Danielle Cohn's Mom JUST EXPOSED Her OWN DAUGHTER... *this is bad*

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anna oop

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Danielle Cohn's Mom JUST EXPOSED Her OWN DAUGHTER...
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Madison Cooke
Madison Cooke преди 23 часа
her mom acts so immature 💀
Lisalaugher TvT
Lisalaugher TvT преди ден
I’m speechless I feel for her now :(
Zaed Maqbool
Zaed Maqbool преди ден
chris smoove
Zaiii Bby
Zaiii Bby преди ден
I’m not gonna lie..my mom was pregnant at 14..and she had her baby but he died till this day..I wish I could have met him..BUT ITZ NOT MY MOMS FAULTTTT...
Rylee R.M.B
Rylee R.M.B преди ден
Someone is going to drag Danielle's mom And not going to be on the internet
Madison Butler
Madison Butler преди ден
Danielle is my age that’s pretty hard to believe.
ruby inkson
ruby inkson преди ден
as a british person, you saying 'anyways luvs' literally makes me cringe so much
Do Do
Do Do преди 2 дни
Princess P
Princess P преди 3 дни
Abortion should not even be aloud they should let the baby grow and give it up if they don’t want it your killing babies wow Jen u failed like badly poor child
Joosy Jay
Joosy Jay преди 3 дни
Damn now I just feel legit bad for her. Her parents suck. Money and fame is more important then their daughter!? Oh nice vids, best editing and narrating I've seen on a tea page tbh lol..
sp00ky_ lqv
sp00ky_ lqv преди 3 дни
If she didn’t have the abortion the baby would have just been born🥺💔
Lake Michelle
Lake Michelle преди 3 дни
Yeah the mom should have never let Dani do those stuff at a young age. Discipline your child, seriously. But she didn’t, now she has to face the consequences of her daughter. My mom would never let me do any stuff that Dani has been doing. My mom would have slapped me back to her country, fr. Latino parents are strict & very serious. Do what’s best for your kid but not in a bad way. So yes I feel bad for Dani to have an abortion at a young age, minor... no 14 year old should have to go through that.. depression & everything. I’m happy she’s still going strong, that’s the best 💯
Olivia Bodorova
Olivia Bodorova преди 4 дни
Mxri&Mal преди 4 дни
I’m 14 and she looks way older and wayyyy uncontrollable I legit feel bad for Danielle she has done bad stuff like s@x But people make mistakes ok that okay tho No cap I ain’t joking this girl needs to fix her life and be a kid just like me It’s not gonna be fun being an adult in like 4 yrs to become a young adult-
honeybee films
honeybee films преди 4 дни
Shes 14 ket it go
Briella преди 5 дни
She knocked up now lmao 😂 but how does a convo get leaked by anyone but dani or Jen or he people around them ?
Chanel Hanson
Chanel Hanson преди 6 дни
Wait im still confused about how old she is????
Drawing with coffee
Drawing with coffee преди 5 дни
14 or 15
N N преди 6 дни
Im not trying to hate on danielle, shes just a kid but her mom def sexualized her tbh its like nearly impossible to find any photos of her where shes not wearing a crop top or something “sexy” along with a full face of makeup, hair extensions, a tan and acrylic nails....theres nothing wrong with these things but shes been super made up like this since she was like 11 or 12. thats just really creepy for a young kid...like just let her have a childhood dont rush her to grow up
月亮 преди 6 дни
am i the only one who thinks its annoying when she says 'you guyssss' lmao
Elly Anderson
Elly Anderson преди 6 дни
2:55 no no no. she is not a terrible mother for allowing her to get an abortion as having a child at the age of 14 is highly detrimental. The bad parenting is not educating your child on sex and what is appropriate and not appropriate.
scarlxina преди 6 дни
1-28 is my birthday T-T
Katelyn Johnson
Katelyn Johnson преди 6 дни
She’s 16 not 14
Aubrey Shopkin
Aubrey Shopkin преди 8 дни
Gurl idc what age you are that kid is dead! thats murder! + you could just put it up for adoption not KILL it!!
Danielle Hartwick
Danielle Hartwick преди 9 дни
y’all have been saying she’s 14 for 4 fucking years. leave the girl alone and let her live her life.
