Addison Gets ATTACKED For BULLYING Another TikToker?! Willy Wonka CANCELLED? Malu Trevejo IN TROUBLE

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anna oop

преди 16 дни

Addison Gets ATTACKED For BULLYING Another TikToker?! Willy Wonka CANCELLED? Malu Trevejo IN TROUBLE
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•berri• ʕ•ᴥ•ʔっ
•berri• ʕ•ᴥ•ʔっ преди 37 минути
I'm hispanic and it's kinda embbarsing I don't find it cute but why do we need coco music and salsa I don't knoww buttttt they at ending a bit too rude
Pepsi Yoonbum
Pepsi Yoonbum преди 52 минути
i'm not a huge fan of Addison but.... she wasn't mocking the girl in a rude way, considering duetting that video and trying to do the smile was a trend for a bit....
Michelle C.
Michelle C. преди час
If y'all are really offended by the willy wonka thing all I gotta say is❄️❄️
T.C.B Productions
T.C.B Productions преди 2 часа
I guess I’ve been living under a rock.....
yummymilshakes преди 3 часа
Addison was just trying to do the trend duetting her, not mocking, and im not hispanic so I have no say in what willy wonka did but i think it wasnt bad.
tune 800dpi
tune 800dpi преди 3 часа
See how people who cancelled willywonka are 14 year old girls
Kaitlin Nasser
Kaitlin Nasser преди 4 часа
Omg “yeh dig” was a trend- smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ Poor Addison🙄
Francisco Paniagua
Francisco Paniagua преди 5 часа
Iam mexican and I am not offended🇲🇽
susyazulkrema78 преди 5 часа
I’m Hispanic and I did not find nothing offensive of willy wonka doing that , people really are canceling people now, that ridiculous
Ahmed Moukhtar
Ahmed Moukhtar преди 6 часа
That’s not fucking mocking literally every one was trying to do it bcs it’s cUtE tf
hakuna • matata
hakuna • matata преди 6 часа
Lmao this did not offended me I'm Hispanic and this was not offensive 😐
Jazzy Alvarez
Jazzy Alvarez преди 13 часа
this is what annoys me.white girls are not forgiving Willy he did nothing wrong.white people have no reasoning on speaking about this.
Devin Rose
Devin Rose преди 15 часа
Willy wonka is larray
notvince543 преди 16 часа
😩anyone know that girl tiktok lmk
Xx_.J._ xX
Xx_.J._ xX преди 17 часа
Not all latinos eat salsa and eat tacos and stuff. Not all of us are from the Mexican culture. It bothered me a bit a non-mexican Hispanic person but it's not really that deep. It could've been worse.
Such a Pervert Woody
Such a Pervert Woody преди 18 часа
Can people READ? It literally says “she is so cute what the heck” in the video. But no one seems to care because its Addison. Whatever addison does yall gotta bully her smh.
Meylin :d
Meylin :d преди 19 часа
willys video isn't even offensive lol
Lamis Talal
Lamis Talal преди 20 часа
Addi literally said in the video how cute the girl was likeeeee
Alina's Vlogs
Alina's Vlogs преди 20 часа
I just think Addison Rae was saying that she was such a cute girl like why do people have to hate on and Addison Rae for that why Also a bunch of other people did the same thing
bxurntcheerios преди 20 часа
she literally posts everyday...says A LOT-
Smiley Riley
Smiley Riley преди 21 час
Im mexican and we are so much more than eating chips and salsa but i didnt find much offense tbh
Ki_ UwU
Ki_ UwU преди 21 час
I don’t think willy wonka should be canceled 👉🏽👈🏽
Ki_ UwU
Ki_ UwU преди 21 час
Tbh idk whats wrong with yall fans I don’t see what none the tick tockers did wrong in the video
MOOD CHILLS преди 22 часа
Nobody Addison mind:Imma mock her smile Like wtf leave Addison alone the girl cant live peacefully these days
Grace преди 22 часа
I’m not offended and I’m Hispanic
Among Us
Among Us преди 22 часа
I’m Hispanic and Willy wonka didn’t offend me he’s jut doing something
anime stuff shoes
anime stuff shoes преди 23 часа
As a native speaker from Acapulco
Mia A
Mia A преди ден
I’m Hispanic and I’m not offended by Willy I think it was a funny idea tbh 😂😭😭🤚
Nikita Valentina
Nikita Valentina преди ден
Yo I’m Hispanic and tbh it’s not even offensive like people these days dramatic af
Reinn Sanchezz
Reinn Sanchezz преди ден
This is why I deleted tiktok honestly 😔
Martzarelly Tamarez
Martzarelly Tamarez преди ден
I'm Puerto Rican and Dominican I'm not offended. I'm sure other Hispanics aren't too.
