Dixie BREAKS DOWN Over People COMPARING Her To Charli, Bryce ATTACKS Jordan, Hype House BROKEN INTO

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Dixie BREAKS DOWN Over People COMPARING Her To Charli, Bryce ATTACKS Jordan, Hype House BROKEN INTO
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bri преди 8 часа
is nobody gonna talk about how anna said "doobed" LMFAOO im done 3:49
Rileyrose преди 2 дни
*jorden - oop *bryce - i will defend my lady UwU * bryce - hes a MEOWWWWW
DonutPlayzRoblox преди 2 дни
Thb, I think getting compared to other kid is worser than getting compared to your sibling. Your sibling would have some things like what you would have. Kids might have had that too, but their more different. Ya know
Renaisa Johnson
Renaisa Johnson преди 3 дни
You need to stop hating on Charlie I like Charlie and Dixie d'emilio at the same time because they're my biggest fans
Stelal Beasley
Stelal Beasley преди 5 дни
Tammie Tea
Tammie Tea преди 9 дни
I feel bad for Dixie
Fatima Torres
Fatima Torres преди 9 дни
How the way she said ''Jenny '' at first.
Dimond masa Bukhari
Dimond masa Bukhari преди 10 дни
Rachel Gamers Roblox
Rachel Gamers Roblox преди 11 дни
Ok if I was you I will just call 911 for herrr 🙌
Symonne OceanWxvesLYSM
Symonne OceanWxvesLYSM преди 11 дни
5:12 it couldn’t have been Addison,Avani, or Kouvr
20xMoon преди 11 дни
Ooh hoo hoop
Jade Bann
Jade Bann преди 12 дни
I ship braddison 100% what happend and Bryce's party was...idk m not gonna assume anything I wasn't there. but im not gonna say anything I miss addi and bryce together 😭😘
Tokyo Chan
Tokyo Chan преди 12 дни
idk why i hate ppl who are like that LIKE jenny like bc she is "14" OR something still BISS THAT IS NOT YOUR HOUSE i- idk she is *Toixc* sowwy but facts tho -.-
Purple Queen Gamer
Purple Queen Gamer преди 12 дни
Jenny stop talking your getting ugly when you talk
Roblox magic 1
Roblox magic 1 преди 13 дни
Noooo dixie is the favroite! AMD ITS UNFAIR ON CAHRLI!!
Ahmad mhmd
Ahmad mhmd преди 14 дни
My dad favorite my sister over me I think I should feel away then.....
Pink gamer roblox
Pink gamer roblox преди 15 дни
I like Dixie more than Charlie like why does everyone like Charlie more?
Cloudy Cute
Cloudy Cute преди 16 дни
Why does that girl break into there house
Cloudy Cute
Cloudy Cute преди 16 дни
Bryce is so over it he most likes her not a big deal
Karuna Vasuthavan
Karuna Vasuthavan преди 16 дни
My opinion on Jenny breaking into the Hype House AGAIN, is that it doesn't matter if she DIDN'T break in a second time. The fact that she broke in ONCE is enough to get her in HUGE trouble. I mean like WHAT?! You don't break into anyone's house no matter what! And even if she did record those videos of herself doing a dance in the hype house when she was there the first time doesn't matter. It still shows the absolute disregard for what she's done, AND the fact that she has the audacity to dance in a house that she's just BROKEN INTO! Lol. I'm not one for drama, but it sure does feel good when I say my opinion. xD
azeez arowolo
azeez arowolo преди 17 дни
omg i wish all this can stop
• A B B Y • Gârçîã
• A B B Y • Gârçîã преди 17 дни
👉🏻👈🏻🥺 I still feel bad for Dixie it's a joke right? Then why do she has to play as the non loved child?
Ryleah Lazarus
Ryleah Lazarus преди 19 дни
Social media is just now tick tokers getting canecelled its hard to watch
Ryleah Lazarus
Ryleah Lazarus преди 19 дни
like how do they do this
Isaiah Rice
Isaiah Rice преди 20 дни
Bryce is so childish and we all know it🤦‍♀️
ItzEmma преди 20 дни
Well chairl did make dixie famous. 🤭🤭🤭
White Roses
White Roses преди 25 дни
Ngl I don’t like Anna anymore cause she likes to talk about drama a lot and she over reacts a lot on little things..
