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Meggie The Meg
Meggie The Meg преди 30 минути
im confused and don't get mad at me for not understanding something, but why is saying "all lives matter" bad? it's just saying that Blacks, Latinos, Hispanics, Mexican, White, and baby lives matter? can someone clear this up for me please?
susyazulkrema78 преди 5 часа
It’s sad seeing people bullying people for doing the dance wrong ,plus she probably did it on PURPOSE like dang y’all
Annie Tayenjam
Annie Tayenjam преди 11 часа
Am I the only person who thinks there really isn't anything wrong with ALL LIVES MATTER
Mingi Ateez
Mingi Ateez преди 21 час
Sense When Was Doing A Trend On Tiktok Wrong? When Someone’s Famous Ya’ll Don’t Offend Them But Take The Opportunity To Shade/Hate On Them. Changing Your Skin Color Like It’s Nothing Is Not Ok, Used To Support Nikita But Don’t Anymore. Zoe Laverne Is Cancelled To The Point Where Her Mom Sees Her Daughter Getting Clout For Getting Cancelled To Where She Tries To Cancel Herself. Not Surprised.
Ava Briseno
Ava Briseno преди 2 дни
Is it just me or every time I go on Zoe’s TikTok account this is all I see her do ✋😀✋
evelyn преди 3 дни
i dont support addison but like oml not some of yall attacking her for literally not even doing anything that bad,,, she just misdid the trend OML
Klaiel Lordez
Klaiel Lordez преди 4 дни
I don’t see a problem with her changing her color, I mean it’s no different than changing a gender.
Bling stars
Bling stars преди 4 дни
Someone said "Nigerita dragun😍" JJSHSHSHSHSHSBEB💀
Elaine Onemiye
Elaine Onemiye преди 5 дни
There's a difference between black and Mexican so being Mexican isn't an excuse that is not a time that is blackfishing and the fact she's not learning from her past mistakes or even taking ownership for what she has done now and the in the past it's absolutely disgusting she needs a reality check right now I've also forgiven Zoe cuz we can't keep hating her for something that happened in the past and her mom is just dumb to another level but if she says she doesn't support all lives matter she doesn't we need to get over her lastly hating on people doesn't make you cool Addison made a mistake it's not like you're perfect
Stranger Tings
Stranger Tings преди 5 дни
BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙
Stranger Tings
Stranger Tings преди 5 дни
Ugh people need to STOP being rude to Addison!!!!!!!
Ms. Frappe
Ms. Frappe преди 5 дни
Soooo when you tan you have makeup swatches on your wrist? Mhm. Ok. Shore.
joonie noodles
joonie noodles преди 5 дни
Nikita this is me to you: 🔪💀✨
stephy chen
stephy chen преди 5 дни
Zoe's mom is getting hate for supporting all lives matter? That's stupid. All lives does matter. Ok blm and it does obviously but in reality all lives does matter yall care crazy.
Kendall Russell
Kendall Russell преди 6 дни
Addison is human so everyone SHUT IT
Noah Rivera
Noah Rivera преди 6 дни
Addison : *makes a mistake* Almost everyone: : “so you have chosen death”
Trips, squishies, and stuff
Trips, squishies, and stuff преди 6 дни
The fact she has enough drama to post every. single. day. Like gurlllll
Tanya Eidi
Tanya Eidi преди 6 дни
Me luv Addison
Isinamva Mayekiso
Isinamva Mayekiso преди 7 дни
Quarantine is Making CRAZY 🤪
kylam doan
kylam doan преди 7 дни
Addison getting bullied for doing something wrong 🙄🥱🤦🏻‍♀️ We make mistakes in school... no one really bullies us. And Nikita... are you really Vietnamese & Mexican?... em. Where are your parents.?
