Charli CAUGHT STEALING This Dance Trend?!, Addison & Chase DATING?!, Ellie & Cynthia FIGHT..

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anna oop

преди 21 ден

Charli CAUGHT STEALING This Dance Trend?!, Addison & Chase DATING?!, Ellie & Cynthia FIGHT..
#annaoop #charlidamelio #addisonrae

h & t
h & t преди 25 минути
Wait a damn minute people can not have there own dance style what stupid people 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Isa ann
Isa ann преди 2 дни
Let’s be honest tho, Cynthia was hilarious!
Charli Damelio
Charli Damelio преди 2 дни
I didn’t copy. I spread love. Not drama.
Srushti Sonune
Srushti Sonune преди 2 дни
I mean she could still have views if she doesn't overreact like not hating but it gets irritating sometimes
Solaf Kayal
Solaf Kayal преди 3 дни
I got notified now about the video 2 weeks later 😃
Violet преди 3 дни
She actually did not tag the right person who made the shake that laffy taffy dance too
mercy kendy
mercy kendy преди 3 дни
Ellie just looking for clout
Azaleah Goethe
Azaleah Goethe преди 4 дни
Ooh,a lookalike fight.JuIcEy🍿🍿
katelyn dougherty
katelyn dougherty преди 5 дни
You must be stupid Addison and chase are not dating
Chihiro’s Twin
Chihiro’s Twin преди 5 дни
Bruh I’ve been watching Cameron for years I swear if he gets canceled I’m going into a ✨coma✨
Aka Roblox
Aka Roblox преди 5 дни
Aka Roblox
Aka Roblox преди 5 дни
No she shoul keep making fun of her
Eni banks
Eni banks преди 5 дни
Am I the only person who wants Anna oops to do a face reveal
averysvsp преди 5 дни
addison & chase dating is just a nightmare
Oop Charli
Oop Charli преди 5 дни
It’s not Charli’s fault that she is getting in trouble.. maybe if people didn’t make up rumors about her? She wouldn’t know what “drama” is🤍
Cecilia Mlenga
Cecilia Mlenga преди 5 дни
A duh stop making fun of bff addison
Cecilia Mlenga
Cecilia Mlenga преди 5 дни
The dance is not even close
Daisy Rivera
Daisy Rivera преди 5 дни
If president trump doesn’t get voted witch I hope he won’t get voted can you do a face reveal
Nidhima Arora
Nidhima Arora преди 6 дни
ppl should stopp accusing and blaming things on ADDISIN RAE!!!
xxalison xo
xxalison xo преди 6 дни
i dont get why its such big deal about charlis dance style. its a dance style. its a style for a reason.
Ghalialove13 Playzz
Ghalialove13 Playzz преди 7 дни
This is how many people think tiktok is toxic 👇🏻
Grace Rensi
Grace Rensi преди 7 дни
As soon as I saw Addison and Chase dating I clicked quicker than I blinked!!!
Lidya Tesfay
Lidya Tesfay преди 7 дни
I’m glad I’m not famous I do not know how they live in this life
Laxative преди 7 дни
*charlie isn’t getting her self into a drama, the whole social media is making her go into it*
madison orlicki
madison orlicki преди 8 дни
People need to start realizing that this is what we call "normal". 2020 has been a year of cancelling people. Start realizing that everyone gets cancelled at some point. If this is Charli's time to get cancelled then it's her time to go. Also tbh I don't think he is attacking her. She makes money off of nothing. People who actually work hard don't get paid as much as her. Also when 2018 came around and we canceled Zoe L people were shocked and got over it. They did this because that how it works. It's called life.
Keithani The midget
Keithani The midget преди 8 дни
Ellie went off IDC😗❤️ it was just a lil jokey joke and y’al blew it outta proportion
Keithani The midget
Keithani The midget преди 8 дни
Y’all are so ✨S E N S I T I V E✨ it’s a good thing I’m not famous- I would be HATED
iCandiedBerry преди 8 дни
uh- what do snicker mean
Nireee YT
Nireee YT преди 8 дни
This is how much people think dat tik tok is getting toxic Me to tik tok:╭∩╮(ಠ_ಠ)╭∩╮
Shikha Ramkishen
Shikha Ramkishen преди 8 дни
ellie goes for it
преди 9 дни
and thats on what? straight tiktok
Alexxxa Wild
Alexxxa Wild преди 9 дни
thanks for your video😎
Anijah Rembert
Anijah Rembert преди 9 дни
Yall..😂 People still say that the original girl that did renegade didn't start that dance, when in fact she did, but she didn't get famous off of that dance, Charlie did..People will always go to Charlie's defense, even if the facts are all there..
