Dixie D'amelio OFFICIALLY DATING Noah Beck After KISSING?!, Addison DRAGGED For Trump FLAG?!

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anna oop

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Dixie D'amelio OFFICIALLY DATING Noah Beck After KISSING?!, Addison DRAGGED For Trump FLAG?!
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Jada-kay Strickland
Jada-kay Strickland преди ден
Dixie and Noah didn't kiss they were talking and noah told dixie his response to her question in her ear jeez y'all overreact for nothing or the simplest things Oh hi bitch I was kidding god bless you😄👼
melissa perez
melissa perez преди 2 дни
CloudBear .x
CloudBear .x преди 4 дни
me and my best friend are both part of the lgbtq+ community and we were quite offended..
Denaya Knox
Denaya Knox преди 4 дни
So dumb that people are too sensitive and can’t take a rend
Denaya Knox
Denaya Knox преди 4 дни
Noah beck is still my celebrity crush
sad stranger
sad stranger преди 8 дни
Social Media be like: So who we gonna cancel today?
Andrea Del Val Cornes
Andrea Del Val Cornes преди 11 дни
I just saw a video on TikTok
Elijah Anderson-aidoo
Elijah Anderson-aidoo преди 14 дни
Today the confirmed dating
Maell Pearson
Maell Pearson преди 14 дни
so your telling me that addison rae is a trump supporter whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!! wow i wnna unfollow her but I don't at the same time .
Stephanie enriquez
Stephanie enriquez преди 14 дни
That photo was in 2018 or 2019
Stephanie enriquez
Stephanie enriquez преди 14 дни
Addi is not a trump supporter that photo is old so
Acaabil. преди 14 дни
here after tiktokroom, anyone?
The Triplets
The Triplets преди 14 дни
So what if she liked trump she can have her own opinion
Armary Febus
Armary Febus преди 16 дни
Bro just because somebody likes your comment doesn’t mean that it’s actually true like I hate when people do that it’s so stupid
Elizabeth Thoor
Elizabeth Thoor преди 16 дни
Noah beck, dixie damilio, adison rae, ♡︎
Rana Jacobs
Rana Jacobs преди 20 дни
whats wrong for being a trump supporter thats why we vote we have the freedom to like who we want ?
Mentalla Bakhit
Mentalla Bakhit преди 14 дни
Dude what!!!?!?!?!?!? He openly brags abt se*ual assulate,thought that corona was not real, tried to build a wall to seperate families, SHALL I GO ON?!?!
Brooke Sanchez
Brooke Sanchez преди 21 ден
I am a girl lol why
Brooke Sanchez
Brooke Sanchez преди 21 ден
Ok I am done with toktik✌👁👄👁
Nailany Cepeda
Nailany Cepeda преди 21 ден
Spongebob really said: 👁👄👁
Kithyumek0 преди 21 ден
The pose is a modeling pose- are y’all dumb 😃I’m Asian and imma say it again y’all are sensitive.
Angelic Turner
Angelic Turner преди 22 дни
You never say anything wrong about Charlie
Bri Clowser
Bri Clowser преди 22 дни
This girl Anna getting on my nerves but these r so entertaining 😭😭😭
Cleo Enev
Cleo Enev преди 23 дни
As someone who is in the lgbtq+ comunity imma just say that this is fucking offensive
Diamond Army
Diamond Army преди 23 дни
wow dixe sould tell us that shes dating wow we are here fans r
Red Channiee
Red Channiee преди 23 дни
Farida El Mehelmi
Farida El Mehelmi преди 26 дни
im eating cheetos
kaodi afulukwe
kaodi afulukwe преди 26 дни
Bro all he did was do a tiktok dance with another girl- that's not flirting??? Flirting is with the MOUTH guys, ya'll really start smthn over nothing smh😔👎🏾
SJD Squad
SJD Squad преди 27 дни
almost all boy and girl bsf kiss and it was for a music video just saying not hating
Jaeda Fielder
Jaeda Fielder преди 27 дни
Addison Rae has been cancelled like 7 times . 😂
My DearMelancholy
My DearMelancholy преди 28 дни
Honestly people in this gen take things to heart so easily it’s so crazy to me like dixies photo wasn’t even like the others she wasn’t even pulling her eyes
No преди 28 дни
Vienna Phan (581viephan)
Vienna Phan (581viephan) преди 28 дни
Im not sure what to say. Im angry, furious in fact at these rats (the people who are trying to get them canceled) who are coming for other human beings just for what? doing what they want to do? What. a. rat.
Princess Y.
