Zoe Laverne COMES FOR Charli D'amelio!, Avani SPEAKS UP Against PEACHES, Liza & David APOLOGY..

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Zoe Laverne COMES FOR Charli D'amelio!, Avani SPEAKS UP Against PEACHES, Liza & David APOLOGY..
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Yo it’s Peyton
Yo it’s Peyton преди 10 часа
hUuUunNnNYyY!!!! I love that part 😂😂
Fredys blinda bachata mi favorita Del Cid
Fredys blinda bachata mi favorita Del Cid преди 4 дни
ZOE IS QEEN 1100000000000% CHALI00000000000000%%%%%%%%%%I HATA YOU CHALI I AM GOING TO FOOLLW ZOE 😡😡😡
Sara Jerzak
Sara Jerzak преди 4 дни
please put peaches in jail, for cora's safety.
CheezItzzz yeet
CheezItzzz yeet преди 4 дни
I don’t like Zoey but like I feel like none of them are queens of TikTok they are to dramatic
Galexygirlzoe Smith
Galexygirlzoe Smith преди 6 дни
Ok I hate Zoe but like bruh- maybe she’s insecure and jealous of Charlie 😔 we all know sometimes where jealous of our friends 😭
Giselly Hernandez-Santana
Giselly Hernandez-Santana преди 7 дни
and i am not really a fan of none of them.
Giselly Hernandez-Santana
Giselly Hernandez-Santana преди 7 дни
ummmm... why are you guys giving hate to zoe because she is the star of tik tok because zoe was famous on musicaly and charlie was not. charlie was notr even famous on muscally zoe was and Anna oop you sometimes juat tell lies and stop saying period you sound so dum when ever you say it so stop giving hate on zoe
Chase Hudson
Chase Hudson преди 2 дни
@jayda huntley Ily ur right
jayda huntley
jayda huntley преди 4 дни
Zoe is disgusting in general and she’s not a star of anything she’s trash she legit was hating on a teenager for passing her in followers. Zoe is so childish and disgusting
Alberto_ Kirsten
Alberto_ Kirsten преди 7 дни
Mirayas vsp
Mirayas vsp преди 8 дни
jayda huntley
jayda huntley преди 4 дни
Zoe is still trash, she’s done a lot of horrible things she doesn’t deserve her platform and peaches is legit disgusting like that woman needs to go to jail.
Don’t Touch My Conspiracy
Don’t Touch My Conspiracy преди 9 дни
Don’t know why zoe acts like a queen. I never knew who she was til about a month ago.
Miss Mia Winchester
Miss Mia Winchester преди 9 дни
Why cant people just love them selves and appreciate what they have . Well all of them are beautiful in there own way but Zoe ...is famous why bring down someone else . look what see got here self into . SHE SAID LIKE SHE WAS BEYONCE OR SOMETHING .lolol . When someone is not benefiting your life guys just unfollow and block . ummm ok
Ashlyn Fichter
Ashlyn Fichter преди 10 дни
Avani,go OFF GURL👌🏻
It's Zoey101
It's Zoey101 преди 12 дни
Zoe: iM tHe StAr Of TiK tOk then cops arent bitches
Aspyn Ingram
Aspyn Ingram преди 12 дни
Zoe: I'm the star of tiktok Me: have you been living under a rock your entire life??
Abdullah Habakh
Abdullah Habakh преди 13 дни
The shadeeeeeeeee😆
Jordan Wilson
Jordan Wilson преди 14 дни
¨And that on period¨
Cheesy Maracas
Cheesy Maracas преди 14 дни
liza aint problematic or racist. periodt.
ThE PaNdA SqUaD преди 15 дни
🦋Guys please don’t hate on Zoe! x It’s not nice! 🥺👎
ItzMe 101
ItzMe 101 преди 16 дни
4:12 truuu
Klaffrenier преди 16 дни
Klaffrenier преди 16 дни
Bruhhh dont hate on zoe
Cloudy Cute
Cloudy Cute преди 16 дни
Charlie is everything on tiktok excepts a bad things ok but Zoe she’s nothing than a crybaby and Charlie is the queen of tiktok ok and she’s The best queen because there is no Queen than her and she’s the kindest one❤️😁😁😇
jamjam _oop
jamjam _oop преди 16 дни
Charlie Bear
Charlie Bear преди 16 дни
Zoe does deserve all the hate I unfollowed her I am not going against my idol
regina phalange
regina phalange преди 18 дни
That's fake people just made that and Zoe did not say that it was Cody that day that ,
Lia Plays
Lia Plays преди 18 дни
I’m not surprised tik Tok it’s very toxic I’m not have not going to be mad at this and I’m not even going to say nothing PeRiOd
Lia Plays
Lia Plays преди 18 дни
Estrella Martinez
Estrella Martinez преди 18 дни
Ia ThE StAr Of TiKToK
Pinapple Mashups
Pinapple Mashups преди 19 дни
Oh and cody orlove
Pinapple Mashups
Pinapple Mashups преди 19 дни
I dont think zoe should be canceled nobody should be canceled well only peaches, Jenny, and Bella porach:)
Pinky Pug
Pinky Pug преди 20 дни
I'm pretty sure Zoe Laverne was just joking... right, because if it's real GIRL be grateful for what you have got!
