Charli D'amelio SPEAKS OUT On Her SECRET, Avani SAVED Chase From THIS?!, Hype House IN TROUBLE..

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Charli D'amelio SPEAKS OUT On Her SECRET, Avani SAVED Chase From THIS?!, Hype House IN TROUBLE..
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ZoE nUtS wErE mEnT tO fLy
ZoE nUtS wErE mEnT tO fLy преди 8 часа
Your obsessed with char
Haylee Wethern
Haylee Wethern преди 20 часа
That sound was a trend tho 😂😭
Alicia Quezada
Alicia Quezada преди 2 дни
idk if is only me but charli's fans always compare to every innocent tiktokers pls stop like ellie she is being hrerself like ya'll not to stop spreading fake rumors
Andrea Vintage
Andrea Vintage преди 2 дни
I love chases mum vs Charlis mother who is thirstinng for the fame
Thumbs 70 FPS
Thumbs 70 FPS преди 5 дни
It is a anxiety pen
Thumbs 70 FPS
Thumbs 70 FPS преди 5 дни
It is Axity pen
Cyrah Guy
Cyrah Guy преди 7 дни
I don’t know y people are concerned because people who aren’t celebrities are doing gatherings outside so there’s no difference
Ijera’s_ World0fGacha
Ijera’s_ World0fGacha преди 8 дни
Avani after they told them that it’s fake- 👁💧👄💧👁
Kimberley Turner
Kimberley Turner преди 8 дни
crybaby's_lunchboxuwu преди 8 дни
Amina Awadalla
Amina Awadalla преди 11 дни
LOok you can party with your friends because you know them but not strangers like hype house is not even friends with kylie jenner bruh.
Amina Awadalla
Amina Awadalla преди 11 дни
What day will tiktokers stop getting attacked ~_~??
HALA STARS преди 11 дни
I like your content gurlll
Nydia Perez
Nydia Perez преди 11 дни
3:06 it was the sway boys not the hype house lol
lovely sxnflower
lovely sxnflower преди 11 дни
Bruh charlie that's not excuse.
lovely sxnflower
lovely sxnflower преди 11 дни
Junior Tineo
Junior Tineo преди 12 дни
Oh god this is so imformatinal thank you
beary bear
beary bear преди 13 дни
Nobody needs to explain their disorder or anything i love charlie but what she done was not okay yes she dose deserve hate
Bakuguo's Whore
Bakuguo's Whore преди 13 дни
Can you do the Gemini official next? I'm really confused
Rayla Easterling
Rayla Easterling преди 13 дни
You're pissing me off so much
Lissa Cervantes
Lissa Cervantes преди 14 дни
like I get that there influencers but y’all let them be they ain’t learning from there mistakes so once something bad happens to them they will truly regret it all
Lillian Burns
Lillian Burns преди 14 дни
As someone with an eating disorder, i am willing to forgive someone who makes fun of it/uses an audio that is disrespectful ONE TIME! Because they should know better then.
Martina Olivarez
Martina Olivarez преди 15 дни
Jasmine Love
Jasmine Love преди 17 дни
Me watching all the video’s she posted in the last 4 week I am going to be having fun😏
AxestheticGachav преди 17 дни
Dangg,Anna keeps spilling out hot tea yet those instagram TikTok or twitter replies don’t make sense Lmao
NotMaya преди 20 дни
I don't even think they are called fans anymore
roumina s
roumina s преди 20 дни
The way she said “hUNNy” I’m deaddddd😂
Noor Sultan
Noor Sultan преди 21 ден
This is A Weird Thought But... What if The Only Reason Avani Was So Depressed Was Because Chase almost Killed Himself? It Was Probably All Lies But Like......
MSGA Intern
MSGA Intern преди 21 ден
Al3xis_ Playz
Al3xis_ Playz преди 21 ден
It’s the always saying ✨I Stan✨ for me! 🙄
Glowstick Goddess
Glowstick Goddess преди 21 ден
Not defending anyone but at this point you can’t expect people to stay inside for a whole year doing nothing, they’re bound to act up. If they want to increase their chances of getting COVID then let them
Wiktoria Gorka
Wiktoria Gorka преди 22 дни
wow i deleted my comment
Tashaa Ayonote
Tashaa Ayonote преди 22 дни
Why her videos so funny
Devyanshaa with double 'a' !!!
Devyanshaa with double 'a' !!! преди 23 дни
ummm that "eating disorder" song is popular if you watch povs u would know that is a popular song soooooooooooooooooo
Charlotte Abe
Charlotte Abe преди 23 дни
If one of the d'amelio sisters were there you would be like " SHE HAD A MASK ONNN" "WE STANNNN" No hate but maybe instead of spending your whole time talking about how James Charles was there maybe focus on other people too ad stop throwing shade at just him
Zane van der merwe
Zane van der merwe преди 24 дни
Anna ...Honneyyyy if they have mask on and seperated tables arnet that the same as going to a restaurant???LOL😌
Princess Y.