leah mosc
leah mosc преди ден
anna...i wouldn’t be embarrassed if i was addison...she did absolutely nothing wrong.
XGR Alfredo
XGR Alfredo преди ден
Most of these are just people being ❄️ and I’m Mexican for that on topic
iiVintage Cloudyii
iiVintage Cloudyii преди ден
I feel like People are too sensitive like the video wasn’t even An insult it was a JOKE. people can’t take jokes anymore. People just want to cancel people this year. I hate how people Can be so rude. I hope Everybody who’s getting threatened and bullied for things that shouldn’t even be happening I hope they are okay.
Beyounce Young
Beyounce Young преди ден
Mara Gaming
Mara Gaming преди ден
You should be cancelled
Zvamaida Mwakalyelye
Zvamaida Mwakalyelye преди ден
he didnt even fake knowing how to speak spanish and people need to chill, damn people on tik tok have nothing to do, he doesnt deserve to get cancelled
Kusy Mirones Cuba
Kusy Mirones Cuba преди ден
It's not offensive people are just want to cancel and I'm Latina so stfu
Cana Brooks
Cana Brooks преди ден
white people constantly try and talk for POC like stay in your lane
Toniann Holness
Toniann Holness преди ден
Whats wrong with speaking Spanish and eating chips........ y'all try to hard to CANCEL people i-.
Isa ann
Isa ann преди ден
From myself in the Hispanic community, NOBODY should be offended
Isa ann
Isa ann преди ден
Omg I’m so sorry it’s Hispanic music and food ommgggg 😂😂 can y’all take a joke
シKarina Loveswillywonka
シKarina Loveswillywonka преди ден
It’s not offensive y’all are just sensitive what about when people try to speak British. Y’all are way to sensitive 😒
Dude Wtf am I doing here?
Dude Wtf am I doing here? преди ден
Maybe people don’t know how to read lmao she literally signed “her smile is cute” and y’all are like “sHe mAdE fUn Of HeR sMiLe!” Dude
XXHoneygirlgachaxx преди ден
i honestly feel bad for Malu
blackpink FEVER
blackpink FEVER преди ден
Yall are sensitive af
kiara Bruijn
kiara Bruijn преди ден
Wait wtf is on malus arm she cuts herself!!??
Tealyl преди ден
Why people are these days canceling Tic Tokers like chill
ZekeDoesVoices преди ден
I'm hispanic and I think its pretty funny idk why are people getting so insulted by it , its not there race .
isabella carreon
isabella carreon преди ден
i am in the hispanic community and i DONT forgive willy
Briana Sade
Briana Sade преди ден
Bruh people get offended over the stupidest shit. Addison literally said that she was cute. i swear people turn everything around just to have something to talk about. like bruh, are you really that bored?
Elise B
Elise B преди ден
she didn’t even mock her omg literally everyone is trying to do it🙄
Lithsi Huerta
Lithsi Huerta преди ден
ur getting canceled for canceling other people 😌
•_chaotic wonders_•
•_chaotic wonders_• преди ден
About the Willy Wonka TikTok, I’m Mexican and I didn’t find it offensive I found it funny! Y’all white peeps don’t gotta defend us Hispanics, I’m sure most of us found it funny.
