Dixie SHADES Charli & Chase GETTING BACK Together?!, Noah Beck LIKES Charli?! Dixie RESPONDS

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Dixie SHADES Charli & Chase GETTING BACK Together?!, Noah Beck LIKES Charli?! Dixie RESPONDS
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Jovan Toribio
Jovan Toribio преди ден
Well there so cute together
Isaac Freund
Isaac Freund преди 4 дни
This is cancer
MakoSlays Ø
MakoSlays Ø преди 4 дни
I- huh I- cannot I’m sorry what
brianna ciafrei
brianna ciafrei преди 4 дни
so Noah and Dixie are dating
Rabbitboo247 Gaming
Rabbitboo247 Gaming преди 7 дни
When you say reunite I thought they actually got back
callie brun
callie brun преди 7 дни
i think this is nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Angel Hernandez
Angel Hernandez преди 7 дни
Naomi .F.
Naomi .F. преди 11 дни
*Welp I Guess T The Rumors About Noah&Dixie were real xD*
Ujiro Akiri
Ujiro Akiri преди 12 дни
POV: you are watching this after you found out dixie and Noah were dating.
Ana Sujuy
Ana Sujuy преди 12 дни
guys let them BBEEEEEE its her life
daisy bunnies
daisy bunnies преди 12 дни
It's her purpose if she wants to get back with him or not leave them alone it sucks you people have to hate on her when you don't have a relationship or even went through a break up so leave them alone gosh you people are annoying
Daniela Martinez
Daniela Martinez преди 14 дни
lil charlie are better together
• A B B Y • Gârçîã
• A B B Y • Gârçîã преди 18 дни
Just "friends"
• A B B Y • Gârçîã
• A B B Y • Gârçîã преди 18 дни
Probably chase is gonna cheat again
Chloe Jansen
Chloe Jansen преди 20 дни
Noah does not like Charlie He likes Dixie u should whatch the Dixie Show on her channel
Brooke Sanchez
Brooke Sanchez преди 21 ден
ItzEmma преди 21 ден
Dixie chairl is the only reason why ur famous jk 🤭🤭
Tobi Oseni
Tobi Oseni преди 22 дни
Just because they made a tik tok doesnt mean they are dating
Aleiah Burns
Aleiah Burns преди 22 дни
I think they will problaly get back together in the future I really shipped them
Aloexaa преди 22 дни
Kaleigh Beaulieu
Kaleigh Beaulieu преди 26 дни
i would share my younger sister too😂🤷🏽‍♀️if she got back with her cheating ex
Kaydiann Stevens
Kaydiann Stevens преди 26 дни
u literally just threw shade at charlie,yea I got a reverse card in mah hand,lemme use it thank u,u know ur worth
Hotdog Elly
Hotdog Elly преди 29 дни
I love her way to much lmao
J Schwalb
J Schwalb преди 29 дни
Did Dixie have to COMMENT it?
Narcyz To Życie
Narcyz To Życie преди месец
abram.gaming преди месец
This is probably why Tik-Tok is getting banned
Mira Ozoria Sanchez
Mira Ozoria Sanchez преди месец
W.T.F. Ummmmmmmmm.sorry my girl is so rude 🤬
Nicki manaj
Nicki manaj преди месец
Lmofooojfvkkaaa I saw a comment on tik tok that and this person said on Dixie’s video that she’s rlly pretty AND FRICKIN NOAH COMMENTED “beyond beautiful”
Isla Meadows
Isla Meadows преди месец
She ain’t back with Chase love
RUBI CRUZ преди месец
Ya there be more then friends
RUBI CRUZ преди месец
Ship chase with charlie
Wayne Isaacs
Wayne Isaacs преди месец
We we should all know that Noah Beck has had a crush on Charlie for a while but he won't actually tell nobody he's giving hints that he actually likes Charlie but he won't tell nobody and he's been called for liking Dixie... and I'm just like what's happening here
GENESIS ROMAN преди месец
and get in ppls stuff thas personal
GENESIS ROMAN преди месец
i dont like you cuse you spill a lot of drama my opine
Aliya Aesthetic
Aliya Aesthetic преди месец
People be getting mad that dixie shades her sister, if they didn't shade each other they wouldn't be sisters
Andrra Mustafa
Andrra Mustafa преди месец
like noah litteraly replied to a comment on his latest video that said : reply if dixie is gorgeos and noah LITTERALY REPLIED SHE IS BEYOND GORGEOS
Warisha Asif
Warisha Asif преди месец
I support them
little yadira
little yadira преди месец
They didn't get back together their just friends she said on one of her lives that they had a talk and think their best as friends...
