Dixie & Noah GET ATTACKED By Griffin For Their Relationship? Annie Leblanc BI? Alyssa SHADING Charli

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anna oop

преди 11 дни

Dixie & Noah GET ATTACKED By Griffin For Their Relationship? Annie Leblanc BI? Alyssa SHADING Charli
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xxaestheticpastelxx 2
xxaestheticpastelxx 2 преди 2 часа
Tiktok has become a place of. Discrimination racism etc tbh I’m not surprised-
Unaza Mujtaba
Unaza Mujtaba преди 5 часа
the reason people show hate towards the lgbtq community is because a good portion of them shove sexuality down everyones throats. if you do that, you're not an ally to their community. its so annoying when some of yall assume everyones sexuality and act like it revolves around everything. pls chill.
Isa ann
Isa ann преди 5 часа
Okkk I would have thought that this was directed to Daniel Cohn or Cynthia
Isa ann
Isa ann преди 5 часа
Dixie should do the “why you so obsessed with me” dance and tag Griffin 🤣🤣🤣😅
Mia Good life
Mia Good life преди 18 часа
I love how she can make a WHOLE BGcd channel with so many videos because there is so much TikTok drama
Paige Raleigh
Paige Raleigh преди ден
Alyssa looks like dove cameron
Monky With Troll Hair
Monky With Troll Hair преди ден
I thought Alyssa was Cameron dove 🤦‍♂️
xsophiex преди ден
dude my one of my friends asked if i was les just cuz i listen to girl in red when im legit dating a guy 0-0
Tiffany Gallichio
Tiffany Gallichio преди 2 дни
Just because someone listens to a song doesn’t show who they like. People just want attention at this point. 😮
Crystie RBLX
Crystie RBLX преди 2 дни
Why are your views going down 😭😭
Yosi Monkey plays
Yosi Monkey plays преди 2 дни
I love the new intro ❤️
Annie Liu
Annie Liu преди 2 дни
Alina borowiec
Alina borowiec преди 2 дни
i’m sorry but the way she said annie lablance
Aaliyah Thorpe
Aaliyah Thorpe преди 2 дни
Presuming after one video ..... girl bye
Nessa Equine
Nessa Equine преди 2 дни
Annie is 15, smh
Sephrina Teka
Sephrina Teka преди 2 дни
Hold up griffin cheated not dixie HE’S NOT THE VICTIM SO STOP SUPPORTING HIM flipping hell
Alex Benoit
Alex Benoit преди 2 дни
can we like stop saying that if u listen to an lgbtq+ artist then u HAVE to be part of the community? like i enjoy listening to a couple of girl in red songs doesn’t mean im bi or anything else.
gack mariama
gack mariama преди 2 дни
Nooooooo why
Andrea Vintage
Andrea Vintage преди 2 дни
The diss track is funny lol chill guys
Andrea Vintage
Andrea Vintage преди 2 дни
I love Griffin and his friend should not b dating his ex
Kililani Clapper
Kililani Clapper преди 3 дни
Griffin needs to stop. Because Nixie is good. Period
Nxksii преди 3 дни
y'all really gotta do annie dirty, one tik tok video and aussumptions are the next thing- chile....
Anonymous Xx
Anonymous Xx преди 3 дни
Assuming somebody’s sexuality is not okay😳
asui преди 3 дни
Yeah they assumed she shaded. Yeah ASSUME
BRUH преди 4 дни
I understand that Dixie and griffins relationship really ended fast, and Dixie moved on a bit fast and griffins mad and stuff, but I don’t know what he’s trying to do tho. Like is griffin trying to make them look bad for dating? I’m kinda confused y’all. I’m sure it’s jealousy and I do kinda fell bad for him since she moved on so fast and imagine your ex dating your best friend.i hope he’s doing okay. BUT if HE cheated it’s his fault. Dixie didn’t do anything HE did and if HE didn’t cheat things would be back to normal. But he did. So what’s he trying to do. Anyone know?
