Charli & Dixie SPEAK OUT On Nessa & Chase, Addison Rae DISAPPEARED, Peaches IS SCARED..

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anna oop

преди 3 месеца

Charli & Dixie SPEAK OUT On Nessa & Chase, Addison Rae DISAPPEARED, Peaches IS SCARED..
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anita alves
anita alves преди ден
I think Addison is with the Kardashians
ramaisa Sherjeel
ramaisa Sherjeel преди ден
Nessa: this makes me want to hit social media altogether Me: then do it u idiot-
Madhu Baidar
Madhu Baidar преди ден
Are you addison rea you sound like addison rea when you say Yal'l
dora lopez
dora lopez преди 2 дни
Who what's to watch netflix with meh :3
dora lopez
dora lopez преди 2 дни
I agree hun it cold be 😔
kenneth ary
kenneth ary преди 2 дни
jake diaz
jake diaz преди 3 дни
what did peaches eat?
Makayla Claire
Makayla Claire преди 3 дни
the worst thing about it is that i used to like danniella perkins. :(
wEt SoCkS drip
wEt SoCkS drip преди 6 дни
Nessa don't deserve nun besides a freaking bible
Ashton Jay
Ashton Jay преди 6 дни
So many comments about tik tok
gameswithjulia преди 8 дни
I'm not a nessa stan or anything but, telling someone to KILL themselves is too far. It can really lower people's self-esteem.
Darin Alameddine
Darin Alameddine преди 9 дни
The rose family The fam
The rose family The fam преди 9 дни
Oh chase had se* with nessa and Charlie always love chase but why chase is a bic***
CHARO MARIE преди 10 дни
Maybe adisson is sick dont tell shes pregnant y'all all know the she is not
Paskal Haddad
Paskal Haddad преди 10 дни
Addi is gone...l
Y /N
Y /N преди 11 дни
Bad bleep a d d i s o n r a e 😼😼😼😼😼
Høī how are you?
Høī how are you? преди 11 дни
*smacks lips* this is my time to tell what I think. Peaches is crazy and should not have custody of her child. Dixie is the sister of the calm queen Charlie Calm Queen Chase is just so rude for cheating on The Calm Queen Chases Mom is rude mother-son Addison is nice but people just come at’s honestly so sad also she’s going to be rude now because people are mean to her so don’t act suprised if she quits.
Kara Cottle
Kara Cottle преди 11 дни
I'm at the hype house right now and drama's going on
MiZouChip_Z преди 11 дни
Alreem Alkaabi
Alreem Alkaabi преди 11 дни
Daniel should shut up its non of her buisness she had addison leave the internet just cause of the hate she is getting like addison has been throught alot and ur just making her feel worse so daniel u should shut up cause its NON of UR BUISNESS !!!!
Typical K2
Typical K2 преди 12 дни
Chase should just take a break and eat some glizzys🌭
Panda .
Panda . преди 12 дни
Cliopt Portillo
Cliopt Portillo преди 13 дни
Yeah go follow mw in tictock its Abytick 503
100 subscribers without any Videos challenge!
100 subscribers without any Videos challenge! преди 14 дни
When I first heard that Addison was getting hate I was so shocked I literally had a heart attack 😭why is she getting hate? Actually why is anyone on tt getting hate I mean they are all teenagers and stuff like bruh wtf smh 🤦‍♀️
Brennah Walkington
Brennah Walkington преди 14 дни
Nessa? She pulled a nessa
Denise Palm
Denise Palm преди 16 дни
Omg whaaaaaaaaat
Mouza преди 16 дни
I love how charil love and support people
Jacobeth Modibedi
Jacobeth Modibedi преди 17 дни
I know where she went to Canada l play a game with her called avakin life
Laeana Moristo
Laeana Moristo преди 17 дни
Does chase have a reason for this or nessa do this to them 🔪 chase and if chase does tell him to go cry to his mom
Park Jimin
Park Jimin преди 17 дни
The D'amelio sister really got eachother's back
Twillight Midnight
Twillight Midnight преди 18 дни
Yass charlie and dixie shows who's boss
Karla Guerra
Karla Guerra преди 18 дни
tik tok is the best it exposeng peple i file bade for charle so good luke charly
Pippa Pig
Pippa Pig преди 18 дни
Peaches should have been an actress instead of a Insta gram
Marie Stenbakken
Marie Stenbakken преди 19 дни
Funny how chase did not lie🤣
Cloudy Cute
Cloudy Cute преди 19 дни
Peaches deserves to be scared she was doing disgusting thing to just get detention right now I’m so much Mad from Chase and peaches
Cloudy Cute
Cloudy Cute преди 19 дни
Chase is dumb I hate him I unfollowed him in everything and I hate him right now he’s so dumb I hate him I want all the ones who are watching in team Charlie
ItzEmma преди 21 ден
Wating for a chase fight we is ex home boys
나는 rhian해안녕
나는 rhian해안녕 преди 22 дни
Wait chase is right she kissed nessa because they both single. So What charli's problem of that. Their not together anymore. So He didn't cheat on her.