YT_KOBE преди 9 дни
I do not like her
Jaci jeffo Chris and sharla Love yall
Jaci jeffo Chris and sharla Love yall преди 9 дни
Period you did it in that deap voice😭😂
Liv H
Liv H преди 11 дни
I feel like you could tell for one she got pregnant, and two had an abortion. She broke out a lot around that time, which would make sense as her hormones were heightened and a little all over the place. She usually has pretty clear skin, so when she started breaking out, I stayed a little neutral but also was like "well she's breaking out a lot more, so I feel a little more compelled to believe it" ya'know?
Skye Millis
Skye Millis преди 12 дни
i just realised shes only like 1 and a half years older than me.....ummmmmm
Typical._.ØØF преди 12 дни
Well shit, she dani was constantly dressing up as if she was an adult and felt no remorse for acting an dressing like she was all grown. of course she's gonna have boys on her left to right because of the way she dresses and acts. its her fault for showing no remorse. im not saying i HATE dani, its just her decision making is absolutely horrible, due to the fact that she was aware she was going to have boys all on her. **no hate, just my opinion**
chloe noelle
chloe noelle преди 12 дни
i feel so bad for danielle because she seems so sweet and her mom is using her body for other oeopke
See Bull
See Bull преди 13 дни
They have a both mistakes actually😧
Hazel Arroyo
Hazel Arroyo преди 13 дни
Honestly I cant blame her she does these things because she is forced..shes honestly not such a bad person, like people imagine what she has to go through-
Kimberly Lopez Ramirez
Kimberly Lopez Ramirez преди 13 дни
If Anna didn’t make her channel, I’d be so clueless of everything.
ArianaPlaysRoblox преди 14 дни
How did she turned from 14 to 16?
ArianaPlaysRoblox преди 14 дни
Alittle confused about this-
Chris Palacios
Chris Palacios преди 14 дни
Is this youtuber 12
Drawing with coffee
Drawing with coffee преди 5 дни
Are you 2
B̥ͦu̥ͦb̥ͦb̥ͦl̥ͦꪗ_Chaꪀ ᴥ
B̥ͦu̥ͦb̥ͦb̥ͦl̥ͦꪗ_Chaꪀ ᴥ преди 14 дни
Maybe her mom didn’t want to get involved and in the first place and those comments were pretty offensive too, that isn’t any way to talk to someone even if they are the mother of a tiktok star we are all human too, but it seems like people know her and dani more than they know themselves, this isn’t really our business to partake in 😕
Merale adventures
Merale adventures преди 15 дни
honestly if danielle killed her mom i honwstly not shocked :/
Preston Frost
Preston Frost преди 16 дни
Her mom is evil.She is treating her daughter so wrong. Danielle is 19 not 14.This is wrong. Nobody shouldn't be treating their children bad.I feel bad for her.
its_ ayeezha
its_ ayeezha преди 16 дни
Wait... The heck shes 14?!?
iikiannaii преди 17 дни
So alot of people saying that this is not "tea" And in my opinion that make sense, yes. Cuz I really feel bad for Dani. She literally cried...
sekara williams
sekara williams преди 17 дни
People are so disgusting her mom let her make the decision not to have a baby 👶 but any reason to attack a girl for having an abortion and in the sound you can hear 👂 how sad her mom was she wasn’t try to expose her it got leaked
Carrot Car
Carrot Car преди 17 дни
Why the hell does her mom look like she hasn’t slept for 58274 yeRs
Brooklin Woods
Brooklin Woods преди 17 дни
I love this
Josie UwU
Josie UwU преди 18 дни
A 14 year old got a tattoo
Zariah Sanchez
Zariah Sanchez преди 19 дни
I hate danni with a pasion. But abortions are really hard. At this point CPS needs to be called. And mikey also needs to be arrested for dating a minor.
Pink Rose The fox
Pink Rose The fox преди 19 дни
If my mom treated me like that, I would have ran away.
