Charli & Dixie ACCUSED Of Being Trump Supporters?!, Lil Huddy Fans WORRIED, Jeffree Star ROBBED?!

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anna oop

преди 18 дни

Charli & Dixie ACCUSED Of Being Trump Supporters?!, Lil Huddy Fans WORRIED, Jeffree Star ROBBED?!

Isaac Micakovic
Isaac Micakovic преди 10 минути
Trump 2020.
Belle преди 3 часа
(I have only watched the trump bit and I’m at 2:30) Not accusing but it could be possible, I mean Dixie “used” to be transphobic but she could have just said used so she didn’t get cancelled.. maybe they are supporting trump, I mean I didn’t support them anyways
Krista's Korner
Krista's Korner преди 2 часа
I am not fans of them but how do you know that , that 40 yr old lady is just doing that for views , charlie is 16 how can she vote , also where is the proof .
Hannah Kouadio
Hannah Kouadio преди 7 часа
lol that girl who fell off the escalator
Yt_ChyChy преди ден
1:18 i was fucking eating ;-; like sis c'mon 😭😭😭😭 WHY
Isa ann
Isa ann преди 2 дни
If you actually think your depressed and you think you can’t fix it or yourself, you don’t tell social media. Most of the time, not all, but most, you’re scared to tell anyone how you feel. Even your closest friends and fam! Not saying he’s faking, I’m just wondering
Nana Bansah
Nana Bansah преди 2 дни
Ok and they can like trump or not
Krista's Korner
Krista's Korner преди 2 часа
@꧁Grace꧂ yes they can I hate trump , but people can vote whoever they want .
Nana Bansah
Nana Bansah преди 22 часа
Yes they can it's their opinion smh
꧁Grace꧂ преди 22 часа
Well, not really.
Gaming with Emmy
Gaming with Emmy преди 2 дни
I’m sry but why did she do that with her but I’m sry but-😭😭
i don't beef for free
i don't beef for free преди 3 дни
I miss those musicly days with no people getting cancel
i don't beef for free
i don't beef for free преди 3 дни
Am i the only one who does this before i binge watch anna oop i have donuts,coffee,candy,pizza and number 1 item tea
i don't beef for free
i don't beef for free преди 3 дни
People needs to stop death threats
free edits
free edits преди 3 дни
anna,I’m done of you spreading rumors THEY DONT SUPPORT TRUMP
Rose Gutyz
Rose Gutyz преди 3 дни
Sucks when the girl that literally broke into the hype house is accusing the kardashins and the damilios of voteing for trump
CxmfyKenz преди 3 дни
Did Jeffree Stutter Yes. Yes, He Did.
Leticia Theodore
Leticia Theodore преди 3 дни
a.k.a genie
Leticia Theodore
Leticia Theodore преди 3 дни
the problematic mom is sooo ugly
Divya Del Carmen
Divya Del Carmen преди 4 дни
I feel bad for @LilHuddy. My poor baby 💔
Zenith Soko
Zenith Soko преди 4 дни
Anna opp: peaches is the the most hated tiktoker ever Zoe: am i a joke to you
Zenith Soko
Zenith Soko преди 2 часа
@Sophie_Chen 20271043 why you always lying 🙄👊
Sophie_Chen 20271043
Sophie_Chen 20271043 преди 7 часа
That's not true at all. I see Zoe's fanpages everywhere
Emma Ryan
Emma Ryan преди 4 дни
d’amelio do vote for trump tho😐😐
Jamielee Simon
Jamielee Simon преди 4 дни
I'm concern for lil huddy he needs a friend
Lowkeyy._. pAris._.
Lowkeyy._. pAris._. преди 4 дни
Bella Vlogs
Bella Vlogs преди 4 дни
Nobody: Lil huddys snake: 👁👄👁
Maya преди 4 дни
she lying yeah cuz jenny got no pennys
Nadia Whiting
Nadia Whiting преди 5 дни
Ok what did anyone expect chase to do... Be happy? After all the death threats and name calling he received for kissing nessa when they both weren't dating there now exes You all are foolish
cindy Alvarado
cindy Alvarado преди 5 дни
Stranger Tings
Stranger Tings преди 6 дни
People are so Toxic I am DONE!!!!!!!!!!
this is what happens when nobody on your contacts has tea and then you come to your closest friend anna for tea and she's got it
Henry Schihl
Henry Schihl преди 6 дни
So sleepy joe is better. He did nothing in 47 years
Henry Schihl
Henry Schihl преди 6 дни
Trump 2020.