Nahomi Anteneh
Nahomi Anteneh преди 22 дни
no one: dixie: OuR UbEr Is HeRe
Star Blade
Star Blade преди 22 дни
I bet if all the people hating were in addisons place, they would literally delete social media. Addison has the right to take a break, she has an actual life too. No one except the tik tokers know how it feels like, none of us can know their feelings. So stop the hate to any celebrity ✨
amomg us hi
amomg us hi преди 23 дни
Ehdue Sjjddj
Ehdue Sjjddj преди 24 дни
Chile anyways so
scarlett soriano
scarlett soriano преди 25 дни
ME: Nessa trying to act sad so then people will feel bad girl people say you make a mistake it is ok now Nessa..... she has a WHOLE OTHER STORY
Samauriah Donaby
Samauriah Donaby преди 25 дни
but if peaches gose to jail who is going to take care of cora
Klara Ema Cas
Klara Ema Cas преди 25 дни
Peches is just a sh**t.....
LizSandra Humareda
LizSandra Humareda преди 26 дни
Eric’s gift
Queen bee
Queen bee преди 26 дни
Peaches sayin nobody should wake up terrified Charlie be like:now you no what I felt 😌😌😌
sharky the gamer
sharky the gamer преди 27 дни
she gotata stop the cap !!!!!!!
Zynk преди 28 дни
Is it just me or peaches looks like a horror movie star
Brooke Sanchez
Brooke Sanchez преди 28 дни
Brooke Sanchez
Brooke Sanchez преди 28 дни
I like peaches why
Brooke Sanchez
Brooke Sanchez преди 28 дни
Is addison ok pls say yes I love her
Mack преди 28 дни
As a black person myself I’m saying this for everyone who’s black we do NOT claim peaches 💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿
Dezire Vasquez
Dezire Vasquez преди 29 дни
4:40 i was watching this in the dark . NEVER DA FUCK AGAIN LIGHTS ON ALL THE WAYYY👍🏽
Quinn Gacha
Quinn Gacha преди месец
Me when I realized my brother could date Danielle 👄👁️👄👁️
Quinn Gacha
Quinn Gacha преди месец
Please someone WHOS A COP JUST GET HER
Quinn Gacha
Quinn Gacha преди месец
Quinn Gacha
Quinn Gacha преди месец
On tiktok. AND MAKE THIS A SHOW @netflix
totallymads преди месец
“i dont lie” girl shut up yes u do
Mia B
Mia B преди месец
I hates nessa
Lillian Hershberger
Lillian Hershberger преди месец
Does everyone see Ursula in Peaches
jhon mikaelsons
jhon mikaelsons преди месец
Teenagers hahaha 😂
Cookie cat
Cookie cat преди месец
gurl speal the tea!is it hot the tea by the way im a new fan
J Schwalb
J Schwalb преди месец
Daniella is only speaking the truth Imao
J Schwalb
J Schwalb преди месец
Yooo I want peaches in jail soooooooo badddddd
BoiBoiMindset преди месец
why am i so late with this shesh
Shane Howatt
Shane Howatt преди месец
Well he opened his mouth to kiss Nessa didn’t he
Wadeema Alnuaimi
Wadeema Alnuaimi преди месец
I hate Yes said there but you know other woman’s make the corroded so I don’t like it so set up
Itz Tatum
Itz Tatum преди месец
I don’t understand I just realized that they put every single tiktoker and influencer in Disney’s zombies two
Sanjana Sagar
Sanjana Sagar преди месец
wow the bully is scared
Maryjoy Gritan
Maryjoy Gritan преди месец
I hate peaches :)
Sherlyne Martinez
Sherlyne Martinez преди месец
Good one 👇
Sinae Cho
Sinae Cho преди месец
i swear if anna talks about addison dixie and nessas problem you’re could call it, ima un stan anna. this is a huge problem and we don’t need everybody knowing
Aaliyah King-Jones
Aaliyah King-Jones преди месец
I think Addison disappeared because everyone is being a b**** to her
Jill Gorball
Jill Gorball преди месец
Peaches was the one that started it so I don’t know want she’s begging about
Zoe Strong
Zoe Strong преди месец
no hate but that live clip was from her saying the rumor about her having cancer r was fake not about peaches
Alondra Mariel Vazquez Torres
Alondra Mariel Vazquez Torres преди месец
How did chase cheat if the were not dating??
