Charli & Addison Gets CALLED UGLY & HITS BACK!, Dixie RESPONDS To Ex-Classmate, Tony EXPOSED..

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anna oop

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Charli & Addison Gets CALLED UGLY & HITS BACK!, Dixie RESPONDS To Ex-Classmate, Tony EXPOSED..
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La'Chaunda Bethley
La'Chaunda Bethley преди 6 часа
Sorry you had to go through that dxixe
Aubrey Goshko
Aubrey Goshko преди 7 часа
What the heck Tony is disgusting!!
Laica Bermas
Laica Bermas преди 10 часа
I'm a fan of Addison rae as a fan of addison rae and all of the real fans of Addison we should not say anything that can hurt others feelings
tim perez
tim perez преди ден
Tyler Stanford
Tyler Stanford преди ден
Dixie I love you and I’m so sorry
LyxleeCloxd преди ден
NO WAY! jesus how didint i know this sooner?
Heather Lee-Bowens
Heather Lee-Bowens преди 2 дни
Dixie you go
aliviah sarazin
aliviah sarazin преди 2 дни
Addison hates her self
aliviah sarazin
aliviah sarazin преди 2 дни
aliviah sarazin
aliviah sarazin преди 2 дни
Addison passed out
Francesca Guttadauro
Francesca Guttadauro преди 2 дни
Yeees Dixie... I love Dixie and if I could do something about this I totally would
Aela basha
Aela basha преди 2 дни
DonutPlayzRoblox преди 2 дни
I remember I had a REAL SEIZURE and NO ONE BELIEVED ME when I was right in front of my class. Everyone was saying I was pathetic, a faker. When I had to stay in the hospital, everyone believed me after. Turns out I stayed in the hospital for 3 weeks. Tho I did like staying with the nice nurses, but the food are horrible :> Technically it wasnt horrible food, I was just fed with spaghetti all the time :/
Andrea Vintage
Andrea Vintage преди 2 дни
Dixie its called a convulsions and you couldn't have had 400 coming from someone who does have them and am a nurse and paramedic
Fafa Gafari
Fafa Gafari преди 3 дни
I never liked tony
Jordan Jones
Jordan Jones преди 3 дни
send tony to jail
Jayden Simonson
Jayden Simonson преди 3 дни
They should fing fight back
Dayana Balbuena
Dayana Balbuena преди 3 дни
Nooooooooo. Noooooool
Analia Brito
Analia Brito преди 4 дни
OK that person that said delete your tik tok is jealous cause she has many likes and followers
Analia Brito
Analia Brito преди 4 дни
oh and Addison Rae is absoulty NOT fat bring yall big bellies and snap the haters away!
Jaquone Burton
Jaquone Burton преди 4 дни
What movie did that come from in 4:15
April Arquero
April Arquero преди 5 дни
can you not put the scary music
Stranger Tings
Stranger Tings преди 5 дни
You know what PEOPLE should be canceled if you ask me🙄😑✌🏽
A'Naiyah Jones
A'Naiyah Jones преди 5 дни
Stop calling people ugly because y’all Are Jealous in your wouldn’t want nobody to call you ugly I’m just tired of it I’m tired of everybody get real life y’all stop Hating It’s the least you could do to go to heaven don’t you want to go to Heaven if you do like this comment and get your life together so you can go
jen преди 5 дни
dixie sounds like a man
LauraSantiago преди 5 дни
why you gotta hide behind the screen
Tamera Taylor
Tamera Taylor преди 6 дни
I love ondreaz he is soooooo unproblematic
WONTON 346 преди 6 дни
tat dude who called addison rae fat, bend over and see YOUR rolls to notify you that rolls are normal.
