Olivia Ponton SHADES Kio's NEW GF?!, Girl SPEAKS OUT On Bryce Hall, Kenzie Ziegler APOLOGIZES

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anna oop

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Olivia Ponton SHADES Kio's NEW GF?!, Girl SPEAKS OUT On Bryce Hall, Kenzie Ziegler APOLOGIZES
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Kaiden Jones
Kaiden Jones преди ден
Let act like we never saw this coming
aliecys преди 9 дни
Jazzy Montano
Jazzy Montano преди 15 дни
Mee love you Anna oop
sophie преди 18 дни
y'all know cancel culture is useless.. right? It never works, they still get money, they still have fans. All you do is cause unnecessary drama, do something useful like nuke em or some shit- LMFAo
シmochi преди 20 дни
Not Nix
Not Nix преди 20 дни
No one cares about Olivia she never shuts up.
Xana Woods
Xana Woods преди 21 ден
Olivia is literally just being mads like mads getting mad over thinking Indiana was wearing jadens hat and it wasn’t even his 😂😂😂
Nahomi Anteneh
Nahomi Anteneh преди 25 дни
anna : Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa'll looks like olivia is looking for some DrAmAaAa!
Chloe Williams
Chloe Williams преди 27 дни
Bryce hall: gets cancelled Me : what’s new 🙂😔
Rockxly Mixes
Rockxly Mixes преди 29 дни
I don't like olivia
Leyla Moustafa
Leyla Moustafa преди месец
in case you didn’t know kio and riley aren’t dating riley’s actually dating kios best friend Payton Moormeir. not tryna be rude even tho i always come off rude and mean and petty so sorry if i do sound mean
Marisa Micale
Marisa Micale преди месец
Also Kenzie made a good and clear apology
Marisa Micale
Marisa Micale преди месец
Oo Olivia snapped Oo
ixrose_pomgaming yt
ixrose_pomgaming yt преди месец
Its no point
ixrose_pomgaming yt
ixrose_pomgaming yt преди месец
Why does Olivia even care
Alondra Mariel Vazquez Torres
Alondra Mariel Vazquez Torres преди месец
Kio cheated on olivia Chase exposed him
Baddie bubbles Lol
Baddie bubbles Lol преди месец
At first I thought I missed sum I didn’t get why Olivia cared so much I thought she was he’s girl friend 😮
•V̇İḃi̇ṅ• преди месец
Olive oil needs some help 🤣OlIvE OiL
KoalaPusheen 1
KoalaPusheen 1 преди месец
The things is- if the people don't apologize- people come for them because they didn't apologize If they do apologize- people STILL come for them because their apology is "bad" SO WHAT'S GOOD AND WHAT'S BAD!?
just jaylin
just jaylin преди месец
Haha I am sorry I’m sorry in the before and after pics wheare Olivia crop out the girl nessa looks so short she looks likes she’s 10
Susan Cardillo
Susan Cardillo преди месец
It's funny that melissa is now reffured to as kenzie mom but it used to be melissa
ur local trashcan
ur local trashcan преди месец
I'm responding about the kenzie drama or whatever, the vaccine is literally coming in a month or 2 what tf does it matter anymore, plus as long as the people including herself were tested negative for the virus I dont see a problem with it. Plus its non of the medias business whether she's social distancing or not, everybody should just worry about their self, geez
Anuva Ashfeen
Anuva Ashfeen преди месец
Bro you guys are literally attacking on Kenzie for not social distancing and not fucking hype house wow
Party Alaina
Party Alaina преди месец
Star Char
Star Char преди месец
Olivia needs to calm down and tik tok drama should be a netflix series
Natalie Garcia
Natalie Garcia преди месец
This is all typical high school drama that 80% of teenagers go through.
Natalie Garcia
Natalie Garcia преди месец
What the fuck did olivia do get to it
CoCoa Dreams
CoCoa Dreams преди месец
1:06 im not a gate keeper but DOES NOBODY UNDERSTAND THATS KILLUAS VOICE FROM HUNTERXHUNTER idk just wanted cause it seems like straight tik Tok just be using the sound and not knowing where it came from also Baka means idot in japanese but if calling someone you like stupid is the new way of showing you like them go ahead.....also its not the weeks are gate keepers its just norms have been calling us weird and saying anime is weird but then they use anime related sounds it just seems a bit hypocrite to me tbh
Ana Carolina
Ana Carolina преди месец
Olívia never cared about anything, no one knows about the truth! So u guys stop assuming things ! How is she even jealous if Riley isn’t even dating kio ! don’t spread hate ! Spread positivity, so much stuff happing in this world and u guys wanting drama and saying stuff that isn’t even true !!!!
bodhi преди месец
this dude looks like a total douchebag...they should be embarrassed for being with him wtf?