Noelanny Francisco
Noelanny Francisco преди 7 дни
they dont all suppor trump kiliyie doesnt
Jada James
Jada James преди 7 дни
Jenny just wants clout LOL SHE JUST ATTENTIONNNNNNN 😜😑🙄
Luka Galactica
Luka Galactica преди 7 дни
wdym tea to spill have u ever even spilled tea in your life
DaisyGirl Studios
DaisyGirl Studios преди 7 дни
Why do other care about who we are friends with. 😌
Lxttx xxx
Lxttx xxx преди 7 дни
I didn‘t understand the all want acceptance and Tolerance but you can‘t accept when someone likes trump? That‘s unnecessary and uncool
Amy Grape
Amy Grape преди 7 дни
Even if they are trump supporters, y’all shouldn’t hate about their opinion.
Meg_girl преди 7 дни
Hey not saying I support tump but don’t we live in America you can vote for who ever you want!why dose it matter!!
BunnyRea преди 7 дни
So what is they do support trump like tf???
ChillzPOV Music
ChillzPOV Music преди 8 дни
Well we already know Kim kardashian is voting trump...
George Ofosu
George Ofosu преди 8 дни
Julieta Luna Bonilla
Julieta Luna Bonilla преди 8 дни
chonky TOUILLE
chonky TOUILLE преди 8 дни
It's tik tok what are y'all expect? People there are toxic❤️
Kim Parkman
Kim Parkman преди 8 дни
i support trump...
Donna Kiernan
Donna Kiernan преди 9 дни
I hate chase and yes I told him to die in a hole but I didn’t mean it I wouldn’t of a apologised if I didn’t well I’m sorry
シCupcake преди 9 дни
I like Trump, do I care? No.
Bread is my life
Bread is my life преди 9 дни
No one deserves to have death wished upon them even Donald trump, everyone is useful
•Tiktok •
•Tiktok • преди 9 дни
Am sorry but this girl is getting annoying
peyton :o
peyton :o преди 9 дни
Quixie преди 9 дни
Who cares if they support trump Lmao
Are You
Are You преди 9 дни
Exactly!!!Anna what is the point of sending hate to others? I still love your videos ❤️
ansley blay
ansley blay преди 9 дни
Honestly I don’t get why it matters for what people think about politics they can think what ever they want to
Crystal Adkins
Crystal Adkins преди 10 дни
trump 2020
•Tiktok •
•Tiktok • преди 9 дни
samantha missoi
samantha missoi преди 10 дни
Im still mad at lil huddy for saying the n word and will prob never forgive him but death threats is not ok u should never send those to anyone (except Ted Bundy)
Angel Ortiz
Angel Ortiz преди 10 дни
Charlie Demio is a minor, 🔞 she can't even vote, 🗳️show means it's fake news, guys don't believe everything you see
Valeria Paguada
Valeria Paguada преди 10 дни
The mom is called Jenny and the daughter is called Rosalie also the mom made her daughter support trump so that vid was weird
Jakub Brooks
Jakub Brooks преди 10 дни
If The Charlie, Dixie, and there family supported Trump I would follow both of them and start supporting them
Gabriella Graham
Gabriella Graham преди 10 дни
That’s some burning hot tea right there
シSmudgeシ преди 10 дни
Jeffrey star be like: *LISTEN BISH*
Stephanie Ruiz
Stephanie Ruiz преди 10 дни
Elisabeth G
Elisabeth G преди 10 дни
Well even if she. Is trump supporter how is that ppls business it’s her life like stop sending death treats how would you feel if that happened to you like
•Kawaii Olivia•
•Kawaii Olivia• преди 10 дни
That first comment describes Anna oop- HA XD
XxLaIiIoXx lov
XxLaIiIoXx lov преди 10 дни
I clicked faster than james charles could say "Sister"
Olivia D
Olivia D преди 10 дни
Me watching this on dracotok like 👁👄👁
TGB Clan page
TGB Clan page преди 10 дни
I knew that eight months ago And his dad is a Connecticut senators or one of that and he is a republicans
Everything Dixie
Everything Dixie преди 10 дни
Sooooo the only way you can be a good guy is if your a democrat l----
Tiana Hobbs
Tiana Hobbs преди 10 дни
Ok chase getting death threats is not so professional even tho I’m not a chase stan
chars tea
chars tea преди 11 дни
The fact that maria thinks shes famous lol maria needs help devinity plss adopt her Lilhuddy may have said the nword but yall only care abt him bc hes posting all this stuff
Honey Bun
Honey Bun преди 11 дни
Why is supporting trump bad? I believe people should respect what others support as long as its not hurting themselves or others.
