Charli, Dixie & Nikita CALLED OUT For THIS?!, Nessa & Josh OFFICIALLY BACK, Dolan Twins MESSED UP..

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anna oop

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Charli, Dixie & Nikita CALLED OUT For THIS?!, Nessa & Josh OFFICIALLY BACK, Dolan Twins MESSED UP..
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Emi преди час
Just cuz u got a lil hype does not mean u are different than all of the non famous people wear ur masks and respect the rules *period*
viridiana calleja zepeda
viridiana calleja zepeda преди 3 часа
Bruh i didin't get to do my birthday and these people do a big party wooooooooooooooooooooooooow
HERO GAMING преди 21 час
Why is larray in this? Oop now i now-
Ruman Ahmed
Ruman Ahmed преди 2 дни
why are people even talking about chase?? Josh and nessa never broke up because of chase,they broke up because they wanted to focus on themselves and their own careers
Ruman Ahmed
Ruman Ahmed преди 2 дни
"everybody was tested" umm nikita not everybody gets corona for being with someone
Sophia ralin
Sophia ralin преди 8 дни
And this stuff ant are bisnes
Sophia ralin
Sophia ralin преди 8 дни
Ok first if all there not being stupid barely any people are ACTUALY dieing from CORONA like for example one guy had corona when he was yunger and he died from a crash it got written down for CORONA ok people do you research and dont trust other people and pray 🙏
Carruth Kevin
Carruth Kevin преди 9 дни
n.0.i.r преди 10 дни
did people forgot there is a pandemic, yes we also miss our friends and want this virus over and people like them are just spreading it more. Smh
RubyEllis O
RubyEllis O преди 11 дни
more than 1 person was wearing a mask many of the people there have been together since the beginning of quarantine. It still doesn't make it right to have more than 6 people together though.
Colbs _ koala
Colbs _ koala преди 11 дни
This is why I’m in the trap house fandom 😌 the fandom contains of Sam, Colby, Jake, and Corey 😌 there amazing 🤗they do party but it’s only there friend group and they ALL got tested before😊
Brooke Sanchez
Brooke Sanchez преди 20 дни
Best of Launei
Best of Launei преди 21 ден
not defending them at alllll but corona ain't going nowhere
Edas Dias
Edas Dias преди 22 дни
Okay tiktokers really think there not going to covid SMH this gross at this point
Merry playz ROBLOX
Merry playz ROBLOX преди 22 дни
Jace Roberts
Jace Roberts преди 24 дни
lmao she's saying they we're tested doesn't she know they might have it but when they test it looks like they don't dumb ass mommy nikita
erika goyzueta
erika goyzueta преди 26 дни
me reading the title also me nikita what did u do now
Olivia Barrios
Olivia Barrios преди месец
Larray's grandma should have a youtube channel tbh.
Doris Limpin
Doris Limpin преди месец
The largest amount of people i can invite is three people cuz thats the amount of friends i have and it's perfect all the tiktok is now being problematic and partying in large groups
Clara Díaz
Clara Díaz преди месец
Ana oop wow some tea I got my tea😘
Sara Varga
Sara Varga преди месец
Cloudy преди месец
Imagine how much tea Anna drinks! :0 ☕️
Marianna San Nicolas
Marianna San Nicolas преди месец
Chase kissed Nessa, and Nessa pulled away
Marianna San Nicolas
Marianna San Nicolas преди месец
LA doesn't have coronavirus as bad, barely anyone gets it. I know, cuz I live in California, California doesn't have as much people getting corona. So people need to stop making a big deal of it.
dont lie
dont lie преди месец
Amrutha Mallireddy
Amrutha Mallireddy преди месец
sunflower преди месец
are we not gonna talk about how she drags everyone except the d'amelios?? kinda biased..... if you ask me
uTheOnLyOne преди месец
But Larry’s was wearing a mask
Nokukhanya Mapalala
Nokukhanya Mapalala преди месец
Tony has a straight problem and nessa and josh do deserve the hate and so they forgive nessa but not chace people can be so cruel😈😤
Natalie Stevenson
Natalie Stevenson преди месец
Why did she bleep put tanas last name
TORI T преди месец
I know they say masks will help but I know over 10 people who wore masks throughout these 7 months and still died and they still wore the proper masks
Tic Tok amusement
Tic Tok amusement преди месец
Hey what do u use to edit please answer??
PeachyKeen ROBLOX
PeachyKeen ROBLOX преди месец
its not larrays fault nikita threw the surprise party he didnt even know he was getting a party and he cant just not show up to his birthday also he was the only one wearign a mask so yall have no reason to cancel him
Yelena Pumarejo
Yelena Pumarejo преди месец
Maybe,josh should be where chase is at.