Cloudy преди 2 дни
Willy winks did nothing wrong as a Hispanic, First y’all tried to cancel him for looking like a psychopath now because he was eating chips and salsa and dancing to Mexican music thanking us? Y’all need to stop canceling people if you don’t know what going on.
Sarah Mayfair
Sarah Mayfair преди 2 дни
So basically if Addison is mocking her smile than i guess everybody is because everyone is trying to do it, idk whats happended to tiktok like.
C L O U D L O V E *
C L O U D L O V E * преди 2 дни
addison blackfished and danced to and ed and yall wanna say "sHe DiD nOtHiNg AnD sHes A GoOd pErSoN" or some other stuff
Chloe Brandt
Chloe Brandt преди 2 дни
She wasn’t mocking that girl. It’s a trend everyone does that but of course when Addison does it she gets hate for it?! Y’all don’t make sense
Alajah Green
Alajah Green преди 2 дни
It’s funny how it took Addison about 5min-1 day to delete a video of smiling and apologize. But it takes her months to delete a video about mocking eating disorders. 🤔 Did she really change? (This is no hate to her, she is a LITTLE over hated, but sometimes people need hate to grow 🤷🏽‍♀️.)
Chimpmuck The first
Chimpmuck The first преди 2 дни
I an haspinic but did not find it offensive why people 🙄
Zain Younis
Zain Younis преди 2 дни
EVERYONEE posted the vid of them trying to do the smile STOPP
Lungelo76 преди 2 дни
It was her intention look at her face but 😂😂😂
Lillie Wightman
Lillie Wightman преди 2 дни
I’m so sick of tik tok. People are taking this TO FAR. what do you think your going to do this this poor girl. Every week addison is cancelled and do yall not realise that this will be affecting her. SHUT UP and stop trying to find ways to hate on her. If you don’t like her leave. You didn’t have to stay on her page. One you say you will realise what your doing is so disgusting and wrong.
Jordan Captain
Jordan Captain преди 2 дни
Whitest boy..? Wow..
sara surmacz
sara surmacz преди 2 дни
This is why I left tiktok.
jazmin ku
jazmin ku преди 2 дни
As a Latina, the Willy Wonka video was offensive and the first apology tweet was good, but the comment kinda pissed me off more, like it’s an apology why would he say “have u never made a mistake before” like bitch yess I have I’ve misplaced my keys but I’ve never stereotyped the whole Hispanic community (i’ve also never stereotyped any other community)🥱🙄. so take your apology and shove is somewhere I don’t hear it😘
Fnu Amina
Fnu Amina преди 2 дни
Bruh stop hating on addison its fine
Melanies bakery
Melanies bakery преди 2 дни
As a mexican 11 year old girl,willy doesnt deserve the hate,he said sorry and deleted the video,ALL HE WAS DOING WAS SAYING A FEW WORDS IN SPANISH AND EATING DAMN CHIPS AND HE GETS CANCELLED FOR THAT?!???,stop cancelling people for no reason,and addison wasnt mocking the girl,she already said sorry and deleted the video as well,she said the girl was cute,shes not mocking anyone. Y'all need to chill and mind your own business. Edit: Before y'all come at me for saying my opinion,its an Opinion,anyways im ready for all the hate ima get,go on and start hating on me,im ready.
ASTHETICS_FOR. FUN преди 2 дни
The thing is, is that she wasn’t mocking her that’s her normal smile
Reaunna Moore
Reaunna Moore преди 2 дни
Let Addison do what she wanna do ... come for yourselfs
laney and kambrie
laney and kambrie преди 2 дни
Muffin преди 2 дни
I don't understand why he's getting cancelled for speaking spanish then eating salsa and chips Im not offend
Aishlelle ఌ
Aishlelle ఌ преди 2 дни
That’s where’s everyone getting that profile pic from.🤦🏿‍♀️
Emily ???
