Charli D'amelio SHADES Her Lookalike AGAIN?!, Addison CANCELLED For This?!, Nessa SPEAKS OUT

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anna oop

преди 7 дни

Charli D'amelio SHADES Her Lookalike AGAIN?!, Addison CANCELLED For This?!, Nessa SPEAKS OUT
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Keiloni Brown
Keiloni Brown преди час
I hope that they vote for trump
boucetta amir
boucetta amir преди 2 часа
if you wants to survive in this world dont be nice be nice withe nice peaple
Pam’s World
Pam’s World преди 3 часа
I will stop following Charlie if she votes trump-
Julie Shehaj
Julie Shehaj преди 5 часа
aunye telise
aunye telise преди 5 часа
the Damelios don’t support Trump
Hafsa Khan
Hafsa Khan преди 10 часа
i kinda dont like the 3 2 1 in the beggining
ola parker
ola parker преди 13 часа
bruh i know everyone have have had something from animals lmao, like why do people think that celebreties are perfect?
ola parker
ola parker преди 13 часа
oh my lord, like why arent people hsting on me? my dad was once in prison. byt i dont get hate lmao
Yashodah Moodley
Yashodah Moodley преди 15 часа
I don’t think you should give your opinion on the animals activists because A LOT of undercover thing happen in the clothing industry, makeup industry etc.
R3yT преди 16 часа
4:30 “the Karan situation” wtf💀
Dannia Eshal
Dannia Eshal преди 20 часа
We can't go an hour without cancelling someone....
Naomi Gamer347
Naomi Gamer347 преди 23 часа
Trump is helping us 🙄
jazzy sully
jazzy sully преди ден
"did they even abuse animals" if they are wearing real fur then they are directly contributing to an industry that tortures and kills animals, and with there being so much Cruelty free options these days they should have known better and did better. ANIMALS ARE NOT FASHION
Rhianna преди ден
It makes me so sad when I look at Nessa's tiktoks AND STILL see hate about the whole Quran scandal. It was months ago and she's grown as a person and apologized.
Abby Hidg
Abby Hidg преди ден
they called Addison an "animal abuser" because she was eating at a restaurant that serves meat these ppl are crazy smh
Kaitlyn Dickerson
Kaitlyn Dickerson преди ден
maybe its just me but....charli's lookalike doesnt even look like her
Arianator 4Ever
Arianator 4Ever преди ден
y'all are dumb for believing JENNY out of all people👁️👄👁️
Ciara Brown
Ciara Brown преди ден
This girl is just making up things that aren’t what they seem this girl just wants people to assume things she creates drama 🙄
Ciara Brown
Ciara Brown преди ден
And what so bad abt trumb Biden sucks that my opinion thp
patience thomas
patience thomas преди ден
I'm gald for nessa
patience thomas
patience thomas преди ден
Johes is crying
patience thomas
patience thomas преди ден
She is ultimately
patience thomas
patience thomas преди ден
Yourself is a amli
Adi Abi Roblox
Adi Abi Roblox преди ден
Nessa looked so emo
teddyrhz преди ден
DominantBaddie преди ден
Addison and Kourtney didn't even wear fur, huh? 😭
Em Kozak
Em Kozak преди ден
this tiktok drama is getting stupider and stupider
1kfollowers With0vids
1kfollowers With0vids преди ден
Ok but chase is back😉😏
Sebo Sebal
Sebo Sebal преди ден
Addison is literally my idol i hate it when she gets hate🥺
oliviaxrose Masters
oliviaxrose Masters преди ден
Jayla k
Jayla k преди ден
Mills преди ден
Bro charlis lookalike doesn’t even look like her
ninjabanana преди ден
As a Muslim my self, I PERSONALLY THINK the Nessa does not DESERVE forgiveness at all. First of all she has to PROVE herself. And second, didn't she saw that she had a Muslim relative, so she would have HAD to have known. And so her " oh I didn't know" is bullshit
euphorium преди ден
I'm not vegan but I don't think wearing legit animal fur helps?
Kaleia Coughlin
Kaleia Coughlin преди ден
What does it matter if they follow trump? You guys shouldn’t care if they did.