Sasha Tunkara
Sasha Tunkara преди 19 дни
She sounds so little most def 2 years old
Lily Sidiqyan
Lily Sidiqyan преди 20 дни
Having abortion is fine! But she should’t have a child at her age
Liza Gonzalez
Liza Gonzalez преди 20 дни
Tbh I never liked her idk what she did that I didn't like abt her but the fact abt her mom and shit doing things at a young age is like bro? Fr ? Everyone wants to do stuff at a young age so it makes no sense. You're spoiling her, for no reason.
d b
d b преди 21 ден
"there is nothing wrong with having an abortion." you mean there is nothing wrong with a Child having an abortion? think about that and the message it sends out to young people.
d b
d b преди 21 ден
i hope when danielle is 18 she runs very far away from her mother. her mom is a horribly disgusting person. danielle best not get crazy or she might end up like britney spears being owned and controlled by her parent.
ISATOU JAMMEH преди 21 ден
YASS OUR GURL NOT GOONG TO JAILLLL btw cool you have a lawyer
David Grubbs
David Grubbs преди 21 ден
I think it's horrible that this child has to go through an abortion. She clearly did not want to get an abortion. She clearly regrets it and wishs the best for her kid. I fell so bad. Sucks that there are parents like this
QeenJade west
QeenJade west преди 22 дни
I feel so bad for Danielle
Roseclouds преди 22 дни
Can we talk about how we can’t say abortion on BGcd?
Lilly Julius
Lilly Julius преди 23 дни
Honestly it says over n over there is no hate but this video is literally hateful towards Danielle Cohn and her mom. It’s rude asf and also it’s not who ever posted this’s Business to expose “truth” or anything it’s Danielle’s business to expose.
Iris Xu
Iris Xu преди 23 дни
I still love Danielle :)
Asia Bell x
Asia Bell x преди 23 дни
if Danielle didn’t have such a bad mom, she would’ve been a beautiful young girl...
ODioSa La WNa
ODioSa La WNa преди 23 дни
dr phil
Cece Hau
Cece Hau преди 23 дни
as someone who had a mom who thought 'teaching me a lesson' by making me have an abortion not knowing i had a miscarriage at 3 weeks because i was being r*ped for three months straight by my ex. because "she didnt want to raise it." i was freshly 16 and she threw out the ultrasound i had. all because she thought i knew the entire time. im 19 and still traumatized
Valerie Playz
Valerie Playz преди 24 дни
you can hear the pain in dani’s voice.
Home Balladares
Home Balladares преди 24 дни
☾︎ no hate please but... she shouldnt have killed her baby still in her stomach to god that baby was a living person , please dont comment down below cause usually im not supposed to comment but just keep this in your heart❤︎
Cecille Mckenzie
Cecille Mckenzie преди 25 дни
It's very upsetting to see the comment about abortion is ok... If our parents aborted us where would we be abortion is killing unborn... If our parents decided to abort us where would we be Every life matters and be greatful you got a life and a chance to live
Your fav liyah
Your fav liyah преди 25 дни
Umm her mom needs to grow up and be a mother and Daniel should be able to take care of her self and make decisions in her life it's her life I mean ofc your her mom but it's her life🤦🏾‍♀️🗣️🗣️🗣️
lil belanciaga
lil belanciaga преди 25 дни
can she just act 14?
Panda Sunflower
Panda Sunflower преди 26 дни
I asked my mom about abortion and she said she doesn't believe in abortion because you are basically murdering a living human being
Panda Sunflower
Panda Sunflower преди 15 дни
@ChiChi D’andrea do not say that about my mom abortion is killing a human being, instead of killing your own baby give it up for adoption or something, don't kill it
ChiChi D’andrea
ChiChi D’andrea преди 25 дни
Your mother is uneducated and misinformed.
-BakaxVivian- ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
-BakaxVivian- ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ преди 26 дни
Wait-she got a tattoo at 14..isn’t that illegal or something
gamer_master преди 27 дни
DANIELLA girl ur mum is sooo CRUEL
Amazing Andi Games
Amazing Andi Games преди 27 дни
I think if we didn’t have Anna Oop we wouldn’t know what would be going on with TikTokers and their STUPID drama
28 преди 28 дни
Just look at her face, she got child chubby cheeks and all that, looks so wrong bc she looks eight
28 преди 28 дни
Why do you wanna grow up so fast, her Mom prolly living her fantasies through her. S
Hehe Hehe
Hehe Hehe преди 28 дни
I feel so bad for this girl. I wonder if it was her choice to have an abortion, or was it her mother.
