Dixie GETS CALLED OUT For Dark PAST?!, Addison Rae CHEATED ON By Bryce Hall?!, Nessa BULLIED On LIVE

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anna oop

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Dixie GETS CALLED OUT For PAST?!, Bryce Hall CHEATED ON Addison Rae?!, Nessa BULLIED On LIVE..
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Elaine Onemiye
Elaine Onemiye преди 19 часа
stop acting like y'all don't fart we all do it gosh so dramatic y'all are so bored
jayda huntley
jayda huntley преди 3 дни
I’m not a fan of nessa but dragging her for farting? Are y’all actually serious? Everyone farts
Pink gamer roblox
Pink gamer roblox преди 6 дни
we love her starting with soooooooo
Fhdhdhddb Dhdhdhfhfhf
Fhdhdhddb Dhdhdhfhfhf преди 9 дни
Ok Dixie addressing that tweet of no trans or plus size I totally agree with because again it’s their brand and they choose. They don’t have to do it for you just because it hurts your snowflake feelings.
rayan _riri وحلي
rayan _riri وحلي преди 11 дни
I feel like Dixie didn't do anything wrong and otherwise I feel like he cheated on Addison and she just farted and I'm just bullying like no one loves bullies like everyone shut up it's just a fart like
Jade Bann
Jade Bann преди 14 дни
How about this....Yall dont asume EVERYTHING. right now some recent rumors where that ADDI WAS PREGENET! OmG STOPPP U DONT KNOW WHATS GOING ON!!!!!
Treasure Ikpea
Treasure Ikpea преди 14 дни
so basically everyone on earth can't be a decent human being...
Winter Green
Winter Green преди 16 дни
Who is here after famous
Luīze Lipiņa
Luīze Lipiņa преди 16 дни
Pink Rose The fox
Pink Rose The fox преди 18 дни
stupid people hate stupid things,like farting.Its NORMAL whats the deal?
J Schwalb
J Schwalb преди 19 дни
Dixie basically made the situation worse by coming with the ,,i wAs UnEdUcAtEd" apologi🙄
• shouto • * Icy Hot *
• shouto • * Icy Hot * преди 19 дни
Transgender male here, I don’t really care about the Dixie thing. I wasn’t offended, but I’ve also heard of MUCH worse. No one can say wether she is transphobic or not, except her. That’s all I have to say.
K . Vlogs
K . Vlogs преди 20 дни
Tbh, I REALLY wish TikTok was still Musically! It used to be a FUN and non toxic app! TikTok just became a very toxic app and, it’s not rlly that fun anymore. Don’t come at me, this is just my opinion- 👁👄👁
Hxney Cloud
Hxney Cloud преди 21 ден
Did she say "Braddison"? 6:40
Elizabeth Thoor
Elizabeth Thoor преди 21 ден
Umm... shes saying it was brace that fart when shes saying: omg im so hurt stop bully Gurl-
ItzEmma преди 21 ден
And they say girls don't fart 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭
cool kids
cool kids преди 22 дни
first of all yall act like everybody dont fart
Precious James
Precious James преди 24 дни
Me: sees nessa's line of words Also me: 😂🙈🙊
Dijana Tsiorlas
Dijana Tsiorlas преди 24 дни
People are straight up ride for bullying nessa for farting. Like gurl how would u like it if u farted and u got bullied like rude.
{Louise} преди 26 дни
The past is the past just let it go
Ysvannah Cardona
Ysvannah Cardona преди 26 дни
They really tryna hate on nessa for farting- just wow y’all really gotta be like this, you act like you’ve never farted in your life like jeez
Avenger X Ari
Avenger X Ari преди месец
So tik tokers have nothing better to do in lockdown then cancell each other
Tamia's Life
Tamia's Life преди месец
I'm tired of them saying I was uneducated they keep making the same excuses if your gonna use an excuse at least make it original
Midnight_skittles_ gacha
Midnight_skittles_ gacha преди месец
ness started acually
Alyssa Forster
Alyssa Forster преди месец
Okay they shouldnt be bullying her because she farted but we all fart and this fight is kinda childish why are you bullying a girl for farting
Mihaela Sarbu
Mihaela Sarbu преди месец
I hate tik tok now.
