Nessa GETS CALLED OUT For COPYING Madison Beer?!, Nikita DRAGGED For THIS?!, Kenzie SHADES Her Ex-BF

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anna oop

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Nessa GETS CALLED OUT For COPYING Madison Beer?!, Nikita DRAGGED For THIS?!, Kanzie SHADES Her Ex-BF.
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XxGacha JaguarxX
XxGacha JaguarxX преди 2 дни
Why does literally every famous tiktokers or just BGcdr who doesn’t even have any musical experience or talent just randomly male a song? It doesn’t make sense
kylam doan
kylam doan преди 5 дни
Oof- 😬😬 the tea really is boiling in my mouth 🥵 yooooooossssha-
RbloxGurlGalingding♡ преди 7 дни
Anna:get ur hot boiling tea Me:gets hot boiling milk
Snøw flake
Snøw flake преди 7 дни
My big sis does the same thing goes out at parties I'm very upset and she will never learn pls pray for God for her to stop😔😔💔💔
Chicken nuggets Girl
Chicken nuggets Girl преди 8 дни
Nikita Nikita Nikita and Nessa Nessa Nessa I hate you both
Ana Andjelković
Ana Andjelković преди 8 дни
nikita is Queen
Lyana Tree
Lyana Tree преди 9 дни
5:00 that tweet got me dead 🤣
Serena Roblox
Serena Roblox преди 9 дни
Twillight Midnight
Twillight Midnight преди 16 дни
And throwing parties ain't good
Twillight Midnight
Twillight Midnight преди 16 дни
Nikkita dragun needs god cause there's a world wide pandemic
queen_ kay708
queen_ kay708 преди 20 дни
Get your popcorn ready
Isabelle Parker
Isabelle Parker преди 21 ден
The confused peaches video 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Zainab Nasar
Zainab Nasar преди 21 ден
Nessa: Copies Madison Madison: Copies Ariana Us: wtf-
Lacey Lestrange
Lacey Lestrange преди 24 дни
C H E R R Y C O L A преди 24 дни
the only thing that's different is that nessa cameraperson films like a 5 YEAR OLD im speaking facts
xx Quinntacion
xx Quinntacion преди 24 дни
The people in Nikita's dragons party are also to blame they are their own fault because if you know the pain that make is going on with the coronavirus why would you go to the party like that doesn't make sense you don't have to go anywhere if you want to be safe don't go anywhere if someone invites you to a party where you just going to get up and run like if they get sick it's their fault as well not Nikita's dragons for only it's all of them's fault Nikita dragon needs to have something done about her actions because that's not nice why would she throw a party during the pandemic that's stupid
Im a hoe for jungkook and hyunjin
Im a hoe for jungkook and hyunjin преди 24 дни
Will tiktokers ever learn that throwing parties during a pandemic isn’t ok? no❤️
addi hoyle
addi hoyle преди 25 дни
so lemme get this straight. my sister is getting married during the pandemic BC EVERYONE WHOS COMING HAS QUARANTINED. so if i post about it am i gonna get hate?! think...
Aest Krl
Aest Krl преди 26 дни
And Madison getting called out for copying Ariana Grande😌
Cruz Play’s
Cruz Play’s преди 26 дни
Omg nessa sharty?
Hotdog Elly
Hotdog Elly преди 28 дни
Nessa looks like the Olsen twins
fleurellee преди 29 дни
i used to like anna but know she like “nikita is getting cancelled for OLD racist tweets “ like seriously ana RACISM don’t have a expiration date.
Wolfie Spring
Wolfie Spring преди 29 дни
Anna with tea: Uh oh back again🥴
chine bt
chine bt преди месец
She deserve it
ItzNattyMoonLight Diamond
ItzNattyMoonLight Diamond преди месец
Yep...the tea is defentily overflowing.🥱😀
Zayden Coatney
Zayden Coatney преди месец
If these vids were a netflix show I would watch all seasons
Karla Juliana
Karla Juliana преди месец
Plot twist: Maddison copied Ariana grande cause it’s true and the “one and only” is Ariana Grande lol
Dagny W
Dagny W преди месец
She can throw a party it’s their fault for wanting to show up
Maayan Grinberg
Maayan Grinberg преди месец
nessa didn’t copy maddison, rain is used very often in music videos
Lulu Amin
Lulu Amin преди месец
We’re not drinking out here anymore we’re swallowing our tea 😌
Lorï _%Malendosa
Lorï _%Malendosa преди месец
The internet is SOOOO two faced
Thandolwethu Mxhalisa
Thandolwethu Mxhalisa преди месец
Omfg idk what's up with the celebs this year so much tea but np more for us😜
Misael Salas
Misael Salas преди месец
Anna oop =AnD I OoP
Jada Anthony
Jada Anthony преди месец
They all need to get covid tested
mmeell преди месец
These tt kids will be mentally broken when they’re older change my mind
Nryieu преди месец
What did he do 🐀 say snack 🐱 say meow. Sing this 👁👄👁👋
I am charli’s Dunkin
I am charli’s Dunkin преди месец
Just because they both did rain in their video, y’all are just gonna call out nessa for “copying” Maddison beer🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ I swear when will y’all get a life
Ahmad mhmd
Ahmad mhmd преди месец
This is how many times she said *A LOT* 👇
Linn's Planet
Linn's Planet преди месец
Bruh Watch Baby from madison beer *THE BACKGROUND MUSIC IS FROM THE SAMSUNG ADD* oh yeah and she copied Ariana Grande
Yasmeen Ashraf
Yasmeen Ashraf преди месец
no one : anna oop : nessa behret
Teriah Bourgeois
Teriah Bourgeois преди месец
first off dont hate on people when i can hatebon u bc u will be filling my pain so shush
Tahlea Morales
Tahlea Morales преди месец
Omg yall knownits so much tea
Olivia DeLeon
Olivia DeLeon преди месец
HUNDREDS of people have been protesting without masks and nobody worries about COVID. I mean... no disrespect to protesters it’s their right but the fact kids can’t go to school due to COVID and people are out there without masks protesting smh. Can we just go back to normal.