Emily ??? преди 3 дни
We can forgive but we can’t forget honestly Willy Wonka why. I found it a bit offensive
Princess P
Princess P преди 3 дни
I can’t u fans be hating but never unfollow ugh yall is fake
Ami Hammi
Ami Hammi преди 3 дни
Not anna oop thinking addison was mocking that girl’s smile- like girl, EVERYONE tried to do that smile and when addison tries it, she’s mocking her smile?! Wtf is wrong with yall
Virginia Botello
Virginia Botello преди 3 дни
That is offensive that Willy Wonka trying to speak Spanish it really disappointed my Hispanic community
Deyonce McIntyre
Deyonce McIntyre преди 3 дни
Dude why is Addison being dragged for a stupid thing? They mock a bunch of people on tik tok like the Debby Ryan trend, but when Addison does it she gets dragged.😒
Pink Candy
Pink Candy преди 3 дни
Geez people get cancelled for anything now a days eh? Tiktok drama is just as worse than twatter, c r a z y.
Spaghetti преди 3 дни
Eugene Angeli
Eugene Angeli преди 3 дни
i literally laughed at addi's video because I thought she was being funny💀💀💀
Lilly Holderman
Lilly Holderman преди 3 дни
i think that she shouldn't have gotten the word in reships
Daily_Blue преди 3 дни
I'm hispanic and I'm not offended people need to suck it up, laugh, and keep scrolling!!!
Andy :P
Andy :P преди 3 дни
Im hispanic and the video aint really offending he just wanted to make it a bit more fun
Madisyn Kroeger
Madisyn Kroeger преди 3 дни
addison freaking smiled, and willy wonka ate chips... i mean bro they’re just MAKING TIKTOKS. calm down ppl.
melli belle
melli belle преди 3 дни
im hispanic and it dont matter what race you is you can still learn spanish like what wrong with that nothing hispanic/hood like
melli belle
melli belle преди 3 дни
1:12 how whats wrong with it she was just doing a trend like she can never do anything with out getting cancelled like come on ANNA OOP IS SO MEAN
Maria Montoya
Maria Montoya преди 3 дни
Not y’all shading Willy wonka for eating chips and salsa when y’all over here going to Mexican restaurants and trying to order in Spanish
Belle Ngimbi
Belle Ngimbi преди 3 дни
WO Realtor
WO Realtor преди 3 дни
I’m Hispanic and that is very offensive
Albany Jimenez
Albany Jimenez преди 3 дни
Bro wth it’s not mocking Addison literally complimented the girl in the video, and she wasn’t mocking, it’s a TREND
mini Nina the cat
mini Nina the cat преди 3 дни
First, I'm Hispanic and I'm not insulted a bit I actually think it's quite funny, second I don't think addison was mocking her she did say she was cute.
Okay Boomer
Okay Boomer преди 3 дни
She should en Tu get special treatment
Victoria Sanchez
Victoria Sanchez преди 3 дни
I don't understand why people are mad at Willy Wonka I'm Mexican ac and I don't understand
Yanaxillia Yt
Yanaxillia Yt преди 3 дни
Im Puerto Rican and what Willy wonka did dint really offend me. 🤔🤨
S 16
S 16 преди 4 дни
As a Mexican, Im not sure why white people are talking for us, idk about y’all but every Hispanic I’ve met has the best sense of humor and we don’t get offended easily cause our family offends us on a daily, so it takes a lot for something to hurt us, not a guy eating salsa 😭
Sam Ramirez
Sam Ramirez преди 3 дни
fr like its the caucasian people that get mad😭😭
Emma Tykosson
Emma Tykosson преди 4 дни
Clickbait 🤭
` Kawaii Koala `
` Kawaii Koala ` преди 4 дни
Willy is super pupulair and he is in a film I hate him! He doesn't need tiktok just youtube! And the Spanish is from coco the movie I wanna say much more but that would be offensive!
Carla Maillai
Carla Maillai преди 4 дни
I think it is best if Malu Trevejo moves out of that house and live alone
justlondyn 16
justlondyn 16 преди 4 дни
poor malu tho
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