Danielle Cohn CALLED OUT For OFFENSIVE Picture, Olivia Ponton EXPOSED By Ex-Friend, Madison DRAGGED

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Danielle Cohn CALLED OUT For OFFENSIVE Picture, Olivia Ponton EXPOSED By Ex-Friend, Madison DRAGGED
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Reyse Holladay
Reyse Holladay преди 2 часа
i’m sorry but i remember when addison was “blackfish” and she wasn’t and i also believe danielle really wasn’t either i mean people are so dramatic like doing your hair one way doesn’t mean your racist gosh 🙄
Trap gooose
Trap gooose преди 5 часа
Im genuinely curious about why people care so much about celebrities “dark pasts” and try and expose and cancel people every two seconds at this point, (and idc if u hate) it’s jealousy just mind ur business it’s so annoying lol 😂.And even worse u guys worry too much about their personal lives like why care about them if u don’t like them then simply stay off their pages
Island ASMR
Island ASMR преди 10 часа
Thing is Danielle should apologize butttt! When they do everyone is like noooooo omg we’re not gonna accept your apology or nice fake apology so.😽
Kayla Johnson
Kayla Johnson преди 21 час
Honestly even though I don’t like Danelle she doesn’t deserve this. anyone can do their edges it’s a style and It’s not just for black people. Also I thought America was a free country y tf does it matter how someone wears their hair? Don’t we have more important things to worry about?
Aniyah Brock
Aniyah Brock преди ден
It’s stupid
Aniyah Brock
Aniyah Brock преди ден
Yes she does
tom felton stan
tom felton stan преди ден
bye danielle never said she was black
MvstHvtedNvtalie преди 2 дни
Okay. I'm only watching these cause I'm bored But, tiktokers are so problematic 😃
Alana Gracia
Alana Gracia преди 2 дни
I don’t take any offense from Danny’s posts. I’m Mexican. Cmon. Y’all are just too sensitive . It’s just MAKEUP and edges.
Zariaa Sanylaa
Zariaa Sanylaa преди 2 дни
let’s stop being a pick me for white people and understand that certain stuff SHOULD NOT BE DONE BY NOBODY BUT BLACK PEOPLE . it’s the fact that whenever we call something our culture people have to go and justify why they should have it as well .. no one respect our culture AT ALL . braids and certain hairstyles have always and will always have historical context ... learn that and you’ll understand why we as black people feel the way we feel
kiyaa преди 3 дни
If she wanna be black go get some black paint and paint herself . 🦶🏼😃
Hannahis_Fun преди 4 дни
Ight bitches let's make sum clear. I think we all knew this was coming. Danielle is ALWAYS trying to hop onto trends. Even tho she knows she finna get called out. Sooooooo like.........yeah.........Personally I don't care if nikita does it. She's awesomeeeee~~~~~ plus I love her. At least she isn't doing it for clout she's doing it cause it's just her. :) Danielle just likes something called...clout. :)
bri преди 4 дни
i had no idea that hairstyle danielle cohn did was offensive deadass who cares she didnt even do the edges right LMFAO anyways i'm Hispanic and i really don't see a problem with them its really not that serious ive seen so many white girls do edges in the bronx.