Strange._.Lauren преди ден
Just because there wearing animal fur dose not mean that Addison murder it she wants to wear it so what people these days 🤭
Kayla Johnson
Kayla Johnson преди ден
Even if they are trump supporters everyone has their own opinion. I personally do not support trump but we should respect other ppls opinions. we are not all the same. ❤️
Idol Char
Idol Char преди ден
So what if they support trump. That’s there personal life not ours if they do they will do what they want so stop for god sake
Kaliah Rullan
Kaliah Rullan преди ден
plz do a face reveal...
hxoney beez
hxoney beez преди ден
can you pls stop saying “Charli’s look alike?” Her name is Ellie.
Tiktokr Person
Tiktokr Person преди ден
Why does besas kinda look like lil huddy 2.0 like the hair and outfit in the vid🤨
frogman jr
frogman jr преди 2 дни
Those animal activists do be abusing people though
Lacie Harris
Lacie Harris преди 2 дни
Um trump 2020
scft paul
scft paul преди 2 дни
yall really attacking people for their political view smh
iisoft lex
iisoft lex преди 2 дни
So what if the support trump
iisoft lex
iisoft lex преди 2 дни
Anyway trump2020
Stana Luxford Oddie
Stana Luxford Oddie преди 2 дни
clickbate much
Isabel Wolmarans
Isabel Wolmarans преди 2 дни
I really like this channel because it's really saying the truth and showing proof but others they don't show proof like this because this channel will actually show you clips of the truth
Mackenzie Morehouse
Mackenzie Morehouse преди 2 дни
So they can support trump if they want to It's none of your guys is Shushan
Nicole Villela
Nicole Villela преди 2 дни
Um you contribute to animal cruelty when you eat meat and wear animals that didn’t die from natural causes but it still doesn’t give anyone the right to start attacking other people
Kay Kay
Kay Kay преди 2 дни
Y'alls want tik tokers to find out the background of songs before they use them!
Serenity Hendon
Serenity Hendon преди 2 дни
I don’t like or watch ANY of these people but ya know it’s interesting lmao
Aaliyah Thorpe
Aaliyah Thorpe преди 2 дни
Me coming out of a corner when I hear nessa being good :👁👄👁🤩
Anquenette Jackson
Anquenette Jackson преди 2 дни
Stop exposing people
Norah Abdulla
Norah Abdulla преди 2 дни
Did she delete the video where she talked about Annie Leblanc?
Donald Murano
Donald Murano преди 2 дни
Love your videos. Although about the whole Kourtney and Addison thing, Kourtney has about seven purses made with real crocodile skin and many other things. Though I don’t know what Addison did in this situation.
madi преди 2 дни
dont be shy say the "1, 2,3 part is scary-
Julieta Guillen Arancibia
Julieta Guillen Arancibia преди 2 дни
No es el hecho que una persona sea vegana, la piel de los animales es de ELLOS, de qué creen que es o se experimentó su maquillaje de Addison, Khloe viste ropa con piel de animal
BrAnChEy BrAnCh
BrAnChEy BrAnCh преди 2 дни
The Addison And Kourtney thing is messed up. Like srsly most of our shirts are made out of cotton. People are so dumb these days. People getting canceled for no damn reason.
Ashlyn Maguire
Ashlyn Maguire преди 2 дни
Do a face reveal please
Aylin преди 2 дни
yo thumbnail lookin funky
Pembnotfound преди 2 дни
Y’all Addison is perfect
Greysi Escoto
Greysi Escoto преди 2 дни
Do you like my smile but either way I do support trump and I don't care what people say
Kylixey ୨୧
Kylixey ୨୧ преди 2 дни
Nessa Barrett is very beautiful and a queen 👑 Everybody makes mistakes LIKE EVERY HUMAN So I still don’t get why y’all send hate
summer taylor
summer taylor преди 3 дни
Nessa P
Nessa P преди 3 дни
Canceling Addison is like our daily routine now smh
Beata Paulaviciute
Beata Paulaviciute преди 3 дни
So mean..
EMMA FLAQUINTI преди 3 дни
so if Damelios did support trump what would be wrong with? It would be there opinion..And it would be okay...We should RESPECT peoples opinion. Also i love nessa
victor s
victor s преди 2 дни
So you support racism and police brutality. Pick a struggle
Leah Nicole
Leah Nicole преди 3 дни
Who their fam support isn’t anyone else’s business. I feel so bad for their family
Everything Dixie
Everything Dixie преди 3 дни
Everyone has their own political choices there's nothing wrong with supporting Trump or Biden
No преди 3 дни
Is the “Anna” of this channel a voice actor or is it ran by a company I’m legit confused
Adlynne Fredericks
Adlynne Fredericks преди 3 дни
No l do not think they support trump.