Alley Karson
Alley Karson преди месец
kenzie is a CHILD leave her alone ):
Julia Bielinska
Julia Bielinska преди месец
I don’t think everyone is following rules to COVID so why come at Kenzie like come on
joseph olivas
joseph olivas преди месец
Olivia she apologize right now I think yes back from a region that stuck you staying in that the girl she’s a part stupid fuck you that’s my opinionAny rate she built she’s looking at the clown she thinks you’re Alex see looks dumb right now🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂And I feel so bad for that girl like no one should because like I feel so bad girl like if you want to take you she could hear she wants to look so cute it’s a matter who’s who the who is sitting on him he’s not doing yes broke up so she knew matter II need a plan I love you so much but you need to get try to get it and just fix everything and just a♥️🥰
anuradha chakraborty
anuradha chakraborty преди месец
Okay but why are they PARTYING in the first place??
Tal xox
Tal xox преди месец
I’ve noticed everyone gets mad when they don’t apologise but when they do they mad it isn’t gd enough tbh I think kenzies apologise was gd, honestly I just wanna hear wt a ‘gd’ apology sounds like according to all the ppl who got angry
Haya Mareer
Haya Mareer преди месец
Shit this tea is ✨hot✨
Qasim Hassan
Qasim Hassan преди месец
Kio's new girl's an Aussie
C H E R R Y C O L A преди месец
isn't Bryce already cancelled
A.C PAC преди месец
Its i joke cus ent nikta trans and they have black frens waw ppl would say anything just to have they 5 sec of fam waw that make me sick
Jacqueline ho
Jacqueline ho преди месец
Uh remember we use to call Olivia ..unproblematic ...yeah...
Banana Joe
Banana Joe преди месец
I’m not even a huge fan of straight tiktok but some how I be in on ALL of the tea thanks to Anna Oop all love Anna!❤️
The lazy Pop
The lazy Pop преди месец
Calling someone baka isn’t a simping TikTok video it’s calling someone stupid cause that Baka isn’t bonka it’s just stupid but in Japanese from killua voice
Precious Morris
Precious Morris преди месец
What part of “influencer” is true now? Like every tiktok star is NOT influencing us at all apart from teaching us to be problematic. The only influencers I love and actually Stan are Payton Moormeier and charli d’amelio.
Pearliq преди месец
No one is gonna talk about how Mackenzie said the n word ok
Emilia преди месец
Why are people shocked this is Melissa we are talking about Shes known for lying in dance moms
Carissa Nettey
Carissa Nettey преди месец
When keeping up when the tiktokers comes to life,y'all know anna gon be the main producer!☺
sarah adjeley
sarah adjeley преди месец
1:28 i just realized how small nessa is 😂
Becky McWhirter
Becky McWhirter преди месец
That what we can say about kio and Olivia were together
allarai преди месец
rylie is not new, kio and her have been like best friends months ago when kip started blowing up
Alliyah Rony Dorceus
Alliyah Rony Dorceus преди месец
Its funny how nothing has changed after like how many years of dance moms,like melissa come on now!lmao
Allie Marie
Allie Marie преди месец
Ok but please tell me why people are getting canceled for throwing parties like if they get sick it’s they own fault
itsmrwonka преди месец
Olivia quantity: jealous Kio: happy hotel? trivago
Sofia Lapshyna
Sofia Lapshyna преди месец
Anna oop: *spilling tea on Kenzie* Kenzie in the background: 💃💃💃💃💃
nun special-_-
nun special-_- преди месец
Id never find out who olivia was if it wasnt for kio- and dats on 𝕒𝕟𝕟𝕒 𝕠𝕠𝕡✨😌
Matilda Krantz Silfverberg
Matilda Krantz Silfverberg преди месец
If bryce were transphobic why didn't he kick out Nikita?
Royally Blue
Royally Blue преди месец
TikTokers being good unproblematic influencers✖️ looking for drama to stay relevant and not caring abt others✔️
Ana Maia
Ana Maia преди месец
Koi and Olivia relationship is sooooo toxic omg can’t they live without shading each other for moving on?!?!
CrstalJade преди месец
Olivia maybe cropped her out because people are gonna be quick to compare them both, idk why yall so pressed because she dumped the dude
Killua zolldyck
Killua zolldyck преди месец
Baka oooo that made me mad
Eden Rodriguez
Eden Rodriguez преди месец
Olivia is really getting on my nerves I mean we got to be honest isn’t Riley so much more prettier that Olivia 🥱
The Rubio’s Sisters
The Rubio’s Sisters преди месец
Who said kio and Riley were dating
Irene sirleaf
Irene sirleaf преди месец
1:29 dang I never thought that nessa was that short
Sisa N
Sisa N преди месец
Tired of discriminative over-glorified tiktokers like what did disabled and black people ever do to everyone 🙄
thalliya Laguerre
thalliya Laguerre преди месец
Is no one going to talk about nessa and how she looks so short in this photo 1:28🤨
Gabi Adelayo
Gabi Adelayo преди месец
I’m confuse about why she is jealous didn’t she break up with him am I right or right 💖🤔💖
Lauren Kim
Lauren Kim преди месец
Melissa has been lying since the dance moms days smh
Ballerina Body
Ballerina Body преди месец
melissa lying? what’s new....
