Danielle Cohn SPEAKS OUT & CALLS OUT Ethan Fair After PREGNANCY?! *he responds*

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anna oop

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Danielle Cohn SPEAKS OUT & CALLS OUT Ethan Fair After PREGNANCY?! *he responds*
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Nicolette Kisakye
Nicolette Kisakye преди ден
But how come she got pregnant at 13 so she got her period at 12 or sum....are my hormones okay??? Anyways at least she knows she wronged .... then corrected it
Grace преди ден
She's honestly a teenager who's probably going through puberty and some parents just don't know how to handle their child during this age. I understand her mom in some ways because my parents weren't the best about caring for me needs but I've matured now to know. Her mom is letting her mess up by letting her put her young life all over the internet and let her daughter be messy about it. But there are probably more teens then we know who also get pregnant and aborting them. I think the mean comments are a bit too much for someone who is so young and doesn't know more
Melinda Valle
Melinda Valle преди 3 дни
i don't like her but I feel so bad for her, she's growing up so fast, it's like she never had a childhood.
Zackyellax преди 3 дни
alex doggi
alex doggi преди 11 дни
Jen doesn't deserve dani she has called her cold hearted before but yet, she is the one who raised her,I blame Jen for the hate she is getting Jen doesn't need to be a mom if this is how she is gonna be treating Danielle,Her mom is total trash for doing this to her OWN DAUGHTER Jen is such an iresponeable person letting dani where those type of clothes and those kind of relationships dani seriously needs help and have child service's take dani away cause jen isn't gonna treat dani and raise her Good, now this is heart breaking,jen is the one with the cold heart ,and thats on period boo.
alex doggi
alex doggi преди 11 дни
I don't really like her but... she's just a kid and she shouldn't be going through this.
Vera JeonIII
Vera JeonIII преди 13 дни
This is why school first before Boyfriend
Among Us
Among Us преди 14 дни
Can you guys like not hate on her? It’s not her fault it’s her mother’s
Chingson Ngaih
Chingson Ngaih преди 16 дни
What a toxic life there🙄
nope преди 18 дни
I've never even hated Danielle she's going through so much.
spilt tease
spilt tease преди 18 дни
anna this is disgusting. you are disgusting for perceiving this as TEA. shame on you. this is a 13 year old girls ab*rtion. its NOT tea. disgusting, god.
Isaiah Rice
Isaiah Rice преди 20 дни
Im slow af what is a aborsion
XxChlxexX преди 22 дни
i dont really know what to say.. tho it was her choice and i dont know if i was her mom fault ........:c
Ezeani Chidera
Ezeani Chidera преди 22 дни
Why can't American kids just behave their age and wait. even in their movies the teenagers are always corrupt.
xinying li
xinying li преди 22 дни
This is why my mom NEVER let me have relationships :/
Riri Hojer
Riri Hojer преди 23 дни
She shouldnt be going throught this shes only 14 Shes soo strong
Riri Hojer
Riri Hojer преди 23 дни
Danielle is SOOO Strong! My respect for her went Soo high!! Shes so strong
Stephanie Multistan
Stephanie Multistan преди 25 дни
I mean I respect Danielle now and trust me I wasn’t the one who actually liked her. But I wasn’t the one that heated her either sooooo
Tyler Barron
Tyler Barron преди 26 дни
it's not dani's fault, she has never been talked to about that kind of thing. she had to make a choice and she did.
Hehe Hehe
Hehe Hehe преди 27 дни
I feel so bad for her.
MJB OLITAN преди 28 дни
Her mom is the cause of all this.Danielle is really strong her mom sucks,very irresponsible and dumb!!!
Izabelle Higgins
Izabelle Higgins преди 28 дни
i dont like her but my whole thing is krama really got her since she joked and made a whole series of a “prank” of her being pregnant with mikey and had her whole family play along with it ,, then she gets really pregnant and has an abortion honestly i feel like thats what she gets👎
Olivia Barrios
Olivia Barrios преди месец
anna oop, srry i think its really funny lol, ANNA OOP, ok i'll stop AnNa oOp.
prowlandsasuke преди месец
No little girl should have to go through this. And why are seriously blaming the kids and not the adults. Like where were these kids parents and why did they allow this. I really hate how Danielle's mom was like I let you have the abortion, like hmm maybe If you weren't letting your daughter date older boys and be alone with them this wouldn't of happened. She is a 13 year old girl who just started puberty, this is literally not her fault but the fault of the incompetent adults in her life. This is going to fuck her up hell its fucking her up now. If Ethan's parents cared they would have made their son take responsibility by making him support her through it.