Samantha Chandler
Samantha Chandler преди 5 дни
this isn't blackfishing everyone has baby hair and laying them down isn't you identifying as black or you trying to take the black culture and making it your own i really don't see the big deal here
Ora nge
Ora nge преди 5 дни
Trisha Paytas
Itz Caria
Itz Caria преди 5 дни
She kept on looking down like if she was reading something. Something tells me that your right and she was probably being threatened
xennia преди 6 дни
how are edges racist? please somebody explain
Romio Rodriguez
Romio Rodriguez преди 7 дни
Olivia probably told them to apologize. I know when I see a fake a apology. Because I would fake them as well. so that was fake and Olivia probably told her to do it
Cookie_ Minionz
Cookie_ Minionz преди 8 дни
Mallory Paul
Mallory Paul преди 10 дни
Ok come at me but everybody has edges and not just black people i’m not saying I’m sticking up for her but Black people do not claim a hairstyle just because you guys are the ones that do edges all the time dose not mean other races can’t
Rynae Rowden
Rynae Rowden преди 10 дни
This channel has become my new best friend
Bogklárka Szabó
Bogklárka Szabó преди 11 дни
its so ridiculous how people only care about the fact taht nick is just a tiktoker and madison deserves a richer guy its so disgusting
Moonlight Magic
Moonlight Magic преди 11 дни
I feel like Danielle Cohn is trying to be Nikita Dragun: •blackfishing •not apologising •and dressing very inappropriately Like If You Agree 👇
mohamed amin
mohamed amin преди 12 дни
I love Anna opp 💕💕💕
Adriel Estrada
Adriel Estrada преди 12 дни
why she sounds so much like addison omg is this addison covered 😳
Alya Al-kuwari
Alya Al-kuwari преди 12 дни
hi tysm for the tee
Twillight Midnight
Twillight Midnight преди 13 дни
Jeeche how can she drove a car what if she was young
Arielle David
Arielle David преди 14 дни
im still waiting for a face reveal...i hope it happens lol
Devs Creations
Devs Creations преди 14 дни
Jess Denisse
Jess Denisse преди 15 дни
Okay but we totally forgot when Danielle Cohn told Diego to “why don’t you go back to your country” and me being part of the Latino community I am shook. We aren’t talking about that situation..I have the video so if you guys want it just ask me.
Dalila Torres
Dalila Torres преди 15 дни
Why are people coming after Daniella like what She just put edges is a hairstyle and Tik tokers also do it WOW!!!PEOPLE ARE REALLY ARUGER OVER A HAIR STYLE like....what and if other people where doing it They did not coming on them but when Daniella did it people jump on her it just HAIRSTYLE chill. A hairstyle and one can wear it No one owns a hair style
Eri преди 16 дни
i aint got no beef with dani anymore. i dont know why folks is hatin on her. im black myself and thought her picture was just a purty nice. i just dont see why everyone got mad with her doing edges. i dont mean to affend any of yall and sorry if i did
kov преди 17 дни
bye im literally starting to get headaches from her videos
Aldi and Adena
Aldi and Adena преди 17 дни
I love the hairstyle with edges nut I won't wear it cus it is disrespectful
Kyla преди 17 дни
Hair styles might be a culture thing but it shouldnt be judged...now...danielle cohn did more than just her hair so...i get that part
Kaitplayzrobloz Roblox
Kaitplayzrobloz Roblox преди 17 дни
Why u calling Danielle a clown bruh
Sadie Friedlander
Sadie Friedlander преди 18 дни
Girl it’s just hair
Angy Delgado
Angy Delgado преди 19 дни
HuNnyYyYy im so done with you caring about peoples life like its not your bissness either is it your life I just want you to stop with the dating tea because no one cares but them because its their life so just post normal tea if you would like but dont post dating tea because its none of our bissness or yours at all, im not trying to hate im just telling the truth and I think it should STOP
Angy Delgado
Angy Delgado преди 19 дни
Calling out Racist
Calling out Racist преди 20 дни
People wearing edges don’t even know who made edges and how deep it goes like you can style your hair without edges you don’t have to copy and steal and copy
Marisol Millan
Marisol Millan преди 20 дни
Samaya Lee
Samaya Lee преди 20 дни
The clownery
KEI BABY преди 21 ден
danielle needs to realize that when she does offensive shit she the only one who gets dragged because she lies way too much and shes always doing offensive shit!! smh
Destiny Gonzales
Destiny Gonzales преди 21 ден
even if danny took the picture down nd apologized she’d still get hate for it so honestly there’s no point cause whether she means the apology or not everyone is still gonna hand out hate
Kiana Rempfer
Kiana Rempfer преди 22 дни
She has fans defending her for blacklisting and they aren’t even black themselves people don’t understand how this makes us in the black community feel and they do not care to know but instead they go back and forth with us on why to them is not a big deal it’s an absolute shame!