Oliwia Zieba
Oliwia Zieba преди 9 дни
If addison and chase want to be together, just let them be happy. I don't know if they are together but STILL
- s k y l a r -
- s k y l a r - преди 9 дни
all dunkins are pressed cause is true
hope_ clerveau
hope_ clerveau преди 9 дни
Omg y'all just finding drama stop 🙄🤐🙁
_Gacha.Sunflowerxo_ преди 9 дни
Laniyas Channel
Laniyas Channel преди 9 дни
Baby we all know Larry doesn't just wanna talk like lol 🤣 Queen Queen преди 10 дни
“This seems like a high school fight” -well I mean they are 16
hi i'm charlotte
hi i'm charlotte преди 10 дни
y'all NEED to stop shipping real people. if that was me, i would feel SO uncomfortable
iAmCece преди 10 дни
The same people who call tiktokers problematic are the same people who start the rumors and came for tiktokers for no reason 🙄😑
butter no fly
butter no fly преди 10 дни
ellie’s actually not as bad nor as good as y’all think lol, everyone’s a bitch in another’s story, so am i. i’m a bitch cus i commenting this-
Katie Pease
Katie Pease преди 10 дни
I have no idea what goes on anymore I have just been vibing to dracotok
ahayla ward
ahayla ward преди 11 дни
Ok but poor addi and chase they never get a fricking break
Cloudy Skiez
Cloudy Skiez преди 11 дни
I mean they are in highschool
Kpop Trash
Kpop Trash преди 11 дни
sonya adler
sonya adler преди 11 дни
am i the only one who thinks cynthia parker looks like maddison beer
Yasmine Luca
Yasmine Luca преди 11 дни
Honestly , stan ellie 😌
Dani Mother of Dragons
Dani Mother of Dragons преди 11 дни
No one stole this mans "style" lol
Aliza Ortiz
Aliza Ortiz преди 11 дни
its the problematic and drama for me
Aubrey Bedell
Aubrey Bedell преди 11 дни
It does not look alike at all
Lajada Mckinnon
Lajada Mckinnon преди 11 дни
How the hell would Addison be 20 and chase is 18 and they’re dating ? 🤣🤣😶 people crazy
Shannon Lennie
Shannon Lennie преди 12 дни
what if she likes the dance anna opp
xButter Beex
xButter Beex преди 12 дни
Who else watches two of Anna’s video’s a day..
gack mariama
gack mariama преди 12 дни
I swear I these TikTokers are loco even tho I like TikTok
xCoconutSoundsx _
xCoconutSoundsx _ преди 12 дни
If I was Cynthia I would of been like I may be 30 but dam I still look good
Brooke Playz
Brooke Playz преди 12 дни
MissSydney преди 12 дни
I don’t know why but why do I feel like she’s like toxic (Cynthia)
Aesthetic Arts
Aesthetic Arts преди 12 дни
It’s so annoying how people just want to drag others down for clout or fame 🤦‍♀️ Come on people support each other
Clarice Csm
Clarice Csm преди 12 дни
Bro why is it a big deal a DANCE style omgggggg and also it was 1 video not 19384747372772718 vids omfgg
bArn Ey
bArn Ey преди 12 дни
yall are fr saying "its cynthias birthday leave her alone" but when its addisons birthday, you still hate on her but cynthia is the one who said the n word-
lama barri
lama barri преди 12 дни
In my opinion I think Charlie’s dance is really different
Saloma Mohamed
Saloma Mohamed преди 12 дни
I’m on draco TikTok so I have nothing to do with drama anymore thank god
ł преди 12 дни
ppl who started to hate anna oop 👇🏻
indygirlie преди 12 дни
Oh shit. Not this again.
Kimmy's Dreamz
Kimmy's Dreamz преди 12 дни
literally im goin for Ellie at this one like cant Cynthia take a joke?! my dad literally always greet his friends happy birthday with an older age example: Happy 60th brotherrr and then they comment with thanks?! Gosh Cynthia is so problematic imma bout to yeet her she literally cant take a joke like what!?
