Charli D'amelio Gets DRAGGED For Attending THIS PARTY?! Dixie EXPOSED By Ex-BF, Kenzie BULLIED

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anna oop

преди 22 дни

Charli D'amelio Gets DRAGGED For Attending THIS PARTY?! Dixie EXPOSED By Ex-BF, Kenzie BULLIED
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Jennifer Riley
Jennifer Riley преди 4 часа
Kenzie was my all time favorite on dance moms
emily hehe
emily hehe преди 16 часа
when kenzie said “this is why i dont stand next to you” that hurt. and i love how her sister stays defending her 💕
Sophia Day
Sophia Day преди ден
This is why I don’t stand next to u that’s kind of sad 😞
Hollie Adarraga
Hollie Adarraga преди ден
i honestly love how addi is the ONLY one who isnt attending parties.
Dale Tester
Dale Tester преди ден
I just had got done with COVID and these famous people need to quit being so stupid because it does not feel nice
Alina Vela
Alina Vela преди 2 дни
Look all I have to say is if they get sick they get sick... Just tell people to mind their business and move on, we've been reminding them for months but they wont stop "hanging out" so just LET. THEM . BE
Annette Binoy
Annette Binoy преди 2 дни
Lily Marie
Lily Marie преди 3 дни
So if u get invited to a party ur gonna say no i aint coming to ur party and loose ur friedns yh u think abt that ugh-
Pankaj Lad
Pankaj Lad преди 3 дни
Ryleigh Armijo
Ryleigh Armijo преди 4 дни
People need to mind their own business. They can party all they want you snowflakes ❄️
f e r n a n d a
f e r n a n d a преди 5 дни
the way that people don’t care about COVID-19 is just disrespectful and privileged like there is people that are dying and they don’t seem to care at all.. 😑😑
Layla Boo
Layla Boo преди 5 дни
when 👏🏼are 👏🏼tiktokers👏🏼gonna👏🏼learn👏🏼this👏🏼pandemic 👏🏼is👏🏼reallllll👏🏼 🙄
Keithani The midget
Keithani The midget преди 7 дни
Imma shut my mouth on the kenzie situation🌚
Keithani The midget
Keithani The midget преди 7 дни
Not the ex bf tryna get clout 👁👄👁
Patrick Star
Patrick Star преди 5 дни
Chloe-marie Addington
Chloe-marie Addington преди 7 дни
this is sooooo stupid😔
Vivo Music
Vivo Music преди 8 дни
Poor Mackenzie she's just trying to make us happy but she gets all the hate❤🙄😱
Cloudy feet
Cloudy feet преди 8 дни
what a loser, you go to parties in a globe pandemic just because of your fame and privilege what a loser
Everything Dixie
Everything Dixie преди 9 дни
Everything Dixie
Everything Dixie преди 5 дни
@Patrick Star yeah right ultimate karen
Patrick Star
Patrick Star преди 5 дни
Vanessa Enabosi
Vanessa Enabosi преди 10 дни
I never liked Nikita and the fact that he doesn’t even address his hate is❤️
Patrick Star
Patrick Star преди 5 дни
She* and SHE doesn’t need to address HER hate if she doesn’t like talking about it you have no idea what others are going through get that through your transphobic head ❤️
EMILY SURINER преди 10 дни
This is kinda like my NeWS
linda z Tiktok
linda z Tiktok преди 10 дни
I feel sorry for Kenzie because she has been compared to her sister since she was in dance moms
Tori преди 10 дни
Sorry but Kenzie has always been prettier than Maddie 🤷🏼‍♀️
Xiimary iiX
Xiimary iiX преди 10 дни
I feel bad for Kenz🥺🥺
Charis преди 10 дни
i don't understand why kenzie is getting compare to maddie, they are both DIFFERENT people! people should really STOP comparing... not only should people stop comparing kenzie and maddie they should just stop comparing in general, everyone is beautiful in their own way and to the person who said kenzie looks like puke, he/she is BLIND! kenzie is LITERALLY DROP. DEAD. GORGEOUS. peiodt both maddie and kenzie are beautiful i feel so bad for kenzie, she's been compared to maddie her whole life 😔
Amina Awadalla
Amina Awadalla преди 11 дни
famous people love partying DUHHHHHH LOL
Kaaedan преди 11 дни
Kimmy's Dreamz
Kimmy's Dreamz преди 11 дни
I never hated on Kenzie but I also never been a fan of her I didn't really like her cause she was one of those people like piper rockelle who get boyfriends in such a minor age like piper is JUST 13-14! and she already got boyfriends and ex- boyfriends but like I feel bad for Kenzie after this she actually did nothing wrong i just didnt like how she dated the jacob sartorious guy? (dk if spelled right UwU) in such a minor age..