Florence Modibedi
Florence Modibedi преди 8 дни
I am black and I don't see anything wrong with Zoe's mother supporting All Lives Matter. Why can't she support it, is it because she is white phu leas. If it was a black person ya'll would not be having a problem problem with this. When something happens the first thing ya'll look at is the colour of a person's skin. Ya'll need to get over this skin colour thing. If it's a black person it is not a problem but if it is a white person ya'll have a problem. I love your channel but this is wrong
Amanda Bennett
Amanda Bennett преди 8 дни
Nikita is a he 🙄 and he she should stop acting like a girl
kelsey arovi
kelsey arovi преди 4 дни
nikita may be a shitty person but you being transphobic is literally just not it 💝 fix that behavior please
Blessen Coleman
Blessen Coleman преди 8 дни
I’m getting really tired of white people or other races tryna act black.I’m black and I think it ain’t cute.I mean all lives matter but black lives matter the most ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
Terencehunter15 Hunter
Terencehunter15 Hunter преди 9 дни
Stop calling him a she sence he want to disrespect my black community got me f up that Man U what to be a girl so bad need help
Tanya Huynh
Tanya Huynh преди 9 дни
Okay Addison made a mistake on a tiktok trend so what just tell her gently that she made a mistake no need to make fun of her and Nikita is mexican and vietnamese but she looks like she wants to be a black wannabe like girl making your skin look like that its not cute its offfensive...
XxGacha JaguarxX
XxGacha JaguarxX преди 9 дни
I think it’s the hype house that made tiktok problematic even if musically came back and tiktok stopped they’d still be on musically. There’s no way we can get back to the past.
reem kokal
reem kokal преди 9 дни
Ummm the video that Addison posted where she wrote I wanna do this trend but I'm not you're welcome she used a song that was trend were girls go down to the floor and show of their 🍑 some call it 🍰
Samantha Mullins
Samantha Mullins преди 9 дни
she did it her way she can have it in front or behind the camra why dose it matter
Lauren Hi
Lauren Hi преди 9 дни
can yall stop hating on addison when she does something wrong in a TIKTOK! its a f-ing tiktok like people mess up i do you do 2. now Nikita needs to learn from her mistakes like shes done it multiple times and has got hate from it. so gurlllll stop plz ✋. zoe's mom is just not ok she needs to stop. ik white people are getting killed but not as much as black people i just dont know about zoe like she posted a BLM video but i just don t know! But zoe's mom on the other hand is just an idiot.
Joselyn Quinteros
Joselyn Quinteros преди 9 дни
Also icing and everybody makes mistakes so yeah come on
Ashlyn Fichter
Ashlyn Fichter преди 10 дни
This week:Addison gets canceled for doing a trend wrong Next week:Addison is canceled for breathing. For all the haters,y’all make me ✨sick✨
Natalia Veras
Natalia Veras преди 10 дни
Anna oop 😳😳😳😳
Michelle H
Michelle H преди 10 дни
So what if addison cant do a stupid trend it's not the end of the world
Christi S
Christi S преди 11 дни
Moonlight Magic
Moonlight Magic преди 11 дни
5:17 *she be looking like Danielle broccoli's mum*
hailey P
hailey P преди 11 дни
BRUH 5:23 NOOOOO HUNNNNNNTYYY all lives wont matter until BLACK LIVES MATTER _o_
Amina Awadalla
Amina Awadalla преди 11 дни
I support ALM because black,white ,tan whatever you are your important no matter what love you so much all skin colors matter
Kumar Baral
Kumar Baral преди 11 дни
"whats wrong with saying all lives matter" HAHAHAhah uh- oh ur serious there is something wrong tho- all lives can not matter uuntil black lives matter
ayxh преди 12 дни
sorry. the video in the beginning
lauvrie преди 12 дни
um.. that girl in the first clip in class is in my old school... um embarassing😻
ALICIA HARRIET SU преди 12 дни
What's wrong with all the haters? Imagine waking up and seeing messages like this. All the hate and bullying is not worth it and I won't trust hate or bullying until I hear from the victim's mouth and saying the truth. This is really annoying and sickening. We should be the one cancelling the haters.