iloveBobateax преди 21 ден
“i aM zOe f****** lAvERNe” Me: sis calm down. U should at least be grateful that u have a lot of followers, fan pages, views and much more. And if u keep crying about that, it will all probably be gone. 👁👄👁
Black Art
Black Art преди 21 ден
I'm so happy that Taylor and Blueprint arnt in any drama 🤗🤗🤗
Subscribe for 10 years of good luck
Subscribe for 10 years of good luck преди 21 ден
The tea was to hot it burned my tongue!!
JoyQueen Crafts
JoyQueen Crafts преди 22 дни
"make it make sense"
HoneyMocha преди 22 дни
The only reason why Charlie is the queen of tiktok it's because she stole a dance and didn't even give credit S.M.H🙄🤦🏻‍♀️
I hate people that eat salads and enjoy it
I hate people that eat salads and enjoy it преди 23 дни
Myckenzye Bayker or @myckenzyeb
Dana Sofia
Dana Sofia преди 23 дни
I freaking hate peaches shes disgusting bro 🤢🤮🤮
Eleanor Kessous
Eleanor Kessous преди 23 дни
Me cringing at peaches nasty face
ri pottorff
ri pottorff преди 24 дни
Loren gray was a star of musically before her just sayinggg
Charli Damelio
Charli Damelio преди 24 дни
She was crying because of bella (I think)
Alpha Diallo
Alpha Diallo преди 24 дни
Anna i didn't eat 35 days bc charlie and chase broke now chase charile is back again thats ok
Kenzie Haag-Marsh
Kenzie Haag-Marsh преди 24 дни
Honestly I Think Tom Felton owns TikTok
Cozyfox plays Roblox
Cozyfox plays Roblox преди 25 дни
Liz*dav mocking *boy bawang = garlic PHILIPINE junk food : , ) Me: no don’t mock my childhood junk fodddd
Valentina Jovanović
Valentina Jovanović преди 26 дни
This is why tik tok is getting banned
GPB77 преди 26 дни
I’m not trying to defend Zoe in all but she did however complemented her in a way nobody noticed. Bitch means a dog, a dog barks, barking is a sound of nature and nature is beautiful. Zoe really didn’t see this shit coming.
Mahkenna__ Ramirez.
Mahkenna__ Ramirez. преди 26 дни
HeY LuVs
Your local crackheads Ib
Your local crackheads Ib преди 27 дни
I don’t like Zoe but there’s a video of some girl laughing at how zoes mom was murdered and another video of Zoe helping her friend cause she was crying and her friend said she didn’t want to live anymore and Zoe was helping her
priscilla mercado
priscilla mercado преди 27 дни
DUDE I OFFICIALLY HATE THIS PAGE like u make things sound so bad like it was a joke chilly
Hannah Doe
Hannah Doe преди 27 дни
I’m glad Zoe thinks that about herself, it’s called self positiveivity alr dont mind my spelling
Saba's edits
Saba's edits преди 27 дни
"I'm the star of tik tok" not anymore you aren't 😊
Saba's edits
Saba's edits преди 27 дни
"I wanna prove that I'm better than her" sis you're NOT better than her
Saba's edits
Saba's edits преди 27 дни
1:32 I'm gonna literally die please send an ambulance 😂😂😂😂
Anushka Mahajan
Anushka Mahajan преди 27 дни
Star of old musically honieee zoe. .....
gege plasta
gege plasta преди 28 дни
why Did zoe called Charlie a bi
gege plasta
gege plasta преди 28 дни
Brooke Sanchez
Brooke Sanchez преди 28 дни
Brooke Sanchez
Brooke Sanchez преди 28 дни
I am a you for the day
Omojola Shotunde
Omojola Shotunde преди 29 дни
i love charlie she's so chill
Enesa Berna
Enesa Berna преди 29 дни
Me siping my tea and just sing this: 👁👄👁 👀
Fotini Tzavellas
Fotini Tzavellas преди 29 дни
Idk why people like zoey Laverne like really why…
Haeyang преди 29 дни
I am starting to think that this channel defects ppl who are more famous and new famous ppl, instead of who's right. Anna oop, sometimes you make small matters bigger than they're. I wonder what you get from messing up with other's social media life, let them ruin their own life
anushka mahajan
anushka mahajan преди месец
I love when u say honnie 😍😍❤️
Francy XXX
Francy XXX преди месец
I had a fanpage for zoe,i now turned it into an addison fanpage,i still love her and support her,but yk..And i do support cody too.