10k subs without any videos ?
10k subs without any videos ? преди 12 дни
chile yall call him cameron, we call him starrkeisha. we are not the same
Cindy -playz
Cindy -playz преди 12 дни
Is no one going to talk about how beautiful her silver outfit is Ana oop I love your style
Rez_gxcha преди 12 дни
Emilia Cepiviroski
Emilia Cepiviroski преди 12 дни
How did she copy. JUST A FILTER I COULD USE IT TO!!
fr3nch cr0issants
fr3nch cr0issants преди 13 дни
Bruh Cynthia needs to take a chill pill, she can’t even take a joke
Vanessa Lopez
Vanessa Lopez преди 13 дни
How is she copying it was for jlo’s music video
Kyle’s Imaginations
Kyle’s Imaginations преди 13 дни
I mean people can think they made their own dance style or whatever but there is 7 billion on earth.
Official_Leah преди 13 дни
"STEALING" shes just joining in smh what is wrong with people
random skz fan
random skz fan преди 13 дни
my waters in the fridge
lee minho
lee minho преди 13 дни
shut up ellie~~
sarah преди 13 дни
the only people who have the right to use that gif and say "me looking through drama that I'm not included in" are the people who watch Anna's videos.
JustTeo преди 13 дни
haven't watched starrkeisha for 7 years.. whoa
Kesha Warfield
Kesha Warfield преди 13 дни
there not even the same dance or what ever t
Shazia Muneer Muneer Ahmed
Shazia Muneer Muneer Ahmed преди 13 дни
I don't ship chase and addison
siti rabiatul
siti rabiatul преди 13 дни
lmao ellie started it first tbh
funny _memes
funny _memes преди 13 дни
nobody: not even Addison: Anna oop: do u think people should stop making fun of Addison? on another video she makes fun of her wtf???
funny _memes
funny _memes преди 8 дни
@Mace's Rainbow World ok sorry
Mace's Rainbow World
Mace's Rainbow World преди 12 дни
That was a question
10k baddies
10k baddies преди 13 дни
Isabella Davies
Isabella Davies преди 13 дни
“ITs tHE BolEDnEsS FoR Me”
Khalaire преди 13 дни
i have been wacthing him since i was six sooooooo im concerned
Amber Hodge
Amber Hodge преди 13 дни
Omg char used green screen for a sponsorship 😭🔫
Brooke on Crack
Brooke on Crack преди 14 дни
larray is literally SO unproblematic. Never seen him in drama. Stay that way queen :))
Sophia Rosero
Sophia Rosero преди 14 дни
Derek Stan
Derek Stan преди 14 дни
Ok I’m quitting tik tok THE COMMUNITY IS GARBAGE
Samuel Antwi
Samuel Antwi преди 14 дни
Does he think he OWNS a style?! CHILEWBWBWHWJAJ
YOUR MOm преди 14 дни
who cares it dance i get it if he did it for years but that was for a company they tell her what to do and she cant freaking tag u in that so get over your self so many people dance the same
Emilia Fagerholm
Emilia Fagerholm преди 14 дни
Omg a new emoji (Anna emoji Too ppl WHO are a little dumb)ily anna
jalilah преди 14 дни
Anna.. I love your videos but sis. I think it’s time you mind your business, and let creators live there life. I get that’s what you account is about but you need to chill a little ..
Yuli Yanez
Yuli Yanez преди 14 дни
Instead of talking it out the having a internet fight I can’t with 2020
Jade Bann
Jade Bann преди 14 дни
I love charlie🥰
Jade Bann
Jade Bann преди 14 дни
Ppl calling charlie "problematic" but have u ever thought that's because y'all LOOK for drama...
El Mariaaa Jinn
El Mariaaa Jinn преди 14 дни
Imagine going to shopping and being known for being a clout chaser smh tik tokers clout chaser really lost their minds smh sisters
Mya Buchanan
Mya Buchanan преди 14 дни
Who else thinks that Ellie is an absolute queen 👑
Mace's Rainbow World
Mace's Rainbow World преди 12 дни
Hamilton Lover a.k.a Macayla
Hamilton Lover a.k.a Macayla преди 14 дни
Nxomii преди 14 дни
whenever it comes to Charlie it's always she's 16
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