Dixie IS OVER Getting ATTACKED For Copying Charli, Iggy Azalea DRAGS TIKTOKER, Bella Poarch EXPOSED?

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anna oop

преди 29 дни

Dixie IS OVER Getting ATTACKED For Copying Charli, Iggy Azalea DRAGS TIKTOKER, Bella Poarch EXPOSED?
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anna oop
anna oop преди 29 дни
omg luvs just realized i messes up one of the screen shots 💀 wonder if y’all gonna notice 😭💖
Roblox Familly life
Roblox Familly life преди 6 дни
Toastersarefor Bread
Toastersarefor Bread преди 7 дни
Can someone time stamp
Burial degree
Burial degree преди 8 дни
I found it
vsp.sophie преди 8 дни
Irreplaceable DM
Irreplaceable DM преди 18 дни
face reveal?
Skylas life Of a star
Skylas life Of a star преди 2 часа
0:54 did she really say di** talkers?, not this
Tina Gregoria
Tina Gregoria преди 6 часа
Why do you use memes of black ppl throughout every single one of ur shows?
Lily N.
Lily N. преди 7 часа
If I was a celebrity and there’s all of this TikTok drama I WOULD NOT get TikTok no matter how many people asked...
ana stevanovski
ana stevanovski преди 7 часа
I hate Bella Bdw I hate Addison and kourtney's friendship no hate for Addison she's my idol . My opinion of kourtney's friendship with Addison is : I hate it bcs she made Addison change really quickly and I think that this friendship should end really soon✨
Nour Shaib
Nour Shaib преди 8 часа
I'm not allowed to eat cuz my sister is eating? Messed up.
Meera Wardat
Meera Wardat преди 10 часа
Tiktok is dead a lot of hate is going to a lot of celebrities and famous tiktok stars tiktok is all about hate now
charli damilo
charli damilo преди 15 часа
Bella with her offensive tattoo to Koreans nearly started a war between Korea and Philippines I mean I know she didn't do her research but like Bella wtf are you doing
bxrdiebuilds преди 16 часа
bella could have been uncomfortable with the paparazzi questioning her like that! maybe she has general or social anxiety. we cant just jump to conclusions people!!
bxrdiebuilds преди 17 часа
personally if addison and kourtney are both comfortable with their friendship- let them be friends
Katelyn Prejean
Katelyn Prejean преди 20 часа
Listen to me.. THERE SISTERS
Cruz and Derp
Cruz and Derp преди 20 часа
I think Dixie is fine stop with the fake stuff and u love u Anna oop!!
Bunny gaming
Bunny gaming преди 21 час
I think Bella should be famous because she’s in the army
Sup преди 21 час
Addison: I need a bad blee- Ad:MiCrOsOfT
theire twins ok ugh
Gabriela Lugo
Gabriela Lugo преди 23 часа
wait didnt charlie say something about her and dixie both breaking their noses while doing dance? idk maybe they should like watch the video before talking all that bs
cookie• UWU
cookie• UWU преди ден
can u not put ads every 5 seconds? thanks.
