Peaches ATTACKS Charli D'amelio!?, Lil Huddy ACCUSING Charli Of WHAT?, Kio EXPOSING Olivia?!

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anna oop

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Peaches ATTACKS Charli D'amelio!?, Lil Huddy ACCUSING Charli Of WHAT?, Kio EXPOSING Olivia?!
#annaoop #charlidamelio #chasehudson

anna oop
anna oop преди 3 месеца
y’all rlly think i’d like one of peaches pictures? 🥴 that pic i used i got off of someone in the dm’s! don’t worry y’all 💖
Josslyn Xoo
Josslyn Xoo преди 15 часа
AndreaAndrea Ceja
AndreaAndrea Ceja преди 8 дни
Hey I’m Big fan of you
Carrie Feeney
Carrie Feeney преди 19 дни
_ jisko Lucinda’mayfeeney
Carrie Feeney
Carrie Feeney преди 19 дни
anna oop Lucy f
Carrie Feeney
Carrie Feeney преди 19 дни
anna oop Lucy
TiKTOK Reaction
TiKTOK Reaction преди 2 дни
Wait I thought CHARLE said BLM
Mansha Hussain
Mansha Hussain преди 2 дни
I think you meant to put Olivia in the thumbnail not Cynthia
N MM преди 4 дни
Me reversing to see that huge cavity in peaches mouth
Taehyungs Tea •
Taehyungs Tea • преди 4 дни
That peaches can start all the drama buuutttt that ain't gonna get her to be famous.
justin bieber #1fan
justin bieber #1fan преди 5 дни
Itz_shadow преди 6 дни
Lovely peaches is crazy and a psychopath and poor Charlie got blamed that she is a bully and she isn’t a bully, she’s kind and lovely
Sw4g K1ng
Sw4g K1ng преди 6 дни
i hope one day tiktok can just go back to f*cking normal
Alison Gray
Alison Gray преди 6 дни
Peaches is verified?! What the ..
Charley Patterson
Charley Patterson преди 7 дни
Peaches is crazy I still don’t know how she is not in jail yet😑
Chalia Cruz
Chalia Cruz преди 7 дни
This is the best youtube channel for dome tea and to get the scoop
Demi playz roblox
Demi playz roblox преди 7 дни
It doesn’t madder what coler you are
Pusheen Cookie
Pusheen Cookie преди 9 дни
I think kio lied bc you can’t survive for 5 days without food. Think before u type, pls
sjsnwjsjs hshsbsjsjx
sjsnwjsjs hshsbsjsjx преди 10 дни
5:31..... I feel sick🤢
Hannah Kouadio
Hannah Kouadio преди 10 дни
GDLC Family
GDLC Family преди 12 дни
Nevaeh Burnley
Nevaeh Burnley преди 13 дни
it doesn't matter what color you are I'm black and like charlie
Eunice Garcia
Eunice Garcia преди 13 дни
now i hate lil huddy
Sara Jerzak
Sara Jerzak преди 13 дни
and Cora....
fknchars •
fknchars • преди 14 дни
Kyo Cir?
Star Trooper
Star Trooper преди 15 дни
My name is chase peaches is making me mad
Ra wr
Ra wr преди 16 дни
This is how much we hated peaches 👇🏻
Izzy Unicorn
Izzy Unicorn преди 17 дни
Peachs is a psycho path
San Grg
San Grg преди 18 дни
Is it just me or do the polices or FBI think peaches is okay?
chelsea martin
chelsea martin преди 19 дни
chace is an idiot
Suga's hoe
Suga's hoe преди 19 дни
😂😂😂😂😂😂this girl's voice is sO ew
Carrie Feeney
Carrie Feeney преди 19 дни
Gilda Victoriano
Gilda Victoriano преди 19 дни
Anna why was chase’s dad arested
Gilda Victoriano
Gilda Victoriano преди 19 дни
Gurls peaches going jail peaches:I’m not going you piece of s**t 🤭
Shawty Kiana
Shawty Kiana преди 19 дни
She’s a white girl we except you as a white person we do not except you as black.