YARA ZAKARNA преди 4 дни
Anna: I think we can all agree that tiktok has become a toxic place Me and everyone here: tell me something I don’t know
sophia faith
sophia faith преди 4 дни
honestly is it that hard for dance to mind their business. i understand they want to know their fellow celebs but do they really have to make them say it. no. y’all should mind y’all damn business and if they don’t want to mention their sexuality then they don’t have to. people really questioned her sexuality over a song 😐😂
Majorie преди 4 дни
My favorite drama channel
Hibah Omar
Hibah Omar преди 4 дни
Hey your editing is AMAZING I’m a small BGcd and would love it if you could tell me what app you use to edit❤️
sanyogita satpute
sanyogita satpute преди 4 дни
I love when she says hunny
Alyssa nation
Alyssa nation преди 4 дни
I shaded Charlie omg I’m famous
Xxbanana_coolkidxX преди 4 дни
Toxic Inappropriate Krazy Terrible Occusing Koko I know that accusing and crazy doesn’t start with O and K I did this because I couldn’t come up with anything else!
Ariel Thomas
Ariel Thomas преди 5 дни
I hate Donald Trump but this app is making people crazy if it was going to go this far they should delete it
Sarah Bowen
Sarah Bowen преди 5 дни
She looks like dove cameron
Johana Sanchez
Johana Sanchez преди 5 дни
Y’all realize she cuts some things out to make it look worse than it is
Xa'niyah Ford
Xa'niyah Ford преди 5 дни
Not really
Audrey Espino
Audrey Espino преди 5 дни
why is griffin attacking them if he was the one that cheated on dixie :/
destiny the potato head
destiny the potato head преди 5 дни
getting old...
Katie princess
Katie princess преди 5 дни
Mhmm I need tea hold up thisss is soooo much tea me getting popcorn and my Starbucks*so much tea*😯
krystal velez
krystal velez преди 5 дни
Alyssa lmaoooo
Arctic Views
Arctic Views преди 5 дни
I was going to watch her most recent vids but i dont have time anymore and have PILES of homework Trust me, love her channel and all but im really busy :( -unsubscribes- Bye Bye Tik Tok drama. . .
Bluxpearl преди 5 дни
Y’all make tea about relation ships- lmao bye
løl_ móod
løl_ móod преди 5 дни
Griffin wasn’t feeling left out when he made that garbage ✨ diss track ✨ But for the Alyssa tea: she didn’t lie, she honestly was just saying what everyone was thinking:/
Electronic Link
Electronic Link преди 5 дни
Fr tho annie bi whatttt
Tabii преди 5 дни
Gotta Stan Alyssa
Alexandra Rose
Alexandra Rose преди 5 дни
we not gonna talk about the diss track
Kaitlyn Lopez
Kaitlyn Lopez преди 5 дни
EVEN IF SHE DOSE LISTEN TO GIRL IN RED THAT DOSEN’T MAKE HER BI that’s not how it works man like wtf it’s wrong with ppl.
queendasani_ lit
queendasani_ lit преди 5 дни
I love how she change her clothes during the video
Sarah D
Sarah D преди 5 дни
She should have a like 40m she so good
FaZE MeLaNy преди 5 дни
When you finally se quinton in a vid !!!!!😂🥺😂
Josanne McMillan
Josanne McMillan преди 5 дни
Yes gurll you surely do come with the hotest tea and you also spill the best tea
emery milner
emery milner преди 5 дни
omg when the little boy screamed i died of CUTENESS
Sophia преди 5 дни
But griffin cheated so why he being all sad like this happened cuz of u hun
Adri10R преди 6 дни
NO!!!! Thomas even said that he didn't tell the media ; in his vid Noah said it \tv sis
Emily Lyons
Emily Lyons преди 6 дни
makea vid about TATI and DUKE lol
Savage Cookie girl
Savage Cookie girl преди 6 дни
Griffin doesn’t have anything else to do gosh he needs to stop
Thatweirdgurl преди 6 дни
If I’m being honest Annie looked a little stressed when she got asked if she liked girls
Devynn H.