Noor Jomah
Noor Jomah преди месец
can u please stop saying aka charli's look alike cuz first of all charli looks like HER ellie is older... second ok its annoying me that ur calling her that how do u think she feels?... godamn y'all are cringey as hell.
coconutmilk chocolate
coconutmilk chocolate преди месец
There is so much tea that my house is filled with tea
Sophie Stipsits
Sophie Stipsits преди месец
I think Nessas song has not even one similar line with Madison’s there are so many people who sing abt the same theme and and the same music so stop growing shade at nessa she’s talented and beautiful
dylan Hart
dylan Hart преди месец
You need an explanation in your next vid on hy you have a right to do this..-
dylan Hart
dylan Hart преди месец
Yeah, they are all paid to keep their fans entertained. Stop bringing more attention to it! Its kinda gross just having an adult talking about teens "drama" to get clout. Hunni its time to stop.
Israel Aguilar
Israel Aguilar преди месец
ken and eli ew there both b
Israel Aguilar
Israel Aguilar преди месец
I dont like keN so ew i dont care agh!
Giselle Chavez
Giselle Chavez преди месец
My back yard : 🏡🏕 my neighbor's backyard :🏠 🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎡🎢🎪🛴🛹🛴🛹🛴🛹🚲🚲🚲⚽️⚾️⚾️⚾️🥎🥎🥎🏀🏐🏈🏉⚽️🚁🚁🚁
jase goodman
jase goodman преди месец
leave her alone like shit, seriously all you've done is try and cancel like ughhh get a life. no shade to you directly tho hehe
Baby yoda
Baby yoda преди месец
It's rude how Nikita uses someone else's house to throw party's
Xziomara Arroyo
Xziomara Arroyo преди месец
Nobody: Me: goes to get some tea and watch: Anna Oop 24/7
Caitlin Bellemey
Caitlin Bellemey преди месец
✨Birthdays aren’t that important✨
Caitlin Bellemey
Caitlin Bellemey преди месец
Ahhhhhh I hate Nikita !!!!
Imani преди месец
Nessa has made mistakes, but every human does. That doesn’t mean she should get bullied. Normalize GROWTH please!! You can’t beat out hate with hate, you have to beat out hate with love and education💖💖 (credit from somebody in a Hollywood Fix video)
Sedona Allen-Brodeur
Sedona Allen-Brodeur преди месец
Thank you for saying this I couldn’t have explained it better then you did
Latrice Smith
Latrice Smith преди месец
Ummm how do yu copy the copier
UwU преди месец
Lil sharty is copying people now??? Oop
Ava Jones
Ava Jones преди месец
you guyssss.......
wydpjm преди месец
why u gotta be so cringe💀
lana_moon преди месец
the cringe
Ariana Buutera
Ariana Buutera преди месец
Ellie doesn’t even look like Charli stop calling her a lookalike
WillaRina Paulino
WillaRina Paulino преди месец
Infact she did the party for Mia's birthday.