Keira Thompson
Keira Thompson преди 11 дни
When will Griffin stop exposing Dixie like get over her "toe guy"
ViviBuildzz преди 12 дни
"We aren't ugly, we just live in a judgmental society."- Kim Namjoon. These words help. But I can fell when ppl compare me to other ppl. My mom does that and still does it. It hurts, ppl always expect us to look like a filter, we are all pretty or handsome. Never let ppl bring u down. Especially when u guys compare Kenzie to Maddie is just hating. She has been compared to her sister almost her whole life since dance moms, it's just so sad to see that the world is like this.
Jessica Barboza
Jessica Barboza преди 12 дни
Anna realize that mostly every famous tik tokers that go to party’s, aren’t doing videos for their fans, they do it just because they want to, they ain’t stetting a lesson for their fans, and also many people that aren’t famous still do huge parties and y’all ain’t doing nothin so don’t say anything if you ALREADY KNOW THEY DONT CARE, like just let them be, your not here to help them, if they wanna go to a party with no mask okay and what, you can literally tell they don’t give a damm
Ariana Jovanovski
Ariana Jovanovski преди 12 дни
2020 rlly got bored in quarantine so now 2020 is cancelling everyone NICE JOB
Posting Random Stuff
Posting Random Stuff преди 12 дни
istg if i go up to the tiktok community and say there is an asteroid coming to earth tomorrow they're all gonna believe me
Anika rein Ignacio
Anika rein Ignacio преди 12 дни
PARAMNESIA преди 12 дни
this drama is so bad, that im going to have to unstan all of the tik tokers i stan. aka charlie
Leslie Bautista
Leslie Bautista преди 12 дни
I was going to say that people hate like they did to Kenzie are ugly themselves but to be honest people who hate like that are probably going through there on stuff, like them being insecure about themselves It like cyber bullying People have a reason about the way they act and speak If that made any sense
Leslie Bautista
Leslie Bautista преди 12 дни
You can’t tell me people who call out famous people for attending parties are not going to party’s themselves
Mackenzie Morehouse
Mackenzie Morehouse преди 12 дни
Do you know how many people still hang out of friends during a pandemic and how parties gehring this pandemic
craKy_nuggeT Nsjd
craKy_nuggeT Nsjd преди 13 дни
Be fr need to stop she has been compared to Maddie since the beginning and they are both beautiful kind you girls
Someone From somewhere
Someone From somewhere преди 13 дни
Kenzie is one of the most beautiful talented girls I’ve ever seen people are just really jealous I guess
Natalie Sapon
Natalie Sapon преди 13 дни
Imagine comparing sisters together, Mackenzie and Maddie have been competing since they were little but honestly comparing them on looks is just not on it's ridiculous and super childish calling someone ugly is bringing someone confidence down, be better!
Laser Beam
Laser Beam преди 13 дни
One thing I have to say is how does charli's mom not let her do the WAP but let her attend dinner party's while a PANDEMIC! is literally trending and deadly. Don't you read the news? don't matter if you have a mask on or not it can still catch you. so don't think with nothing think with your brain. And another thing is how are you going to tell us to stay home stay safe a wear a mask. When not only Tiktokers but other influencers are attending parties. Ummmm. 1. Don't tell people rules if your not following them for safety. 2. Try staying indoors and not at parties. 3. DON'T THROW A PARTY FOR THE SAKE OF ALL TIKTOKERS AND INFLUENCERS. 4. Wow what a way to worry your followers.
Mai Mai
Mai Mai преди 13 дни
Daphne Claire
Daphne Claire преди 13 дни
4:48 makes me sad.
toxicrains преди 13 дни
“her face is puke” me if i was kenzie: ew i was insulted by a noob 🤢🤢
Jenny Gallen
Jenny Gallen преди 13 дни
These people should get a life
kari преди 13 дни
Okay okay can we take a second to realize that they're just saying all that lying stuff for fame and to keep up with there reputation
lisey maronne
lisey maronne преди 13 дни
Yeah Kenzie’s just maddies litlle sister? No! SHES KENZIE
《CxzyCandycxrn》 преди 13 дни
I think they should be able to do whatever they want its their lives yeah we all don't wanna see them sick but honestly its not that bad anymore.