Devynn H. преди 6 дни
Why Noah beck Dixie?? Why??
KF C with a order of Viv sauce Best friends
KF C with a order of Viv sauce Best friends преди 6 дни
Face reveal
Noah and dixie are better griffin ok 👌🤗🤗
jacqueline ramirez
jacqueline ramirez преди 6 дни
when are yall gonna understand clothes doesn’t have a gender or sexuality?
Marley Chacon
Marley Chacon преди 6 дни
BRO when fans or haters say something about influencers going to party’s it’s nothing. Tik tokers do it fans wanna be like that’s rude and stuff like that.
Alexandra Diaz
Alexandra Diaz преди 6 дни
He should have never cheated...I am done😖
Dede Byer
Dede Byer преди 6 дни
why assume someone's sexuality?? that's just rude and disrespectful.
Haili and Risa Samuel
Haili and Risa Samuel преди 6 дни
For the person who wrote the post shading Dixie and noah griffin cheated and so what if noah wanted to date his ex ot is Dixie's decision so griffin deserved what he got 👇🏾 if I'm right
wassi abbas
wassi abbas преди 6 дни
i hate dixe she hits charile addison the best bc she so cool
Emily Hasunuma
Emily Hasunuma преди 6 дни
her sexuality is her story, just in general dont assume people’s sexuality it doesn’t change who they are as person. Why does it matter sm to yall. Let ppl be comfy.
Casandra Botha
Casandra Botha преди 6 дни
hii pls get ur facts straight :)
Lila Riemenschneider
Lila Riemenschneider преди 6 дни
stan alyssa tho-
offical ratatuillie LED
offical ratatuillie LED преди 6 дни
Doah 💀
gaming with yasmin
gaming with yasmin преди 6 дни
Ty Alyssa
Codi Foreman
Codi Foreman преди 6 дни
Pov: Ur here after seeing Noah's lastest TikTok with Griffin. No? Just me? k.
Sery Jarrett
Sery Jarrett преди 6 дни
The child screaming at the computer was literally meeeeeee when I saw that vid
Tht 1 Artist
Tht 1 Artist преди 6 дни
Is anyone else concerned cause we haven’t heard from preaches in a while....
Tht 1 Artist
Tht 1 Artist преди ден
I’m scared she planning sumin
Exstella XOXO
Exstella XOXO преди 5 дни
No it’s good, because shes in jail I hope
Dannique преди 6 дни
Why are they forced to come out? Like they asked if she gay and said she has bi vibes that are normal questions?? Like is there a problem with askin or do they just need to assume she gay or bi?
Dannique преди 6 дни
Noah neck🤮
Alice is stuck in Wonderland
Alice is stuck in Wonderland преди 6 дни
Well if Griffen didn’t cheat he would be with Dixie so..............
guled aden
guled aden преди 6 дни
this is tooo far
Paula Heep
Paula Heep преди 6 дни
SHE DIDNT SHAME CHARLIE! She said like 10 times that it wasnt about charlie and u still say she was shaming her?!
envyxchloe _
envyxchloe _ преди 6 дни
If griffin is so obsessed w Dixie tf did he cheat. It’s stupid he messed up.
• s v n n y d a y s •
• s v n n y d a y s • преди 6 дни
i swear Alyssa looks and (sometimes) sounds like Dove Cameron
Kelly Thompson
Kelly Thompson преди 6 дни
Ok im not watching Anna oop again
Krista преди 6 дни
Happy Monday with Maddie and Scott Long
Happy Monday with Maddie and Scott Long преди 6 дни
Omg i luv you, your like so righhhtttttt, I feel like you should be WAY more famous than you are💖💖💖😘
Gianna Paffett
Gianna Paffett преди 6 дни
girl why are people so mad at alyssa she did nothing and she was right.