Cleo Enev
Cleo Enev преди 22 дни
Anna: Maddison Beer dragged for dating the tik toker Nick Austin Me: *ultimate bruh moment*
First she tried to be Hispanic but no one understood her- NOW SHE'S TRYNNA BE BLACK!? UH UH She needs to sort out her priorities - Ron Weasley.
elif.a преди 22 дни
i don’t know why dani is getting dragged. i get it if she was wearing box braids but all she did was lay her edges. and her hair was straight too. i don’t think laying edges has any cultural significance. like seriously man.
Lauren Melendez
Lauren Melendez преди 22 дни
Yee yee
Rebecca Hercules
Rebecca Hercules преди 22 дни
First of all people to stink and shallow just because she's famous he doesn't have the right to be with her BULLSHIT 👁️👄👁️people need to evaluate their whole mf life
Hopes Heavenly Creations
Hopes Heavenly Creations преди 23 дни
From a woman with Mixed children and mixed grand children,its getting out of control when NOONE can wear a Hair Style because,some claim edges are ONLY for women of color!!?? Im polish and blonde and when my hairs worn in an updo i Always have edges because,ive always had baby hair there!! So when women of other races straighten thier hair or color it blonde, are they attacked for white phising??? Im just saying. There shouldnt be a set way to dress,style your hair,etc..
murkiiemoo преди 23 дни
Danielle Cohn obviously
strawhberry преди 23 дни
I think Olivia could’ve done anything-
Suri Romero
Suri Romero преди 24 дни
Why can Dani and other influencers get called out by Anna and called problematic and stuff, but when Addi did it, it doesn’t make a name for her.??
itzpicklebois преди 24 дни
bruh i honestly love this girl so mcuh
Ravenclaw преди 24 дни
When we thought dani learned😂😂
Mountain Flower
Mountain Flower преди 24 дни
Some people do things and don't even mean to be offensive. People need to chill. That's their body, what are you going to do about it? Those people need to mind their own business and stop living through influence's lives. They need to pay more attention to their life instead of criticizing every small detail. Do what you love, and control your own life and choices, periodt.
mary catherine
mary catherine преди 24 дни
'Um she's kind of nice.... *SHE HIT MY FRIEND WITH A CAR* ' umm... chile WHAT?
I STAN BTS BP преди 24 дни
so know people getting called out and offended for dating someone they like?? and now people be believing one person and believing just because it's about a celebrity and believing someone just because of their words WOW
xx Quinntacion
xx Quinntacion преди 24 дни
I hate when people be like oh you're a celebrity you should be together with the celebrity y'all think celebrities are inventions and that it should go with the proper thing to work they're human and they can date who they want
Lele Nicole
Lele Nicole преди 24 дни
I’m black. And what tf is wrong w doing edges. ? Lol
RavenPuff_15 преди 24 дни
Hi I love ur videos and have just subscribed! It’s my first subscription ever!! Love u
charlidamelio fanpage
charlidamelio fanpage преди 24 дни
But theres nothing rong with doing eges its just hair
Lexy, Bella & Jasmine Diamond
Lexy, Bella & Jasmine Diamond преди 24 дни
Malu trevejo
Idk Idk
Idk Idk преди 25 дни
Crystall cheessee
Crystall cheessee преди 25 дни
i thought anyone can have edges.
Afsane Tajeek
Afsane Tajeek преди 25 дни
Afsane Tajeek
Afsane Tajeek преди 25 дни
Mean little unicorn 101
Mean little unicorn 101 преди 25 дни
Dani won’t stop she faking being Hispanic and black girl we saw you parents
Brooklyn преди 25 дни
Omg- I thought Danielle Cohn was cancelled long time ago but I guess no 🤦🏽‍♀️
Renata Cuevas
Renata Cuevas преди 26 дни
Danielle just wants to stay relevant
xXxCloudyGamesrobloxXx преди 26 дни
okay no bullying but did she get fat? (dainell chon) hi;) ur teh best what's this color? i think its blue | |
Niyahh преди 26 дни
The black people in the comments saying they "don't see a big deal , it's just hair" : pick me Massa pick me , Massa pick me.
Itsmedatura преди 26 дни
Jack Draws
Jack Draws преди 26 дни
I think Danny deserves the back lash but should be accepted from a apology sometime.
Haffie_GAMER преди 26 дни
edges actually started in the 90s and EVERYONE and EVERY RACE was wearing them (even though now if you wear it you're black fishing?) But blackfishing is still not okay.