خالد خالد
خالد خالد преди месец
خالد خالد
خالد خالد преди месец
Will u stop the hate its over she said shes sorry so shush your annoying meee idc if there’s going to be hate on me for saying this idc what u think!!!!!!
#Itgirl needshelp
#Itgirl needshelp преди месец
Straight up sad Zoe
J Schwalb
J Schwalb преди месец
Liza is so funny. My sister and I love her.
J Schwalb
J Schwalb преди месец
awh.madyson преди месец
hiiii im a huge fan!
Ingrid Perez
Ingrid Perez преди месец
When they said not Zoe Laverne crying because she wasn’t the queen of tic tok anymore I said WHEN WAS SHE (Answer is NEVER) Lmao
Alyssa Forster
Alyssa Forster преди месец
Zoe seriously needs to stop like woman just stop your not the star of tiktok charlie is get that in your head charlie isnt a bitch she is shes soooooo so so so so childish she needs to grow up for once im litteraly 10 and i act way more mature then her shes having tantrums because charlie is better then her like bro why you bullying charlie just because she surpassed you she always will charlies the queeen not you zoe
maricela bonilla
maricela bonilla преди месец
Y’all should be quiet u don’t know the whole story :|
Lidio Chavez
Lidio Chavez преди месец
zoe is the b*th.
Devilicous Nick
Devilicous Nick преди месец
Bruh the fist sentence I-
RoseGlow преди месец
Zoe needs to get over it she really jealous of a teenager for having more followers than her 😒
Billie Tossoun
Billie Tossoun преди месец
✨Delete your acc pls ✨
Alyssa Mincaey
Alyssa Mincaey преди месец
The amount of “period” in this is....
Alyssa Mincaey
Alyssa Mincaey преди месец
Girl just give the tea, your so disrespectful ( I don’t support zoe at all but still learn respect )
LowYummy преди месец
I will now call my self “I am fucking LowYummy”.
mystickitty0 преди месец
It would be nice to have fame but if i ever have a fan base or hate base im done
Weirdo Sophia
Weirdo Sophia преди месец
Anna has changed a LOT & I do not like it, sry sis
Nienah Rey
Nienah Rey преди месец
Bruh Zoe did a joke sis -
Natalya Otero
Natalya Otero преди месец
i love zoe
Toca Hala and more
Toca Hala and more преди месец
Zoe is never gonna be a qween 🤣🤣a baby like I’m not gonna do that uh 🤮🤣🤣🤣
Toca Plum
Toca Plum преди месец
David only mocked filipinos making fun of the word garlic like are u some baboon like let’s call David dobrik boy bawang bc he look like a piece of garlic to me bc garlic is stanky
Kim Minseo
Kim Minseo преди месец
Fake crying it for povs. Not pretnd to be crying well your not even crying Zoe. it need to stop the drama.
Jesus is King
Jesus is King преди месец
No hate on anyone, but I feel like people are praising Charli, we should praise broken people praise Jesus! When I mean broken I mean people who sin, we all sin. I'm not trying to hate anyone. Praise Jesus
Kimberly Gutierrez
Kimberly Gutierrez преди месец
No One: Me:checking on charli if she unfollowed zoe and me shock that zoe doesn’t show up🥴
Alana Lynn
Alana Lynn преди месец
Zoe was never the queen honey 🤨🙄
Esihle Mahijana
Esihle Mahijana преди месец
Zoe: im the queen of tik tok..... 😭She's almost passing me on followers..... 💔I should be the queen of tik tok😤 While Charli d amelio is like: UNFOLLOW BUTTONNNNNNN😎🦋 AND I'm like : yassssssssss Queen Yassss! ❤️❤️❤️💗
Kanji Asui
Kanji Asui преди месец
Anna= the queen of drama and tea
Hudson Woods
Hudson Woods преди месец
Who is better than Zoe Charlie’s better than Zoe
Bubbleteachar Gold
Bubbleteachar Gold преди месец
Lazo Masooud
Lazo Masooud преди месец
I hate u so much quit and stop favoring Charli she is not a queen
GingerBlxssom O-o
GingerBlxssom O-o преди месец
If i dont have any sleep. Its bc im watching ur videos XD
iivenusrblxii преди месец
It’s the ✨ calling charli a bi*ch for me✨
Ashley Marin
Ashley Marin преди месец
I love Zoe but I'm just going, to be honest, nobody is the TikTok queen sorry no hate to Charli's fans or the Zoe's fans
yamely leyva
yamely leyva преди месец
It's the jealousy for me
Tasi Mikaio
Tasi Mikaio преди месец
Zoe theirs a fact to what you have and what Charlie has you have Tik Tok and she has Tik Tok and a life not like you so stop crying over someone that's more famous 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 Drama Queen it's just how life is so go cry to someone else that cares about you. Big love to Charlie and the person that made these awesome tea spilling videos ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️👍👍👍♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Gigi P O P
Gigi P O P преди месец
Zoe do be trying Queen Hunny NOOO so ya bai Edit: No Zoe .-.
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