Princess Y. преди 24 дни
I DONT KNOW BUT HER NEW VOICE OVER IS SOOOOOOOOOOOO F*CKING LOUDDD and like sometimes i dont even want to watch cause its tooo louddd!!!!! I loved this channel then because the voice over is not that calm and not that loud its just right... Like wtf its so loud... P.s just my opinion
its tea time
its tea time преди 24 дни
5:51 felt that
no clue
no clue преди 24 дни
Hype house throwing a party at hype house 😐
Ravenclaw преди 24 дни
smhhhhh yall rlly that bored so u gonna spread a rumor that someone tried to kill themselves??💀💀
Cynthia Gutierrez
Cynthia Gutierrez преди 24 дни
The hype house didn't invite a million people to the house like the sway house did
Emery Johnson
Emery Johnson преди 24 дни
Yet they only party when were in pendemic coincidence? I think not
Eleven Eleven
Eleven Eleven преди 24 дни
Anna Oop-
Al3xis_ Playz
Al3xis_ Playz преди 25 дни
This is what I mean tik tok and BGcd have become toxic like people starting tea pages make fake drama up people canceling other people like damn what happened?? 🤨
•TimeLvr •
•TimeLvr • преди 25 дни
*when Anna Gave you tea for your birthday* Chile tysm
seleen преди 24 дни
happy birthday!
Marinella Vanstone
Marinella Vanstone преди 25 дни
I like how people can’t see how pretty Charlie is
Savannah Henry
Savannah Henry преди 25 дни
Bro y'all need to get out of that box that you in so what if they through partys you people are just letting it get to you🤦‍♀️🙄get over your self's God
Simra Naaz
Simra Naaz преди 25 дни
Girll!! I love your channel bcz I get updated on all the drama but you keep the same energy for everyone as you do with Charlie😌😌
Helena Gilbert
Helena Gilbert преди 25 дни
If it as Addison Rae it would be vice versa- everyone attacking her
Keeley Kauffman
Keeley Kauffman преди 25 дни
Official suger pigs
Official suger pigs преди 25 дни
James Charles is correct anyone who's not sick how was able to come should of if there wanted to
Jay. Jay.
Jay. Jay. преди 26 дни
Sofia’s daily
Sofia’s daily преди 26 дни
anna opp:exposes people going out also anna oop:maybe ill go out for dinner tonight
elvin julian
elvin julian преди 26 дни
james should have never got tik tok he was a queen and now he's a part of the most problematic ppl
ElGhostPresents преди 26 дни
Gen Z are so sensitive bruh! Who cares about the audio they used. Blame TikTok for even having it. Lol we can't do anything without y'all being so sensitive about anything . 😂 sad..
Zoya преди 26 дни
The lil huddy rumor hurts, i am a very suicidal person and tried to attempt. I still am getting no help
Samantha G
Samantha G преди 26 дни
I want to use it
Samantha G
Samantha G преди 26 дни
Samantha G
Samantha G преди 26 дни
Damonei Collins
Damonei Collins преди 27 дни
Cristelle Tagai
Cristelle Tagai преди 27 дни
lol this kid called me FAT in grade school
Vanna Sokheng
Vanna Sokheng преди 27 дни
Omg really
Lakely Lomax
Lakely Lomax преди 27 дни
y’all are forgetting that charlie is SIXTEEN, not 20 or older like the rest of them , she is child , which her parents should be responsible for what she does/ or posts. however james and addison are grown .
Keithani The midget
Keithani The midget преди 27 дни
Okay but I don’t rlly go out , but even I had a dinner party wit my friends 2 days ago. Chill y’all. Mind y’all buisness , tired of ppl being mad for ppl going out, if they get sick it’s they fault like damn, MIND YALL BUISNESSS.
Evalyn Peraza
Evalyn Peraza преди 27 дни
Emily Ruiz (Student)
Emily Ruiz (Student) преди 28 дни
This is not the ok there fighting like little kides No hate to
Lexyh x
Lexyh x преди 28 дни
The favouritism yall i cant Idk why james is getting hate when there’s 7b people in this world and so many of them break covid guidelines🤦🏻‍♀️
Mariajose Martinez
Mariajose Martinez преди 28 дни
Leave her alone what has she done she’s the best and kind.
