Kenzie & Maddie Ziegler CALLS OUT BULLIES, Avani & Anthony RESPONDS To BACKLASH, Lil Huddy DEFENDED?

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Kenzie & Maddie Ziegler CALLS OUT BULLIES, Avani & Anthony RESPONDS To BACKLASH, Lil Huddy DEFENDED?
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kayla krey
kayla krey преди 5 часа
kayla krey
kayla krey преди 5 часа
kayla krey
kayla krey преди 5 часа
kayla krey
kayla krey преди 5 часа
kayla krey
kayla krey преди 5 часа
Aanisa Jones Doughlin
Aanisa Jones Doughlin преди 5 дни
Kenzie is perfect and her sis
robyn nunya
robyn nunya преди 5 дни
2:17 i ws honestly so disgusted by that like a grown a$$ adult like come on ya'll
Charlene Holdren
Charlene Holdren преди 10 дни
Bro leave them alone already and for josh and chase bro shut up why is josh obsess with messing with chase ita been so many months like shush
•E l l e•
•E l l e• преди 11 дни
this is my question, like why are minors posting pics of them in bikinis barley covered. like it makes no sense, then the get mad over being s88ulized like please cover urself more.
Rosalba Diaz
Rosalba Diaz преди 11 дни
Kenzie is perfect
Forever Ryanne
Forever Ryanne преди 11 дни
Here’s a really simple Solution...if you get called fat you say...thickness is something that can be fixed but your ugly face cannot✨ And if u get called skinny...don’t get cheese cuz that makes u have to take a dump which will let out more fat- just eat a peace of bread✨
Michelle H
Michelle H преди 12 дни
Bra why is everyone against trump he's a normal person like u guys
Michelle H
Michelle H преди 12 дни
Michelle H
Michelle H преди 12 дни
Merry playz ROBLOX
Merry playz ROBLOX преди 20 дни
Salty Sunflower
Salty Sunflower преди 24 дни
Cmon y’all there’s only 2 people we need to stop talking about and cancel for good,Danielle Cohn and peaches
Bela Leslie
Bela Leslie преди 24 дни
Kenzi is so perfect and it disgusting that an adult will even think of that
Anell B
Anell B преди 25 дни
Why yall care so much about someone's political beliefs smh
Alexa Cano
Alexa Cano преди 25 дни
I hate how people say that Mackenzie is fat she literally weighs 110 pounds I’m 12 and I weight the same and I just know she weighs 110 bc I searched up how old she is and it said she weighted 110 people should stop talking shit about how there body is PERIOD😡
Aliah Payan
Aliah Payan преди 26 дни
i swear why is there so much ppl being rude and body shaming like what the hell like no one should be treated like this and tbh no on asked for the comments about our body if your gonna mention our body say something that wont make ppl make them feel bad about themselfs its not cool and as a person who has been body shamed before its not cool and its not fun because the amout of ppl going through this right now and it doesnt matter if you have a problem with our body right now should be the time to not make fun of ppl and to start normalizing it because its normal to have body fat i said what i said
Dermot McArdle
Dermot McArdle преди 26 дни
If y'all say one more thing about Kenzie.All I am going to say is bye 👇If you are with me
Kate Harnois
Kate Harnois преди 28 дни
Why tf does it matter if they are trump supporters? Y’all need to chill. You all talk about “accepting” others and how it’s 2020 but you ATTACK anyone who doesn’t have the same political beliefs as you. “dumb trump supporters”. LMAO it’s no ones place to judge another for where they come from, their color, OR their political beliefs.
Violet W
Violet W преди 29 дни
So let me get this straight if someone supports trump that is famous they can’t?
Bella Banks
Bella Banks преди 29 дни
Tbh, I dont even know who these people are💁🏽‍♀️
princess Queen
princess Queen преди месец
That's for big sister are for duh
Leeann Jiang
Leeann Jiang преди месец
But wait didn’t Bryce say fu$k the hype house :/
Ria Reddy
Ria Reddy преди месец
Even if avani was a Trump supporter why would it matter
Ria Reddy
Ria Reddy преди месец
You already posted about the avani drama
Allison A
Allison A преди месец
i mean like whats so wrong with a trump hat? bruh like people are stupid.
Itz Tatum
Itz Tatum преди месец
Yo everyone is human they are not going to have a perfect body I hate that so much the only people that are skinny legends are the one that never eat ok
Layla's VLOGS
Layla's VLOGS преди месец
everyone else: OMG WHY!! WHY!! da people who dont have tik tok: 👁 👄 👁
Maya Batzri
Maya Batzri преди месец
Maya Batzri
Maya Batzri преди месец
Kenzi and Maddie don’t deserve to be treated this way. They are beautiful can post whatever they want
mehxka xx bb
mehxka xx bb преди месец
Chase has enough of bullying so its good that thomas and alex spoke about it
Nita Bala
Nita Bala преди месец
I'll get, but body shaming is bad as hell. I mean, Kenzi is pretty just the way she is. Like if somebody said that to me, I'll say something rude to them. ☺😊😇😅
Latasha Kamilah
Latasha Kamilah преди месец
new Netflix show : Spillin Tea with Anna oop!!!! I AM HERE FOR IT
Jessy Joe
Jessy Joe преди месец
okay to all haters: yall have insecurity problems like srsly grown adults bodyshaming a 15 16 yr old?