Princess Y. преди 28 дни
Can someone tell me why trump is getting a big dump of hate? I kinda know some reasons like black live matter❤️ but i kinda dont know some yet can someone tell me? Am not from USA
Mentalla Bakhit
Mentalla Bakhit преди 14 дни
Oh ok. Well he has bragged abt se*ual assulat, tried to seperate families,is racist. etc etc. So um yeah
Katie Pertzborn
Katie Pertzborn преди 28 дни
Addison deserved it noah I did not
Helen De Guzman
Helen De Guzman преди 28 дни
Me: -sips tea- my mom: -screams- hunni that is 1,000,000 degrees omg Also me: -screams to the point that everyone in the world hears meh- GOD THIS IS SO HOT TEA AS THE SUN LOL
Kayla Jill
Kayla Jill преди 28 дни
Mentalla Bakhit
Mentalla Bakhit преди 14 дни
Hunnneyyyyy this is not meant for 9 yr olds
Chloe Zhu
Chloe Zhu преди 28 дни
people should not find the fox eye trend offensive unless they are asian.. i’m just saying
Mentalla Bakhit
Mentalla Bakhit преди 14 дни
YES!!!! Like if a influncer/celeb does something to insult a specific community only that community should choose if that person should be forgiven or not
Alyssa Buch
Alyssa Buch преди 28 дни
Well I thought I thought Noah will try and go on Charlie what does no I just want to get closer to Charlie and guess what and her new music video remix there is no one in there stop there Noah's in it and they kissed oh my God😫😫😫😫😫😫🖤
Alayna Bermudez
Alayna Bermudez преди 28 дни
LGBTQ are not annoying
Deleena преди 29 дни
The asian thing is just a pose omg it doesn't mean you are racist i fkn hate 2020 people Get MAD at everything like i get some people get offended but u have to understand something's
Deleena преди 14 дни
Mentalla Bakhit i am asian.
Mentalla Bakhit
Mentalla Bakhit преди 14 дни
Unless you are asian you do not get to decide. If you are then cool its up to you
Mxlia преди 29 дни
if noah and dixie said that they were dateing and noah was flirtying thats cheeting but they arnet really dateing yet
Rikhard Vatunen
Rikhard Vatunen преди 29 дни
Stfu , I thought you were a person who support people and spreads positivity, I was wrong😓
J Schwalb
J Schwalb преди 29 дни
2:51 I'm Bi and I'm trying to understand this Comment. I think people get annoyed of Lesbians making fun of straight people. And yes. It happens a lot. Fight with me about it.
Lila Jane Dixon
Lila Jane Dixon преди 29 дни
Meg sechrist
Meg sechrist преди 29 дни
People in 2020 are hating for fun....🤦🏼‍♀️ omfg sad just fucking sad.
Brooke Wagenhoffer
Brooke Wagenhoffer преди 29 дни
i definitely ship Dixie and Noah What’s the ship name? Nixie or Doah
JUST ERICA преди 29 дни
Idk if I can fw u if u believe in the cancel culture but still be going on they page. Bc I already hate this "canceling shit"
Peyton Lyons
Peyton Lyons преди 29 дни
Why is it such a big deal if addison is a trump supporter
Mentalla Bakhit
Mentalla Bakhit преди 14 дни
CUZ trump is a terrible person. HE has openly bragged abt se*ual assulat, tried to seperate famlies, tried to build a wall, and is racist. SHALL I GO ON?
meli papalii
meli papalii преди 29 дни
the video wasn't leaked of Dixie and Noah kissing, so stop using words that you twisted because they are straight up LIES
Amoya Williams
Amoya Williams преди 29 дни
Umm Anna do you notice there are times when you mind your business it’s not our love life stop acting so surprised
karma qukar
karma qukar преди 29 дни
They r not dating
jad nicholas
jad nicholas преди 29 дни
Toca Boca_.
Toca Boca_. преди 29 дни
If dixie and Noah are dating than I guess dixie and Noah should be cancelled right?
Emma Yearns
Emma Yearns преди месец
They need to stop assuming stuff
Amaliyah Jean-Louis
Amaliyah Jean-Louis преди месец
The fact they kisses in the new be happy
nina ćuković
nina ćuković преди месец
for Noha and Dixei i ship but for Addison if she is Trump suporter why would she be protesting for BML
Emily Tellez
Emily Tellez преди месец
I love Dixie and Noah and I hate how ppl are coming for them ppl can do what they want and be who they are
Denise Coull
Denise Coull преди месец
On Dixies most recent yt vid near the end one of the people said keep kissing so that means they were kissing
Bianca Slabbert-George
Bianca Slabbert-George преди месец
tsekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk jou diffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
Bianca Slabbert-George
Bianca Slabbert-George преди месец
jy hou van goeters yaneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Ilaisaane kauvaka
Ilaisaane kauvaka преди месец
they are cute together guys.
