RESTAURANT you are EATING outside it would be ideal but then again your OUTSIDE. And once everybody’s gotten it it’ll die down soooooo...
løl_ móod
løl_ móod преди 5 дни
I’m not surprised she didn’t address her scandals cause she didn’t need to. You guys let her get away with everything and all the stuff she’s done just gets forgotten.
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