CarebearxX. преди месец
I would TOTALLY throw a birthday party durning this time 🥰
Lëmøn - Møchï
Lëmøn - Møchï преди месец
This is so...OML 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️. Tik tok needs SERIOUS help-
Kelley B
Kelley B преди месец
Just saying like does this girl not even give a crept about anything couse just saying she's making the internet more toxic😒
Varsity Chepkirui
Varsity Chepkirui преди месец
Am I m only who saw nikita
daisy bunnies
daisy bunnies преди месец
Nessa better apologize nessa kissed Him and hes getting all the hate even though he apologized like dude nessa apologize now and he's getting all the hate for it when she kissed him
daisy bunnies
daisy bunnies преди месец
I just don't get how irresponsible the hype house is there is a whole global pandemic and there partying with a hundred people like gosh they are so stupid but the only thing is larrays grandma was wearing. Mask😡 they should all be wearing a mask WTH..........
Devan Hanks
Devan Hanks преди месец
Hun did you see that one with nikata has dog lash in man 🙄ugh
Evelyn's life
Evelyn's life преди месец
Omg sweetie call me if u get covid tiktokers
Nicolacia Costa
Nicolacia Costa преди месец
DropzzOn60Fps преди месец
I miss the Larry that was roasting kids on roblox 😞
Rahaf Awni
Rahaf Awni преди месец
Love you Anna oop
Rahaf Awni
Rahaf Awni преди месец
Josh and nessa doesn’t deserve hate and frist maybe they talk to chase or text him they will not just abandon chase like that I don’t know so I will stop speaking of it Buc I don’t know the story a I really think that we should respect there privately love you all 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷
Paul Watson Watson
Paul Watson Watson преди месец
Do they have parents because if they don’t they are just out of control
Paul Watson Watson
Paul Watson Watson преди месец
Don’t approve
Paul Watson Watson
Paul Watson Watson преди месец
They are 🤬🤮👎
•totea• преди месец
so everytime theyll do a pary theyre gonna say sorry and do more parties? not cool
Gacha Lilly Official
Gacha Lilly Official преди месец
Who else thinks that Anna should have an entire tv show to herself
Annie G
Annie G преди месец
I was wondering when u will talk bout larray
COOKIEBXBY преди месец
Ok my birthday pasted and not to much ppl
mapitso lesego
mapitso lesego преди месец
-Its Honey-
-Its Honey- преди месец
Some drama about LARRAY yass first time I've heard
XxKinjalxX преди месец
Famous people think there wayyy better than regular people even Nikita
Avery Betancourt
Avery Betancourt преди месец
They live together omg y’all should know this
Reyna Guizar
Reyna Guizar преди месец
Me being Mexican 👁👄👁
bossplayer 817
bossplayer 817 преди месец
It’s notttttt Nikita fault people decided to go yeah she may have told to come but they risk there own lives they could have stayed homeee I don’t understand why people hate 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️💀
Gachasiblings преди месец
1:34 🧐
Charlis bby /dunkin
Charlis bby /dunkin преди месец
You : that hickey is most likely joshes Me : you mean chase right?
moonie' es
moonie' es преди месец
Livy Curtis
Livy Curtis преди месец
Unfollowed everyone who went to the party
Shaina Chapman
Shaina Chapman преди месец
bruh nessa and josh ligit look like twins lol
Rhyan McCain
Rhyan McCain преди месец
This is why I didn’t want to talk anymore because I kept on saying he in a make me feel bad for them but I saw that they were shipping people so it’s like I’m too young for this
Sarah Barnett
Sarah Barnett преди месец
noone wearing a mask Larry's grandma: y'all can get sick but not me hunni And the pandemic is only in L.A bc they don't social distance
Gamerxx Cat
Gamerxx Cat преди месец
Oh hunny Mexicans have HUGE parties
Annie преди месец
I don’t see a hickey sis-
Anisa Braholli
Anisa Braholli преди месец
and then yall saying charli is umproblematic first of all she vaped and everyone was saying that it was an anxiety pen but even dixie said that charli and her vaped TOGETHER she also bodyshamed nessa cause she was short but her next tweet was for self love and body positivity even tho she is 1 60 and yall though it was funny cause shes FAMOUS and the only thing that i can say its that yall are selfish and now she was at a party while there is a global pandematic ITS A GOD DAMN WORLD WAR PANDEMATIC thats crazy many people can die cause theyre actios and a mask here cant help its a piece of clothe how can it protect them while they are over hundred people and they dont even respond to fans anymore they act like celebrities the sound really stupid honestly when charli does something bad yall ignore it cause she FAMOUS and shes a qUeEn watch anna oop saying shes perfect while she ignores all the selfish things she did
Tiktok Tea
Tiktok Tea преди месец
I changed it so u don’t know how it got 0 likes :)
Free edits for all and more
Free edits for all and more преди месец
Want free edits of charli d Amelio and more then watch my vids sry for self promo
mariska mariska
mariska mariska преди месец
I love that Nessa and Josh are back together
Peppa Is that you?
