Addison Rae ADDRESSES New BOYFRIEND Rumours & Bryce RESPONDS?! Charli DRAGGED, Tony Lopez New VICTIM

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anna oop

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Addison Rae ADDRESSES New BOYFRIEND Rumours & Bryce RESPONDS?! Charli DRAGGED, Tony Lopez New VICTIM
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Madysen Bolinger
Madysen Bolinger преди 4 часа
it dont matter if he was 17 bc he wasn’t legal yet he was still under 18 and 21 it matters now that he is 21 but then he was 17 so leave it alone don’t focus on the past or you’ll miss the future dumbasses
Haylee Wethern
Haylee Wethern преди 21 час
I don’t really like Bryce but that’s king sh!t 😃
Nessa Carret
Nessa Carret преди ден
It’s me N E S S A
Michelle Abraham
Michelle Abraham преди 3 дни
Sari Gaming
Sari Gaming преди 3 дни
Me literally drinking tea 👁👄👁
Trips, squishies, and stuff
Trips, squishies, and stuff преди 6 дни
Tik Tok acts like friends dont exist smh
Aizzy F
Aizzy F преди 6 дни
Addison Rae: breathes next to a boy Everybody else: Oh my god they are dating! ADDISON EXPOSE YOURSELF
KaleAlien TM
KaleAlien TM преди 8 дни
Nobody - Vicky - nine ten ahaakamajqkqkqkqnawjqkkqmajwka
Edward Pickering
Edward Pickering преди 9 дни
Famous tiktokers hangs out with a boy best friend . A you dating .let them live there life
Hannahis_Fun преди 9 дни
Yeah. I'm starting to think people are using tony for clout. Sorry not really. They could've just blocked tony. But nooooooooo they stayed sooooo your point is. Stop tryna get famous off of tony. And tony hangs out with people charli's age because they are all in the hype house and all are friends. So your point making is?
Tamarsha Smith
Tamarsha Smith преди 10 дни
That cra cra
KING STEAMER преди 11 дни
You again
briauna robinson
briauna robinson преди 11 дни
Why is some of them just now speaking up??☠️
Michelle H
Michelle H преди 12 дни
Hmm who's Addis new bf
Joana Marie Monis
Joana Marie Monis преди 12 дни
is this true
Treasure Ikpea
Treasure Ikpea преди 13 дни
ANYWAYS, I am SO grateful that I don't like OR support any tiktoker, why can't y'all let a black woman be famous on tiktok? Why?
Andrea Vintage
Andrea Vintage преди 15 дни
Wow people think they have say in when Addison can move on etc wtf
Satina Gamboa
Satina Gamboa преди 17 дни
this boy is creepy
Daisy_Sunshine преди 18 дни
Nevaeh Snow
Nevaeh Snow преди 18 дни
Ok I am not trying to down play what these girls went through because I have experienced similar things like this before but most of the “victims“ were talking with him to and when he wasn’t 18 yet so...... and if they didn’t feel comfortable with what he was saying then say it and if he keeps doing it after you tell him no then that’s when you report him. And again I am not trying to down play anything but people will do anything for may not agree with me but take it all into consideration (Also it just so happen to all happen on social media when tony is famous 🤔🥱😅) ( and people lie about there age......) (she was 17 almost 18 she told him she was 19)
Ohoud Mohamed-E-A--Al-Ajmi
Ohoud Mohamed-E-A--Al-Ajmi преди 19 дни
you need to chill bruv
rue yee
rue yee преди 19 дни
tony, just go to jail and change while you are in jail. i dont support cancel culture so just changeeeeee
Natalia Boyer
Natalia Boyer преди 19 дни
any one notice how people are only suing him now that he's famous. still think what he did wasn't right
Elisa Morales
Elisa Morales преди 20 дни
People can have boys as friends PEOPLE🙄🙄
Saanvi K
Saanvi K преди 20 дни
the fact that adiison makes more money then ESSENTIAL WORKERS LIKE DOCTORS THAT ARE FUCKING SAVING LIVES and then says its "hard work" to upload 3 15-second vids per day while she is literally just famous for being pretty and dancing (pretty privilege) makes me sad. cancel Addison raecist
Molly Dewick
Molly Dewick преди 21 ден
Celebrities can’t have a different gender friends without people shipping them 😡
Laylah Wright
Laylah Wright преди 21 ден
Ima laugh when Anna gets canceled
natasha gandi
natasha gandi преди 23 дни
ラブhoney_cxp преди 23 дни
Pinapley преди 23 дни
Oh gosh more? what did they do now 😬
Shaza SHAKAL преди 23 дни
I used to adore Anna but now u can clearly tell she hates everyone except the damelios p.s I don't hate them but this is just FRUSTRATING
JUST ME Disha преди 23 дни
Addi is just getting hate for have friends By the way guys a small BGcdr here pls subscribe if you can . Love you all 💜
Annayce Owens
Annayce Owens преди 23 дни