Aaira Mishal
Aaira Mishal преди 6 дни
How can people hate on suck kind hearted people? Messed up!
kylam doan
kylam doan преди 6 дни
why does she not have the seizures still now -.- why does she not have proof. gimme dat proof dixie 💅🏻🤲👏
Londdyn Hill HorsesismyLife
Londdyn Hill HorsesismyLife преди 7 дни
Yes you are right
Samantha Mullins
Samantha Mullins преди 9 дни
and i dont like tony
Samantha Mullins
Samantha Mullins преди 9 дни
yo i would get the all the fandom we will jump the haters
Christine Ajayi
Christine Ajayi преди 9 дни
You keep me updated almost everyday thx
pretty niole
pretty niole преди 9 дни
you are REALLY spilling the TEA!
Alayna Chan
Alayna Chan преди 9 дни
You are soooooooooooooooooooooo correct! I love your point of view gurllllllllllllllllllll!
Cecilia Mlenga
Cecilia Mlenga преди 9 дни
They should end the hate in standing up for themselves because they're beautiful and sweet and they should not get hate . Love addison and Charlie 😍😍😍😝
Timothy Fogarty
Timothy Fogarty преди 9 дни
Timothy Fogarty
Timothy Fogarty преди 9 дни
the pain in dixie's voice :(
Ariana Gacha!
Ariana Gacha! преди 10 дни
Dixies classmates watching this:👁👄👁💧
Naomi Zoe Delos Reyes
Naomi Zoe Delos Reyes преди 10 дни
They're cute and beautiful
h h
h h преди 11 дни
This Is A vErY rEaL tHiNg
Amber-Roblox преди 11 дни
People hate on everyone for no reason at all. Like if I wear a blue shirt. “OmG sToP bLuE iS tHe CoLoUr oF tHe FlAg”
Oceangirl Ty
Oceangirl Ty преди 11 дни
I hate some people🙄
Zaira Lopez-Velasquez
Zaira Lopez-Velasquez преди 11 дни
Zaylah Teets
Zaylah Teets преди 11 дни
1 its not like charlie is going to just wears makeup to make someone happy she might just be doing for her self confidence 2 addison is far from fat trust me and 3 tony never actuly had sex with her so tecnicly he dose not need to go to jail and it wouldnt even be jail it would be prison so all of thease people need to get there facts strate and stop takeing something some one said thats so small and making it so big and twisting words and everything esle its not funny and motsof them are still kids so theres not reason for you to hate and ther humans two and its sad that im only 13 and more matur then most of the people on socal media. also sorry i spel,ld some things wrong im in a hurry.
Aspyn Ingram
Aspyn Ingram преди 12 дни
Who cares if they wear makeup or are "fat". Even if Addison was fat she would be just a gorgeous as she already is
Katie преди 12 дни
Bruh how is Addison fat she is beautiful like bruh
abria mcclain
abria mcclain преди 12 дни
People who call a person ugly are always THE UGLY GIRL behind the screen
indygirlie преди 12 дни
He could’ve shown a yearbook.
joanna may lopio
joanna may lopio преди 12 дни
Haters : "Ugly Remove ur 40 lb makeup" Me : Sis,Noones PERFECT everybody knows that,And Sis just fyi your mind is full of LOGIC
Joshua Chapanda
Joshua Chapanda преди 13 дни
Y all know there's a difference between thick and fat
daniellemadyson преди 13 дни
the beginning tho-
Stella Kolbe
Stella Kolbe преди 13 дни
Dixie never faked it.
Naomi Rice
Naomi Rice преди 13 дни
The poor girl had that?! Btw I’m talking abt Dixie I feel so bad.
Naomi Rice
Naomi Rice преди 13 дни
An I oop
Lea A
Lea A преди 14 дни
What's with the body shaming!? I don't understand why would you want to bring a person down is it for your own I entertainment or to get a lil fame?.