Lia Plays
Lia Plays преди месец
Bro peaches can’t even say Charli’s last name correctly it’s Charli D’Amelio get it right peaches period
Gamer Boy
Gamer Boy преди месец
Charli:i dont lie😒😒
Mandy Rowell
Mandy Rowell преди месец
Do not till about chase
Smol Nugget
Smol Nugget преди месец
Man I really hope Peaches is scared. I really hope Charli isn’t r**ed... like if you agree. If you want. You don’t have to like though.
StrawberryMooMoo преди месец
They chose to be on tik Tom they’re paying the price ps me no forgive chase
Wessam Sheisha
Wessam Sheisha преди месец
I thought u were one of those kid channels who makes weird edits about these situations, and believes the most out-going rumors. But I accidentally clicked, and I’m not disappointed
Kimberley Yong
Kimberley Yong преди месец
why do u always say loves and tea and yalllll like bruh
shauntiana west
shauntiana west преди месец
no I saw Addison rea on this girl you tube her name is Piper rockel
jeanette vitanzos
jeanette vitanzos преди месец
If she wants charli to stop annoying her then she also needs to stop and this is peach house 🗑
aurelilaah преди месец
Why is peach’s doing this harassment to Charlie like peach’s Charlie is crying on live like the best thing to do is leave he alone like peach’a wants Charlie to leave her alone then u leave Charlie alone! Likeee AND WHAT ID ADDISON DOING BLACK FISHING LIKE GUIUYFUYFUYFUIGUF
Grachelle Anne Perez
Grachelle Anne Perez преди месец
I hate that peaches
Ariclouds Muahh
Ariclouds Muahh преди месец
ali asgar mohamed essop
ali asgar mohamed essop преди месец
Wow peaches is a one word a cry baby
ali asgar mohamed essop
ali asgar mohamed essop преди месец
🤤👌🍵Hot Tee 😋
berleezy 2.0
berleezy 2.0 преди месец
How does a kiss doesn't fucking mean anything it shows love like if you kissed your mom it's love fuck do you know love bro
Trixie _x3
Trixie _x3 преди месец
Idc about peaches she killed a baby
Amelia Willprecht
Amelia Willprecht преди месец
Ha Hah Hah Hah peaches you are the victim sweetie
Cloudy преди месец
Best tea channel ever- :0
Gabrielle преди месец
Why are these people even famous who are they
Madies World
Madies World преди месец
Subscribe to Jatie vlogs they are the hype like if you did
Urszula Zdanowicz
Urszula Zdanowicz преди месец
Who else is watching this at 1:00 am but you have school at 6:30 am? :)
Elliott Beddow
Elliott Beddow преди месец
Charile De Amillo Chase Hudson Nessa Barrett Josh Richards Bryce Hall Jaden Hossiler Dixie De Amillo Anothy Reeves Jaden Hossiler Peaches Avani Noah Schapp Maul Trevino Deigo Tomas Petrou Addison Rae Danielle’s Perkins Kio
Kaylynn Clay
Kaylynn Clay преди месец
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