Shalissa YT
Shalissa YT преди 13 дни
Talk about Rihanna getting cancelled !
Adelyn Gee
Adelyn Gee преди 13 дни
ok y'all can get annoyed but people need to understand we have put our lives on hold for almost a year. there is a vaccine about to come out. the mask rule is in forced. worry about yourself. this whole corona virus things is getting to big for a small virus. the flu took over WAYYYY more and y'all didn't freak out, so somebody having fun after siting at home for 8+ months is not that big of a deal. y'all are just bored with you life. dont get mad when someone finally has fun. it on them for putting THIER health. more than like there body will fight it off. chill out. you are the reason why this virus got WAY to big and dramatic!
PxndaLovxr преди 13 дни
I love Kenzie and Maddie their both pretty and amazing
PxndaLovxr преди 13 дни
Humans make me sick
Favour Kareem
Favour Kareem преди 14 дни
I haven’t been in a real party in two years so why is it so hard for them to not party?? (And it’s not like I’m not allowed to party lol i just don’t see the need) the only thing i can call a “party” was on my friend’s birthday i visited her in quarantine and there were about 8 or 9 ppl in total and they are all living together and we also used masks sooooooo
Caro The potato
Caro The potato преди 14 дни
This is so repetitive people are getting canceled for the same things, like do they not learn what they should and shouldn’t do?
Among us
Among us преди 14 дни
y'all act like you guys dont go out smh
dani преди 14 дни
imagine telling people in the future that tiktok drama was the talk in your days, lmao
Nevaeh Asemota
Nevaeh Asemota преди 14 дни
Don't worry about the parties luv. They will get covid and realize their mistake.😌
gaming with yasmin
gaming with yasmin преди 14 дни
Can influencers be called influencers if they are throwing parties during a pandemic!?!? And they have young kids watching them??!!
potato head
potato head преди 14 дни
Why is BGcd saying this is new?
Golda Juan
Golda Juan преди 14 дни
can you start posting thinks not just about tik tok
DIAMOND BEAR преди 14 дни
Lowkey stfu are u guys here for? 🔒 Clout 🔒
potato head
potato head преди 14 дни
Not clout just drama lol take a chill pill dude
harp преди 14 дни
i love how dixie ain't even scared to say sum LOL
Hinata .
Hinata . преди 15 дни
Kenzie and Maddie are both beutiful I’m not even saying that to be nice
Valeria Florez
Valeria Florez преди 15 дни
“This is why I don’t stand next to you” my heart🥺💔
Ahmad Wilson
Ahmad Wilson преди 15 дни
Well she does get hate
Oof преди 15 дни
kenzie rlly getting compared to maddie still
madii преди 15 дни
Okay peeps listen up It's Dixie and Charli's life they can choose if they wanna go to parties or not it's not your choice so JUST LET THEM LIVE 😂🤠💕
Hinata .
Hinata . преди 15 дни
There putting many lives in danger
Edit Name
Edit Name преди 15 дни
0:36 Who evers treating her like this needs to get a life it’s so irritating to see this.
Issam Swaiss
Issam Swaiss преди 15 дни
I hate how people think that famous people need to be so perfect. A lot of people party at this time and they are not being blamed why are influencers being judged with every move
Hinata .
Hinata . преди 15 дни
Because they INFLUENCE people
ron weasley
ron weasley преди 15 дни
Maddie is a much badder sister Kenzie is better
madii преди 15 дни
Your opinion not everyone agrees
Delilas vlogs
Delilas vlogs преди 15 дни
I will party all I want
Toga Hn
Toga Hn преди 15 дни
kenzie is ugly that's it lol
madii преди 15 дни
Your opinion start beef but it'll be like Fighting with a wall hun
Molita Timu
Molita Timu преди 15 дни
TikTokers: *Partying their hearts out!!* COVID-19: Am I a joke too you ??
Disakue K
Disakue K преди 15 дни
Bro people are going to party’s everyday and you guys getting so mad at the famous people. No hate. 🐥
Andrea Vintage
Andrea Vintage преди 15 дни
Kenzie is so beautiful
Rudy Orduno
Rudy Orduno преди 15 дни
wowwwwww yaaaaaaaaa lets pertend that their is no covid 19 all the selberdes do that
Rudy Orduno
Rudy Orduno преди 11 дни
@madii yaaas thats true
madii преди 15 дни
I mean it's their life we're not responsible if they get sick or not.