Hugo Stokes
Hugo Stokes преди 28 дни
2026.Aanika Kumar
2026.Aanika Kumar преди 28 дни
People say she is unproblematic but she is in almost every single Anna opp tea video and she does something wrong and it ugh I really hate her
Callie the Cloudwong
Callie the Cloudwong преди 29 дни
ok so ik nobody will see this but i think it’s ok to have gatherings if they are outside, separated, and have masks on. ik y’all are kinda paranoid still and ik it’s still a pandemic but like- let them ✨live✨
pistachios преди 29 дни
poor chase I stan by you ✊🏿
Sarah Kerraoui
Sarah Kerraoui преди 29 дни
Anyway Stan James Charles
The Sister
The Sister преди 29 дни
Anna please do a face reveal plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss🥺sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺please
twat waffle
twat waffle преди 29 дни
imagine favouring one and attacking others for everything they do 👨🏼‍🦯👨🏼‍🦯 can’t relate lmfao
Niharika Sharma
Niharika Sharma преди 29 дни
BRO! are these tik tokers immune to covid! smh and what do these people influence?? not having jobs?
shelby downer
shelby downer преди 29 дни
Dani Dani
Dani Dani преди месец
Not cancelung anna oop too
noelia lu
noelia lu преди месец
The heck Anna oop it was outside! And like he said seperate tables and personally I think it’s okay!!!
Lovely._.Despair преди месец
I honestly do not support Chase at the moment But I find it SO SICKENING THAT THEY MADE THOSE RUMORS Talking about d**th in any way is not something to be handled lightly, Whoever started those rumors you're so bored till your actual mind was getting rotten to say that to a person or spread it around. Ugh, the nerve of some people is just disgusting.
safa преди месец
4:34 okay but then how are restaurants which have outdoor seating opened in this pandemic then? they have seperated tables just like james mentioned in the tweet about the party setting so i don't know what anna finds wrong about that.
rose ivy
rose ivy преди месец
I love how I can use this channel as a TikTok news channel
itsalice faulks
itsalice faulks преди месец
Charli's apology was cute though
Genasis Valencia
Genasis Valencia преди месец
Ok i get that hype house did something wrong but like yall need to stop hating on tiktokers, if they want to throw a party and have the risk then just let them do their thing like mind your own buisenes and also most of them are old enought to know what to do and what to not to so just let them be the more you hate the more they do in my opinion🙄❤No hate tho
iisoleilii c:
iisoleilii c: преди месец
Me waiting for a tiktoker to see this channel 👁👄👁
With With Alisa
With With Alisa преди месец
oh well is she used that sound she didnt know so yall still dont go at her
Nemui desu
Nemui desu преди месец
I feel like the clip that Charlie made wasn't right to do. Even tho she suffered from this, it still wasn't an excuse, since others can get triggered from it. Charlie is mature, but she needs to sometimes think things twice. Still upset after that, and still don't appreciate that her way of apologizing is using her diagnosis. Its like, forcing you to forgive her...
- alexandra -
- alexandra - преди месец
it's always us weebs havin to keep the same energy and telling people to keep that energy LMAO 😺🤚🏼✨
Kara Healey
Kara Healey преди месец
who says that it is fake. it could be real. none of you just want to admit it because of their fanbase.
Kara Healey
Kara Healey преди месец
who cares that they are having a party. they can do what they want and as long as they are safe after, who cares. its not anyone elses buisness.
Diana Orduna
Diana Orduna преди месец
I think Charlie should not get the hate because it’s not not like if those other people are also using the sound Because everybody was using was down so why hate Charlie and I hate others for using that sound so I think all these people should just leave Charlie alone
Liz A
Liz A преди месец
Like why does everyone have to hate on celebrities like they have a live what happen to being a free country when u can’t do anything without being judged!! And the parting thing in COVID just mind ur own business!!!like if they gETsick it’s tHERE fault WHY DONU EVEEN CARE
Golden Angles
Golden Angles преди месец
Esthxlla преди месец
We all know DAMN well if we were invited y’all would’ve been there I-
chvrry преди месец
I hate parties ty
Iana Reyes
Iana Reyes преди месец
Cool the tea it burned my mouth.....
Dominique Skirving
Dominique Skirving преди месец
I feel like EVERYONE is so sensitive ITS SO ANNOYING like taKe an apology
Dominique Skirving
Dominique Skirving преди месец
Also a bunch of people are partying and having dinners makes y’all go crazy 0-0
Alexandra Odisho
Alexandra Odisho преди месец
Are people serious?
zack gamer master hamilton
zack gamer master hamilton преди месец
3:35 When I saw peaches I got scared a little bit
aicha k
aicha k преди месец
Where im from it's like there's no PANDEMIC 😂😂😂 Literally nobody puts on masks anymore...
Antiquity преди месец
The hype house is more good at getting cancelled than dancing.
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