2nd Twin Williams
2nd Twin Williams преди 14 дни
Tony got a whole obsession with minors sad huh lol 😂
Nadica Pandeva
Nadica Pandeva преди 14 дни
Why are people against Dixie
Sansa skarlett
Sansa skarlett преди 14 дни
ItzMe 101
ItzMe 101 преди 15 дни
How u gonna call someone FAT now that's TOXIC
Simba conteh
Simba conteh преди 15 дни
tbh i wanna see tony on beyond scared straight . if yall know that show
Pink gamer roblox
Pink gamer roblox преди 15 дни
Charlie and Addison are prettier than me why don’t you come at me oh cause I’m not famous I’m also fater than Addison
Wendi Hughes
Wendi Hughes преди 15 дни
roshni mahangoo
roshni mahangoo преди 15 дни
Ya know the haters cant shut there idiotic mouths for a second
Lyrix преди 15 дни
If Addison is fat then I'm obese. Like wtf. DON'T BODY SHAME
B l u e b e r r e y B e a nʕ·ᴥ·ʔ
B l u e b e r r e y B e a nʕ·ᴥ·ʔ преди 16 дни
I watch Anna oop for the tea✨☕👁️👄👁️
... преди 16 дни
Lmao what is so weird abt famous people getting comments like "you are fat" like?? I get that everyday and nobody havent made a video on me sooo. It isint that outraging
Karuna Vasuthavan
Karuna Vasuthavan преди 16 дни
My opinion on haters calling Addison Rae and Charlie D'Amelio, (sorry if I spelt their names wrong), ugly is, that I strongly disagree. From when I was about 7 to the age of 10, I ALWAYS loved Charlie and Addison because I thought they were so incredibly beautiful and kind, and I always wished that one day I could be as beautiful as them when I grew up. But when I was 11, I FINALLY realized that I shouldn't want to be like anyone else and that I should be happy being myself. And I eventually looked in the mirror and realized how beautiful I actually am. I really hope that everyone can go through the same realization I did, if you're not happy with yourself or your body, and not want to be like anyone besides yourself. Love you guys.
Vincent Lee
Vincent Lee преди 16 дни
Shellyann Harris
Shellyann Harris преди 17 дни
I say let them ignore the hates and move on
Lefhika Kereteletswe
Lefhika Kereteletswe преди 17 дни
Why are people talking about long ago stuff y'all don't want peace well some of is do so stopppp u are jealous of dixie and her wonderful family get a life
Paj Lis
Paj Lis преди 17 дни
Bro when i dont want to go school i just make my self throw than boom no school
Cloudy Cute
Cloudy Cute преди 18 дни
Play johnny go to jail ok madd 😡😡😡😡
Cloudy Cute
Cloudy Cute преди 18 дни
I am really mad right now Charlie and Addison shouldn’t get bullied they support sounds really love people you are dumb anyways in other years they will be more dumber
Cloudy Cute
Cloudy Cute преди 18 дни
Dixie is the best girl she can be kept because people just give her hate when somebody say something but they don’t give prove are The fans The time one of them are dumb
ViviMationz преди 18 дни
Can we appreciate the fact Anna has never clickbaited us?
Tsion Dagnachew
Tsion Dagnachew преди 18 дни
tony and sophie should NOT be together like peeps keep shiping them but tbh with yall i dont want him to break her in anyway she is an angel
mackenzie laplant
mackenzie laplant преди 18 дни
face reveal anna??
Leonie He
Leonie He преди 18 дни
Tiktok do be toxic though...
Channel Gucci
Channel Gucci преди 18 дни
addison rae is not `fat' she's THICCC healthy and gorg and that dude who body shamed her just be jelous
Emily Liu
Emily Liu преди 18 дни
Can haters chill for a sec cuz the drama is coming FAST
ibxbblyyi :p
ibxbblyyi :p преди 19 дни
I sware I love this girl (the Pearson that makes theses videos)
Jalen Brown
Jalen Brown преди 19 дни
Addison is racist but she’s not ugly
edits and games
edits and games преди 19 дни
iam not longa a anay opp faen
ruthden преди 19 дни
Someone said that he is in jail now is it true? Srry i just haven't heard😁
Jigar Patel
Jigar Patel преди 19 дни
These haters should be locked up in jail for cyber crime and beaten hard until they realise what they were doing is wrong. And personally if I were someone to take care of cyber crime damnnnn I would stab these haters who bodyshame more than 100 times with a knife and throw their bodies to seagulls.