Peppa Is that you? преди месец
Omg I hate sway
Kori Satterfield
Kori Satterfield преди месец
Ummm dixe birthday was Like family time but the hype house ooo honey and sway house y’all need stop now
Quennperiodpou123 Kennedi
Quennperiodpou123 Kennedi преди месец
coconutmilk chocolate
coconutmilk chocolate преди месец
Why Larry and THE HYPE HOUSE
-Twin potatoe-
-Twin potatoe- преди 2 месеца
Who clicked this video cause they saw larray
ハロウィーン преди 2 месеца
bro, larray didn’t even throw the damn party 😔
Nora Meesai
Nora Meesai преди 2 месеца
My birthday is on a Hollwen so imagine how sad I was.......😐😐😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶
Błéäçh Før thé éÿéś
Błéäçh Før thé éÿéś преди месец
Eileen Rullo
Eileen Rullo преди 2 месеца
Me: and this is why you don't become tiktok famous and make desicons without thinking about the hate your gonna get.
edits and games
edits and games преди 2 месеца
edits and games
edits and games преди 2 месеца
Lol its l.o.l
Petter Øyen Hauge
Petter Øyen Hauge преди 2 месеца
This is cringe
kristen b.
kristen b. преди 2 месеца
ok lemme say something: not seeing anyone for like 5 months takes a toll on your mental health. yes its still not right but i dont blame them
Błéäçh Før thé éÿéś
Błéäçh Før thé éÿéś преди месец
😭 lmao they can ft each other....most of them all live together anyways
Danielle Ngiedi
Danielle Ngiedi преди 2 месеца
They see each other everyday. None of em social distance so nah I blame them
Ilana Magchilov
Ilana Magchilov преди 2 месеца
Teens r just bored and they want entertainment. It's understandable why but its not s good idea. Rather party just have a small group of fun games at home only!
• L A Y L A •
• L A Y L A • преди 2 месеца
I remember when josh was innocent and did videos with his sister PeRiOoOT💅🏻😌
Asia’nae Wilson
Asia’nae Wilson преди 2 месеца
How are y’all gonna be mad just bc larry and the hype house didn’t where a mask? If they don’t want to were one then they don’t have to. Yes corona is still here but there’s not a law saying that u need 2 we’re one. It’s not being selfish
ASHERBIDGE PLAYS преди 2 месеца
How come People didn't see nikita and tony together...
da_sharky girl
da_sharky girl преди 2 месеца
me seeing the comment we canceeled our birthdays: BISH WHAt a birthday cant be canccled
Avery Talks Tea
Avery Talks Tea преди 2 месеца
Lmao due to corona I literally spent my birthday with my parents and siblings.
Bibi Barron
Bibi Barron преди 2 месеца
It's on the 25th it's on
Bibi Barron
Bibi Barron преди 2 месеца
My birthday is coming up in about 2 weeks and I don't get a birthday party I didn't get one last year because we don't have enough money but I'm fine just getting a gift
LiaPrex преди 2 месеца
Am I the only one who said GO OFF JOSSH when he pulled out his camera.....just me ok.
Jansen Prine
Jansen Prine преди 2 месеца
For my bday party literally just my fam is coming to my house and we go no where literally NO WHERE so we safe
One And Only Mikayla
One And Only Mikayla преди 2 месеца
anyone else see what tony and nikita were doing like wtffff
Reaction Girl
Reaction Girl преди 2 месеца
oof my teai is hot too
Lashaunda Edwards
Lashaunda Edwards преди 2 месеца
why does she bleep out random stuff like “mongue”?
Tiffany Gallichio
Tiffany Gallichio преди 2 месеца
I love Anna oops animations for her videos they are awesome and I love how she made herself animated😀!!!!!!!!!! .
Midnight Crying
Midnight Crying преди 2 месеца
bring musically back. ASAP
Aleyna Vang
Aleyna Vang преди 2 месеца
how i celebrate my birthday is that my siblings would come and some old adult friends
Hann Bann
Hann Bann преди 2 месеца
Larry is the only tik toker who has a good sorry thing
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