Girtie Montouth
Girtie Montouth преди 20 дни
“Honestly- I don’t think peaches has a career- the only career that peaches has, is in jail.” Me: 👁👄👁 click the like button if you agree. 👇🏽
x, Muffin fruty
x, Muffin fruty преди 20 дни
What happens when peaches attacks you
CassandraPlayzRoblox преди 21 ден
Josslyn Bates
Josslyn Bates преди 21 ден
Leave Charlie alone your crazy peaches
Cliopt Portillo
Cliopt Portillo преди 22 дни
Help me to lovely parches see this to know that at list of shes going to talk get mclean your teeth
Kellie Zushin
Kellie Zushin преди 22 дни
mAbYe LiL HuDdY WiLl wANt U BAck iF UR moRE expeREncE mE: tell everybody im on my way new peaches to kill!
jamjam _oop
jamjam _oop преди 23 дни
Dang does peaches have like her own show its called THE PROBROMATIC PEACHES SHOW like does she have. Show called that
Milk _bunny
Milk _bunny преди 23 дни
Whyy is peaches not in jail she is annoying for life please FBI take her to jail i am so bored of you peaches and you are not going to fight me for it please i don't care about people who are fans of peaches and they are dumb enough to subscribe to peaches no matter what they do i don't care
Milk _bunny
Milk _bunny преди 23 дни
First of all if you like peaches I don't even care about it so i don't love her cause she never good enough to fight me for it please do so
Shoug albisher 1980
Shoug albisher 1980 преди 24 дни
Peaches is a ugliest girl in the world
Purpleo :P
Purpleo :P преди 25 дни
All y'all tiktokers be cheating 🙄
Stanley LaFleur
Stanley LaFleur преди 25 дни
This is y my mom deleted Tik tok because she doesn’t want me to get all in this drama
Shaela Merissaint
Shaela Merissaint преди 25 дни
Kaylie Tyer
Kaylie Tyer преди 26 дни
peaches is scary....
Kaylie Tyer
Kaylie Tyer преди 26 дни
Kaylie Tyer
Kaylie Tyer преди 26 дни
N joke lol
Ntomboxolo Klaas
Ntomboxolo Klaas преди 26 дни
I Laughed hahahahah🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣💚💚😒💚😒😂
OG Kubz scouter
OG Kubz scouter преди 27 дни
The only black life that doesn’t matter
Lily Quirk
Lily Quirk преди 28 дни
This is how many people want tik tok to go back ⬇️
Mayar Alahiwat
Mayar Alahiwat преди 28 дни
Come on people stop buling 😭
Quarantine with Kadi
Quarantine with Kadi преди месец
Peaches is literally scary
ayana преди месец
this is like a historical revolution but its 21st century
Rabma Salah
Rabma Salah преди месец
Peches be like:👁👄👁🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡👁👄👁
Ace Jostes
Ace Jostes преди месец
Why isn't Peaches in jail yet? Like wtf?
Alberto Lopez
Alberto Lopez преди месец
Peaches literally acts like a 3 year old
Priscilla Bustos
Priscilla Bustos преди месец
Ummmm no kio never cheated Olivia is such a big ass liar
Eyana Jeter
Eyana Jeter преди месец
I don't know why Chase would accuse Charlie d'amelio of stealing money like I know Charlie demilio and I seen a tick tocks and she would never steal money I just know it I never met her in real life but she's a great talker I know she was doing anything like peaches need to shut her mouth cuz it's really getting annoying and the fact that she's putting hate on Charlie d'emilio and supporting Chase is like dude you sent a person to spy on Charlie demilio in a bathing suit you went too far man you went too far
wolfie plays games
wolfie plays games преди месец
And peaches looks disgusting
wolfie plays games
wolfie plays games преди месец
That's why I didn't want he a tiktoker
Emaly and Elsie
Emaly and Elsie преди месец
Come on Kio didn't cheat on Olivia Olivia Cheated on Kio
Maddi Gaza
Maddi Gaza преди месец
Dude I love Tiktok but it has go to go because there is to much drama
Omojola Shotunde
Omojola Shotunde преди месец
gurl charlie did absolutely nothing to peaches I just still don't get it
Ashley Perez Matute
Ashley Perez Matute преди месец
who hates peaches;/
Blueberry Wolf Gg