Selma’s Sunshine’s
Selma’s Sunshine’s преди 11 дни
What is so bad about being a trump supporter. people can have their own opinions it doesn’t mean that person is a bad person like seriously whyyy
Who преди 11 дни
*Anna , i’m tired of tea.. can we drink something else*
JADA CAESAR преди 11 дни
Anna dosent let the Charlie or her sister breathe either 😬🤨
MeMelsie 20
MeMelsie 20 преди 11 дни
So what if they support trump!?! We all have our own opinions
Kayla Rose
Kayla Rose преди 11 дни
What is wrong with supporting trump? I don’t personally support him. But I do know people who do. They shouldn’t be afraid to open there mouth to say there political views. One of my friends say her parents don’t want her talking about it because they think she’ll get beaten up or killed. Supporting Trump or supporting Biden shouldn’t be a bad thing. It’s there opinion and there choice.
Eva Varela
Eva Varela преди 11 дни
u should talk abt how Anna Shumate came out as bi!!!
Tea преди 11 дни
Maria / Jenny really just screeched in a store outta no where...poor people just be stood there like 👁👄👁
Okuhle Khanyile
Okuhle Khanyile преди 11 дни
they should bring musiclly back this is soooooo tiring
qxeenflake преди 11 дни
nobody does deserves death threats :/ its actually sad.. why cant people just be nice? tiktok = toxic
Alejandra Gozo
Alejandra Gozo преди 11 дни
How could they like trump if he legit tried to END their careers...
Charis преди 11 дни
everyone: talking abt the video and what they think about it me: omg is that devenity from total eclipse at 2:15
Kahleen Lagare
Kahleen Lagare преди 11 дни
First I don’t get how people are attacking people for voting for a president. Yes Trump has done the shittiest things, I don’t like him, I actually really hate him but that doesn’t give others the right to treat others badly for a political difference in views. Everyone’s got their own different opinions arguing and degrading them isn’t going to make them change their vote. And it makes you a horrible person who doesn’t deserve to live. Second It’s good to be worried about depression, but the fact that people only start caring about it when a celebrity starts showing they have it just doesn’t sit right with me. It’s a mental issue that really common with teens and adults, no one gave a fuck about it until their idol started feeling shit . Some people are going through worse and yet people only care about the celebrity that just couldn’t stay unproblematic.
Kaelyn Lemon
Kaelyn Lemon преди 11 дни
WTF, its the OMG everyone's life is mine, for me!
Dreams Auntie
Dreams Auntie преди 11 дни
People will only start caring for you once your gone some people say’s....
Nevaeh преди 11 дни
Maria literally supports trump! So i don’t understand why tf she is falsely accusing the Kardashian/Jenners and the D’amelios
Melissa Holland
Melissa Holland преди 11 дни
oh I see. depression is only an issue w famous people. 13 yr olds like me getting death threats is no big deal. its only famous people [not hating on famous ppl who get hate threats, we just need more awareness ab this subject cuz ik from personal experience death threats rly hurt :)]
megan thee stallion 4 life
megan thee stallion 4 life преди 11 дни
the way she misgendered Catherine
Amaris_1024 преди 11 дни
addison wasnt even talking about chase...
Jillian преди 12 дни
I have to say people say that the mom is Jenny that isn’t Jenny it’s the girl who is obsessed with chase Hudson and thinks she’s going to marry him🙈
M3M3 GANG преди 12 дни
Yesly Reyes
Yesly Reyes преди 12 дни
Addi is literally the most positive person I’ve ever seen i stan her 😌
•V̇İḃi̇ṅ• преди 12 дни
Spits out tea* OoP
Zoey Snashell
Zoey Snashell преди 12 дни
I support trump!
Kym Goers
Kym Goers преди 12 дни
Umm I have a question why can’t is it so bad to like trump?🧐 well love your vids not trying to offend anyone
Claudia Kruse
Claudia Kruse преди 12 дни
BAHAHA Anna oop said "Jenny" when it's Jenny's mom
Bby. Ariie
Bby. Ariie преди 12 дни
I don’t respect anybody who says or said the n word in the past🤷🏾‍♀️.
Anika Trivedi
Anika Trivedi преди 12 дни
IDK what the big deal is in them supporting trump like he won last election so we know that lots of people support him like, give em' a break!
KimyPaws преди 12 дни
I love how Anna Oop preach about not bullying dancind 16 yr olds on tiktok but not Jeffrey or youtubers? damn the hypocracy
Itz MeeAmaya
Itz MeeAmaya преди 12 дни
I've never really liked chase, but people wishing DEATH on him is NOT ok!!
Queenrella Haijnes
Queenrella Haijnes преди 12 дни
Damelio voting for trump?? WTFF
S K преди 12 дни
people need to stop hating on people it deeply affects their mental health
those rat girls
those rat girls преди 12 дни
She is an old lady please your expired already
lee minho
lee minho преди 12 дни
LMAOOO the "real women vote for trump" thing (anyways real women vote for someone who isn't trump ;))
Harpers Aesthetic
Harpers Aesthetic преди 12 дни
everyone can vote who they want and we shouldnt care bc its acctully not suppost to be a thing thats put out in too the public
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