Desmanique Joseph
Desmanique Joseph преди месец
Everyone keeps blaming her mom like she forced Dani to have sex.yea her mom exploits her ,but I am pretty sure Dani is benefiting from it.She may be young be she is of age to know she isn’t ready for sex and to know that she should have used protection.
Bete Firew
Bete Firew преди месец
I am also 14 and really understand her and we all should hate on her mom not Dani. she is just a poor teenager who can easily make mistakes especially at this age
Ulimate how to key 2 life channel keys4u
Ulimate how to key 2 life channel keys4u преди месец
Wow her mom is despicable
Ilhan Mahammed
Ilhan Mahammed преди месец
Im 14 and i respect her more now Going thru all that and being only 14
Nicole Browning
Nicole Browning преди месец
She made a tough decision and yes she's good for being able to do it on her own despite the fact that she shouldnt of had to be alone. But the blaming game does 50-50 between herself and her mom yes her mom should of raised her a little better but even sometimes when are parents do the best there kids still come out the complete opposite. Im not saying her mom has tried cause we don't know what does on outside of cameras and videos but im just saying blaming game is a 50-50 type of thing. She's 14 she's old enough to make her own decision with some of those things like sex and etc. I was raised with shit parents and wasent raised right and had allot of shit happen to me but allot of it was my choices not my parents. It could also be a cry for help or attention from her mom cause allot of kids do that
Claudia R
Claudia R преди месец
Danielle makes her parents BANK and they have the AUDACITY to be rude. DAMN sombody's not getting that check. 👁👄👁
Harmony Evans
Harmony Evans преди месец
anyone thats pissed off at her for getting an abortion are the same people saying "girls should support girls!" honestly shes 13 she probably wouldnt be abt to take care of that poor baby its better to just abort it. i support abortion for this reason. im sad we couldnt see mini danny but im glad she didnt have to go through parenting at a young age. and im disappointed in the baby daddy. she needed him at that time.
Your Grace _
Your Grace _ преди месец
Damn. I’m a 37 yo woman with two kids, I’ve never had an abortion. My first pregnancy was at age 24, this girl could literally be my kid. Her mom is definitely to blame
Iycee Tee
Iycee Tee преди месец
At first i used to follow alot of people and judge her. I disliked her alot because of what people would say about her and how she acted for her age, but i couldn't see it this way that she's a human being and most of her choices and behaviour is based off how she was raised. We're all human and we mess up. This girl is pretty strong to keep it going despite of the negativity from people over the years, and for someone so young.
Victoria Williams
Victoria Williams преди месец
Why yall keep blaming her mom sometimes kids are out of control even when they are raised correctly because they are followers of social media and want to be popular . She said she was alone but her mom took her and signed the papers because dont forget she is a minor
Kimmi Jamqxeen
Kimmi Jamqxeen преди месец
Girl you're a child. Be a child! Stop rushing to be an adult you're not missing anything!
Jay _
Jay _ преди месец
I don’t like Dani but I wanna hug her so bad
Hinata Shoyo
Hinata Shoyo преди месец
I feel super duper bad for her 😭
sophie l
sophie l преди месец
hey why do you blurr out the word abortion? it’s health care why do that
Lachlan's Elf
Lachlan's Elf преди месец
Everyone goes through this, not her. Abortion is NOT new smh
Kayla Providence
Kayla Providence преди месец
Okay, she had the abortion. But got into a new relationship how long after? 🤔 She needs to sit her fast ass down somewhere
Corneil Mundle
Corneil Mundle преди месец
Sad story
Corneil Mundle
Corneil Mundle преди месец
Her mom wasn't raised up good so as a result this is what happened to her
Melissa Curry
Melissa Curry преди месец
Her Mom is so ignorant! It's not that she 'allowed' her daughter to have an abortion...it's that this was so preventable and anyone could have seen this coming. She should be protecting her baby from the world until she's ready to handle it on her own. Not exploiting her for fame & $$. It's disgusting.
saskia преди месец
my confidence level went 📉📉📉but my respect for danielle went 📈📈📈
Mc Epic
Mc Epic преди месец
I'm a boy
Lachlan's Elf
Lachlan's Elf преди месец
No one cares
xianel plays
xianel plays преди месец
I feel like in general dani is a nice person but her mum is sort of forcing her to be a mean girl. I dont like dani but I support her for that incredibly hard decision to make and i feel so bad that she had to go through it alone That ethan guy is TRASH
BL Nation!!!!!