Bryce Hall doing that dance where you have one hand on top of the other in a fist and then move ur hands back right then left. That’s scary omg Edit: I’m not talking about the mop. The same hand position but going backwards. But anyways, *IM SERIOUS LIKE IT REALLY IS FRICKING SCARY*
Natalie Faraho
Natalie Faraho преди 24 дни
That is some hot tea
Jackie Blankenship
Jackie Blankenship преди 24 дни
Why can't people just let tiktoks be there self without hate I mean plz I like Addison and Charlie both and I hope they stay happy without any hate❤️
Klari. Okay
Klari. Okay преди 24 дни
Nie tem elem
Anna Mulder
Anna Mulder преди 24 дни
Watching these and being over 18 is like watching Riverdale tbh
Lauren D’Amico
Lauren D’Amico преди 24 дни
I don't support Tony but I do support Ondrez it's just a shame he gets hate for his brother actions
peppa gangsta
peppa gangsta преди 25 дни
this person cancelling people being all toxic and shit but can't show their face lol
Lika Talamai
Lika Talamai преди 25 дни
It like whenever and am telling you whenever some tiktokers are hanging out with each other they think that their dating like what
Layla Ibrahim
Layla Ibrahim преди 25 дни
I hope braddison come back I am happy for Addison and she roasted the hahahahah
Kookie Editor
Kookie Editor преди 25 дни
I’m saying this but like I’m pretty sure people get bored inside the house. Its pretty cool to get out for a couple hours. Like dang I know she not the only one that’s not social distancing. Like dude leave her alone y’all getting aggravating now
Superfriendshipgi преди 25 дни
all this drama happaned from that one dance getting famous..
Trissy kevd1504
Trissy kevd1504 преди 25 дни
I'm not excusing what tony did but if it that it happened in 2016 when they were BOTH minors. why did she not bring it to light then, why wait until he is famous and now legally an adult. again not excusing his actions but she seems to be looking for clout and money. four years ago my guy four. like damn, neither of u were even legal at the time...
PSA Products :D
PSA Products :D преди 25 дни
I wonder how Ondreaz thinks about how Tony is doing this... If Tony was my brother I would have kicked his @$$ ( I have permission to say this xD )
JANA OMG преди 25 дни
Yo 2020 we ain't having you
crybabiesonly преди 25 дни
im fr finna unsubscribe
Tionna Bostic
Tionna Bostic преди 25 дни
Why is it always tony in your videos about him in the past like it's in the past dam😒
Tionna Bostic
Tionna Bostic преди 25 дни
Me scrolling through the comments:👁👄👁 The comments:Hatin on Ann oop
I’m food, and that’s periodt
I’m food, and that’s periodt преди 25 дни
Addison: **breathes** Delusional weirdos: “I SHIP HER WITH AIR! EEEEEEEE”
Dash De brosse
Dash De brosse преди 24 дни
FILT-O-FLEX Sales преди 26 дни
Man this is sad
Aaliyah Juarez
Aaliyah Juarez преди 26 дни
Why are people coming after Addison for having a friend when Bryce literally had strippers at his birthday.People these days 😒. Not trying to start anything but I just had to say that 😌
Reagan Files
Reagan Files преди 26 дни
Y’all are so bored and stop hating on ppl for no reason like not social distancing? Bruh what?
carmen преди 26 дни
lσνєιggу преди 26 дни
BGcd’s getting real comfy with these Durex condom adds
Just Amélie T
Just Amélie T преди 24 дни
Ever had that and an "ErRecTiLe DiSfUnCtIoN" Add
Kirsten White
Kirsten White преди 26 дни
People are saying that people have to stop shipping Addison and Troy but like they always end up dating like girllll sit down ✋🏼 💀🥴
ItZvAeHxX CoOkIe
ItZvAeHxX CoOkIe преди 26 дни
ItZvAeHxX CoOkIe
ItZvAeHxX CoOkIe преди 26 дни
Is the fans for me
Anna Banana
Anna Banana преди 26 дни
Why can't friends be friends!
RosieGirly_Gamer10 преди 26 дни
Wtf is worng with people like let people beeeee
Itz Evie
Itz Evie преди 26 дни
Let a girl hang out with boys without being shipped bc Ik when your hanging with a boy and someone says ship but you and him don’t feel that way it’s so awkward for everyone
Miriam Soria
Miriam Soria преди 26 дни
sis you should say anyways siseys
Miriam Soria
Miriam Soria преди 26 дни
or anyways luvs plzz xoxoxo miriam nicole soria
Pretty Purple
Pretty Purple преди 26 дни
ok anna love ur vids sis but can we change it a lil bit, all u do now is tik tok this tik tok that😭
SiimplyyNotEmma преди 26 дни
With all the tiktoker parties corona gonna go on forever..
Ana Ali
Ana Ali преди 27 дни
The tiktok world is not problematic it be the people who use it that are problematic...what you use the app see individuals have this gift yk to make things problematic by not using platforms like they are suppose to be used for.