Yesenia Mcthenia
Yesenia Mcthenia преди 6 дни
bruhhhh griffin just can't get ENOUGH. like.... SoMeTiMeS i DoNt WaNnA bE hApPy
Kimberly Gutierrez
Kimberly Gutierrez преди 7 дни
So Alyssa got famous just because she looks like dove....
Tristin Giang
Tristin Giang преди 7 дни
Lmaooo I like quinton and Cynthia together, but quinton knows damn well that most of the stuff that Alyssa said was true and he’s only saying that cause Cynthia’s his gf
Tristin Giang
Tristin Giang преди 7 дни
I’m sorry, but this diss track is totally about Cynthia
Aurora Aesthetic
Aurora Aesthetic преди 7 дни
Alyssa just looks like Dove Cameron but the uglyyyy version
gabriellaa winsloww
gabriellaa winsloww преди 7 дни
soooo alyssa just started drama for no reason?
Lynette the hotte Gutierrez
Lynette the hotte Gutierrez преди 7 дни
Ik it 🙄 not surprise
Ashley Channel
Ashley Channel преди 7 дни
BRO just Bc people dress a specific way or change their style in the slightest bit doesn’t mean their sexuality changed. But let’s talk abt what she was wearing yessss annie that outfit was cute🥺
Ashley Channel
Ashley Channel преди 7 дни
BRO griffin needs to MOVE ON it’s been MONTHS
Sophie Pettyjohn
Sophie Pettyjohn преди 7 дни
The first video clip of the girl and the mom is sad
xxrosexx преди 7 дни
So ya'll are hating on ONLY Alyssa for making a "diss track" but not hating on other creators who do this trend? Umm ok, immature.
Juliathetunagirl преди 7 дни
Ok no hate but like what was the thought process w Anna opps look kidjjsjjdhhudj
Rose Torrse
Rose Torrse преди 7 дни
Griffin needs to get over it 😐
Phoebe Miller
Phoebe Miller преди 7 дни
omg Griffen is obsessed with Dixie at this point.
Lidia da Cruz
Lidia da Cruz преди 7 дни
Assuming peoples sexuality is really mean For a lot of time I was assumed straight and it was something i really struggled with when i was younger when you assume someones sexuality it makes them uncomfortable in their own skin that is really uncool.
Hannah преди 7 дни
Alright hear me out with this: I know these are two different scenarios because in one of them, someone cheated, BUT this is like Armani & Jayden. I love Jayden, but she liked a shady tweet that said 'I'm only attracted to people who f*ck with my life,' responded to a comment that said 'where is Armani' with 'idk prob with his new girlfriend lol.' When people screenshoted that response & posted it, she liked lots of the screenshots. On a tiktok that said 'comment something a controlling ex would say,' she commented 'why can't we just move on?' She is completely throwing him under the bus. I UNDERSTAND that Armani's new girlfriend is one of Jayden's close friends (probably ex-friends now tho lol), but that's on the girl for making the decision to be w/ him, not Armani. He isn't part of girl code. Jayden didn't announce the breakup at first, but she put a question sticker on her story a few months ago, & one of the questions she got was 'are you & Armani still dating?' to which she answered 'no, we parted ways a bit ago.. but we're still friends!' Friends don't do that. She's victimizing herself & making it seem like Armani did something, when we don't think he did. My friend noticed that Armani seemed quite out of it in the last few months of their relationship, which can lead us to think it could've been him who broke up with her. Regardless of what happened, it's so immature to 'handle' it online, especially when all you're doing is being shady. What she should do is call him if she has a problem, which she clearly does, & sort it out, not just shade someone without explaining. Why does she have a problem now, if they were apparently 'still friends,' in May?? When Annie & Asher broke up, Asher posted something with a shady caption (you know you really love someone when you can't blame them for breaking your heart), & Annie went live to clear the air. She specifically said she didn't want to give details, so for him to give some details that he wanted to share wasn't ok, but with Jayden, Armani commented on the tiktokroom post about the situation saying it's ok for him to move on, and Annie commented 'y'all hear something?'
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