BL Nation!!!!! преди месец
I feel bad for her tbh...... Am sorry but her mommas fault.
Khushi преди месец
Leave her alone, your just making these videos to get money
•mai• преди месец
Idk but i cant get myself to like dani all the things she did made me think shes a bad person but she's probably good deep down I think
maud 1
maud 1 преди месец
Everyone blaming her mom and yeah it is her fault she doesn't have any controll over her child BUT danny knows damn well what she's doing. She likes the attention-good or bad. She wants to act grown and do grown shit. Well face the grown consequences. Genuinely hope she never has children she doesn't know what a mom is supposed to be.
Lachlan's Elf
Lachlan's Elf преди месец
I agree
Olivia J
Olivia J преди месец
She is 16
Joëlla Ankrah
Joëlla Ankrah преди месец
anna oop gurll shes already 14 she cant stay 13 forever
it's_meee_lala Mc
it's_meee_lala Mc преди месец
shes 16 yall dumb thinking shes 13 yall been calling her 13 for 3 years
Lhianna Kristelle N. Leonoras that zelf Flamy
Lhianna Kristelle N. Leonoras that zelf Flamy преди месец
Im sad for danielle she has to go through all that at such a young age😢
Thomas Chaplin
Thomas Chaplin преди месец
Her mom is total joke. She knew her daughter was sexually active and should've given her proper education on the matter and helped her get birth control. In all reality, the father could be an assortment of guys; on and off camera no knows how many partners she had.
Aubrey Ennis
Aubrey Ennis преди месец
dani isn’t 13 come on grow up!
Simplyvibesx преди месец
I feel so bad now like really I don’t really like her but like I feel bad she had to go through it in a young age. She is so young.. and her mom wtf 🙄 she need some help and her ex too like why u leave her she need some help and support. Like leaving her is no okay.
Camie Lively
Camie Lively преди месец
It's mind boggling how she's only what 13 or 14 and she was pregnant
Cheyenne McLain
Cheyenne McLain преди месец
Ohh...abortion on my birthday. Wack.
Simrit Dhadda
Simrit Dhadda преди месец
I feel so bad for her
Mills_ Crybaby
Mills_ Crybaby преди месец
Wow shouldn’t miss Jenny support her own DAUGHTER.
Jamie Chuck
Jamie Chuck преди месец
Aside from weird stuff she does from time to time, this is a child struggling to handle a trauma that most grown women luckily never had to experience. I hope she'll find someone to take good care of her some day
Jolynn Oquendo
Jolynn Oquendo преди месец
I feel bad for her :( My respect for dani 📈 eathan:📉
Froggo Artz!
Froggo Artz! преди месец
Oh sh-
Shelby LeAnn
Shelby LeAnn преди месец
Hey mom failed her! She should never allow her 13 yr old daughter to even have sex! Or sexualize her at all! Like omg! She needs to be in jail
Alecia Howard
Alecia Howard преди месец
Don't blame her, blame the mom who didn't taught her well, she lets her do whatever she wanted, so bad things are gonna happen to.. Let her dress properly and act like a child but no...I hope she gets well soon..
Sean Chitandika
Sean Chitandika преди месец
She not even really that famous, like TF
themagster преди месец
She’s not 13 lmfao
Azaliah Ramos
Azaliah Ramos преди месец
I was here when Anna is still on 700k
Just SomeoneHopeful
Just SomeoneHopeful преди месец
That's practically her fault, she wasn't supposed to be in a relationship or for the most sleep with a guys years older than her who clearly had a dirty mind, when you disobey the rules and get pregnant, well-its your fault, idk y ppl b supporting her when she did all the wrong this at the wrong time, her mom was never supposed to have allowed all that at any expense. That's y u have a book of rules, for your safety and so that you don't end up doing something so shitty you'll regret. Especially at such an age. Just the fact that she slept with a waaay older guy at 13 is what pisses most mom's off, her mindset and her mom maybe having allowed it. Damn that is one messed up story y'all. No doubt such will b the fuel of the eternal hell fire.