harp преди 12 дни
i support all lives matter... SHOULD I BE SCARED LOL
Peachy_ roblox
Peachy_ roblox преди 13 дни
Poor Addison idk why people think it’s ok to bully her 😤😢
Amazingness Life
Amazingness Life преди 13 дни
Ashton Jay
Ashton Jay преди 13 дни
What have we learned to not mess with the dimileos or you and your life gets canceled
Nalani Baker
Nalani Baker преди 14 дни
How many times we are going to say this we know all lives matter but black lives are being taken constantly because it’s systematic hate and black lives are being taken for no reason yes we know all lives matter but we need to stand for POC too!!
Alexia Wigwam
Alexia Wigwam преди 14 дни
I think addi can do whatever trend she wants to do I think she SHOUKD not listen to those haters bc addi is the best like or reply fi y agree with me
Alexia Wigwam
Alexia Wigwam преди 14 дни
Addi is getting hate for everything she does I dint think it’s nice or fair bc when u hate on someone it makes them feel upset🥺
MJav Xoxo
MJav Xoxo преди 14 дни
i think addison is just being sarcastic- yall send hate for everything anyone does
Michael Rose
Michael Rose преди 14 дни
Zoe mom better gone somewhere
Melissa De La Cruz
Melissa De La Cruz преди 15 дни
Y'all leave addison are alone plus for 1 sec GOD u all are mite be making her sad LEAVE ALONEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Sehar Khan
Sehar Khan преди 15 дни
your the one starting drama you toxic clown-
Pink gamer roblox
Pink gamer roblox преди 15 дни
This is how many people who actually did something bad the answer is out of all the people is 2 people
Pink gamer roblox
Pink gamer roblox преди 15 дни
This is how many people get cancelled for no reason ⬇️
Fida Shamma
Fida Shamma преди 16 дни
Ofc Addison doesn't deserve the hate
The cool kids YT
The cool kids YT преди 16 дни
I felt bad for addison
Andrea Vintage
Andrea Vintage преди 16 дни
I feel terrible for Addison her video is cute everyone is jealous of this poor girl
Keely Edington
Keely Edington преди 16 дни
Did everyone forget about corona??
Keely Edington
Keely Edington преди 16 дни
So people don’t care about white ppl or Asian ppl or what about mixed ppl everybody’s life counts and matters I don’t care if your black white or mixed everyone is beautiful and matters
Bri Brown
Bri Brown преди 16 дни
Nikita is trans so. It’s a boy🤔
преди 16 дни
unpopular opinion: if tiktokers do stupid shit on the internet, they shouldn't be surprised when people ✨"bully"✨ them like next time, don't be stupid and do the trend wrong addison raecist 💀
Alyssa Baker
Alyssa Baker преди 16 дни
Broooo her channel is fire
。 xinxia
。 xinxia преди 16 дни
What wrong with saying “all lives matter”e
BTS. Suga
BTS. Suga преди 15 дни
Because people think it means all lives are equal but it actually is just defending white privlage
Vicile преди 17 дни
I’m not a fan of Addison, but honestly. Y’all shouldn’t bully her, just tell her how to do the trend and BOOM. Nothing happened. But instead, what did y’all choose to do? BULLY HER.
Arianna Healy
Arianna Healy преди 17 дни
what should Addison's fans/supporting people should be called. ocean? Idk
Miranda Serrato
Miranda Serrato преди 17 дни
Y’all have to remember how RACIST she was.. she deserves the hate.
Fida Shamma
Fida Shamma преди 16 дни
Its her life she does what she want to do
emily morales
emily morales преди 17 дни
i'm not a fan of addison but seriously it's just a dumb trend. yes she did it wrong so what? y'all coulda let her know politely like why u guys gotta clown on her and bully her people end their life's for that typa thing it really isn't cool.