Candice Clark
Candice Clark преди 28 дни
Her body her choice but the fact that she was pregnant at that age she’s only three years older than me like dang
Helen Marrero Ryn
Helen Marrero Ryn преди 29 дни
People are actually feeling bad for her dfkm🤣🤣🤣 if her and her mom weren’t on the same page about whatever is going on she has more then enough spotlight and money on her to get out.
karina преди месец
some people say “save dani 2020” but considering that’s her mom and even if she were to get taken away from her mom danielle would feel so bad about herself..
Jane преди месец
I’ve been watching you for along time but never comment 😂
Men Connoisseur
Men Connoisseur преди месец
Off-topic, Dani’s ugly🤷‍♂️🙇‍♂️
Mimi Nicole
Mimi Nicole преди месец
I actually feel bad for the poor girl
Valerie Ayala
Valerie Ayala преди месец
I feel bad
Audreyyy преди месец
she’s been 14 for about 3 years 😂
Christa Leann
Christa Leann преди месец
At least that poor baby won’t go through all that nonsense they come up with , Her Genes. She Could’ve been Grown & kept that Tatt hidden for a while until the air was ready to be cleared out. She’s messy
Irma Oliveros
Irma Oliveros преди месец
Please do a face reveal if you don’t want to you don’t have to
Rayannah Luckey
Rayannah Luckey преди месец
She's not 14
melia преди месец
why are you *** the word abortion
JJ Cj Mob Fam
JJ Cj Mob Fam преди месец
Then don’t do grown women stuff keep your legs closed
Delilah Benitez
Delilah Benitez преди месец
Why do y’all keep saying she’s 14 and 13 y’all have been saying that for the past 3 years
HUDA ADAN преди месец
um my mother would never let me have an aborsion
Roach Kacey
Roach Kacey преди месец
At first I didn't like Danielle but now I'm starting to feel bad for her. Like her mom needa be jailed up.
LifeAsUs преди месец
Y’all see how killing your baby haunts you ? Cuz is not right 😊 but yea igz I could feel “sad” must been tough
lucero estrada
lucero estrada преди месец
1:45 yeah what could of the procedure been ... Mine your own business okay... 2:50 you did what... First of all what kind of person are you .you are so cold-hearted. 3:33 yeah I wonder who could have been the father of the baby mind your own business people. 4:12 and the rest of the vidoe . first of all why are you blaming him . Second of all it's the mother's fault. And you know why because why did she have to say I should of never letting her get an abortion so that's your fault. So what's your mouth .its not that serisous. The truth always come no matter what. I feel bad for the baby
Krusty преди месец
first time i see her mom, shes too fat and ugly, does not even weark make up. shes probably depressed and im sure she was bullied when she was her daughter's age, i am sure shes letting and encouraging her daughter to be what she would liked to be at that age.
Dekayla Thomas
Dekayla Thomas преди месец
She’s 16
Reagan isnothere
Reagan isnothere преди месец
I feel so bad for Danielle
BadGamerGirl преди месец
She’s not a minor she’s 18 people
Christine Iwudyke
Christine Iwudyke преди месец
Why would dani take the poor unborn baby's life everything is wrong with abortion.... ppl be saying "oh it's her body her choice " yh it's her body but another being is there another soul not bc it's ur body gives you the right to take other person's life u can't give life so don't take it "oh but it's her choice" didn't she also have the choice to use protection or not have sex AT ALL? and then she acts like it isn't a well known fact that sex=baby but then what gives her the choice to kill her baby in the womb? It's better she had the baby and give it up for adoption😔😔😭abortion IS LITERALLY SUFFUCATING THE BABY IN THE WOMB
umm actually
umm actually преди месец
Her allowing dani to have an abortion wasn't her decision to make in the first place .
アィモロのクロエ преди месец
Don’t worry guys Danielle is just fat no hate loves
Zaria Carson
Zaria Carson преди месец
SHE ISN'T 14, OMGGGGG. THE AGE THING IS OUT DATEDDDDD!!!!! She's 16, if you're gonna leak shit have facts straight. 🥴🤦‍♀️
Lianna Jackson
Lianna Jackson преди месец
Ikrr Cause Like Everybody Has BEEN Saying She 13 From Since 2015 Like Wtf
Girlscout Girl
Girlscout Girl преди месец
I have my lawyer on speed dial 💀
nikkie None of your damn business
nikkie None of your damn business преди месец
Someone needs to report this mother.
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