MADISYN EDWARDS преди 25 дни
no one likes bryce all he did was post an emoji
ducki преди 25 дни
i feel bad for dixieeeeeeeeeeee
Isabel Rose George
Isabel Rose George преди 26 дни
ii_jackie _ii
ii_jackie _ii преди 27 дни
guys..my OLDER sister suports jenny popach and bella poarch--
Psycho преди 27 дни
in no way am i backing up jenny, but i think thomas should have taken this into private detail with her and her parents considering she is only 14, she probably will hold the humiliation for the rest of her life, it can even ruin her chances of getting into colleges and stuff. In no way was Jennys action right
Ivette.Medina😇 преди 28 дни
It is not all jenny it is her mom who drove her
Fotini Tzavellas
Fotini Tzavellas преди 28 дни
Dixie and Charlie are both amazing creative people and are completely different but still deserve not to be compared!
Mariam Osman
Mariam Osman преди 29 дни
Anyways he is a *cat meows*
Saniya Lewis
Saniya Lewis преди 29 дни
iibilliezxeyelashii yuh
iibilliezxeyelashii yuh преди месец
jenny should go on dr.phil-
Blue Bubble Gummy's
Blue Bubble Gummy's преди месец
1:17 that made my cry lol l
Addi lover Lover
Addi lover Lover преди месец
Who is a fan of Anna 👇🏻
rhea evas
rhea evas преди месец
i love Dixie so much charlie is very...i just with her
Boba tea Bergeron
Boba tea Bergeron преди месец
i am literally binging all of ur vids since i cant keep up with the drama on my own lmaoo
Sophia Forte
Sophia Forte преди месец
CyBer BuLlYiNg Is HaRd To DeAl WiTh - gurl does juvinille sound better
Sophia Forte
Sophia Forte преди месец
its not really cool... that you broke into there house for clout in the first place
Peyton Lyons
Peyton Lyons преди месец
Omg is dixie really jellous i love the D'amelios but danggg
Rhea Shukla
Rhea Shukla преди месец
Y’all need to stop giving Jenny attention. Just ignore her. If she gets cancelled she’s becoming relevant- I swear she has her own fan base- No joke I see her fan pages.
TTS Roblox
TTS Roblox преди месец
Your making the drama worst idk why I watch you
Will Davis
Will Davis преди месец
that jenny girl is rosile look it up mini lea elui u will see that jenny is a catfish
Grace McCumber
Grace McCumber преди месец
You guyzzzzzz this to much tea
Syma’s Notes
Syma’s Notes преди месец
To be honest I like Dixie over Charlie bc that’s what my heart says
Sarah Juteau
Sarah Juteau преди месец
“I only broke into the hype house once” so? what? do you want a cookie?
DJ Pelupelu
DJ Pelupelu преди месец
I think addison is jealous of Charlie and started copying her by holding hands and kissing like Charlie and chase did when they said they weren’t dating so why copy her Addison🙄
Katreen Tgiya Taban
Katreen Tgiya Taban преди месец
man yall make me laugh YALL might as well talk smack about all celebrities
Katreen Tgiya Taban
Katreen Tgiya Taban преди месец
Jordan Captain
Jordan Captain преди месец
Chamiya Hall
Chamiya Hall преди месец
0:33 compare her and young Kylie Jenner (or Kendell Jenner) and see if they look alike because I think they do
Kanji Asui
Kanji Asui преди месец
I prefer Dixie
wolf s
wolf s преди месец
Tbh I like charli and dixie both equally them both are really talented
Natalie Hancock
Natalie Hancock преди месец
Dixie i am sorry
__enolaholmes преди месец
I personally think that both charli and dixie should just be called as their on name like not dixie’s sis or charli’s sis cause they both are D’Amelios and you should call them charli and dixie yes they are sisters but my sisters don’t get called by my friends julia’s sister y’all just try to make dixie look like nobody cares about her actually james charles in a video kinda forgot that charli is in the video and nobody noticed they just notice when DIXIE get unnoticed so please stop it dixie isn’t forgotten and dixie didn’t get famous for being charli’s sister she got famous in her own way and her own acc yea sure she is a D’Amelio but that doesn’t mean that she gets famous for being that and btw i dont even care how people say that dixie and charli’s parents don’t care about dixie yes they do!! Stop lying
Fiona McDonald
Fiona McDonald преди месец
Im starting to feel bad for Jenny I mean she is only 14 and all the hate would tear me down
Lilia Brown
Lilia Brown преди месец
Dixie is better
Zipporah :D