tanya fruean
tanya fruean преди месец
Nessa I’m watching stop copying people copycat 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
グレーテルgretel преди месец
you’re so dramatic
Prisca Basima
Prisca Basima преди месец
i love nikita but like she doing too much with partying
looking for ANNIE
looking for ANNIE преди месец
Nooo not larray😭
Precious Morris
Precious Morris преди месец
I never noticed Nessas music vid was the EXACT same video as madison 😂 her excuses are just annoying now. Also go watch nessas full music video and look at the comments, she gets DRAGGED because the camera man is doing some weird angles and keeps moving about. It’s halarious 😂
Precious Morris
Precious Morris преди месец
0:49 Anna: get your juicy HOT TEA ready Me: Sat drinking a ICED COLD COFFEE Literally opposites😂
m . //あゆみ
m . //あゆみ преди месец
Messa copies Madison and Madison copies Ariana They are heavily obsessed with Ari😌😔
Lejla Avdic
Lejla Avdic преди месец
Chelsea Thomas
Chelsea Thomas преди месец
Ya'll people is just so caught up in these people lives I mean its non of ya'll business. They put stuff out there so the fans and supporters can see like ya'll just hating for what???? People need to worry bout themselves instead of hating on these people with fame. Once ya'll find some old picture or tweet from like 10 or a few years ago ya'll wanna bring it up....Like ya'll just doing this so ya'll can be notice and its stupid, dumb and it shows that you people have no common sense and are not mature. You will do anything to expose a person with fame and if TikToker wants to make they're own music who cares let them make it. We need more singers and rappers everyday. So many lives got lost during corona and you dumb people wanna hate don't ya'll think they have souls and feelings??? You people need to worry about taking shower and having food in your stomach and worry about staying Alive and taking care of your family not calling out people cause of what they did or what they are doing. You people need to worry about getting jobs and finishing school.They have money....They can go to school..... They already have a job which is dancing and singing.......They make so much money they don't need to worry about working. You stupid people is just so annoying and ignorant, its a waste of your time and if you see something bad happening you don't need to go shout and call them out. When George Floyd got killed and there was riots and a whole bunch of crowds like thousands and thousands of people with mask and with out mask nobody said anything. But if somebody throw a party with just 100-300 people ya'll wanna call them out. That don't make no sense at all. I mean look at today.. look at the riots right now its like 100 thousand people bunched up together and again nobody says anything but if somebody have a lil party ya'll wanna call them stupid and dumb but look at ya'll hating. People who post about the drama is stupid also like why you posting content bout them if it has nothing to do with you. It might be your job and you might make money off it but its dumb and in also shows your not mature.People might comment on this and idc what they have to say cause again people are ignorant and selfish. If somebody twerk ya'll call them out. If somebody curse ya'll call them out. If somebody smoke ya'll call them out... like Chile- YALL BE ACTING LIKE NOBODY EVER DID THIS BEFORE, like some girls never twerked at 16 or younger or smoked 10 and under or f**king cursed before like look at how much kids are cursing now.It's unbelivable how people is so ignorant. smh. (AND YES I WROTE THIS CAUSE I WANTED TO MAKE A POINT)
Kaylie Vargas
Kaylie Vargas преди месец
Nessa that’s what you get ha 😂 but not trying to be mean
Blair преди месец
Nessa’s copying Madison, Madison’s coping Ariana lol
Michelle Velazquez
Michelle Velazquez преди месец
I think she has a beautiful voice. And haters be haters. They are just jelous sooooo... If u dont have nothing nice to say dont say it OK PERIOD
Nita Bala
Nita Bala преди месец
Nessa. Copied her, do you see the similars, I think because my opinion that she is copying her.
Vivien Oláh
Vivien Oláh преди месец
2:54 their profile pic is Bakugou from bnha
6ix9ine's life matters
6ix9ine's life matters преди месец
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger преди месец
AVERY DAVIN преди месец
Nessa:"the rain was from the tears I cried" me: "and the tears were from wanting to be Madison so bad"
Issy Garcia
Issy Garcia преди месец
If I’m being honest nessa song is much more better then Madison I don’t even know why people hate on nessa like we all make mistakes it not as anyone is perfect
Oh Weird
Oh Weird преди месец
Is Nessa that girl that sharted her pants?
Brooklynn Martin
Brooklynn Martin преди месец
It was mias bd
Claire16 преди месец
Evelyn's life
Evelyn's life преди месец
Come for adults not children there learning omg just deal with it honestly
Harmony Kenly
Harmony Kenly преди месец
wait but they dont have to come sooooo no hate
C H E R R Y C O L A преди месец
nessa is copying Maddison, maddison copying Ariana grande
Mal mal boobaa
Mal mal boobaa преди месец
i mean.. nessa isn't that bad but like- sis come on :
Nexsendra Esser
Nexsendra Esser преди месец
The Creative Cousins
The Creative Cousins преди месец
When u said get ur hot tea I got it right here rn
Karter Barton
Karter Barton преди месец
I mean I am in cheer and stunts are like 1 feet apart and I don’t have corana so I mean just try to wear a mask sorry if I don’t make sense
R3ckless Bling
R3ckless Bling преди месец
_jesterhearts_ преди месец
*Nikita defending herself by saying the people that were at the party lived there* Me: so-? It's called social distancing, not social interaction,
ellabellaboom преди месец
Just Monika
Just Monika преди месец
🌴🍃🌺🌺🍃🌴 💛🌻🌻🌻🌻💚 🌻🌻 😍 🌻🌻 🌻Love YOU🌻 🌻🌻 🌹 🌻🌻 💚🌻🌻🌻🌻💛 🌴🍃🌺🌺🍃🌴
Altliminals Makes
Altliminals Makes преди месец
nessa needs to chile its literally drama after drama with her 💀
aisha jarju
aisha jarju преди месец
of course
Claire Li
Claire Li преди месец
I can’t do this 🤦‍♀️
Xxx_Alisha_Dundon_xxX преди месец
the only thing different between the music vids is lil shartys camera man is drunk
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