Blueberry Wolf Gg преди месец
Just mean black life matter does it mean you be mean to white peoples who are innocent and the cops Charlie D ame aka short that I do peachy gulllr if. I see your face I will slap you my face be like 👁👄👁👊🏽oh yeah BLM but yeeet
Nemadji Barge
Nemadji Barge преди месец
Spill the tea I got my cup ready
Beautiful horses Forever
Beautiful horses Forever преди месец
F Olivia y’all
Sofia the first to know that the company Hernandez
Sofia the first to know that the company Hernandez преди месец
Rayne Chin
Rayne Chin преди месец
This is like too much drama fr the year PERIOD
Ana Maritza
Ana Maritza преди месец
peaches you need to shut up
Ana Maritza
Ana Maritza преди месец
peaches is a f /,..,. girl
Taurus 4L
Taurus 4L преди месец
Tbh all yall messy Juss shut up and worry bout yo self stop throwing shade at other people when you know your wrong🙄😒
Kristy Gilmore
Kristy Gilmore преди месец
Peaches: Charlie is ruining my career Me: HUNNY YOU DID THAT YOURSELF WITH YA FAT SELF
Jazlyn Voyageur
Jazlyn Voyageur преди месец
Can u do strawberry lemonade from Starbucks tea
x Roblox channel x
x Roblox channel x преди месец
Peaches should be in jail x💖💖
Amihan Bonayog
Amihan Bonayog преди месец
peaches is psycho like letterly omg. Mess
Candy Bear
Candy Bear преди месец
⬇️ this is how many people want peaches in jail
Trinity Mcgee
Trinity Mcgee преди месец
Amarys Hill
Amarys Hill преди месец
On my god
Holli Jordan
Holli Jordan преди месец
I'm sorry for char char
Holli Jordan
Holli Jordan преди месец
What the neck is ring is her
MIA_ ROBLOX преди месец
i dont think he cheated so just stop lil huddy
Tea_flower Plant
Tea_flower Plant преди месец
Omg this video more drama I heard the stepchinken did u do that
ri pottorff
ri pottorff преди месец
peaches is going to be in jail for accusations and not minding her own business
Ataliya Garcis
Ataliya Garcis преди месец
She needs to stop
Cataleya Rungo
Cataleya Rungo преди месец
That girl is 🤮: not Chars
Charli Addison
Charli Addison преди месец
Peaches hunnniiii nah peaches u go to JAIL AND CHACHA FOR LIFE. God peaches wtf like.....
Chowie Sobrevega
Chowie Sobrevega преди месец
The BEST tea spiller❤️🔥
ariana rivas
ariana rivas преди месец
Who the hell peaches think she is she needs to mind her own bees
Jessica Hamilton
Jessica Hamilton преди месец
I really missed when tiktok was just so peace ful wth happend 😑
Gabriel Leyva
Gabriel Leyva преди месец
Charlie needs to be f**kg saved
♡Marla♡ преди месец
my pets everyday
my pets everyday преди месец
Can you do an update on lia Marie Johnson
Skylar Wright
Skylar Wright преди месец
Me watching this: oooooo this some ☕️ tea danggggggggggggggggg
Alicia Allen
Alicia Allen преди месец
Leave Charlie alone Charlie is a nice young lady and she doesn’t do nothing to nobody so leave her alone
Kaori Takahashi
Kaori Takahashi преди месец
Hunniiii omg
Alanni Cazares
Alanni Cazares преди месец
Peaches has big lips
Yes преди месец
Remember when tiktok wasn't problematic af? Yeah, me neither
Unsuitablestar YT
Unsuitablestar YT преди месец
Petition to get Musically back!
Allanah Brown
Allanah Brown преди месец
lovely peaches needs some help like stop lying to people girl pls get some help pls
sister shook
sister shook преди месец
I laughed when peaches said "charli is ruining my career". What career? Flashing your butt on random people or breaking into famous peoples' houses? Sure.
Reema Alkoblan
Reema Alkoblan преди месец
if Kio loves olivea or what ever her name is he wouldn't cheat on her like cmon chileee
helloxmikey преди месец
Gurl u do not wanna miss this one Me gets my cup of tea and ready for the hot shocking tea getting ready to spill the it when I'm sister shook
auntumn x mıst
auntumn x mıst преди месец
wtf, it's none of her buisness, she is the bully..
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