Maariyah Moonab
Maariyah Moonab преди месец
Bro honestly I don’t wanna be rude but do you have anything else to do then talk about ppl and there lives🤦🏽‍♀️
Jade Sampson
Jade Sampson преди месец
This is probably a very unpopular opinion but when people get exposed for things they did years ago I don't get mad. I mean more then likely it's still wrong whatever they did but it's like people really are just searching people's past just for a reason to cancel. If you that bored go get a different hobby.
lleny rosas
lleny rosas преди месец
Omg in the music video they had to kiss ok chill
Sesethu Dube
Sesethu Dube преди месец
Dixie : we are just bestfriends Noah : No comment! Viewers : surrrrrrrrrrrrra boo
Ellxie 221
Ellxie 221 преди месец
juan ren
juan ren преди месец
I gotta catch up with ur vids
Rose edits
Rose edits преди месец
dOnT lIkE iT :0
Miss Isha
Miss Isha преди месец
no hate to anna oop but if noah and dixie wanna kiss just let them if they wanna fall in love then fall in love by the ways guys my friend wrote this so i have nothing today
Noah Murphy
Noah Murphy преди месец
TRUMP 2020
Reality преди месец
Trump is very good go adison
Regie Engbino
Regie Engbino преди месец
People change and besides you don't know them personally. "Come and see them first before you judge" no hates just spread positivity and love😊😊🥰🥰🥰
Sedreena Morrison
Sedreena Morrison преди месец
As anyone ever wondered what her real face look like?🤔🤔 I'm talking Anna oop. She speaks drama so she wants to stay unknown😱 It will get her out of trouble 😂😂😂😂😂
Sedreena Morrison
Sedreena Morrison преди месец
Just facts😂😂😂😂
Dempsie Liuska
Dempsie Liuska преди месец
Ok don’t call me out but tell me that joe Biden is any better
Dempsie Liuska
Dempsie Liuska преди месец
Does Anna know what rn mean
Kristen Worley
Kristen Worley преди месец
Nobody: Dixie and Noah shippers: this bout to get realllllll
Julie Enc
Julie Enc преди месец
Child please- you DON'T even know if their actually dating or not! Calm down y'all lol
Papilxn преди месец
even if addi supported trump, so what? its her opinion...
Angel Sky
Angel Sky преди месец
OH MY GOSH PPL CANT PUT THEIR FINGERS BY THEIR HEAD I DO IT ALL THE TIME BUT IN NO WAY AM I TRYING TO BE RACIST . all those times my face slumps on my hand n my eye turns into a “fox eye” , oh my gosh i guess im racist . stop it , ppl can’t even touch their temples without it being racist . emma was max n wrong but addy no i’m sorry
Angel Sky
Angel Sky преди месец
i get that they thought it was a trump flag but after she posted it N YALL STILL TRIED GOLLY
Angel Sky
Angel Sky преди месец
mocking girls doesn’t make it any better but you act like other tik tokens that are males didn’t do the trend to . you act like your male friends don’t mock girls , i’m a female n i didn’t take ANY offense . some situations are different but cmon dont be so sensitive y’all babies man
Angel Sky
Angel Sky преди месец
oh my gosh noah made a tik tok was igh another girl , oh my gosh he’s such a cheater 🤦‍♂️ lol y’all so sensitive 🤣
Olivia Drew
Olivia Drew преди месец
Me when I hear Dixie and Noah might have something: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEEE
Slasher Kitten
Slasher Kitten преди месец
She was not Cancelled. It's pathetic to hate someone over their Political views..
Nessa P
Nessa P преди месец
To not like trump I understand. To not like addison for it ig I understand. But to bully her for it is just cruel
Christine Iwudyke
Christine Iwudyke преди месец
There is no such thing as a feminine guy...
Shaynai Brown
Shaynai Brown преди месец
Am i the only one who is tired of this girl?
Ivette Queen
Ivette Queen преди месец
Addison is not a trump supporter
The Legendary Luna
The Legendary Luna преди месец
Bruh, people can’t even get away with blinking anymore without getting cancelled!
Centro Campesino
Centro Campesino преди месец
you start more drama so shut up
gio преди месец
Leacked sis that is on her channel i-;-;
apple plays roblox
apple plays roblox преди месец
guys i am asian and this asian mocking trend is not offensive hunni they need milk and its not offensive cuz they just posing gurll people are just trying to get tik tokers cancelled and for clout bruhhhh tf
The Juice
The Juice преди месец
People are canceling tiktokers ALL THE TIME and they’ve probably even done worse 🙄
Minty Meeps
Minty Meeps преди месец
sOmEtImEs I dOnT wAnNa bE hApPy Why is this a secret~~~~~~~~~
Seraphina Johnson
Seraphina Johnson преди месец
lol there is no tea about larry
Robloxlifee_xoxo Xoxoxo
Robloxlifee_xoxo Xoxoxo преди месец
Robloxlifee_xoxo Xoxoxo
Robloxlifee_xoxo Xoxoxo преди месец
Bro Addison is queen y’all are going at her for watching animated stuff like bro u problay still watch blaze and the monster machines so STOP THE RUMORS PERIOD!!!!UGHHHH🙌🏻😊
Harry Taco
Harry Taco преди месец
Harry Taco
Harry Taco преди месец
damn nvm watched through
aubree Lynn
aubree Lynn преди месец
I’m not even on straight tiktok but I love watching these cause I like knowing things😂
Cait Williams
Cait Williams преди месец
There not even kissing
Shauna Pellman
Shauna Pellman преди месец
You spread lies.
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