Alisha Raj
Alisha Raj преди месец
Even though I hate Danielle I just feel sorry for her because of the abortion and the struggle she went through Her mom is a irresponsible person who is not raising her daughter right
Jose Luis Quispe Barrantes
Jose Luis Quispe Barrantes преди месец
sesame street
Annie G
Annie G преди месец
I mean she lucky she ain’t BLACK or AFRICAN
Annie G
Annie G преди месец
I wonder what age she lost her virginity 10 SORRY 😐
Itz NaeNae
Itz NaeNae преди месец
Jen is.. just ..... shes-... SHES CRAZY BROOO
romi Butt
romi Butt преди месец
Blame the mother - Abby lee miller
Mariem Meryouma
Mariem Meryouma преди месец
Honestly i wish they just take her away from her mother and cut her out of social media , that's for her sake . I can't imagine any girl at her age going through this nobody deserves this .
Ivxryrxses преди месец
ok don't cry don't cry don't cry nvm I cried
sydney h
sydney h преди месец
She’s not 13
Londyn Wright
Londyn Wright преди месец
I would say to Daniel here 10,000 dollar’s so she can take her of her child and herself
Niccistevens преди месец
danielle is my queen she doesnt deserve hate!!!!!!
Qetuwrah Doran
Qetuwrah Doran преди месец
She shouldn’t get pregnant at 13 she is TO YOUNG
Shyanne Deslongchamps
Shyanne Deslongchamps преди месец
I know how she feels
sᴘɪʟʟ_ ᴅᴀ_ᴛᴇᴀ
sᴘɪʟʟ_ ᴅᴀ_ᴛᴇᴀ преди месец
some people may not like Danielle, yes, agreed. but I insist she deserves respect no matter what
Zara Amaya
Zara Amaya преди месец
There is nothing wrong with having an abortion it is her body and her choice.. she is 14 and this is just horrifying. I can’t even imagine going through her pain.. she never should’ve had to go through this.. I feel so bad for her... her mother failed her
Haidyn Sawyer
Haidyn Sawyer преди месец
I used to not really like Dani but now that i know her dark past with her mom and stuff hurts me and rips me to shreds. I wish her the best and it was her decision to get an abortion. She can do what she needs and wants to do. Again, I wish her the best of luck
Nianti, Sol Azul
Nianti, Sol Azul преди месец
Wait but if she had a child then that means she had sex!!! She was 13!!!!
Nianti, Sol Azul
Nianti, Sol Azul преди месец
Porrr Daniel
sophia p
sophia p преди месец
this is not okay. you should not be turning her situation into a "tea" video.
Thee Waffle
Thee Waffle преди месец
Lily Kim-Dela Cruz
Lily Kim-Dela Cruz преди месец
Love how people are blaming Ethan, who is literally also a child and doesn’t have the emotional maturity of an adult, but people are silent about her mom letting her daughter dress half naked on the internet and having sex with boys older than her.
Andrea Garraway
Andrea Garraway преди месец
How can anyone know her real age like all they do is lie
gacha tea :3
gacha tea :3 преди месец
Do you have a tik tok account?✌️ I don't T^T
NadiaShahira MohdHazmi
NadiaShahira MohdHazmi преди месец
Ethan is trash, but Jen is MEGA trash
Itskeena преди месец
Ethan said “get that bread get that head, then leave✌🏾”
k a n d y
k a n d y преди месец
ive always liked danielle tbh like she is so sweet and yes after watching this i realized llike she is very extremely strong and her mother isnt a good parent
Jovannia S
Jovannia S преди месец
It's no one's fault. But I would say a mom shouldn't allow dating at a young age. Dating can lead to sex. Danielle and Ethan decided to have sex and she got pregnant. Ethan wasn't ready, Danielle had to make her decision on her own. Y'all both are young, but y'all should've realized that when having sex. This is a lesson learn for DANIELLE, THE MOM AND ETHAN. All of y'all did something wrong now y'all all are held accountable. The mom wasn't there saying have sex with Ethan and get pregnant. Your decision your conscience. Mom was a bad role model, but all parents aren't perfect. There's a lot of young teens who get pregnant, not saying it's okay. You shouldn't be having you child date at a young young age. That's how things like this happen!!
kay ruiz
kay ruiz преди месец
Masia Quallintina
Masia Quallintina преди месец
I don’t like Danielle ... but NO ONE deserves this
Glimmie 08
Glimmie 08 преди месец
I can't believe that CPS still hasn't responded to her dad's complains, all the evidences are out there for everyone to see. Yet no one takes any action to take this kid away from her messed up mother. What the actual f*ck.
Mika преди месец
send jen to jail
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