Sunshine Gamer
Sunshine Gamer преди 17 дни
Butterfly Girl
Butterfly Girl преди 17 дни
So your not gonna say anything about Tony disappearing........😑
YeRI преди 17 дни
Tik tok is like The beauty community but theres more people
Goblin преди 17 дни
They didn’t get the joke 💀
BUTTFACE преди 17 дни
Y'all bored at this point-
TROLLOL преди 18 дни
I dunno, I'm asian and I'm confused with black skin trying to be white like michael jackson and nikita dragun trying to be black.. why do hve tanning lotions if it is racist? And why do we have skin whitening lotion if its racist? Can we blame companies who sells them? What about those western teens trying to be yellow by doing cosplay.. yall im confused..
hey it’s me
hey it’s me преди 18 дни
i’m sorry i don’t like all the hate she gets but Addison is just kinda dumb 😭😭
waadaldakheel преди 18 дни
Sorry Addison Ray is
Joanna Caskey
Joanna Caskey преди 18 дни
how do you know she did not get into a tanning bed like really:(
Jeffrey Mendoza
Jeffrey Mendoza преди 18 дни
0:06 you see those filipino kids the boy is addison.
Charlie Bear
Charlie Bear преди 18 дни
I would never bully one of my idols
A purple tail and zim love story
A purple tail and zim love story преди 18 дни
Anyone: “I support all lives” Liberals: “let me ruin your whole life, make everyone believe you’re racist and bully you to the point of suicide”
Savannah In seconds
Savannah In seconds преди 18 дни
I hate hate\🧚🏽comments
Allana Block
Allana Block преди 18 дни
this is why I'm not on straight tiktok
brianna altman
brianna altman преди 18 дни
You people know what tanning is right. You sit in the sun and your skin gets darker. You people call everything racist now. Got to love today’s generation 🙄
Iris Wiggins
Iris Wiggins преди 18 дни
Leave Addi alone…
Epiglotis___ nnn
Epiglotis___ nnn преди 19 дни
Im not surprised for Nikita's actions she says that is mexican but then she's making a video m "how to be latina" girl are you serius (im not an english speaker an it shows)
HAILEY HATZ преди 19 дни
When can you do a face reveal? 🥺
Jinda Nalbend
Jinda Nalbend преди 19 дни
Why does Addison Rae always gets bullied a lot and get controlled by teens like stop watching anime
Angy Delgado
Angy Delgado преди 19 дни
Making a trend wrong? oh ma god do y'all understand thats a joke y'all gating on Addi get a freaking life
Yuval Gelleri
Yuval Gelleri преди 19 дни
•littlemoon• преди 19 дни
I mean all lives matter, but black lives matter the MOST at THIS TIME
•littlemoon• преди 19 дни
WTF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE- lmao- its a trend a TREND.
Vsco Queen
Vsco Queen преди 19 дни
I say black lives matter and l g b t q + so I say all lives,matter for them two
Alma Thorhauge
Alma Thorhauge преди 19 дни
I fell so sorry for addison like it's just a f*** tiktok video fail like😑
Dea Krasni
Dea Krasni преди 19 дни
Addison is the best stop saying bad things for her
Maria Ramos de Melo Pereira
Maria Ramos de Melo Pereira преди 19 дни
honestly I hate when ppl hate on tiktiors for "blackfishing" I mean they only live once let them live however they want whether you like it or not it's not like their being racist
Cristina Medina
Cristina Medina преди 19 дни
Bruh nikita is Asian and she is Phillipino
Kimberly June Sy
Kimberly June Sy преди 19 дни
Anna oop you need to talk about other REAL celebrities dramas, gosh you have a tiktok obession
Av преди 19 дни
makayla w
makayla w преди 19 дни
i usually don’t hate people but i hate nikita and zoe and tony and a few others with a burning passion
Sophie McKenna
Sophie McKenna преди 20 дни
To all the hater’s to Addison if you do not have anything nice to say do not say nothing atol
Katys Life
Katys Life преди 20 дни
Zoe is 19😐 just bcuz her mom supports alm doesnt mean she does
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