Elliott Beddow
Elliott Beddow преди месец
Britney Spears Chase Hudson Charile De Amillo Dixie De Amillo Tomas Petrou Avani Noah Beck Curtis New Bill Blacke Gray Heidi De Amillo
Brianna Kaleo ringy
Brianna Kaleo ringy преди месец
🎇s h e w a s u n c o b m f o r t a b l e
Emma Barnes
Emma Barnes преди месец
Honestly whatever is happening between Chase and Charli is there business not ours but they should get back together in my opinion they are an amazing couple and Chase never cheated on her. He clearly still likes her and she him.
Nada Ahmed Saeed 4A
Nada Ahmed Saeed 4A преди месец
They need to get back together
Claudia R
Claudia R преди месец
You had me at Charli
Layan Daher
Layan Daher преди месец
I saw the videos
Layan Daher
Layan Daher преди месец
Umm she’s boing a big sister
Layan Daher
Layan Daher преди месец
Yeah I saw that
tarsha Faulkner
tarsha Faulkner преди месец
Ugh really 🙄... I'm so over this
Sienna _PandaGirl
Sienna _PandaGirl преди месец
Brooooooooo it’s charli’s dissection to get back with Chase.
Sienna _PandaGirl
Sienna _PandaGirl преди месец
Rylee Ann, your very right actually
Rylee Ann
Rylee Ann преди месец
Sienna _PandaGirl ikr but honestly no one really knows the real story what happened between Charli and chase. the internet lies a lot.
Danny Williams
Danny Williams преди месец
What the hell charli what the hell
evllaa преди месец
When you see anna oops thumbnails you will probably automatically think that its click bait, but once you actually see the video its really not click bait-
Chase Hudson
Chase Hudson преди месец
I ship theeeemm i mean chacha
itzqxeenie преди месец
Is their relationship we can’t choose
Jada Franklin
Jada Franklin преди месец
It’s just the fact that chase isn’t saying anything about Charli and Noah like come on be a good boyfriend .
nari washington
nari washington преди месец
All i got to say is people need to mind they business..
uniqlo преди месец
Nobody: Famous Tiktokers: **dance together**' 7 year olds: OMG SHIP LOL
Banana Cookies
Banana Cookies преди месец
I dont ship charli and chase cause they dont make a good couple, just as I see it.
Banana Cookies
Banana Cookies преди месец
I dont ship charli and chase
Elena Victoria Monis
Elena Victoria Monis преди месец
i have a quetion : do you hate charli back with chase
Brie Brie xo
Brie Brie xo преди месец
ok so if dixie dated Noah beck I WILL KILL MYSELF I DONT LIKE DIXIE AND NOAH - by aubrie
Amy_ BTS
Amy_ BTS преди месец
*She just spilled the whole kettle* 😏😘
Tara Onyema
Tara Onyema преди месец
Noah hunnnnney 🚶‍♀️
Ndeye Willier
Ndeye Willier преди месец
Let me guess Charlie and chase will broke up and they will start all that drama agin Dixie said the truth
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez преди месец
I don’t get it they hold hands apparently they are dating I hold hands with my friend that’s a boy
Marc-Evens Dabady
Marc-Evens Dabady преди месец
I don´t blame Noah........
Gabrielle Parker
Gabrielle Parker преди месец
They are just friends. When i went to Charli’s house she said they were just friends. Guess it was a misunderstood from anna oop.
Sofia Sifuentes
Sofia Sifuentes преди месец
When Dixie “nervously laughed” it was because Dixie brought up chase and charli watch the video y’all
Alice Edge
Alice Edge преди месец
Omg these people trying to control her life and even her LOVE LIFETIME
oceon paridise
oceon paridise преди месец
Margherita Rosin
Margherita Rosin преди месец
I see Noah with Dixie but not with Charli
Jorja Emmerson
Jorja Emmerson преди месец
People need to normalize being friends with exes
cool girl
cool girl преди месец
5:16 wait is that claire?