Kaidence Elliott
Kaidence Elliott преди месец
Nessa only farted !! I don't even get why she got SO much hate for it. but.... The fact that she then blamed it on Bryce after saying " I'm sorry, I got nervous" in the video.. like why ?
adriAnA преди месец
people still support dixie for being transphobic wow
John marston
John marston преди месец
I think this makes up for school drama fact:it’s even better!
Just Monika
Just Monika преди месец
Hayden Paige
Hayden Paige преди месец
literally Nessa got dragged for farting that’s stupid you also don’t need to excuse yourself it happens to everybody what’s next waving to the camera and getting dragged for it...? Also these twitter people be like "handle it off camera jeez" and then be like "well what happened" like they literally did what you asked and you still aren't grateful snatched all yo weaves
Eunice Macias
Eunice Macias преди месец
Bruh nessa didn't even fart u can see josh's mouth he make a fart noise and she did say sorry :/ =-=
Mady M.
Mady M. преди месец
Okay. Okay. But it was funny-
Flower Clouds
Flower Clouds преди месец
Ness is blaming Bryce but if it was Bryce, WHY DID HE NOT LEAVE
mimi lopusina
mimi lopusina преди месец
"oh im sorry emily, you just had to cancel nessa for farting because u totally dont do that."
Esihle Mahijana
Esihle Mahijana преди месец
Nessa is not my favorite and I don't really like her but like.....really yalllllllll we all do this! Weather u famous or not u stilllll do it! 😤😤🙄🙄
Kaaria Griffin
Kaaria Griffin преди месец
i hate how people always getting mad at anna for telling us da tea- llike luv if she didnt spend hours on her time in the day to tell us the ta we wouldve ben confused af.
Priscilla Bustos
Priscilla Bustos преди месец
Yea tiktokers got exposed for their passed and there is no fuckin reason to bring their past like it's nun of your business it's in the past leave it in the past and mind your own business you wouldn't like it if someone brought up your past tf 😒😒
unknown преди месец
Not yall not speaking about Dixie being transphobic in the past and only focusing on Nessa farting.
o Erin Chen o
o Erin Chen o преди месец
yall just be hating on someone for being transphobic for 2 months and dixie is left unbothered smh
Sherlyne Martinez
Sherlyne Martinez преди месец
I mean everyone farts do you guys say ExUsE me so leave ness alone.she just farted keave her alone
Latasha Kamilah
Latasha Kamilah преди месец
i feel like i am the only teen who has not been cancelled nor been part of cancel culture. Like-
V0ID X Bxller
V0ID X Bxller преди месец
That kinda nasty tho still farts natural
V0ID X Bxller
V0ID X Bxller преди месец
V0ID X Bxller
V0ID X Bxller преди месец
I farted cancel me from human community 🐠
Sofía De Mitri
Sofía De Mitri преди месец
So now I can't even fart in peace? Wtf is going on with this society OMGGGG
Lee Ann Hypolite
Lee Ann Hypolite преди месец
At this point I support Trump banning TikTok. It's wayyyyyy too problematic now. We always have every other social media platform. You know what just get rid of popular straight tiktoker, just go to BGcd or Instagram. They got famous for wat and don't know how to deal with their problems in private. Always making a scene ..... You know wat nvm they are humans just humans under a spotlight.