Softiie ఌ
Softiie ఌ преди месец
Isnt addison cute 🥺
C Y N преди месец
I get Maddie for supporting her sister as would I but what was she going to do with that threat? Lol
Springtrap Co.
Springtrap Co. преди месец
For people who body shame: What is WRONG with you.. You are fat SHAMING young girls/woman or young boys/men and the people who don’t identify as a gender ( gotta mention it before y’all come for me-) Everyone is BEAUTIFUL! (Except The Bad people and Trump, he’s a different category) My community gets like taken down (as that I mean people saying: OH YOUR ART IS TERRIBLE! GET OFF BGcd! or an: YOUR UGLY!) but fat shaming is another category I’m not saying that fat shaming is more important than bullying.. but still, that gives you NO EXUSE, To say that people are the size of a over weight man or that their the size of an uhh ELEPHANT! I can’t believe people in this year.. and me as a 10 y/o shouldnt be EXPLAINING this to people.. 🤦‍♀️
Cree Moore
Cree Moore преди месец
I❤️❤️❤️❤️ chase
Tasneem ELNAGGAR преди месец
Maddie and Kenzi are SISTERGOALLLS
Claire Mills
Claire Mills преди месец
Maddie is the best older sister
lizzy sanchez
lizzy sanchez преди месец
You know it’s disgusting and childish to Body shame like it’s not funny or cute an most of them are adults I guess not there more like 6 😒
Nikki Birt
Nikki Birt преди месец
Chile- ANYWAYS people who body shame are disgusting like imagine doing that I can't plus people who seem to hold on to the past is just 💀💀 like come on get over it
dixie croy
dixie croy преди месец
People act like it’s not okay to have your own political opinions, smh 🤦‍♀️
Laya Playx
Laya Playx преди месец
Kenzie is beautiful. I feel so sorry for her. As only being a 11 year old girl. I may not experience it as I’m not famous, but in middle school people were saying I was fat and ugly I was sad 😔. But then I got over it. Kenzie you probably won’t be reading this but pls, those haters just can’t stand your beauty
Sugar Cute
Sugar Cute преди месец
Sister power
Alexandra Weeks
Alexandra Weeks преди месец
I reckon the haters are actually just jealous of Kenzie’s body. Her body is perfect, she’s super fit. she used to be a dancer and she’s now a singer. they probably sit home all day watching television or on there phone/ipad etc. It’s disgusting to know that people take time out of there day to break down others self confidence. rude.
poeta преди месец
I don’t really see why josh is mad that chase kissed his EX GIRLFRIEND. they broke up. Guess he never got over her.
Abd El-Halim
Abd El-Halim преди месец
There is no word can describe how much I hate Josh and Nessa 😒
Kari Priest
Kari Priest преди месец
The fact that he told her to close her legs hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm why was he even looking down there?
AA - 07CJ 795195 Tony Pontes PS
AA - 07CJ 795195 Tony Pontes PS преди месец
Like some people need to look in the mirror before coming for Kenzie she is proud of her body so hush like haven’t your parents told u if u don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything like have a heart . Some of the people just looking to hate on people like get a life
Evelyn's life
Evelyn's life преди месец
Why u throwing shade I mean it's kind of racist to say avani is Mexican grow up mate it adults not idiots
Chloe Bradshaw
Chloe Bradshaw преди месец
Just because your black or Mexican doesn’t mean you or your lover can’t support trump? It’s an OPINION! Everyone has one
Olivia Butler
Olivia Butler преди месец
aNnA u sound like ur 18
Txunamy Dihawa
Txunamy Dihawa преди месец
I think tiktok should bann cause all this hate I can handle it
Txunamy Dihawa
Txunamy Dihawa преди месец
Addie is not pregnant
Piper Lemke
Piper Lemke преди месец
Maddie is such a good sister
N and j Nation
N and j Nation преди месец
Just because they think Addison was pregnant doesn’t mean they calling her fat it’s because she was holding her stomachStomach that’s why I did that she was pregnant stop assuming stuff
Bowser jr. is awesome
Bowser jr. is awesome преди месец
I'm not a big fan of kenzie or anything but she is a beautiful girl and body shaming is fucked up.
Jayna Smith
Jayna Smith преди месец
Also Kenzie looks absolutely beautiful in her body, and as Maddie being her big sister she did the right thing🥺
Jayna Smith
Jayna Smith преди месец
I’m not standing up for Anthony but Some people can support Trump and not be racist at all
Maxine Trefalt-Wilson
Maxine Trefalt-Wilson преди месец
we would be nothing without anna oop she is my queen
Weeb_Brooke преди месец
i dont get how people can body shame someome or hurt anybody i still think this even though im in a bad mental state and i still think this is wrong
Livy Curtis
Livy Curtis преди месец
People are literally just jealous of Kenzie and that want something bad to say ,, Kenzie I support u xx
It's_Meh Lullaby
It's_Meh Lullaby преди месец
Mind ya own business ppl, it ain't your body, so back off!