3xclusive JJ
3xclusive JJ преди 26 дни
It's her mom who controls her, stop hating on dani hate on her mom
keep An Eye Out For Selener
keep An Eye Out For Selener преди 27 дни
i dont see anything wrong with dani doing her edges ITS HAIR damn ppl get upset over things that are not worth being mad about. if you want to be mad about something how about the fact that breonna taylor’s family was PAID for her death and the officer responsible still has not be prosecuted.
Betsy Aguilar
Betsy Aguilar преди 27 дни
I don't know if its me but i think someone made the girl apology to her and if Maddison wants to date him let her HER, HER choice Not YOURS period I feel relived commenting about everything like girl stop the talking
Betsy Aguilar
Betsy Aguilar преди 27 дни
first of all does he even have edges
athina tavoulari
athina tavoulari преди 27 дни
okay but like... gurl Daniel is racist, homophobic and lies about her age and u people still supprt her????????????WTF
Alex .3.
Alex .3. преди 27 дни
Athina Tavoulari factsss
Jessica Justine
Jessica Justine преди 27 дни
Like why does all famouse tiktoker cheat on each other is it because they are famous they think they can do anything
Mary Christopher
Mary Christopher преди 27 дни
Omg how do u make videos everyday
vivian_ vye
vivian_ vye преди 27 дни
I mean people can't force someone to broke up with the person that they love it's there own choice and people can't control other people's life , it's not like it's their life..... It's Maddison beers life. Duh...😀
itz baran
itz baran преди 27 дни
i feel like olivias friend was forced to say apologize yk what i mean (bc i sounded like olivia told her to say it)? but idk-
Panda преди 27 дни
I don't like danielle cohn, but I don't think she deserved the backlash. Ppl really trying to cancel everyone for anything lmao
gia преди 28 дни
not madison taking my white man not him
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki преди 28 дни
I really been forgetting about my daily tea
Reny Ch
Reny Ch преди 28 дни
What I don't understand is if ppl really dislike/hate Danielle then why you give her clout?!?! but anyways not my problem
Milly Grosvenor
Milly Grosvenor преди 28 дни
It’s kinda pathetic that people think Danielle is racist for having edges what’s the big deal I get African American use edges for their frizzy hair but Danielle might like the look of edges let the girl be for once :/
Panda преди 27 дни
Ikr? People just bored I guess..
Julianna O.
Julianna O. преди 28 дни
I don’t get the fact that people think edges are for ‘blacks’. Several different people that go to my school use gel and are mostly Hispanic/Latino/Mexican or Black. Not to be offensive but I know that others use the gel too. Personally, I don’t use it. Why is there a reason for me to gel my hair and partially ruin it. And this is coming from a white person who is half Hispanic/Latino.
chunky :D
chunky :D преди 28 дни
isn’t dani like literally 12 ??? i was playing with lego’s and riding my bike to our local shaved ice shack until i was like 15 to secretly buy a snow cone w friends and THAT was my biggest scandal... what is going oonnnnn 💀
Gabriella Chacon
Gabriella Chacon преди 28 дни
Maddison and Nick are cute, y’all need to stop making fun of it, just bc he does tiktok does not mean ANYTHING
r e
r e преди 29 дни
Its life
r e
r e преди 29 дни
Not Madison beer NO
Vanjelly Medina
Vanjelly Medina преди 29 дни
The only tiktoker I haven't seen on anna oops page is payton
who in the heck put the muffins in the freeza
who in the heck put the muffins in the freeza преди 29 дни
I'm only 11 so I can't wait till im tik tokers age imma be 21 and them problematic fools will be 30 something!
Person 1
Person 1 преди 29 дни
olivia ponton went to my school and she hooked up with everyone lol they not lyin
Amy Govere
Amy Govere преди 29 дни
Danielle Chon Ofc!
Pippi Melander
Pippi Melander преди 29 дни
I don't like danielle cohn- But i've seen other influencers get love for doing edges- But then she did it and now it's so wrong, liiike....
Vault 7622
Vault 7622 преди 29 дни
Am I the only one that doesn’t think nick is hot lol sorry
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