Raquel Briskin
Raquel Briskin преди месец
Ngl but whenver people discuss their private life online It exites me because I would be so confused if everything happended offline. Peoples private life satisfys me, especially when it comes to drama. I can't be the only one who feels this way UwU
Hannah Harrison
Hannah Harrison преди месец
i don’t think dixie should’ve gotten hate tbh it’s her opinion and why would they be mad at dixie when they should be mad at victoria secret for it , it’s their brand they get to choose who they want i believe every size and wtv should be able to buy there are different brands they can model for tbh people are being too sensitive abt it y’all have yalls own opinion and she has hers she doesn’t have to agree w everyone else
Lovely _roblox
Lovely _roblox преди месец
I thought dixe was nice and chill I was rooting for her but no that happened she's ✨C A N C E L✨
Mariska Bries
Mariska Bries преди месец
I dont like nessa but a fart?..littarly a fart?.. but i get ppl kept bullying het 2 because she tried to lie and say it was bryce. Girl just say the goddamn truth
Le Monke
Le Monke преди месец
Did she actually get cancelled for farting? Wtf I fart every day in front of people, cancel me yall
tyesha1798 преди месец
Y’all don’t want Trump to shut down TikTok but look at all the drama THESE BARLEY GROWN “Famous People “ causing it ain’t EVEN worth it LOVE
Nchimiye Sekiyoba
Nchimiye Sekiyoba преди месец
i bet shes cuter than you
Nchimiye Sekiyoba
Nchimiye Sekiyoba преди месец
gosh chill everone farts just stop bulling Nessa
Kennedy Lynn
Kennedy Lynn преди месец
_its.afeef_ X
_its.afeef_ X преди месец
Bih how can u support nessa like wtf she so rude farting on camera and things it cute like wtf, she don't even apologise like , i mean the haters is not stupid its her LOL
Charli Patrina
Charli Patrina преди месец
yalll let dixie get away with everything wtf
ellie sharron
ellie sharron преди месец
ok its just a fart and nessa shouldnt get bullied for farting like wth
Shallow Wolfe
Shallow Wolfe преди месец
Bruh everyone farts its natural and if you don't thats way grosser than fart cause u get blotting I think...also many popular ppl have farted on TV before and no one bullying them
S u n x f l o w e r
S u n x f l o w e r преди месец
The heak everybody farts its not one person in this world that doesn’t!!!!! 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔
Joi Dale
Joi Dale преди месец
Literally everyone farts
Charli Patrina
Charli Patrina преди месец
I love how nessa didn't give an f that she farted. like she has been living with boys for months what do you expect
Belva Fianko
Belva Fianko преди месец
I'm not a nessa stan, but her getting bullied for farting as if shes the only one that does is ASTRONOMICAL.
gabriela bent
gabriela bent преди месец
y'all Bryce was cheating
Gianna Reyes
Gianna Reyes преди месец
dixi has a trans friend so i believe her
Charli Patrina
Charli Patrina преди месец
@Sophia Salguero ikr and dixie isnt even that close with Nikita, only "hangs out" with her at events.
Gianna Reyes
Gianna Reyes преди месец
@Sophia Salguero geez sorry i still dont think shes trans-phobic tho
Sophia Salguero
Sophia Salguero преди месец
that’s the stupidest excuse ever, you can be transphobic and still have trans friends. it’s like the “i have black friends i’m not racist!” excuse 🤦‍♀️
Charli Patrina
Charli Patrina преди месец
only 1 trans friend and they only hang out when its an event with charli and Nikita and some other friends
Amy Nelani
Amy Nelani преди месец
TTR is so toxic and all this drama is freakin insane I mean hunni this is messed up
Nadia Kamal
Nadia Kamal преди месец
bro how is dixie transphobic if she hung out with nikita? lke come on guys!
Lakesha Hardy
Lakesha Hardy преди месец
Why does everyone have to be in everyone’s business
Stella Martins
Stella Martins преди месец
I hate Bryce he is just almost getting canceled
Donna Kiernan
Donna Kiernan преди месец
Suga is everything :3
Suga is everything :3 преди месец
Everyone farts it not a big deal, but don’t lie you kinda laughed
Raylor Milshay
Raylor Milshay преди месец
I got in trouble at school once for farting and how its not lady like. Like ya I know but BRUH everyone farts!
Charli Damelio
Charli Damelio преди месец
notice how every bad thing charli has done dixie has been in it too, when charli went to a party in a pandemic, (dixie went too, charli didn't do anything wrong but it was drama) when charli was asked to do the way dance and then dixie "influenced" the situation and telling her sister to do it again, when charli vaped, dixie did it too, when charli hung out with homophobics, dixie did it too. btw charli didn't do much wrong people are just canceling her for no reason but when charli is in the situation with dixie yall decide to only cancel CHARLI like bro.. yall blind
Charli Damelio
Charli Damelio преди месец
wait yall forget about dixie so fast even though she fat shamed, and was transphobic in late 2019 because apparently she's "nice". what has she ever done thats sweet? the only kind stuff she's done is when charli did it too, and charli actually put more thought into it, and notice how every bad thing charli has done dixie has been in it too
hello kitty
hello kitty преди месец
imagine bullying someone because they farted, that doesn’t make any sense
Aurora Aesthetic
Aurora Aesthetic преди месец
Bryce didn’t cheat on Addison because they never got together
Brianna K.