It's_Meh Lullaby
It's_Meh Lullaby преди месец
Kenzie is an amazing person. Love her! I just can't believe an adult would say that, guess they ain't that mature
Ron McCallister
Ron McCallister преди месец
I'm I'm a kid and I feel bad for McKenzie forgetting all this hate right now
KnightFlair преди месец
got my cereal ready
Seven Deng
Seven Deng преди месец
ok but if they do support trump it's their choice? Like what?
Lexi Courville
Lexi Courville преди месец
Also why do people care what other people do with there lives like haters don’t control them
Lexi Courville
Lexi Courville преди месец
I literally followed Mackenzie and Maddie for years.I love them so much and they are so beautiful and great dancers and people are only writing these comments because they think they are so big and tough honey boo your not.
lyzeil escalo
lyzeil escalo преди месец
stop body shaming people if u call someone else fat it doesn't make u any skinnier trust me
Christina Gray
Christina Gray преди месец
im obssesed with kenzie so f off kezies haters
Cakebear_Lovely Xox
Cakebear_Lovely Xox преди месец
Can someone please talk about how on Bryce halls video the owner of the hype house commented "it's the obsession for me" then Bryce replied with "it's not accepting the deal for me"
Diamond Bees
Diamond Bees преди месец
Kenzie should not be getting body shamed like bruh. Oh and love how Maddie has Kenz’s back. I would do the same for my sister
Amir Boucetta
Amir Boucetta преди месец
If you dosent lake her bady why did you comment just shut up or you prove that you are Big gag
Sarah Louise
Sarah Louise преди месец
The sway boys are bullies, like it’s so immature and Josh is just making himself look like an absolute dickhead.
Janaya Hallums
Janaya Hallums преди месец
Now I’m not one to choose over Kenzie and Annie they are both queens but when you start comparing both of them you messed up get the hell out
Janaya Hallums
Janaya Hallums преди месец
When you mess with them both you better bet I’m coming for you I love my gymnastics queen I love my dance queen SO BACK OFF
Miki Kawai
Miki Kawai преди месец
can ppl stop body shamming?
coconutmilk chocolate
coconutmilk chocolate преди месец
Have any people noticed that only popular tik tokers are getting shaded bodyshamed and other stuff
2bushballerinas Pandora and Awesome Girl
2bushballerinas Pandora and Awesome Girl преди месец
Your such a great channel. I wish you could do me and your subscribers
Miranda Hall
Miranda Hall преди месец
all i got to say is oop
Frederique Hemelaar
Frederique Hemelaar преди 2 месеца
That pll forgive LilHuddy for cheating on Charli with Nessa. This drama should be done. CaNcEl LiLHUdDy!
Hydie Robertson
Hydie Robertson преди месец
Marie engen
Marie engen преди 2 месеца
Couch Potato
Couch Potato преди 2 месеца
Wait Kenzie is still relevant I thought her time was over when she left that dance moms show
Aleah Talleyrand
Aleah Talleyrand преди 2 месеца
what right does a man have to say that stuff to Kenzie?!?!?Men treat girls like tools,this is why I’m lesbian,women have more sense.
Dezirqble преди 2 месеца
Why can’t people support whoever they want tho?
Dezirqble преди 2 месеца
I hate bodyshamers.. from a body shamed victim it honestly is the worst feeling in the makes you feel so insecure and make you hate yourself
Imteiaz Sultan
Imteiaz Sultan преди 2 месеца
Addison charli Maddie and kenzie are perfect they are beautiful they are not allowed to be treated like this is the most beautiful and talented young girls👭 I have ever seen 💖💖💕💕😘😘😍😍💗💗💞💞👍👍😊😊☺☺👸👸👸👸👑👑👑👑
Kisha plays roblox X’ D’ Jesus
Kisha plays roblox X’ D’ Jesus преди 2 месеца
And ken’z I is perfect the way she is and ppl who is commenting mean things about here body they or judging a book by its cover not going to lie
Multicolored Pastel
Multicolored Pastel преди 2 месеца
Bella Nugget
Bella Nugget преди 2 месеца
Why can't people like trump? 😣
Rhea Shukla
Rhea Shukla преди 2 месеца
Are we gonna talk about the shade in avanis tweet lol
Rhea Shukla
Rhea Shukla преди 2 месеца
Bruh people have random hats. Trust me i have hats from sports teams i hate, but they are really just a like a goodie bag at festiavals anyways
Jessie’s Peanuts
Jessie’s Peanuts преди 2 месеца
Yea avani has said that that they were selling it for lots of money as it is signed he would of thrown it in the fire but I would also rather get money sorry if this is said in the video I’m still at the beginning
dylann Rosenthal
dylann Rosenthal преди 2 месеца
Oh my god the canceling community starting to wipe out everything on Tik tokers reputation this needs to be stopped now
sarah tamer
sarah tamer преди 2 месеца
She should really be a tiktok news reporter..
Ariana Garcia
Ariana Garcia преди 2 месеца
keep going your vids are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good
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