Nadia Casmod
Nadia Casmod преди 19 дни
Ppl do things for clout
Hawa Sidatt
Hawa Sidatt преди 19 дни
Addison is racist there is a reason for the hate boo.
Jimena Cervantes
Jimena Cervantes преди 20 дни
i’m sorry 400 IN 2 DAYS?!
iloveBobateax преди 20 дни
Those people who insulted and accused Dixie of faking seizures should be so embarrassed and ashamed of theirselves . 🤦🏻‍♀️
Sasha Tunkara
Sasha Tunkara преди 20 дни
do they expect us to be super skinny like, when women lose weight we are to skinny we gain weight we are to fat like what the heck!
iloveBobateax преди 20 дни
Why in the world is there so much hate and toxic going around the internet. Like if someone needs to be questioned, in jail, exposed or sentenced for life then do it. Dont just sit there and talk about for SOOO long and dont even do anything. Also.. why is everyone on the internet BODY SHAMING, ACCUSING OR EVEN WORSE INSULTING ONE ANOTHER!? Like i understand that person doesnt like “such and such” but like.. why put it on the internet so MORE people can hate/or get bullied also..? If you have something really harsh to say just keep it to yourself. Because if u end of spreading the hate towards that person its always gonna come back to you then your gonna regret what u did... I really hate to see my idols get accused, bullied, shamed and much more.. I really do. Why cant everyone just be normal without saying anything so mean, harsh.. and hateful?? The world would be such a much safer and better to live. Love yourself, love who you are. Be grateful that your your own self and dont have to share your body with anyone else.. be grateful that you are living on this earth right here.. right now. Be grateful that you have nice things because not all people have nice stuff like you.. be your own self and dont waste your time just to put another person down. If you really wanna say something harsh about one another, at least keep it to yourself.. Most importantly please please PLEASE dont hate another person for their skin color. If the person thats another race from you, dont waste your time on typing or saying something that really doesnt need to be said.. (this is nothing towards racism) Im not black but i still support BLM. I honestly think its so wrong that US white people made BLACK PEOPLE work for free like definitely 24/7 STRAIGHT! Its so wrong that they were gettinf abused, hit with the whip, and so much more... Us whites are so rich nowadays we didnt even pay them for the hard work they’ve done! They did nothing and i mean NOTHING to us, I just think its so wrong that we made them do all of thag work and pick cotton 24/7 but never paid them for it.. But just always remember your beautiful inside and outside.. theres no reason you should change yourself. Dont be jealous that someone else is prettier than you, their life may not be as perfect as yours.. thats why you always LOVE YOURSELF. LOVE WHO YOU ARE. YOUR BEAUTIFUL NO MATTER WHAT!!
itsmelakshmi преди 20 дни
I love how she doesnt talk abt bella poarch
itsmelakshmi преди 20 дни
Its annoying 🙄
Rosey_Cheeks Gacha
Rosey_Cheeks Gacha преди 20 дни
Ppl should just stop hating i mean its just freakin rude!
why did tony do that
Elizabeth Thoor
Elizabeth Thoor преди 20 дни
Tomy lopezt NO-
ItsMellyluv_15 o
ItsMellyluv_15 o преди 20 дни
Fun fact there are three Lopez brothers the forgotten one is the oldest no lie someone should make a video for this
ItzEmma преди 20 дни
Please tell me how these people got famous? I need to know !
Sweet_Panda преди 20 дни
Aww Dixie it’s ok I’m know how you feel trust me... comment or like if you know what I am talking about are going through ⬇️
Ahmed Saad
Ahmed Saad преди 21 ден
There is no ending for hate comments ... :/
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