Zipporah :D преди месец
DEBORAH WORLD преди месец
2:10 dixie is such a supportive sister
Deku todoroki
Deku todoroki преди месец
Dixie needs more love charlie has enough love>:(
joy nash
joy nash преди месец
how do you dont get copyrighte3d
Raid is for Grande_roaches
Raid is for Grande_roaches преди месец
I knew Charli as Dixie's sister first but ok
Estefania Calderon
Estefania Calderon преди месец
Anika Trivedi
Anika Trivedi преди месец
jenny: keeps saying she getting bullied also jenny: im breaking into the hype house
Marisa Micale
Marisa Micale преди месец
I feel so so bad for Dixie 😭
7D Casanova Ponti Colomba
7D Casanova Ponti Colomba преди месец
Tbh, i think Dixie is cooler than Charli, and i feel really identified with her
Pink gamer roblox
Pink gamer roblox преди месец
I like Dixie and Charlie the same they are both my favorite tictocker
mehxka xx bb
mehxka xx bb преди месец
Dixie = Charli They are the same value if charli gets love dixie gets love But if charli gets hate dixie wont get hate only if she is involved In the tea
Your Local Soccer Mom
Your Local Soccer Mom преди месец
That is upsetting I mean what did Charli have like a cold and she got all that stuff and the flower and Dixie had her wisdom teeth out and she got nothing
Jada Franklin
Jada Franklin преди месец
The fact that Bryce is hating on him Addison didn’t even say anything tehehe
Zeynep преди месец
I want that the hypehouse are in the old hypehouse to check if she comes if she does,SHAMEEEEEEE AND THEY WILL CALL THE POLICE
Zeynep преди месец
But Mads Lewis her last name is lewis too? Oof
Mikayla Marroquin
Mikayla Marroquin преди месец
Yea Jenny is not mature! I feel like I am way mature than her tbh
Jakim Poleon
Jakim Poleon преди месец
Bryce wants to attack someone for simping over Addison but he can have people strippers over him
Hanna Lewis
Hanna Lewis преди месец
My last name is Lewis sooo how am I supposed to be happy about this ig imma hear that
Gummy Bears
Gummy Bears преди месец
I prefer Dixie over Charli, Dixie stays out of it
Tamikia Thompson
Tamikia Thompson преди месец
charli is more than dixie charli is still like a little baby wile dixie is very independent so dixie is fine she is a ok
Daria-Maria Istrate
Daria-Maria Istrate преди месец
If you go to heidis posts, in the hashtags she says: “youngest child gets everything” “ dicie was invited but had other plans” “charli is better”
Ash 2007
Ash 2007 преди месец
I think Charlie does get favourim
Yass Queen
Yass Queen преди месец
What kind of parents joke about the favorite kid
gabriela munoz
gabriela munoz преди месец
imo i think Dixie is better Charli trys TO MUCH
Noelia Niz
Noelia Niz преди месец
Noelia Niz
Noelia Niz преди месец
Not the ace
Mia Diosdado
Mia Diosdado преди месец
Gabrielle Santos
Gabrielle Santos преди месец
i love dixie more than charli
Haha ha
Haha ha преди месец
Bryce should've asked Addison to delete the pic instead of attacking guys flirting with her. I mean you can't post a pic for you HALF NAKED with a hot body and expect guys not to flirt with you
angel girl
angel girl преди месец
poor Dixe :(
Toca Cupcake
Toca Cupcake преди месец
He takeing to far he not even his girl no more
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda преди месец
Can we talk about how jenny broke into the hype house and expect people would give her love/attention?
J's yoga
J's yoga преди месец
People just throw shade at the demilios for what😒😒
Alliyah Rony Dorceus
Alliyah Rony Dorceus преди месец
whoa whao WHOAAAAA!!!Hold up so now breaking into someones house only once isn't illegal,2020 is not it AT ALLL
Fisken преди месец
👁👃👁 👄
Jeremiah Lira
Jeremiah Lira преди месец
It’s messed up, I create art and other tiktok and don’t get much clout, charli gets canceled for a book and yet Jenny can get famous after underage vaping and breaking in and stealing stuff
electric преди месец
i feel lowkey bad for dixie :(
Pip Squeak
Pip Squeak преди месец
2:34 is Heidi lint rolling his hair💀😂
Avery Owens
Avery Owens преди месец
its not fair why do they have to rate dixie and charli why cant they be equal they are both amazing
Miguel Martinez
Miguel Martinez преди месец
Anna opp a question do u have tik tok and it's okay if u dont want to answer
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