XxKinjalxX преди 27 дни
Ughhhhh tiktokers think there higher than us
Monica Browne
Monica Browne преди 27 дни
do you have tiktok
IsAslheyyy Gachaaa
IsAslheyyy Gachaaa преди 27 дни
Yeah she is not social distancing just stop
Julia Jodon
Julia Jodon преди 27 дни
Y’all STOP “exposing” people on TikTok and go straight to the police right away
Iyhana's world
Iyhana's world преди 27 дни
She was not a minor this was t years ago plz go do something with ur brain 15 16 17 only one years apart these are fake asfffffff you just gelive anything and every thing llz stop hating on every do see that makes a mistake it like you dong make mistake do you? Plz be a better person
Sanela Husejnovic
Sanela Husejnovic преди 27 дни
when a girl and a boy hangout and they are in the public’s eyes they instantly have people assuming they are together. can a guy and a girl really not hangout with each other and be friends? like it’s so annoying, when you say those types of stuff just remember it can affect that friendship! just saying 🤷🏻‍♀️
pxtrwtf преди 27 дни
I did not that they used to date ngl
16 kithxz
16 kithxz преди 27 дни
my wig has already flew off
ELISE ANDRES преди 27 дни
Am yes it' real becuse. I. See in her instragram and you are my best anna oop and what are you youtubing im dear diaring and i miss braddison cause bryce dating tessa brooks and addi see it
cutely aesthetically
cutely aesthetically преди 27 дни
Tbh I’m starting to agree with Trump to delete tik tok 1.Because it’s all gonna end one day 2.this drama is getting out of hand 3.there gonna end up killing them selves from all these harsh comments and dms they get
gracie lemaire
gracie lemaire преди 27 дни
y’all that wasn’t a shade edit that was something called plot twist, plot twist are bad things
tiffymarieseesthetea marie
tiffymarieseesthetea marie преди 27 дни
The fact that one of these tik tokers is a heroin and xanax addict and no one even knows is crazy....someone sent me video proof my dad lives by one of these ticks and lots of proof they are druggys
Bella Santiago
Bella Santiago преди 28 дни
Addison: has alot of money But has no fashion
Elaina Angulo
Elaina Angulo преди 28 дни
I can see it now Tony Lopez and lovely peaches standing next to each other talking. 😌
Brooke Sanchez
Brooke Sanchez преди 28 дни
Its sep 21 and the the news thing has not happened yet
Hazel Bradshaw
Hazel Bradshaw преди 28 дни
I mean it’s her life it’s her choice to not social distance
J Schwalb
J Schwalb преди 28 дни
Of course you're not gonna say anything about Charlie not social distancing. cOUsE shEs qUEEn chArlIE
Lishara Rana
Lishara Rana преди 28 дни
Someone needs to cancel annaoop🥱
Remedy Beckler
Remedy Beckler преди 28 дни
Tony’s in it’s gonna be deeeeeeeppppp
Aubrey Playz - Roblox ✓
Aubrey Playz - Roblox ✓ преди 28 дни
I love it how ondreaz is BARELY in drama 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
X.Dreamy.X x.Edits.x
X.Dreamy.X x.Edits.x преди 29 дни
The fact that she put “t*nyyyy” is hella funny😂
Christian Clan Kids
Christian Clan Kids преди 29 дни
No ship I do not want them to ship thay are just friends no hate
Banana Face
Banana Face преди 29 дни
Victim 1, victim 2, victim 3, victim 4, victim 5, PLEASE ARREST THIS MAN!!
iiiElephxnts преди 29 дни
You need to be cancelled now your so f ing basis towards charlie
BibbleBea преди месец
babe just search up tonys youtube and start clicking! your so dumb. period.
Arianator 4Ever
Arianator 4Ever преди месец
i feel bad for Tony💔
Arianator 4Ever
Arianator 4Ever преди месец
wait i don't get it, it's 2020 and people still assume that a boy and girl hanging out are in a relationship???
Braddison Lover
Braddison Lover преди месец
I’m hurt him he’s needs to get his girl back tf😭❤️
Ummm hello Person
Ummm hello Person преди месец
Nickita:i hate drama
Keithani The midget
Keithani The midget преди месец
Ik that Tony is bad, but I feel like everyone is doing this for attention nowadays-
Mariajose Martinez
Mariajose Martinez преди месец
Im going to die more and more tea
Jadyn Dillard
Jadyn Dillard преди месец
Mariana Mora
Mariana Mora преди месец
See that’s why I only like anime or web tik tok I’m just watching bc I’m bored lol why straight tiktok has a lot of drama and for the post of Crunchyroll and chilling yeah she gained weed tiktok hate we no longer sopport her 😚
『Poki〜chu』 преди месец
Daddy Malfoy
Daddy Malfoy преди месец
It happens 4 years ago, and when the girl realized everyone was getting clout for it, she just decided to say sum now?
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