Tom Riddle's Daughter
Tom Riddle's Daughter преди месец
I can't wait till I'm one day famous (hopefully) But I'm not ready for the drama Dear lord , help us future celebrities. 😐👈✨
sarada uchiha
sarada uchiha преди месец
olivia just out here looking like a clown-
Ezinne Irobiko
Ezinne Irobiko преди месец
I usually don't spread hate. But Bryce didn't invite half of the people there. Some came and some were invited by his friends. I'm a black and I don't feel comfortable with what he did.
Sarah преди месец
Bruh why the killua sound... Why ruinning it...
Koko Jackson
Koko Jackson преди месец
Is kenzie wants to party LET THE DANG GIRL party! If she get sick thats her fault.
Thu Nguyen
Thu Nguyen преди месец
Riley is not problematic at all, like she doesn’t have a record for being mean, she just has funny videos on her tiktok page. And someone purposely be mean to her for hanging out with her ex is just rude.
Infinity Janda
Infinity Janda преди месец
Lexi Courville
Lexi Courville преди месец
And this is why I don’t get in the drama PERIODTTT
Gaming Channel
Gaming Channel преди месец
The good thing is nikita ain't throwing any parties anymore, cuz if she did, all of the people who attended her party, will get sick 😗...
Shut up you piece of coconut
Shut up you piece of coconut преди месец
She can say whatever she wants but at least Kios new gf is way more worth than her at least she cares for him and doesn’t use him for fame and most importantly respects him and that’s what he deserves because he’s such a sweetheart he doesn’t deserve any hate at all much less someone like Olivia. I don’t wanna judge Olive because I don’t know her personally but she’s very messed up...
J And The Cookies Channel
J And The Cookies Channel преди месец
the way she said NoWwWwWwW 😂😂😂😂
sarah barker
sarah barker преди месец
Sometime the suth that is on youtube is just stupid
sarah barker
sarah barker преди месец
yes 'n'no
sarah barker
sarah barker преди месец
yes . she should apoligis
Jennifer Joson
Jennifer Joson преди месец
Riley is kio's new girlfriend?
Sydney Sanchez
Sydney Sanchez преди месец
am your biggest fan and can you do addison rea
Paris Girl
Paris Girl преди месец
Everyone in LA going to parties I’m just going to parties on FaceTime with my friends haha I’m staying safe
Tea ejejwjje
Tea ejejwjje преди месец
It's the noOow for me 😭😂1:53
Xxxmilk.boy_kageyamaxxX преди месец
-Daniella Ray-
-Daniella Ray- преди месец
not kio using the baka audio 😭
judith ros
judith ros преди месец
BRUHHH- the whole Bryce situation makes me laugh! they were CLEARLY chasing for clout XD
madighan lasica
madighan lasica преди месец
wait- about the trans person- you said ''girl'' and ''she'' ? not to sound mean or anything, but maybe they prefer ''they'' or ''them'' ? :)
Emili Serrano
Emili Serrano преди месец
not a huge bryce fan but honestly i don’t see him doing something like that
Angel Queen
Angel Queen преди месец
Your life don’t even have a job while you’re over here typing on Instagram truck and I’ll try to have a face watch gonna happen
Angel Queen
Angel Queen преди месец
I get on my nerves I hope you’re right a hill and rice hard to everybody that just made fun of her
Kylie Lorton-Barron
Kylie Lorton-Barron преди месец
Okay it's not fair that everyone is saying she used him but she has a right to be mad if one of her gf is trying to get close to her ex that's not cool Olivia doesn't deserve to be hated on shes going through the breakup as well she just has her own way of doing it because kio wants to be more open that's on him no need to hate on either of them
Queen Lyricxs
Queen Lyricxs преди месец
These titkokers chile-
Remmi TaeKookie
Remmi TaeKookie преди месец
I still wonder how they become “celebrities”/popular
Amal Chamchaoui
Amal Chamchaoui преди месец
I don’t think Kenzie should have gone to that party but i do appreciate the apology. Melissa shouldn’t have lied to try and protect kenzie
Emma Felix
Emma Felix преди месец
In my opinion I really don’t care about any of these ppl but they give good drama 💀 (pls don’t come for me)
Henni Kroetz
Henni Kroetz преди месец
I am so freaking down with Bryce , I normally don’t be hateful but I had to say that!
Crusty Toe nails
Crusty Toe nails преди месец
Gurl that’s NOT shading...
daniella touma
daniella touma преди месец
if they’re friends, why’s she even going for her ex..?
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