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets преди ден
1:16 is no one going to talk about Dixie's middle finger? 😭💖
Thomas Malcolm
Thomas Malcolm преди ден
dixie is the best she can not get hate for some ramdom stuff
عبدالعزيز المبيض
عبدالعزيز المبيض преди ден
i like the tea today
Aline Bonda
Aline Bonda преди ден
People say things like they never make mistakes I have anxiety to and its not easy to lead with
Aline Bonda
Aline Bonda преди ден
2020 is a sick year ppl are givivg hate for anything you don’t have better things to do like think about life your family or studing Anna is right ppl are freaking with tiktok stars Lmao
Aline Bonda
Aline Bonda преди ден
Friendship doesn’t have a type or age stop being stupid. I can’t believe that onde now days if you are friends with someone with different age you get hate people are starting to get crazy or something this quarentine I’m sick with this you literally can get hate and canceled if you breath lol
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger преди ден
about the bella issue , she didnt know because her Friends just suggested that and she have social anxiety
Bry YT
Bry YT преди ден
Why is everything about Tiktok ion care about tiktok drama it's so petty and some people aren't meant to be famous
tweenkweens lipgloss
tweenkweens lipgloss преди ден
All I have to say is y'all need to stop hating on people because you don't know what people are going through
marvelous scribbles
marvelous scribbles преди ден
Imagine getting attacked for copying your sister ! What a stupid world we're living in
Caidyn Buffalo
Caidyn Buffalo преди ден
I Really Don’t like Bella poarch...(my opinion no hate) And I Don’t Even Know What her voice sounds like!!! 🙄
Karime Perez
Karime Perez преди 2 дни
Bella said sorry about her tattoo and ppl are so dumm they keep hating on her🙄😶
eliona cipi
eliona cipi преди 2 дни
uGHHHHHHHH THE dRAmA, this is the whole reason i don't stan the hype house
Muffin преди 2 дни
It's the trying to cancel ppl for no reason for me
whoreee преди 2 дни
bro i was waitinggggg for the bella poarch oneee
Naya edits
Naya edits преди 2 дни
She can’t control her fame-
Ella Fritz
Ella Fritz преди 2 дни
Ok y'all crazy like Charlie and Dixie are SIBLINGS literally people freak out when the fight like siblings fight chill and like saying that she's copying Charlie THATS LIKE SAYING MY TWIN SISTER IS COPYING MY OUTFIT BUT WERE TWINS like Does that make since no it doesn't leave the girls beee
LyxleeCloxd преди 2 дни
me:gets a nose job everyone: ShE Is CoPyInG cHaLi jk i didint get a nose job
Coraline and Crystal ASMR
Coraline and Crystal ASMR преди 2 дни
People are calling out Dixie for trying to breathe y’all are so toxic
sherise alejandro
sherise alejandro преди 2 дни
my heart when bella got hate was like this
Terrence Villa
Terrence Villa преди 2 дни
goul sounds has no problem lmao
Isa ann
Isa ann преди 3 дни
How can getting a SURERY be copying somebody. IT WASNT EVEN PLASTIC SURGERY!!! They probably did it now bc they’re probably rich as hell now! (Not saying they had financial probs before!)
Joana Perez
Joana Perez преди 3 дни
I'm a girl in real life
Joana Perez
Joana Perez преди 3 дни
I love ball porch tik tok video
DIANE HARVEY преди 3 дни
How are you gonna say that Dixie is copying Charlie dude it’s a nose surgery breathing problems and nose problems like that can run in the family y’all are so annoying sometimes
SxmplyyHxnnah преди 3 дни
I’m sorry for getting nose surgery like my sister
xAngel Queen
xAngel Queen преди 3 дни
Not to defend Bella porch but y’all are the ones who made her famous for shaking her head that was not in her hands and even though I said nothin does not mean I think what she did is right
Socheatey Oun 7C
Socheatey Oun 7C преди 3 дни
nO OnE: AbsOLUtelY no ONe: The subtitles: DiCKTokeRS-
Crystal Taitt
Crystal Taitt преди 3 дни
I really feel bad for Dixie because now everyone is calling Dixie, Charlie sister when it used to be Dixie sister, Charlie is the favorite in the family and I feel so bad for Dixie because she runs in her room never come out because her parents don’t show her the same attention as Charlie just because when Charlie got her nose job her parents started to show more attention to her then they both give to the both of them and now Dixie is depressed she barely makes TickTock’s now she doesn’t wear clothes she wears baggy pants n baggy jackets 😤 I am a shame of Dixie‘s parents😤 😖 I hope you get better Dixie My Queen 😍👑 (Btw I mean this bc I feel real bad)
LPS Collie
LPS Collie преди 3 дни
Catsicle преди 4 дни
Chile...anyways, what ya'll want from McDonald's?