Anime_ nerd
Anime_ nerd преди 16 дни
Me just casually eating my food catching up on the drama :interesting....
『silverlightings』 преди 16 дни
Nikita is like so used to backlash now so it didn’t bother her lmfao
betelihem tedros
betelihem tedros преди 16 дни
kenzie is so pretty how dare they say that
Sandy Sharp
Sandy Sharp преди 16 дни
People are way to global on the internet.
Ko’ Koala
Ko’ Koala преди 16 дни
Honestly, clout chasers and Drama should stop. Getting boring 😴
ella brown
ella brown преди 16 дни
maddie only cute cause her eyes
Erika Bermudez
Erika Bermudez преди 16 дни
Bro I know how it’s feels to get compared to my sibling and it really hurts especially when your parents say it to your face but half of the internet always saying that to Kenzie is just to rude like do they even know the feeling of being compared to someone
Kenzie Miller
Kenzie Miller преди 16 дни
Who else hates Anna’s attitude but love her content
100 subscribers with no videos challenge
100 subscribers with no videos challenge преди 16 дни
When Anna is confused about Charlie getting canceled for attending parties but like she hasn’t even been following the social distancing this entire year...
100 subscribers with no videos challenge
100 subscribers with no videos challenge преди 15 дни
chloe seriously 🙄
madii преди 15 дни
Nobody has sis
Griselle Squad
Griselle Squad преди 16 дни
I went to a party and there nothing wrong with like I don’t even have covid and this was like 2 months ago that when to party and I am fine
journey monroe
journey monroe преди 16 дни
Charlie you got yourself into trouble
IfOnlyPigsWereInCharge !
IfOnlyPigsWereInCharge ! преди 16 дни
Ok im gonna say what people aren’t saying, tiktokers get a slice of fame and keep chasing it, they know they shouldn’t be partying and probably would refrain if it didn’t give them clout. All they are trying to do is act like celebrities and get into “scandals”, I’ve seen so many tiktokers act like celebrities and then go do something stupid with the same apology, THEY ARE LITERALLY JUST DOING IT TO STAY RELEVANT AND IN THE SPOTLIGHT. And guess what? It’s obviously working very well, celebrities know they don’t have to chase clout, tiktokers have to to stay relevant so they feel important.
madii преди 15 дни
People ask for a apology u get a apology Just cuz their apology seems lame doesn't mean they don't mean it and u still got a apology anyways be thankful
S S преди 16 дни
Charlie please don’t party what if soembody had the corna there and u got it like it’s not my fault I’m just being real
madii преди 15 дни
Her life her rules ❤️
Colbs _ koala
Colbs _ koala преди 16 дни
This is why I’m not on straight TikTok 😍
Colbs _ koala
Colbs _ koala преди 16 дни
@Nashmia Saad Khan 😂
Nashmia Saad Khan
Nashmia Saad Khan преди 16 дни
This is why im not on any tiktok ♥️
Arinette Mokola
Arinette Mokola преди 16 дни
Honestly i feel bad for Kenzie. She was being compared to Maddie fro her whole life. People just need to understand that everyone have their own kind of beauty and everyone is unique, everyone have their own special features like that is not COoL..
JustRayne преди 16 дни
face reveal😭😭???
Silvarin Hnem
Silvarin Hnem преди 17 дни
madii преди 15 дни
@Silvarin Hnem Were not responsible if they get sick or not their life they're freedom.
Talah Zahran
Talah Zahran преди 17 дни
this drama is honestly just a daily routine now
The Real Anime Kid ;3 My Dude
The Real Anime Kid ;3 My Dude преди 17 дни
I’m going to say this NOW Any famous person with a huge fan base will never be cancelled forever, People always think people are never bad and when they do they just brush it off but when it’s someone they don’t like they are quick too attack.
Elsie Rainey
Elsie Rainey преди 17 дни
Mackenzie is so pretty! How do people have the audacity to say she’s ugly! I’m so mad at the people comparing kenzie to Maddie they’re both different people! And they’re both as good as each other in they’re own ways!😚
Zuzia Ryż
Zuzia Ryż преди 17 дни
charlie lol
L Montes
L Montes преди 17 дни
or maybe dixie broke up with her ex because he was using her, she was unhappy, etc. before her TikTok fame I'm pretty sure dixie was a model so she was already "famous"
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets преди 17 дни
wow so people are waiting untill now to come and expose people SMH
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets преди 17 дни
everyone:could stay in there house for 2 years tiktokers:cant stay inside for 2 seconds
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