Its. Trisha
Its. Trisha преди 3 дни
lilmanboy24 aka the naughty elf idk
lilmanboy24 aka the naughty elf idk преди 3 дни
Lmao i support trump there is nothing wrong with him it's there opinion
Ajda Ajdnik
Ajda Ajdnik преди 3 дни
i like Nessas style but it does NOT fit her lmao shes just a nope with that style-
Ajda Ajdnik
Ajda Ajdnik преди 2 дни
@BottleOf Ketchup exactly
BottleOf Ketchup
BottleOf Ketchup преди 2 дни
Right it doesn't look like her style she looks better with a soft girl style.
Diana Olivera
Diana Olivera преди 3 дни
I don't support trump, but I think that people shouldn't be "canceled" or hated on for supporting trump. People should have the right to their own opinion.
Tienna Brinberg
Tienna Brinberg преди 3 дни
thatveganteacher is typing..
*Blue sparks*
*Blue sparks* преди 3 дни
Khloe and Addison did nothing wrong to the animals , so idk what you ppl are talking about but all I can think about is them haters eating meat .
Xyra Marielle Luntao
Xyra Marielle Luntao преди 3 дни
What video was the one when charli’s name changed to Ellie?
Melanie Randolph
Melanie Randolph преди 3 дни
4:11 wtf is she 12 or somthing
Tay Anderson .
Tay Anderson . преди 3 дни
nessa sees so sweet and genuine idk why people dont like her. she honestly seems so nice !
Caz Da Potato
Caz Da Potato преди 3 дни
Addison and Kourtney weren't even abuse animals???
tesa :]
tesa :] преди 3 дни
yall really dont know what the 4freakshow is huh 😭🤚
Dani преди 3 дни
Cha cha✨❤️
Coco and Maddie
Coco and Maddie преди 3 дни
addison isn’t a celebrity..
Lemon Pop
Lemon Pop преди 3 дни
“Shame on you Jeffery got wearing real fur” Yeah... that’s not the worst thing he’s done
Leah Tahbo
Leah Tahbo преди 3 дни
Omg 👇👇👇
Leah Tahbo
Leah Tahbo преди 3 дни
Yeah right
David Kim
David Kim преди 3 дни
ok I don’t like trump but what is SO wrong with being a trump supporter :/
Clair-Chantel O.
Clair-Chantel O. преди 3 дни
Why do u keep calling Ellie ‘Charli’s lookalike’ ?? She has a name lmao
Sephrina Teka
Sephrina Teka преди 3 дни
I have a feeling the vegans are behind the chloe and addison situation
sam mendes
sam mendes преди 3 дни
ThatVeganTeacher is DEFINITELY behind the animal thing 😭 💀
kirsten dyan iradiel
kirsten dyan iradiel преди 3 дни
how they wil be a trump supporter if all of them profile its blm expect marc
reality of layzaaa
reality of layzaaa преди 3 дни
Anna could you please go back to ur old editing and music it makes it so much more interesting ☹️
Вера Георгиева
Вера Георгиева преди 3 дни
Am I the only one that spends a lot of time on TikTok and didn’t about any of these thing????
Megan Chima
Megan Chima преди 3 дни
It's weird how people use' influencer' in the wrong way. Influencers are supposed to motivate people and give them advice not sitting behind a screen getting dragged every 10 seconds 😒😒
Yaretzi Rico
Yaretzi Rico преди 3 дни
Um stop making everything so like “dramatic “
ArtsyAngel 10
ArtsyAngel 10 преди 2 дни
Who anna? all she does is spill the tea like dude this is why she does because of people like you shading innocent people
DGK9 Kennel
DGK9 Kennel преди 3 дни
can you do a facerevel
Hannah Caridi
Hannah Caridi преди 3 дни
Nessa has grown!☝🏽❤️💯
Alixn_schnapp シ
Alixn_schnapp シ преди 3 дни
That vegan teacher need to take her students and get the hell out
Love unicorn 2809
Love unicorn 2809 преди 3 дни
Face reveal???
Alana Arrindell
Alana Arrindell преди 3 дни
Am actually proud of nessa for making things right and speaking her mind you go nessa ❤ I feel bad for addidison bc she is a great person and she is always getting hate for no reason addi just ignore them haters and be the bad bleep you were ment to be love u soo much!!❤
Evil Clown Makeup ft. Avani! 🤡
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