Brianna K. преди месец
farting is normal so no hate to nessa buuuuuuuut why would you later say it was someone else yet, say sorry in the video...
Waterxmelxn xsugar!
Waterxmelxn xsugar! преди месец
“Selfish” from Madison Beer is Literally the Drama Between Addison Rae and Bryce Hall
Anon Amoss
Anon Amoss преди месец
my ex boyfriend sat on my face and farted, he thought it was extremely funny, i inhaled it in my mouth and it tasted like burnt rubber....one was not amused
Devin Devito
Devin Devito преди месец
This farting segment is the best thing I’ve heard all month 💨
Melløw преди месец
I honestly don't like Nessa at all, but judging and Dragging a Person for Farting is stupid when you do the same thing yourself.
virisorandom Flores
virisorandom Flores преди месец
Evributty forst its natrioll
It’s Dahiana
It’s Dahiana преди месец
dixie does not deserve hate that was in the past it was mistakes, things that human makes
Aniyah Munnings
Aniyah Munnings преди месец
@Sophia Salguero ugh I KNOW RIGHT 🙄
Charli Patrina
Charli Patrina преди месец
@Sophia Salguero SOOO TRUE.
Sophia Salguero
Sophia Salguero преди месец
so that makes it ok? 💀
Charli Patrina
Charli Patrina преди месец
she sort of does, to exactly hate just caking her out, she did something extremely wrong and yall let her get away with it
avaxii _
avaxii _ преди месец
I don’t understand why people get attacked for not supporting LGBTQ if she doesn’t like it so what
avaxii _
avaxii _ преди месец
Sophia Salguero No because some people don’t belive in that, you can’t say someone isn’t a bad person for not having the same beliefs in you
Sophia Salguero
Sophia Salguero преди месец
because it’s homophobic and transphobic. you have to accept everyone or you’re a bad person, and i have no problem saying that ❤️
Chanelle Appiagyei
Chanelle Appiagyei преди месец
forget ab tik tok we stan u
Kpop Trash
Kpop Trash преди месец
I wIlL dEsTrOy yOuR bLoOdLiNe @homophobics,racists,transphobic and disgusting ✨trump supporters✨
Kpop Trash
Kpop Trash преди месец
Anon Amoss how about ✨no
Anon Amoss
Anon Amoss преди месец
TRUMP 2020
Xxx_Alisha_Dundon_xxX преди месец
lil sharty is typing...
Word coco gacha :P
Word coco gacha :P преди месец
I forgive Dixie
Hiya преди месец
Lmaoo ya’ll bashing dixie for liking tweets saying people are too sensitive just proves the point
Naomie Ruiz
Naomie Ruiz преди месец
We all fart and i fart you fart theres nothing wrong with that
blossomxii преди месец
I dont dislike nessa butttt shee just gets hate for nothinnn and idk what on earth is the reason-
itz cam
itz cam преди месец
Eliza is jus no ma'am sit down looking like emma chamberlain cousin
Pupperz Life
Pupperz Life преди месец
People must really wanna get their drama, I mean like bullying her for literally FARTING??.. Everyone does it- 💀💀
Anon Amoss
Anon Amoss преди месец
my ex boyfriend sat on my face and farted, he thought it was extremely funny, i inhaled it in my mouth and it tasted like burnt rubber....one was not amused
Kendra Dixon
Kendra Dixon преди месец
The fact that Dixie rlly got away with this😭😂
kitty cat
kitty cat преди месец
I mean she KNEW he had a gf so her shaking her ass on Bryce was automatically disrespectful to Addison
Tick tack Tae
Tick tack Tae преди месец
Does no one understand that when people scroll through any social media app they like literally anything? Idk bout Dixie but I know that I don’t really read what the post says before liking it and moving on.
Noor Bdairi
Noor Bdairi преди месец
alisa minor
Halo Sleek
Halo Sleek преди месец
Idc idc IM TIREDD of sensitive ppl stop crying over everything get it together 😭😭🤣
Olie Ali
Olie Ali преди месец
What is WRONG with all of these tik tok Boys cheating
putri aaeesha jia en nurmohammad
putri aaeesha jia en nurmohammad преди месец
Addison did not cheated on Bryce.bryce cheated on addison
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