Marnan преди месец
I shade my siblings all the time stop overrating things
Cece W
Cece W преди месец
they’re dating again? bruh-
-blossom- :p
-blossom- :p преди месец
God i hate Noah and i dislick chase beck sorry But i like charlie
SunnyHoneyVibes преди месец
Noah beck is the new old tony bc remember how everyone fucking fan Said to tony“omg tony I ship sofie’’ or ooohhhhh addison
CloNation преди месец
noah aint a pedi but ok...
Crxwn.Royalty преди месец
Anyone know the name of the meme with the girl tapping fast on her phone 💀💀💀
iarael Bickin
iarael Bickin преди месец
Dixie can't actually..... say nothing, She DEFENDED Griffin!!! SO Dixie calm down
mar преди месец
tbh charli shouldn’t be friends with those straight tik tokers i feel like she should be alt
CloNation преди месец
she can be friends with whoever she wants to be friends with.... it her life not yours
_xxbasicly.robloxx _
_xxbasicly.robloxx _ преди месец
Tiktokers:Lets ship dixie with him weeks later:Lets ship dixie with mosie :Wait..........Lets ship her with Noah
Mr Piggy
Mr Piggy преди месец
Isn’t Charlie dating Noah shnap ?
Lune преди месец
Dixie gets mad bc charli reunited with chase...dixie and Taylor holder were so cute but then she met griffin and chose him over taylor and now he cheated on her and the next day she is with Noah Beck...and she shades charli (i ship charli with chase so baddd)
Annamyself21 Lil
Annamyself21 Lil преди месец
Spill the TEA 🍵!
Isha Sambou
Isha Sambou преди месец
U guys Chase is literally the best Anna..opp. u are just looking for drama
Addison Ackerman
Addison Ackerman преди месец
Noah in love with charli?? Noah simping over Dixie?? lil mosey simping over Dixie?? MAKE IT MAKE CENTSSS
Imabadbitch Youcan’tkillme
Imabadbitch Youcan’tkillme преди месец
WHAT TF IS WRONG WITH CHARLI I mean it is her life but I’m she shouldn’t keep getting back with that idiot chase
Edit Name
Edit Name преди месец
Next time he breaks her heart I’m gonna get angry if shy cries since he’s cheated on her twice now already.
Mandy’s World
Mandy’s World преди месец
You bias charli so hard it’s just annoying at this point
Layla Ciccolini
Layla Ciccolini преди месец
Stop the HATE
Layla Ciccolini
Layla Ciccolini преди месец
Stop being mean to Charlie d'emilio and Dixie d'amelio
Cherry Viibes
Cherry Viibes преди месец
Bruh I thought that Noah said that he wouldn’t simp for girls under 18 lol get with the program Noah
CloNation преди месец
he doesn't
Angelina Sanfedele
Angelina Sanfedele преди месец
can u just leave these poor teenagers alone?
local_potatox преди месец
I personally don’t blame anyone at all really, people can make their own decisions and it’s not our opinion to change their minds..y’all should shouldn’t be so quick to assume.
Sophia and Julia
Sophia and Julia преди месец
Me rolls eye. After watching this vid*** My sister/ gurl l feel u l don't get it this crazy Me/ they did this for what. Sister\ have u heard about noah. Me\ omg l do this world crazy My dog / woof woof the world is crazy sister \ lol Me\ lol
Georgette Khawan Yajure
Georgette Khawan Yajure преди месец
dixie is just trying to protect her from the bad guy
Kerra Johnson
Kerra Johnson преди месец
Wait do she couldn’t have been like “Hey Chase! Wanna make a TikTok rq?” And then been like ty bye :) OH SHE COULDNT DO THAT???? ok then
Kerra Johnson
Kerra Johnson преди месец
If u don’t like anime like this if u do tho reply
Melissa Shultz
Melissa Shultz преди месец
anna u should make merch like rlly it would be awesome
Marjories Vlogs
Marjories Vlogs преди месец
TikTok Is getting more and more and MORE toxic smh
Haley Mota
Haley Mota преди месец
Me waiting for chase to f up again 😀
carks biggest fan
carks biggest fan преди месец
"Noah has a *Huge* crush on Charli-" Ima have to excuse myself for that one chile
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