comedy sesh
comedy sesh преди 4 дни
iScream преди 4 дни
I have two accounts im on weeb tiktok and straight tiktok both are so different. Everything is different if u look on a different perspective holy shi
Marija Šestanj
Marija Šestanj преди 4 дни
Arianator Grande
Arianator Grande преди 4 дни
We just liked the music that’s why we liked it 👁👄👁
Arely Contreras
Arely Contreras преди 5 дни
Dixie and addison are my favorite tiktokers
Ava Pomerinke
Ava Pomerinke преди 5 дни
This is so dumb people need to grow up and get a life like seriously like stop attacking people for no reason
Jade Fontanez
Jade Fontanez преди 5 дни
Dixie and Charlie are sisters who cares if one is “copying” the other people are just bored and dumb
Muntu1999 преди 5 дни
also adison friend ship isnt weird yall just making it sound werid
Muntu1999 преди 5 дни
i hate belle i cant enjoy her at ALL her M to the beats video made me HATE that audio
Muntu1999 преди 5 дни
Rose преди 5 дни
6:04 Hey! Bella was clearly really uncomfortable with being filmed. That’s why she didn’t give “us” anything
Ana Brzozowski
Ana Brzozowski преди 5 дни
sorry but that vid of bella is cute a.h
Shazia Nacita Khairani Gunawan
Shazia Nacita Khairani Gunawan преди 5 дни
Finally the bella Poarch DRAMA I've been waiting for this one TURN IT UP!!!
Farrah_Marie преди 6 дни
honestly it's not Bella's fault for getting hype and being famous...
nerd преди 6 дни
oh no.. not you coming at nmilz 💀
Ryann Boals
Ryann Boals преди 6 дни
Frida Alanis
Frida Alanis преди 6 дни
Y’all need to calm down about Addison and Courtney she just wants to hang out with a teenage daughter she never had🙄
Chill Sundayz
Chill Sundayz преди 6 дни
6:28| ~ Umm Bella doesn’t talk... Is ShAdinG BellA aLL yoU KnoW HoW TO Do?!❤️
Ashante Coetzee
Ashante Coetzee преди 6 дни
Are people really so bored to to start giving Dixie hate for not being able to breathe like seriously 🙄🙄😑😑🤔🤔
jeongrunge преди 6 дни
dixie: eats haters: hey, that's charli's!
Waterxmel преди 6 дни
Bella thinks she is so famous that she’s not talking to the paparazzi LIKE WHAT...
Jayden Wilder
Jayden Wilder преди 5 дни
She has the right to refuse to talk to the paparazzi 😑
Roblox Familly life
Roblox Familly life преди 6 дни
Leve Dixie alowen
Molly Palmer
Molly Palmer преди 6 дни
Like everyone has not copied what their sister did once in your life
Amanda Bennett
Amanda Bennett преди 7 дни
Omg Dixie and Charlie are sisters leave them alone I'm sure if one of u guys where Charlie's sister you would follow her twenty four hours
Elina S
Elina S преди 7 дни
Kourtney could be addisons mom :/
Song Player Ψ
Song Player Ψ преди 7 дни
5:48 I like how she puts a star at $h!t but does nothing for the other words
Serenity Hobock
Serenity Hobock преди 7 дни
Not Anna oop saying y’all ( guys she’s so city)
Punch Bag
Punch Bag преди 7 дни
People say Bella sold her soul for fame tbh I dont like her, and the tattoos look demonic so I dont follow such people
Lidya Tesfay
Lidya Tesfay преди 7 дни
There literal sisters why the heck are people being mean to dixe like?
kylam doan
kylam doan преди 7 дни
disgusting. 😬🤮🙄 i rly wanna make these people chillleeeee how is hanging out with an older person ever so... bad.? you tell me. I love Addison & Kourtney together stop not chilling yeeeeeshoooooo chillleeeee . 🤢🥵 im disgusted by these >people’s. oh im so sry i meant rudeples.
Ireland Griffen
Ireland Griffen преди 7 дни
y'all- I just realized- gen z cancels someone new like- EVERY WEEK- BELLA WAS IN THE MILITARY SERVING FOR US AND STILL. STILL GETS HATE
Suzanne Hemann
Suzanne Hemann преди 8 дни
Gosh these girls are sisters- Besides Kixie was gonna get a nose surgery but they did Charlie's frist because it was more serious. -,-
Quinncy Hi
Quinncy Hi преди 8 дни
I mean if she’s over 18 so idc how old her friend is but um tea was spilled 💅☺️
The M family Ali
The M family Ali преди 8 дни
i dont like bella so yh
Jade Medina
Jade Medina преди 8 дни
Does Anna understand that she doesn’t want to speak with her real voice, smh
Teaghan Mitchell
Teaghan Mitchell преди 8 дни
Y’all need to get your shit together periodt 😌
Destiny. .rose20k
Destiny. .rose20k преди 8 дни
Notice how when someone gets exposed for something they switch up real quick when they get called out💀
vsp.sophie преди 8 дни
Didn’t Bella just came into the TikTok community....
Maddie and Summer
Maddie and Summer преди 8 дни
first of all anna oop really needs to open her mind a little more because the reason bella didnt say anything is because she has SOCIAL ANXIETY, yall think she didnt look nervous OPEN ur minds and stop bashing people for a minute and think DO I KNOW THEM PERSONALLY and if not then leave them the heck alone you dont know their lives and honestly its not your place to say if she should be so called "cancelled". maybe stop and think am i bringing people up by saying these comments or breaking them down! it breaks my heart to think all some people wanna do is bring people down and bash them for things they didnt do like im sorry that dixie cant breathe you think she wants to suffer everyday like its soooo annoying people are getting in unessesary drama for no reason. There are more important things in life than TIKOK drama like our nature is disapearing by the second animals are dying everyday because we cant pick up our flipping trash people and pets are being abused everyday. those are the things we need to focus on not that people think a girl is copying her sister because she cant breathe. ugh
Madeline Hinde
Madeline Hinde преди 8 дни
Luci Rose McPherson Downes
Luci Rose McPherson Downes преди 8 дни
Wtf tana and Iggy look like twins
Luci Rose McPherson Downes
Luci Rose McPherson Downes преди 8 дни
Sometimes I hate that you forget that dix has here own career
Julie Guzma
Julie Guzma преди 9 дни
Princess Ali
Princess Ali преди 9 дни
I don't know why people hate on bella
Tejnoor Kaur
Tejnoor Kaur преди 9 дни
Ion fw bella💀
Itsyo natertot
Itsyo natertot преди 9 дни
Koutney is "41" WATTTTTTTTTTT ⠀ `)::(OwO ) /⌒ ⌒):: /へ__ / /:: (_\\ ミ)/:: | `-イ:: / ):: // /:: / /:: ( く::: |\ ヽ:::
Marie Julie
Marie Julie преди 9 дни
Bru let addi be friend whit kourtney not like she is a creep like guys pls
It’s Your girl Sunflower
It’s Your girl Sunflower преди 9 дни
Am I the only one that’s think Nikita dragon hasn’t been cancelled in like a two months ?? Or more idk
Aaliyah Thomas
Aaliyah Thomas преди 9 дни
You and the shadow room are the best tea spillers
Jaycelyn Reed
Jaycelyn Reed преди 10 дни
Kimia Bokako's
Kimia Bokako's преди 10 дни
I don’t like Bella but the hate is out of control
mirixm h
mirixm h преди 10 дни
But seriously not Bella acting like a celeb when she's famous for nodding her head...don't come at me yall
Hey Yow
Hey Yow преди 9 дни
how is she acting like a celebrity?
Nana Zubala
Nana Zubala преди 10 дни
I’m just saying girl if people be rude to you on your yt vids ima be like slapping all the hater people I’m so mad rn
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